1. Thank you for advising my parents to let me to go to Tibet.
persuade We trust you; only you can him to give up smoking. I persuaded him to quit smoking but he wouldn’t listen to me.
advise sb to do something try to persuade sb to do something persuade sb to do something/into doing something persuade sb not to do something/ out of doing something convince sb to do something argue / reason sb into/out of doing something

  2.We had great difficulty in breath, for the air was very thin.(08陕西 陕西) 陕西 Eric came running into the room, out of (呼吸 呼吸). 呼吸 (08浙江 浙江) 浙江 Jack took a deep (呼吸 呼吸)and then dived into the water. 呼吸 (08全国 全国) 全国 Jack (呼吸 呼吸)deeply and then dived into the water. 呼吸
Sum up
have trouble/difficulty/problems/a hard time doing something It be hard/ difficult to do something do something with trouble/difficulty There be trouble/difficulty(in) doing something/with something

  3. United, we’ll win; separated, we’ll lose.
separated 分开 The little girl got (分开 分开)from the group in the dark. (08全国 全国) 全国 A fence at the back of the garden separated/separates (分开 分开)us from the neighbours.(1998全国 全国) 分开 全国 Public opinion, as was reported in the newspaper, was deeply on whether a new law should divided be passed. They are going on (各自的 holidays. 各自的) separate 各自的 The cake is (分成 into four parts. 分成) divided 分成

  4. What matters is(质量) rather than quantity. (质量) We aim at (质量 rather than quantity.(1996全国 质量) 全国) 质量 全国
  5. It’s suggested that he’d be (谦虚 about his 谦虚) 谦虚 achievement.
Pay more attention
finger /figure ; flour / flower ; goose/goods ;goat/goal affect/ effect/effort ;curtain/certain; fence/fierce; familiar/similar modern /modest; quantity/quality
  6. The ship carried 100 passengers, ten sailors

  7.The lowest (温度 温度)last night was five degrees 温度 below zero.
restaurant; tobacco; bargain; geography;congratulation palace; pronunciation; weather; handkerchief;description delicious
  8.The(平均 ages of students in Senior Three 平均) 平均 is eighteen. 体验高考 Do you know the (平均 monthly rainfall 平均) 平均 in this area? (
  08) I’ve got an (普通 sort of car,nothing special. 普通) 普通 (
  07) )

  9.The police put the leaders of the match in prisons.
put sb in/into prison ; take /send sb to prison cast/ throw sb into prison ; lock sb up
  10. October 1st ,1989 is China’s(四十 四十)birthday. 四十 He saw the founding of the PRC in his(四十 四十) 四十 fourth ; forty ;forties; fortieth ; nine/ninth ; ninety twelfth ; fifty
①Thank you for(提供 )to help,but I manage it myself. 提供 提供)help,one often says “Thank you”or ②When(提供 提供 “ It’s kind of you”./“Can I help you?” ③Very few people succeeded in losing weight these days. ④They’re going to congratulate their victory with music and dancing. ⑤The doctor took the baby`s temperature and it was (正常 正常) 正常 正常). ⑥Everything has returned to (正常 正常 ⑦After the accident , the factory is running (正常 again. 正常) 正常

  8.In my pinion,the girl (有希望 to be 有希望) 有希望 a good dancer if she is well trained in an art school.
  9.Women (工程师 are very 工程师) 工程师 commen.
  10.All the teachers(邀请 to 邀请) 邀请 the party have tured up.
  11.He kept(重复 a sentence. 重复) 重复

  1.根据句子结构, 注意所填词的词性 词性。
  1.根据句子结构, 注意所填词的词性。 根据句子结构 根据给出的汉语意思或首字母,注意辨析词义 辨析词义。
  2.根据给出的汉语意思或首字母,注意辨析词义。 3注意词形 注意词形?? 时态 、语态 、名词的单复数与所有格 、 词形 非谓语动词形式 、主谓一致等 注意首字母的大小写 首字母的大小写。 4 注意首字母的大小写。 形容词、 5形容词、副词的原级 、比较级和最高级 数词(基数词、序数词)。 6数词(基数词、序数词)。
  7.注意高考词汇表中常见 常用、 注意高考词汇表中常见、
  7.注意高考词汇表中常见、常用、较长的单词及出现率 不高的( biscuit;cushion……) 不高的(pink ;mirror ;bucket; biscuit;cushion )
  1.The news was a terrible blow to her,but she will
the shock soon.(39%) A. get out B. get through C.get off D. get over

  25.I don’t think that your speechto the crowd,
for they appeared quite puzzled.(63%) A. got back B.got away C.got through D. got across
2003?2009年动词及其词组考查分布表。 2003 2009年动词及其词组考查分布表。 2009年动词及其词组考查分布表
年份 考点 2003 2004 2005 2006 2009
13 18 10 9 10
4 19 14 17 22

  1.Those who havefloods and sandstorms knows the importance of environmental protection. A. gone over B. gone through C. got through D. got over
  2.If we canour present difficulties, then everything should be all right.(08湖北 湖北) 湖北 A.come across B. get over C. come over D. get off.
  3. Why are you so worried? I just don’t know how I can get itto you how important this is.
  1. Hardly could hethis amount of work in such a short time. (2008湖北 湖北) 湖北 A. get through B. get off C. get into D. get down
  2. There were a lot of people standing at the door and the small girl couldn’t get .(06全国 全国) 全国
  3.The boss said we had only three days to finish the work. _ Don’t worry.We have alreadytwo thirds of it. (08四川 四川) 四川 A. got down B. got through C. given in D. given away
The government succeeded in getting the bill through. )(法案等 法案等) (使)(法案等)被通过 She hardly knew how to get through the rest of the day. 度过/消磨 消磨( 度过 消磨(time) )
  1.We have tothe wheat as soon as possible because a storm is on the way.(07湖北 get in 湖北) 湖北
  2.The final examination is coming up soon. It’s time for us to our studies.(07辽宁 get down to 辽宁) 辽宁

  4.How are you managing to do your work without an assistant?(08重庆 重庆) 重庆 Well, I somehow. A. get along B. come on C. watch out D. set off
知识归纳: 知识归纳:
We can’t get the piano through this narrow entrance. (使)通过 When you get through (with )your work,let’s go out. 干完工作/用完 用完/喝完 干完工作 用完 喝完 Please help me get through to Beijing University. He could never get through his French exam. ( 使)通过 通过(exam/test…) 通过

  7.The news has As a result, everyone knows about it. spread/got around
Sum up

back/into trouble/ about/over/through/round away/on one’s feet/up/ it/along/down to/rid of it right/the message
g e t g e g e

  3. We’re going towith some friends for a picnic. Would you like to join us?(07北京 北京) 北京 get together
  4.It was not a serious illness, and she soonit(08天津 天津) 天津 got over
  5.Be careful when you cross this very busy street. If not, you mayrun over by a car. (09北京 北京) 北京
  6. His mother had thought it would be good for his character tofrom home and earn some money on his own.(08北京 北京) 北京 . get away

  3.“Goodbye, then”she said,without evenfrom
her book.(07全国 (60%) 全国) 全国 A. looking down B. looking up C. looking away D.looking on.

  4..I haveall my papers but I still can’t find my
notes.(68%) A.looked through C. looked after B. looked for D. looked out

  1.The building around the corner caught fire last night. The police are nowthe matter. (08湖北 湖北) 湖北
  2. ?? for the glass! It’s ok. I’m wearing shoes (o8湖南 湖南) 湖南

  14.You must trust him;he is a man whohis promise
A. speaks out C. depends on B.lives up to(52%) D. keeps on(44%)
16 I was in the middle of my call because I had no
more coins to put in the box. A. cut off (71%) B. broken in C. hung up(24%) D. put down ①I was just talking to Margaret when Jackson. (08湖南 湖南) 湖南 A. cut in B. cut down C. cut out D. cut up ②He was in hospital for six months. He felt as if he wasfrom the outside world.(08北京 北京) 北京 A. cut out B. cut off C. cut up D. cut through
23 The engine of the ship was out of order and the bad
weatherthe helplessness for the crew at sea. A. added to(45%) B. added up(48%) C.made up D.turned up
  27. I don’t believe what she told us about meeting Elton John. I think she isit up. A. making( 65%) B. taking up C.pretending(20%) D. weaving
  29. Nowadays, people are expecting more environmentally and energy saving products to be. A. taken away B. set up (29%) C. put out (60%) D. turned off

  17. The film”A World without Thieves”a great success
and brought in a large profit to the cinema. A. appreciated B. enjoyed (19%) C. won(70%) D. seized ①Why don’t you justyour own business and leave me alone? ②In a way I can see what you mean, even though I don’tyour point of view. ③How do you like the curtains? Well,I’m afraid they don’tvery well with the wallpaper ④At times the balance in nature is, resulting in a number of possibly unforeseen effects
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