es can stand in our way. As the saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way. All pain helps to make us rise, how-ever much we may hate it at the time. There have been many examples that success can be achieved by strong will. During the Long March, the Red Army soldiers met with the greatest hardship men have ever experienced. They had nothing to eat but grass roots and barks of trees. It was their strong will that made them defeat the hardship. Helen Keller, a strong willed American blind woman, mastered the English language and became a well-known educator. Such instances abound, and suffice it just to enumerate the two. Develop a high tolerance for ambiguityyou'll be more satisfied. It is not easy to cultivate a strong will. First of all, we must set up a firm faith in our cause, namely, the cause of communism, and be ready to devote our lives to it. Secondly, we must learn from strong-willed persons, especially, from revolutionary martyrs who fought for communism to the last drop of blood. Finally, we should boldly go through trials and hardships to train our will so as to get rid of the weak points of our moral character. 【评语】
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本文为议论文。首段的“neithernor”“It is strong will that”,和 “no enemyno obstacles”的运用,加强了文章的语气,突出了坚强意志的重要价值。 段末的格言起到了画龙点睛的作用。第二段用了红军二万五千里长征和海伦凯勒这两个 例子,有力地证明了坚强的意志能使人获得成功这一主题。末段谈如何培养坚强的意志, 层次清晰,观点正确,具有说服力。
【要求】 “虚心使人进步,骄傲使人落后”这句家喻户晓的格言指出了谦虚这一美德的重要性。请 你围绕这句格言写一篇短文谈谈你对谦虚的理解。 人各有所长,因此可能会自视过高。例如老年人可能看不起年轻人,认为年轻人短少智慧 和阅历;而年轻人也会轻视老人,认为他们缺少活力。重要的是,要谦虚地学习别人的长 处。 学习知识也离不开谦虚。一个谦虚的人会不耻下问,因为他知道,知识的海洋如此浩瀚, 一个人在一生中能学到的只是沧海一粟。反之,一个自负的人则炫耀自己的一知半解,不 再进取。谦虚的人对知识的追求是无止境的,这正是他能取得成功的原因所在。 【范文】 Modesty
“Modesty helps one progress, and pride makes one lag behind.”Celebrating the virtue of modesty, The saying becomes many people's motto. Everyone has his strong points, of which he may have too high an opinion. For example, the old may look down upon the young, thinking that young persons lack wisdom and experience; the young may despise the old, taking pride in their vigor. The important thing is to be modest and to learn from other people's strong points. Modesty is important in learning. A modest person never hesitates to consult those who are inferior to him. He understands that the range of knowledge is as vast as the sea and one can only gain a drop all his life. In contrast, a conceited person, while having only a smattering of knowledge, shows it off and dissatisfied with what he has achieved. As a modest person's thirst for knowledge is never satisfied, the road to success lies before him. 【评语】 文章以“虚心使人进步,骄傲使人落后”这一格言开头,从“人各有所长,应虚心 取人所长”和“谦虚对求学至关重要”两方面论述了谦虚这一主题,最后得出结论“虚心
本卷第 23 页(共 38 页)www.ceo0
的人能够走向成功”。层次清楚,措辞准确。文中将知识与大海作比喻句贴切自然,没有 牵强附会之感。文中一些习语的熟练运用,也显示出了作者良好的文字功底。
【要求】 英语课上老师教给同学们一句英语格言“No Pains, No Gains” (不劳则不获), 并让大家围绕如下三方面以这句格言为题写一篇短文。 人们在困难面前容易气馁,并产生不劳而获的想法。 “不劳则不获”这一格言能给予人鼓励。 学生要取得优异成绩离不开苦功夫,所谓成功的秘诀即是辛勤的劳动。 【范文】 No Pains, No Gains
People attempting a task may be discouraged in front of difficulties. They start with a great interest and passion. When they find that the task will take much more effort than they thought, their interest diminishes and their passion wanes. At that time, they are likely to have the idea of reaping a good harvest without much labor. The old saying “No pains, no gains” comes as a word of cheer to these discouraged persons. No task that is really worth doing can be done either easily or quickly. No mastery of any knowledge or skill can be gained without painstaking efforts. We students shoulder the task of learning knowledge that calls for exertion. To improve our grades is what every student wants. We may envy those who have achieved excellence, and wonder what makes them succeed.In fact, their secret of success is no secret. It depends largely on their efforts. Good grades only belong to hardworking students. Many thanks for the favor you did for me! 【评语】 该文紧紧围绕题目给出的三方面加以论述,层次清楚,语言流畅易懂。“interest diminishes and their passion wanes” 中词语搭配讲究,“reaping a good harvest without much labor” 用另一个习惯表达法点出了“No Pains, No Gains”的含义,同时
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又避免了重复。文章句式灵活,长短搭配得当,使文章朗朗上口,虽然是议论文,但却没 有枯燥之感。
【要求】 班会课上要求同学们为大家用英文讲述一个小哲理,要求条理清晰,有自己的见解。你的 发言稿内容如下: 真诚是一种重要的思想方法。 应该弄清楚什么是真诚。 为什么有时人们难以做到真诚。 真诚,是一种人生态度。 【范文】 On the Truth
Truth is an attitude of the mind. It is important, if one does not wish to inconvenience and bore his or her friends. It means telling no lies and never backing out of one's word. But it is more important to know what is the truth, and not to slide into those untruthful habits of thought which are so pleasant and so easy. There is a word named “the victory habit of mind”. People who have this mind are unduly preoccupied by what was socially and morally convenient. One should have the courage to think uncomfortably, since it is only by rejecting the convenience that one can come to think the truth. Truth, is an attitude of the life. 直线式思维,层层推进是英文的习惯。避免 Chinglish 不仅仅要防止出错,还要培 养语感和思路。 【评语】 这篇短文首尾照应,用同一句式,只换了一个单词:“mind”、“life”,却把意 思推进了一层,很符合英文的习惯,能起到警人的效果。能够不停地把意思深入,也是这 篇短的一个特点。它使用的是层层推进的办法,没有在每个点上展开论述,但却显得乏味。
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【要求】 在现代社会,请你谈一谈对礼貌的看法。 字数 100?150 字 【范文】 Politeness
Politeness means good behavior in social intercourse. Codes of politeness may differ from country to country. But the object is always to add pleasure and grace to daily life. A polite person is always an agreeable companion. He is agreeable because he is always thinking of others before himself. He doesn't interrupt people when they are talking. He is careful not to say anything to hurt other people's feelings. He doesn't push in a crowd, but waits quietly until it is his turn to pass. In addition, by acting in accordance with the prevailing customs, he is considered a member of the civilized society; otherwise, he is looked upon as a fool and will be avoided by people of high breeding. Politeness is truly a valuable asset. If you are courteous to other people, you have good manners and your everday life will be much happier. 【评语】 论点鲜明。文章开头即表明作者观点,接着围绕这一观点以第三人称娓娓道来,给 人以中肯无惑之感。全文运笔流畅,论证充分。读后给人以深刻印象。
【要求】 题目:自信 请指明什么是自信,并阐明自信的重要性。 【范文】 Self-confidence
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Self-confidence means trust in one's own ability. As a very important psychological quality, it brings your creative power to play, arouses you enthusiasm for work and helps you overcome difficulties. When asked of the secret of her success, Marie Curie answered, “My success lies in perseverance and self-confidence, the latter in particular.” Self-confidence gives you light when you are in dark and encouragement when you are dismayed. It is self-confidence that inspires you to cope with any arduous task. With self-confidence, the goal you intend can be reached, and so can the hard nut be cracked. Some people find most of the things impossible, saying, “It is beyond my ability to do the task.” or “I am not cut out for it.” In many cases, these are only lame excuses. When our heart is void of self-confidence, every hope is gone, and everything we are laying our hands on is spoilt. Be honest with yourself about your strengths and weakness and manage accordingly. 【评语】 本文为议论文,分三部分层层深入地论述了自信心这一可贵的心理素质。首段在给 自信心作出简要解释后,接着阐明了自信心的重要性。段末恰到好处地引用了居里夫人的 话来支持自己的论点。第二段进一步陈述了自信心的重要性。而在末段作者首先通过两句 话生动地表现出了缺乏自信心人的心态,而后从反而指出如果缺乏自信心,则会一事无成。
【要求】 古今中外有很多关于人生问题的讨论,这方面的精彩英语文章也数不胜数。现在有一个英 语杂志想开辟一个讨论人生的小专栏,要求语句精练警人,观点有新义。你的应征文章内 容如下: 生命中的快乐是人们所不断寻求的。 但是我们往往忽视身边的快乐,而去寻找那些所谓大的野心勃勃的东西。 快乐无所不在。 想一想身边有哪些可珍惜的快乐呢。 【范文】
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The Happiness of the Life
Life is like a winding path that surrounded by flowers, butterflies, and delicious fruit, but many of us spend much time looking for happiness around the next corner. We do not bend to enjoy the happiness that is ours for the taking just at out feet. In our desire to reach the “pot of gold”, complete and lasting happiness we all want to fill our lives, we ignore things which don't seem worthy of such a large ambition, or which can't give us the whole thing all at once. Happiness is all around us, but it often comes in small grains. When we gather it grain by grain, we soon have a basketful. What small pieces of happiness surround me right now? Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. 【评语】 该文按要求描写了自己是如何看待生活中快乐的。语言很清新,几个比喻用得很有 特色:比如把“life”比做“a winding path surrounded by flowers, butterflies, and delicious fruit”,把收集生活中的快乐比做“gather grain”。既生动又形象。最后的 疑问句也起到了发人深省的效果。
【要求】 很多人都希望能在事业上有所成就,但不是所有人都能取得胜利。成功需要顽强 的意志,锲而不舍的努力,勤奋学习的精神。请你以此为主要内容,准备一篇百字左右的 简短发言。 【范文】 The way to success
Everyone tries to achieve success in his/her career. But some finally attain their aims while others fail. Why? Some continue their cause to the end through long period of hard struggles, but others are easily disappointed and stop halfway.
本卷第 28 页(共 38 页)www.ceo0
Strong will, perseverance and diligence are the three essentials of success. A man of strong will and perseverance always has an inflexible spirit. He sticks to his cause no matter how tough it might be. Life is short and we have too much to do. Without diligence no one can achieve anything. I believe that where there is a will there is a way, and that success belongs to those who can make constant efforts. Don't be afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact. 【评语】 这是一篇议论文,作者首先提出问题,再提出自己观点:意志坚强、锲而不舍、勤奋,是 成功的三大要素。作者在结尾,巧妙地运用了谚语“where there is a will there is a way”,使文章增色不少。
【要求】 面对班上越来越多的同学开始讲究吃穿,追求名牌,班主任王老师组织了一次以“节俭” 为主题的班会。经过讨论,大家达成了共识,认为现在虽然生活富裕了,衣食无



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