1.直到她取下墨镜我才认出她是一个著名的演员。 It was not until she took off her dark glasses that I recognized she was a famous actress.
  2.他不但尽力去帮助贫苦的人,而且还捐了一大笔钱给他们。 Not only did he try to help the poor, but also he donated a great sum to money to them.
  3.他一到机场,就看到了妈妈,她明显已等了好一些时候了。 Upon/On his arrival at the airport, he caught sight of his mother who had apparently been waiting for him quite some time.
  4.随着许多旧建筑的拆毁,这里已不再像以前那样吸引游客了。 With a large number of old buildings pulled / torn down, this place is no longer as attractive as it used to be.
  5.如果我们注重环保的话,野生动物们很可能会重返这一地区。 If we attach great importance to environmental protection, it is very likely that wild animals will come back to this area.
  6.持赞同意见的人有 75%,25%的人表示反对。 75% of the people are in favor of it while the others hold different opinions.
  7.一方面上网帮助我们广交朋友,另一方面利于外语学习。 For one thing, the Internet can help us make lots of friends. For another, it does good to our foreign language studies from the Internet.
  8.越来越多的人开始意识到运动是我们生活中的重要部分. An increasing number of people are beginning to realize that sport is playing an important part in our society.
  9.应该采取严格的的措施来控制污染,努力保护大自然. Strict measures must be taken to deal with the pollution and the great efforts should made to protect our mother nature.
  10.如果你忽视你的错误,你将为此付出巨大的代价。 If you are blind to your mistakes, you will pay a heavy price for it. (Also: turn a deaf ear to)
  11.总之,我们学生应重视生活目标,尽最大努力学好各种技能。 In a word, our students should lay emphasis on our life goals and make our maximum contribution to study all kinds of skills well.
  12.只有在个人、公司和政府的共同努力下,污染才能得到有效控制。 Only in the joint effort of individuals, companies and governments could the pollution be controlled.
  13.同老一代相比,现在年轻人独立的年龄比较早。 Compared to the older generation, young people nowadays tend to be more independent at an earlier age.
  14.争论琐碎的事情是没用的/不好的/不必的。 It is no use/ no good / no need arguing over small things.
  15.我们为什么要那样做的第一个理由是它有助于提高我们的写作技巧。 The reason why we should do that in the first place is that it helps to improve our writing skills.
  16.据我所知,她做那蠢事有如下理由: As far as I know, she did that stupid thing for the following reasons:
What is more important ,we are lack of water at present.
  18.赞同的人认为求职时外表的美是非常重要的。 People who are for the opinion think that good appearance plays a very important role in finding a job.
  19.为了掌握丰富的知识,我们应该努力学习。 We should study hard in order to/ for the purpose of// with the aim of/ acquiring profound knowledge
  20.我想充分利用一切机会使自己越来越有文化。 I hope to make the best use of it and make myself more and more knowledgeable.


高考英语作文句式 精华 深圳中学

   英语作文句式 1.直到她取下墨镜我才认出她是一个著名的演员。 It was not until she took off her dark glasses that I recognized she was a famous actress. 2.他不但尽力去帮助贫苦的人,而且还捐了一大笔钱给他们。 Not only did he try to help the poor, but also he donated a great sum to money to them. 3.他一到机场,就 ...


   问学堂右脑王英语学习机 问学堂右脑王英语学习机 http://F8507.asktang.com/ 享受价格 赠品双重优惠 价格和 双重优惠! 购机使用优惠代码 F8507 享受价格和赠品双重优惠! 李阳疯狂英语-高考英语作文预测 目 成功之路第一篇:暑假打工 Summer Holiday Part-time Job 录 Content 成功之路第二篇:广告与现代生活 Advertisements in Our Life 成功之路第三篇:口头通知??欢迎美国代表团 American Stud ...


   一、英语书信的常见写作模板 开头部分: How nice to hear from you again. Let me tell you something about the activity. I’m glad to have received your letter of Apr. 9th. I’m pleased to hear that you’re coming to China for a visit. I’m writing to thank you for your help ...


   高考英语作文+ 高考英语作文+译文 (2010-05-07 09:22:01) 转载 标签: 杂谈 1. Dear Tom, It’s great to receive your email. Now I’d like to tell you something that took place in my school yesterday. In the afternoon we held a growing-up ceremony for our coming 18-year-old bi ...


   书面表达中的高级结构 一.高级词汇 1.occur 替换 think of Suddenly I had an idea that someone had broken into my house. → An idea occurred to me that someone had broken into my house. It occurred to me that someone had broken into my house. 2.devote 替换 spend He spends ...


   2009 年全国各省市高考英语书面表达题 及专家简评) 范文集锦完整 18 套(附解析 高考英语作文范文 (2009 全国卷 I、海南、宁夏卷) 一、 ( 、海南、宁夏卷 假定你是李华,正在英国接受英语培训,住在一户英国人家里。今天你的房 东 Mrs Wilson 不在家,你准备外出,请给 Mrs Wilson 写一留言条,内容包括: 1.外出购物 2.替房东还书 3.Tracy 来电话留言:1)咖啡屋(Bolton Coffee)见面取消 2)此事已告知 Susan 3) 尽快回电 注意: ...

中考英语作文训练 1

   板当中学 付 晶 与一般的课文一样) 一、描写 记述 (与一般的课文一样) 二、英文书信 三、英文请假条、便条 英文请假条、 四、英文讲稿(发言稿、自我介绍 英文讲稿(发言稿、 五、 英文通知 六、英文日记 看图写话:给出画面,或英文提示, 看图写话:给出画面,或英文提示,按要求 写作。 写作。 看图(或材料) 看图(或材料)填空 材料作文(近年各地市常考的题型): 材料作文(近年各地市常考的题型): 给出一定的书面(中文或英文)材料, 给出一定的书面(中文或英文)材料,按题目要求写作 命题 ...


   高考英语作文写作基础??如何写出好句子 如何写出好句子 高考英语作文写作基础 一. 教学内容: 如何写出好句子 如何写出好句子:好句子的标准应是:用词准确,逻辑清晰,简洁明了,可读性强. 1. 学会运用复合句 复合句包括:名词性从句,状语从句,定语从句 用复合句增强句子之间的逻辑关系,使你的句子变得紧凑 [练习] 根据句子之间的关系,用正确的连词使其成为复合句. (1)Children grow older. They prefer to be more independent rather ...

_高考英语作文指导?? 议论文 的

   高考英语作文指导?? 高考英语作文指导?? 议论文 Knowledge Objectives To help the students to learn the basic writing skills on Argumentative Composition Compentence Objectives To help the students to grasp their basic writing skills To practice writing skills.(detailed ...


   书面表达一直在历年高考中占有很重要的地位,而且相对于其他题型,书面表达最容易 在短期内有所突破,因为其他的题都是客观题,只有书面表达是主观题。主观题就意味着需 要人工阅卷而不是机器阅卷, 也就是说只要考生可以抓住阅卷老师的心里, 按照他们所期待 的模式去写,必定能在高考中取得高分。在历年的高考评卷过程中,阅卷老师是如何评判一 份卷子的,阅卷人最注重的是什么,是每个高考考生迫切想知道的,笔者将结合多年的高考 阅卷经验,告诉大家如何在高考中胜人一筹,在书面表达上拿到高档次的分数。 书面表达 在评 ...



   初三英语第一次月考试题 (请把所有题的答案写在答案卡上,并把试卷和答题卡分别上交) 出题人: 孟庆华 曹丽娟 吴艳波 ) I、听力部分(20’ 1. 根据你所听到的对话和问题选择正确的答案,读两遍。 1?5 略)(5’) ( ( ) 6. A. 7: 15 B . 6: 45 C. 6:15 ( ) 7. A. 4 years B. 14 years C. 4 months ( ) 8. A. In China B. In Great Britain C. In America ( ) 9. ...


   Short Conversations 11. W: There were more than a hundred people at Kate's birthday party. How come she's got so many friends? M: It's really no surprise. You know she was popular even when she was a child Q: What does the man imply about Kate? 12. ...


   查查您的职位用英语怎么说? 查查您的职位用英语怎么说 发布时间:2007-09-04 10:53:10 来源:福步论坛 点击 18164 次 计算机/互联网/通讯 Technology/Internet 首席技术执行官 CTO/VP Engineering 技术总监/经理 Technical Director/Manager 信息技术经理 IT Manager 信息技术主管 IT Supervisor 信息技术专员 IT Specialist 项目经理/主管 Project Manager/ ...


   2010 年 6 月大学英语四级考试全真预测 二) 月大学英语四级考试全真预测(二 妖妖 2010 年 04 月 28 日 10:48 来源:未知 点击 写作 1218 次 Part IWriting(30 minutes) Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Should Smoking Be Completely Banned. You shoul ...


   词 A abandon ability aboard absence absolute absolutely absorb abuse academic accelerate accent accept acceptance accident accompany accomplish accordance account accumulate accurate accuse accustomed ache achieve achievement acid acquaintance acqui ...