这类题型往往是论说文形式, 这类题型往往是论说文形式,先 给出名言,谚语或一个主题, 给出名言,谚语或一个主题,要求学 生通过举例来具体解释这句名言. 生通过举例来具体解释这句名言.
大学英语四级考作文范文 ? 1.怎样理解“熟能生巧” 怎样理解“熟能生巧” ? ? 2.例如:在英语学习中. 例如:在英语学习中. ? 3.又如.... 又如....
Practice Makes Perfect
If you want to be perfect in doing something, the only way you can make it is to practise. By practising, you will become more and more familiar with your work, and then you will become more and more skillful. A good example of this is the study of English. You can learn some words and grammar from books and teachers, but without
practice, you can never use them freely. Moreover, you will even find it too difficult to remember them. The only way to solve this problem is to practise more. Another example is learning to swim. It is obvious that you can never swim if you dare not drop yourself into water. Swimming can only be learned through practice in water, which can make you get
feeling of water and make your motion correct and effective. Practice makes perfect. Only when you have practised a lot can you achieve perfection.
2005年上海高考英语写作题 2005年上海高考英语写作题
? 古人云: 古人云:“天生我材必有用
” ? (There must be a use for my talent).通过描述你生活中一件事 通过描述你生活中一件事, talent).通过描述你生活中一件事,说 明人各有所长, 明人各有所长,无论才能大小都能成为 有用的人。 有用的人。
There is an old English saying that there must be a use for my talent. I have regarded it as my motto for many years. From my point of view, there is no difference between one person and another. With some useful talent, you will make your contributions to this society. When I was ten years old, there was an old man living at the corner of xx road. He didn’t have the opportunity to
study in school, but he learned how to make wood furniture. Every time people went to ask him to solve some problems of furniture, he was willing to help them. To my surprise, in his spare time, he would make some toys with small pieces of wood. Some of them were sold to the toy store and the others were given to us. The moment I see the lovely toys made by this old man,
I would remember the happy childhood. From this old man, we can see whatever kind of talent you have, you can find your own method to display your talent. The important factor is your confidence. If you believe that there must be a use for your talent, you will succeed.
? 通过对身边一件小事的描写, 通过对身边一件小事的描写,说明 无论才能大小都是有用的, 无论才能大小都是有用的,会给自己和 别人带来快乐和方便。语言通顺, 别人带来快乐和方便。语言通顺,流畅 结构清楚,连接词使用得较成功, 。结构清楚,连接词使用得较成功,本 文还展示出较大的词汇量, 文还展示出较大的词汇量,拼写和标点 使用正确。 使用正确。
Time Is Money
The meaning of the proverb “Time is Money” is similar to that of the famous Chinese saying, which goes like this: “A second of time cannot be purchased with an ounce of gold.” Both emphasize the preciousness of time. Some people misinterpret this proverb. They think some people
have more money than others so that
they can enjoy longer life time than others. But these people fail to realize that time is so valuable that nothing can buy it. People can make different amount of money by doing different things. But everyone is given the same amount of time every day? that is 24 hours. If you lose money today, you can try to make more tomorrow. However, the lost time will never come back; therefore, just as
one should budget one’s money one should also make the most of our time. Waste of time is waste of one’s life. Some students waste their time by spending too much time watching TV, playing video games and surfing the internet. As a result, with little knowledge they achieve nothing when they grow up. By learning this proverb, we know that concentrate on study is the main job of students.
We should cherish time and devote most of our time to meaningful activities.
Beginning: Where there is a will, there is away. The will means perseverance, endurance and confidence. The way is a road leading to success. If we want to kick a goal, we need a will.
“Where there is a will, there is a way.” is a famous saying which is often used to encourage people to exert their will power. It briefly describes the importance of one’s determination whatever he does.
An old saying goes “Where there is a will, there is a way.” The saying encourages one to have a dream and then work hard to realize it. As long as you hold such a belief, you can get what you want.
This Chinese old saying contains great wisdom I am encouraged and inspired greatly by it whenever I am overwhelmed by frustrations.
Ending: Her progress in English has made me change my mind about that saying. I can’t but admit that however desperate a situation my seem, one can always find a way out as long as he has a strong will. Now whenever I catch myself feeling disconcerted or upset, I tell myself “Cheer up! Where there is a will, there is a way.
My experience teaches me nothing is impossible as long as you can think of it and make persistent efforts to realize it. “Only sky is the limit.” This is what Emily Dickenson said, and is also what I have understood through the time-honored proverb.
Where there is a will, there is a way. Whatever difficulty you meet with, don’t give up! Determination will lead to success.



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