2010 高考英语书面表达最后疯狂押题
  1.上海世博会 2009 年 5 月 1 日世博会志愿者招募仪式正式启动, 志愿者是办好世博会的一支重要的工 作力量。另外,志愿者或做家教,教小孩子阅读、算术,或打扫公园与街道,或到医院或疗 养院帮忙。你愿意做志愿者吗?请陈述理由写一篇 100 字左右的短文。 I would like to be a volunteer in my spare time. My reasons are as follows: First of all, it is a good virtue to help others, even in modern society. We all need others’ help in case we get into trouble. Secondly, we are able to better ourselves by helping others because we gain valuable experience and build up our confidence while serving others. What’s more, volunteering makes us feel better about ourselves, thus making our life more enjoyable. More importantly, we can make the world a better place to live in by volunteering to improve it. In summary, volunteering can make a difference to our life, so I think it is very rewarding to be a volunteer.
  2.拯救地球 处理城市垃圾是一个非常重要的问题。首先,垃圾会导致污染。它会污染空气、水和人 们居住的场所。其次,它会危害人类健康。 所以我们在城市中,垃圾得到了妥善处理。我们首先将垃圾分类,然后可将旧报纸和玻 璃制品进行再生利用。有害的废物要被掩埋,污水要在净化后才排入河流。政府已经制定了 规章,禁止垃圾污染。 仅仅这些还不够。我们大家必须竭尽全力防止拉圾污染环境以及拯救我们的城市,拯救 我们的家园。 Saving Our Earth It is very important to deal with the rubbish in cities. For one thing, rubbish may cause a lot of pollution. It may pollute the air, the water and the places we live in. For another, it may do harm to people's health. So in our city, rubbish is well dealt with. First, it is sorted. Then old newspapers and glass are recycled. The harmful wastes are buried and the waste water is cleaned before it goes into the river. The government has already made laws against pollution caused by rubbish. But that's not enough. We must all try our best to prevent rubbish from polluting the environment so as to save our city and our living place.
  3.防治甲流 最近这几个月里,H1N1 病毒在全世界引发起来。如果我们用正确的方法预防它,它就不 会那么可怕。这里有一些为你的建议:首先,当你在咳嗽或者打喷嚏的时候,你应该用手捂 着嘴。然后你最好尽可能的离公共场所远一点,如果你必须去,请戴上口罩。饭前仔细洗手, 经常打开窗后这样使空气保持清新。最后你应该做更多的运动去使你身体更强壮,这样你就 可以保持健康了。我认为这才是最重要的。 Let's prevent H1N1 from happening to us.During the last few months,H1N1 has set off across the whole world.If we have the right way to prevent it ,it won't be scary.Here are some suggestions for you:First of all,you should cover your mouth with a napkin or hand when you cough or sneeze,Next you'd better stay away from the public place if possible, if you have to,please wear a mask.Wash your hands carefully before meals and always keep your windows open so that the air will be fresh.At last,try
to do more excisice to make your body strong so that you can stay in health.I think this is the most important.
  4.书信 在紧张的高三备考阶段,英语老师为了提高复习效率,广泛征求学生意见。 假如你叫张华, 请根据以下提示,给英语老师写封信,表达你们的需求和建议。 ●适当放慢进度,留出思考时间 ●反复训练重要、易错知识点 ●指导方法 ●减少作业量以保证质量 ●给予更多鼓励 注意:
  3. 词数:100 个左右。开头已给出,不计词数。 Dear Mr. Wang, We’re so pleased that you are willing to share our views. In the course of the general revision, what we need is solid foundation. As you know, we didn’t learn well enough in the first two years, so please slow down and make sure we have really mastered something. Besides, we need a little more time to think for ourselves. As for those important points that also make us confused, would you please give us more practice in case we forget? Meanwhile, we need your instruction, for example, in how to write in natural English. I still have another request: assign us less homework in order that we can do it more efficiently. By the way, we often feel frustrated, which has a very bad effect on our study. We would appreciate it if you would give us some encouragement from time to time.
  5.近来,越来越多的学生在校外租房而不愿住大寝室。请根据下面提示,一分为二地用英语 写一篇短文,说说两者各自的好处与坏处,并表明自己的观点。
  1. 学习时间;
  2. 安全;
  3. 自由性;
  4. 与同学交往;
  5. 学习效果。 注意:可从其他角度阐述,但两方面的理由都至少要有两条;词数 100 左右。 Nowadays, some students would not like to live in a dorm. Instead, they rent houses outside the school. There are advantages for both. Living in a dorm can increase friendship and cooperation between classmates. And of course it is safer. A dorm is more like a society, wich enables students to learn to adapt to each other, thus preparing for the social life later. As for renting houses to live alone, it’s better for study as you can feel free in your own room without being interrupted by others. As a result, you can have more time and devote yourself to studying whole-heartedly. But there may appear some safety problems as you live outside the school. Anyhow, as a student, I prefer living in a dorm.
  6.请根据下列中文提示,用英语向来访的贵宾介绍你校新建的网络学校。 (
  1. )使教和学更方便,更有趣,能在课堂上获取更多的信息,学到更多知识。 (
  2. )向师生开放,可向世界各地发送电子邮件,获取信息,等等。 (
  3. )只要家中有电脑,任何人都可以学习本校课程。 (
  4. )有助于改善学校的管理,满足现代化教育的需要。 (
  5. )作为重点学校(key school) ,对于其他的新建中学起示范和帮助作用。 注意:
  2.词数:120 左右。 Ladies and gentlemen,
Welcome to our school. Now I would like to introduce our net-school. Our net-school is very helpful in many ways. First, it makes both teaching and learning easier and more interesting. Students can get more knowledge in class. Whoever has a computer can have the lesson we give at home. Second, we can make good use of the Internet, sending e-mails, searching for any information we need, etc. Third, the net also helps improve our school management and meet the needs of modern education. Fourth, as a key school in our city, it sets a good example to the newly-built schools and may be of some help to them. That’s all. Thank you.
  7.最近,你校试行在课间播放音乐,同学们对此私下议论,看法不一。请你根据表格中所提 供的信息,给你的班主任 Mr. Brown 写封信,客观地介绍大家的看法。 大多数同学赞同,部分同学反对。 注意:词数 100-120 左右 赞同者: 反对者: 原因 播放音乐能活跃气氛。 课间时间太短,播放音乐达不到预期效果。 能使大脑得到放松,减轻学习的疲劳。 课间需要的是安静,而不是嘈杂的声音。 能给大家带来欢乐和美的享受。 有时上课后还沉浸在课间听的音乐中。 Most of us agree that music should be played. As we know, music can produce a lively and happy atmosphere. Besides, music provides us with relaxation after hard study, which reduces the tiredness. Listening to music also makes us feel happy. On the other hand, some students have the opposite view. They don't think they can get the expected results by listening to music, as the break between classes is short. What's needed during the break is peace instead of the noise produced by the music. Besides, in class some students are still lost in the music they have just heard.
  8.Respecting Our Parents 现在,很多学生迫于升学就业的压力,把自己的烦恼都宣泄在父母身上,对父母不是很尊 敬,甚至和父母争吵动手。针对这种现象,写信给某报编辑,请提出一些具体的建议,让同 学们树立尊敬长辈的意识,发扬中华民族的传统美德。 Dear editor, Nowadays, there exists an increasingly severe phenomenon that teenagers don’t show respect to their parents. As we can read in newspaper or watch in TV, some teenagers quarrel with parents, some talk back and some even resort to violence. As to this problem, I’d like to offer several proposals as follows. Initially(First), we should realize that it’s our parents who give us lives. Without parents, we can not live in this world. Therefore, the importance of respecting our parents can not be too overemphasized. What’s more, it goes without saying that we have to remember the birth day of our parents, when we can express our gratitude to them. None the less(Meanwhile), respecting our parents should be done from every detail. Just as a proverb goes, “Piety is above all.” (百善孝为 先) To sum up, respecting parents is our traditional virtue in China. No matter how old we are, it’s a priority to respect our parents.

  9..Knowledge is Power (观点阐释型) 因为经济危机和大学连年扩招的影响, 大学生就业形势越来越严峻, 让很多人产生了错误 的意识,觉得读书无用,受教育无用。针对知识就是力量这句话,结合实例来谈谈对它的体 会和感受。首先,写出这句话的寓意,和启示。然后,结合具体的事例,阐释为什么知识就 是力量。最后,我们作为青年人应该怎么去实践这句话。 There goes a famous proverb, “Knowledge is power.” We can be informed a great deal from it. Without knowledge, by no means can we achieve our life goal. Knowledge is like the wind in the ocean, which helps us- the boats move swifter towards the right direction. As is frequently heard, “Knowledge can change one's fate.” My brother-in-law is an exact explanation for this sentence. He was born in a remote countryside in Sichuan, whose parents are both farmers. With his great efforts, he was enrolled in Peking University and became an excellent doctor in a prestigious(有声望的) hospital after graduation. Whenever talking about his experience, he always tells us “knowledge did change his fate.” Taking the above mentioned into consideration,I suppose it is a wise option to concentrate on study from now on. Believing the power of knowledge, we can create miracles not only for us but for our nation.
  10.上周日你在你们社区进行了一次社会调查,其主题内容是"你最关注的学生安全问题是什 么".调查结果如下表所示.请你根据自己所了解的身边的信息,并结合以下要点提示,写一篇 英语短文.词数要求 150 单词左右,可适当发挥. 调查人数比例 关注内容 你的感想和希望 30% 学生饮食安全, 生活卫生习惯 40% 交通安全, 遵守交通法规情况 30% 公共安全, 参加集体活动 安全防范意识 Last Sunday , I organized a survey in my neighbourhood, whose topic is "Which safety problem is the one you are most concerned about " .And the results are as follows: 30% of the people in the neighbourhood are most concerned about the diet safety problem of students .And they hope that students should acquire good living habits to avoid the problems.There are also 40% of the people choosing traffic safety as the top one.In their opinion , students should put it in the first place that they must follow the traffic rules strictly .Beisides, 30% of the people regard it as the most important one that students should learn to keep safe in public places while taking part in activities. I think ,as students we must strenthen our sense of safety and learn common knowledge of safety.
  11.目前,越来越多的中学生利用周末上各种各样的培训班或请家教.对于这一现象,存在两种 不同观点: 有些人认为有必要 另一些人认为没有必要, 有老师辅导比自己学好 容易养成依赖习惯 有更多机会和老师互动 学生需要时间休息和娱乐 可以弥补上课错过或没听懂的东西 导致有的学生在常规课堂上不认真听讲 请您根据以上提示,以 Are Training Classes or tutors Necessary 为题,写一篇 150 词
左右的短文,反映表中内容,并简要阐述自己的观点.文章开头已给出,不计入总字数. 参考词汇:家庭教师:tutor 要求:层次清晰,连贯流畅;表达灵活,不要逐字逐句翻译. Some think it necessary to do so. Firstly, it's more effective to study with a teacher's help than by themselves. Secondly, you can have more chances to communicate with teachers(there are more interaction between students and teachers.) . Besides, you can make up for what you miss or fai



   一.开头句型 1.As far as ...is concerned 2.It goes without saying that... 3.It can be said with certainty that... 4.As the proverb says, 5.It has to be noticed that... 6.It`s generally recognized that... 7.It`s likely that ... 8.It`s hardly that... 9.It’ ...


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   本资料来源于大家网高考英语论坛 http://club.topsage.com/forum-136-1.html 2009 年佛山市南海区校联考 英语试题 2009.12 第一节:基础写作 共 小题, 第一节:基础写作(共 1 小题,满分 15 分) [写作内容 写作内容] 写作内容 近来,越来越多的学生在校外租房而不愿住大寝室.请根据下面提示,一分为二地用英 语写一篇短文,说明两者各自的好处和坏处,并表明自己的观点. 1. 学习时间; 2. 安全; 3. 自由性; 4. 与同学交往; 5. ...


   书面表达中的高级结构 一.高级词汇 1.occur 替换 think of Suddenly I had an idea that someone had broken into my house. → An idea occurred to me that someone had broken into my house. It occurred to me that someone had broken into my house. 2.devote 替换 spend He spends ...


   紧扣高考英语作文评分标准 高考作文采用总体评分方式,集中在以下四个方面: -覆盖了题目提出的所有内容要点和要求; -应用了较多的语法结构和词汇,内容比较丰富; -在使用复杂结构或高级词汇时允许有些许错误; -有效地使用了语句间的连接成分,全文结构紧凑流畅。 ●高考英语作文完美行文四步骤 STEP1:确定文章框架,包括:时态、语态、格式、展开方式、开头结尾 等。 STEP2:确定内容要点,包括:主要人物、时间地点、重要细节、合理发 挥等。 STEP3:正式开始写作,整理思路成篇,行文连贯。 ST ...


   明天你表弟就要去住宿学校 学习, (boarding school) 学习,但他不 大愿意.请写一篇日记,谈谈对此事 大愿意.请写一篇日记, 的看法.日记日期: 四月二十七日, 的看法.日记日期: 四月二十七日, 周四. 周四. April 27, Thursday Windy My cousin, Ross, will go to the boarding school tomorrow, but he is reluctant to. As his sister, I have thou ...


   (一)、人们总以为淡水是取之不尽的,实际上淡水资源是很有限的。请谈谈你的看法。 It is generally believed that there is a good supply of fresh water. But to our disappointment, the fact is just the opposite. As we can see, the world population is growing rapidly day by day. So enough fres ...


   选校网 www.xuanxiao.com 高考频道 专业大全 历年分数线 上万张大学图片 大学视频 院校库 选校网 www.xuanxiao.com 高考频道 专业大全 历年分数线 上万张大学图片 大学视频 院校库 高考英语作文训练之一 一.加拿大高中生 Tom 在互联网上登出启示。希望结识一位中国朋友,以便学习中国的语言、文化。 假设你是李华,请在看到这则启示后,用英文给 Tom 发一封电子邮件,主要内容包括: 1、你怎样得知 David 愿望 2、你愿意成为他的朋友 3、你打算如何帮助他 ...


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   疯狂英语脱口而出900句(一) 1. I see. 我明白了。 2. I quit! 我不干了! 3. Let go! 放手! 4. Me too. 我也是。 5. My god! 天哪! 6. No way! 不行! 7. Come on. 来吧(赶快) 8. Hold on. 等一等。 9. I agree。 我同意。 10. Not bad. 还不错。 11. Not yet. 还没。 12. See you. 再见。 13. Shut up! 闭嘴! 14. So long. 再见。 ...