Different Kinds of Adverbial Clauses:

  1.Adverbial Clauses of Time:(时间状语从句) (时间状语从句)
  2.Adverbial Clauses of Reason(原因状语从句) 原因状语从句) 原因状语从句
  3.Adverbial Clauses of Conditions(条件状语从 条件状语从 句)
  4.Adverbial Clauses of Place (地点状语从句) 地点状语从句) 地点状语从句
  5.Adverbial Clauses of Purpose (目的状语从句) 目的状语从句) 目的状语从句
  6.Adverbial Clauses of Result(结果状语从句) Adverbial Result(结果状语从句)
  7.Adverbial Clauses of Comparison(比较状语 (比较状语 从句) 从句)
  8.Adverbial Clauses of Concession(让步状语从 让步状语从 让步 句)
  9.Adverb Clauses of Manner(方式状语从句 ) 方式状语从句
一 Adverbial Clauses of Time 时间状语从句

  1.时间状语从句的引导词: when, while, as, before, after, since, till, until, immediately, directly, as soon as, no sooner…than…, hardly…when, every time, each time, the moment,…

  2. 时态呼应: A.while引导的从句中谓语动词必须是延续性 动词 B.since引导的从句用过去时,主句用现在完 成时
How long has it been since you were in London? *It was three years since he worked. She listened closely while he read.
C. as soon as, no sooner …than, hardly…when引导的从句中谓语动词要用 过去完成时
Hardly had I opened the door when he hit me.
Adverbial Clauses of Place (地点状语从句) 地点状语从句) 地点状语从句

  1. Where there is water, there is living things.
  2. Wherever they went, they were warmly welcomed. 地点状语从句和where定语从句的区别 定语从句的区别: 地点状语从句和where定语从句的区别: The two rivers meet there is a mount. A.where B.at the place C.the place at which D. at which 介词+which Tips: 介词+which 代替只有是定语从句情况下 才用,判断是否是定语从句, 才用,判断是否是定语从句,要看从句前是否有 先行词,有先行词的是定语从句. 先行词,有先行词的是定语从句.
判断:定语从句或状语从句? 判断:定语从句或状语从句?
( 状语 )
  1.Shall we have a party where we met last Sunday? ( 定语 )
  2. Have you been to the island where there are many monkeys? ( 状语 )
  3. Please put all these books where they used to be. ( 状语 )
  4. We will go where we are needed most.
Clauses of Conditions (条件状语从 条件状语从
  1. If it is fine tomorrow, 句) camping. we'll go

  2. Unless he writes me back, I'll not write him again.
  3. So long as we work hard, we are sure to make much progress.
  4.Supposing we can't get him informed in advance, what should we do?
  5. I'll come provided I am well enough.
  6. Shylock agreed to lend Antonio the money on condition that Shylock could take a pound of his flesh from whatever part of his body…
三. Adverbial

  1.引导条件状语从句的词: 引导条件状语从句的词: 引导条件状语从句的词 if, unless, so/as long as, provided, supposing, on condition that…, in case 2 这些词一般不能引导虚拟语气的条件从句, 这些词一般不能引导虚拟语气的条件从句, 只有if 可以引导虚拟语气的条件状语从句. 只有 可以引导虚拟语气的条件状语从句. If I were you, I would say "yes". If you had been here earlier, you would have met the famous singer. If he studies hard now, he would be a college student soon.
if, if only 引导的条件状语从句中会出现陈述语气 和虚拟语气.(使用时注意上下文的限制及语气.) If alive, her mother must be at least eighty years of age. The fish would live quite a week if given water. What would Tom think of him if he failed? If anything had happened, he would have let her know If I were you, I would go to night school. If only he had seen me! If the photograph weren't missing. If he didn't drive so fast.
In case
1, I'll take my raincoat in case it rains. Clause of cause,,=because it may rain
  2. Take your umbrella in case it rains. Clause of aim,=for fear (that) it should rain
  3. In case it rains, do not expect me. Clause of condition,=if it rains =Do not expect me on condition that it rains.
四. Adverbial Clauses of Reason (原因状语从句) 原因状语从句) 原因状语从句

  1. We hurried, because it was getting dark.
  2. As I knew he was ill, I didn't call.
  3. Since his method doesn't work, let's try yours.
  4. The electric current must have been turned off, 不是状语从句, 不是状语从句, for the light went out. 陈述间接的,推测性的原因, 陈述间接的,推测性的原因, 不放句首 as, since与now that 意思相近 for: 表示前后推理关系 must have rained last night, 表示前后推理关系It
for the ground was all wet. because: 语气最强烈,在回答why 问题或在强调结构 语气最强烈,在回答why 中必须用because 中必须用because
Please fill in the blanks with because, since, as or for:
  5.The light went out, the electric current was turned off. 断电是灯灭的直接原因. 断电是灯灭的直接原因.
  6. everyone is here, let's begin our Since meeting. 既然 …,前后是推理关系. 既然… ,前后是推理关系. as
  7. I can't go, I am busy. 由于我太忙. 由于我太忙.
Clauses of Concession (让步状语从句) 让步状语从句 让步状语从句)

  1.Though/ Although he tried hard, he was not successful.
  2. He did well in his examination, even if he didn't get a price.
  3. However hard he tried, he never seems able to do the work satisfactorily.
  4. Whether he works or not, I don't think he will pass his exam.
  5. Whatever you may say, I still think I did the right thing.
  6. No matter whether you agree or not, I shall pay him the price he asks.

  1. 让步状语从句一般由如下的词或词组引导: 让步状语从句一般由如下的词或词组引导: though, although, even though, even if, whatever, whenever, however(+ adj.), whether…or whether… or not. whether or not,no matter whether
  2. even if & even though A.Even if we achieve great success in our work, we should not be proud. A.引导把握不大或假设的事情 A.引导把握不大或假设的事情 B. Even though he was late, he was not criticized by the teacher. B.引出的是事实 B.引出的是事实
3: 让步状语从句的其他结构: 让步状语从句的其他结构:
  1. It doesn't matter what you say, I shall go to the dance.
  2. Poor as he was (=Though he was poor) , he was honest.
  3. Child as he is, he knows a lot.
  4. Much as I admire him as a writer (Though I admire him a great deal), I do not like him as a man.
  5. Try as he will (Try as he may= Though he tries hard), he never seems able to do the work well.
  6. Though beaten (Though we were beaten ), we were not disgraced(玷污).
  7. Though no swimmer( Though Mary was no swimmer), Mary splashed about happily in the sea.
六.Adverbial Clauses of Comparison 比较状语从句 状语从句) (比较状语从句) A. ….as…as… B. ….adj. + -er than… C. the more…the more… I
  1. He runs faster than .
  2. He is taller than . me/ I
  3. This work is not easy as you think. so(as)
  4. That question was not an easy one as I such
  5. The more you work, the more you earn.
  6. The sooner you finish your work, the sooner you will go home.
  7. The more, the merrier.
The room is twice as big as that one. The room is twice bigger than that one. The room is twice the size of that one. 倍数+the depth/height/width/weight of … 倍数 The well is three times the depth of that one.
七 .Adverb
Clauses of Manner (方式状语从句 ) 方式状语从句

  1. Henry did the work as it ought to be done.
  2. When I get the money I shall spend it as I like.
  3. I shall do the exercises as I have been taught.
  4. He ran as if / though his life depended on it.
  5. You look as if you had seen a ghost.
八.Adverbial Clauses of Purpose (目的状语从句) 目的状语从句) 目的状语从句
引导目的状语从句的引导词: So that, in order that,
九.Adverbial Clauses of Result Adverbial 结果状语从句) (结果状语从句)
引导结果状语从句的引导词: So ….that, So that, Such…that…

  1. We got up early so that we could arrive at the town on time. 目的状语从句, 目的状语从句,从句的谓语动词有can, may 之类 的词. 的词.
  2. We got up so early that we arrived at the town on time.
结果状语从句,从句中谓语动词一般是一个事实. 结果状语从句,从句中谓语动词一般是一个事实.

  3. He worked hard, so that he made much progress. 结果状语从句,从句前有一个逗号. 结果状语从句,从句前有一个逗号.



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