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高考作文万能模板: 高考作文万能模板:图标作文
As is shown by the figure/percentage in the table/picture, has been on rise/ decrease, signif icantly/dramatically rising/decreasing from in to in . From the sharp rise/decli ne in the chart, it goes without saying that .
There are at least two good reasons accounting for . In one hand, .In the other hand, __ is due to the fact that .In addition, is responsible for . Maybe there are some other reasons to show .But itis generally believed that the above mentioned reasons are commonly convincing.
As far as I am concerned, I hold the point of view that . I am sure my opinion is both soun d and well-grounded.
Your addressMonth, Date, yearReceiver's addressDear …,
I am extremely pleased to hear from you. And I would like to write a letter to tell you that.
I will greatly appreciate a response from you at your earliest convenience/I am looking f0rward to your replies at your earliest convenience.
Best regards for your health and success.Sincerely yours,
Nowadays, there are more and more __ _ in __ _. It is estimated that . Why have there been so m any ? Maybe the reasons can be listed as follows.
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The first one is . Besides,. The third one is . To sum up, the main cause of it i s due to . It is high time that something were done upon it. For one thing, . For another thi ng, . All these measures will certainly reduce the number of .
  1) 要求论述两个对立的观点并给出自己的看法。

  1. 有一些人认为。。。

  2. 另一些人认为。。。

  3. 我的看法。。。
The topic of ①(主题)is becoming more and more popular recently. There are two si des of opinions about it. Some people say A is their favorite. They hold their view for the reason of ②(支持 A 的理由一)What is more, ③理由二). Moreover, ④(理 由三).
While others think that B is a better choice in the following three reasons. Firstly,(支持 B 的理由一). Secondly (besides),⑥(理由二). Thirdly (finally),⑦(理由三).
From my point of view, I think ⑧(我的观点). The reason is that ⑨(原因). As a matter of fact, there are some other reasons to explain my choice. For me, the former is surely a wise choice .
  2) 给出一个观点,要求考生反对这一观点
Some people believe that ①(观点一). For example, they think ②(举例说明).And it will bring them ③(为他们带来的好处).
In my opinion, I never think this reason can be the point. For one thing,④(我不同意 该看法的理由一). For another thing, ⑤(反对的理由之二).
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Form all what I have said, I agree to the thought that ⑥(我对文章所讨论主题的看 法) 阐述主题题型

  1. 阐述名言或主题所蕴涵的意义.

  2. 分析并举例使其更充实.
The good old proverb (名言或谚语)reminds us that (释义). Indeed, w e can learn many things form it.
First of all,(理由一). For example, (举例说明). Secondly,(理由二). Another case is that (举例说明). Furthermore , (理由三).

  1. 问题现状

  2. 怎样解决(解决方案的优缺点)
In recent days, we have to face I problemA, which is becoming more and more serious. First, (说明 A 的现状).Second, (举例进一步说明现状)
Confronted with A, we should take a series of effective measures to cope with the situation. For o ne thing, (解决方法一). For another (解决方法二). Finally, (解决方法三).
Personally, I believe that (我的解决方法). Consequently, I’ confident that a bright m future is awaiting us because (带来的好处).
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选校网 www.xuanxiao.com 高考频道 专业大全 历年分数线 上万张大学图片 大学视频 院校库
. 说明利弊题型 说明利弊题型
这种题型往往要求先说明一下现状,再对比事物本身的利弊,有时也会单从一个角度(利或弊)出发,最后往往要 求考生表明自己的态度(或对事物前景提出预测)

  1. 说明事物现状

  2. 事物本身的优缺点(或一方面)

  3. 你对现状(或前景)的看法
Nowadays many people prefer A because it has a significant role in our daily life. Generally, its advantages can be seen as follows. First (A 的优点之一). Besides (A 的优点之二).
But every coin has two sides. The negative aspects are also apparent. One of the important disadva ntages is that (A 的第一个缺点).To make matters worse,(A 的第二个缺 点).
Through the above analysis, I believe that the positive aspects overweigh the negative ones. There fore, I would like to (我的看法).
(From the comparison between these positive and negative effects of A, we should take it reasonabl y and do it according to the circumstances we are in. Only by this way, (对前景的预 测).)
Recently ,what amazes us most is,it is ture that.
There are many reasons explaining.The main reason is _.
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选校网 www.xuanxiao.com 高考频道 专业大全 历年分数线 上万张大学图片 大学视频 院校库
what is more.thirdly.As a result _.
Considering all there,.For one thing,for another
.In Conclusion.
关于 A 的话题,早已引起了广泛的社会关注。如今在电视、报纸、日常生活的很多角落,都有越来越多的关于 A 的 议论。
给 A 一个精确恒定的定义并非易事,因为它的概念涉及了科学、人性、思想、经济、社会、自然等广阔的领域。 一般而言,我们可以这样描述 A…
A 能成为公众关注的焦点,主要是由于它对个人、集体乃至整个世界都有着不容忽视的不良影响。
认真分析后我们可以看到,A 对社会/世界 /健康的不利有很多。首先,从最直观的角度来看,A 的出现直接损害 了(这里加入一句针对性的话,如人类的身体健康和环境的平衡) 。(举例)。其次,从更深一层次上讲,它为人类的精 神文明蒙上了一层阴影。更可怕的是,由于 A 所产生微小利益,却促成了许多可悲的人们为其忘乎所以,破坏了人类 生存的法则和空间。
事实上,A 的出现是社会发展和人类进步的产物,A 所带来的危害是人类进化过程中付出的代价。同时,A 的产生 来源于部分人们的自私和趋利性,他们看到的是肤浅和片面的利益,而从未从整个全局和人类整体的利益出发去认识 和分析它。这使得 A 始终挥之不去。对此,我奉劝他们,跳出狭小的角落,用长远和全局的眼光去重新审视 A。
而如今,我们已深受其害,要想消除它的危害,我们必须从根源上杜绝它的产生,我们每一个人都应给予 A 高度 的重视,用系统的和科学的方法去解决,唯有这样,避免它带来更多损失,我们人类前进的脚步才会更加平稳,更加 欢快的迈向辉煌的明天。
One object or phenomenon (negative significance inclination.)
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A has attracted extensive attention of the society. Nowadays, increasingly more argumentations abo ut A can be found in TV programs, newspapers, ugogo and marry aspects of our everyday life.
Since its concept covers vast fields, such as science, humanity, ideology, economy, society and na ture, A is difficult to be defined, precisely and fixedly. Generally speaking ,we can describe A as fo llows:…….
A’ status as the focus of public concern mainly results from its in negligible but harmful influe s nce on individuals, collective, and even the whole world. It seems to have a strange power to drive so me individuals or organizations to act wrongly. The essence of these wrong actions is:
  1) to gain personal, short-term and partial individual interest at the expense of damaging other s’ long-term and overall interest;
  2) to adopt improper means to win more rewards with less input.
Situating under the shadow of A, individuals /organizations and violate natural law merely to obta in temporary, or even illusory interests. However, the result may turn out to be loss of really import ant and valuable resource or ability.
We must keep highly alert of the problems evoked by A, because once the harmful influence accumula tes to a certain degree and then spread, it will surely threaten the development of the whole society.
Though with various reasons and forms, from the perspective of the essence, the problems brought b y A originates from the fundamental principle of human ideology and material production. Thus, we shou ld seek the solutions through setting foot on this principle.
Due to the depth and width of A’ harmful influence, we should draft our solutiogogotematically on s the basis of deep analysis of A problem. We must acquire our power from technology, management, law a nd culture terrorm, effectively elimin 议论文的框架 议论文的框架
不同观点列举型( (
  1) 不同观点列举型( 选择型 )
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选校网 www.xuanxiao.com 高考频道 专业大全 历年分数线 上万张大学图片 大学视频 院校库
There is a widespread concern over the issue that __作文题目. But it is well known that the o pinion concerning this hot topic varies from person to person. A majority of people think that _ 观点 一. In their views there are 2 factors contributing to this attitude as follows: in the first place, 原因一.Furthermore, in the second place, 原因二. So it goes without saying th at 观点一.
however, differ in their opinions on this matter. Some people hold the idea tha
t 观点二. In their point of view, on the one hand, 原因一. On the other hand, 原因二. Therefore, there is no doubt that 观点二.
As far as I am concerned, I firmly support
view that __观点一或二. It is not only
because , but also because . The more , the more .
  2)利弊型的议论文 (
Nowadays, there is a widespread concern over (the issue that)作文题目. In fact, there are both advantages and disadvantages in __题目议题. Generally speaking, it is widely believed there are several positive aspects as follows. Firstly, 优点一. And secondly 优点二.
Just As a popular saying goes, "every coin has two sides", __讨论议题 is no exception, and i n another word, it still has negative aspects. To begin with, 缺点一. In addition, 缺点二 .
To sum up, we should try to bring the advantages of __讨论议题 into full play, and reduce the disadvantages to the minimum at the same time. In that case, we will definitely make a better use of t he 讨论议题.
( 3 ) 答题性议论文
Currently, there is a widespread concern over (the issue that)__作文题目 .It is really an i mportant concern to every one of us. As a result, we must spare no efforts to take some measures to so lve this problem.
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