2010 年最有可能考的单选 100 道题 密不外传

  1. -Wouldn’t it be wonderful world, if all nations live in peace with one another? -What pleasure to live in world! A. the; the; the; such B. the; a; /; such C. a; /; a; such a D. a; a; /; such a
【解析】答案 C。 本题考查冠词。第一空泛指,第二空固定搭配不用冠词,第三空表“一个”,第四空 such a(an).
  2. He has made a suggestion that the English test until next Wednesday. A. put off B. be put off C. will put off D. will be put off
【解析】答案为 B。 that 引导同位语从句,但是当前面的名词意义为 命令、请求、建议 (如 advice, suggestion, proposal, requirement, request, order 等)时,从句中必须用虚拟语气形式。 引导同位语从句,但是当前面的名词意义为“命令 请求、建议”( 命令、 从句中必须用虚拟语气形式。
  3. A team of 15 Indian experts are organizing to help us , most of women. A. them B. them are C. whom D. that
【解析】答案选 A 本题考查独立主格结构。后面为独立主格结构,起补充说明的作用。Most of them 与 women 构成逻辑上的主谓关系。
  4. I’m thinking of we can do more for the people. A. if B. that C. what D. how
【解析】答案为 D。本题考查 how 引导宾语从句,在从句中做状语 (do 的宾语是 more) ,另外,if(是否)引导宾语从句不做介词的宾语。
  5.The headmaster hurried to the concert hall only the speaker A. to find; left B. to find; gone C. finding; left D. finding; gone
【解析】 答案 B。本题考查不定式表结果用法。 不定式表结果时,常指出人意料的结果。第二个考察点是 find+宾语+形容词(补语),表状态。
  6. ?I failed again. I wish I harder. ?But you . A. had worked; hadn’t B. worked; don’t C. had worked; didn’t D. worked; didn’t
【解析】 答案 C。本题考查时态。 第一空表达与过去事实相反的愿望,所以用过去完成时态表虚拟语气。第二空说明过去的事实,用一般过去时态。
  7. -What did you do yesterday afternoon?? -I went to the bookstore, some books and visited my uncle. A. to buy B. bought C. Buy D. buying?
【解析】 答案 B。本题考查谓语动词。 went,bought,visited 是几个连续发生的动作。
  8.The stone on the river bank rolled under her feet; she was into the river,and she called out for help. A. being jumped B. jumped C. pulled D. being pulled
【解析】答案 D。本题考查时态。句意“河岸的石头滚到她的脚下;把她推到了河里,于是喊救命。”was being pulled 是过去进行时的被动形式。
  9. -Everyone says you are a good student. You are never late for school,are you? -. A. No,sometimes B. Yes,sometimes C. Yes,I did D. No,I do
【解析】答案 B。考查交际用语。肯定回答:Yes,I am late sometimes.否定回答:No,I am never late.
  10. all the inventions have in common is they have succeeded.? A. What; what B. That; what C. What; that D. That; that w.w.w.k.s.
【解析】答案 C。 本题考查名词性从句。第一空既是主语从句的(谓语 have)宾语,又是主句的主语,所以应该填 what;第二空用 that 来引导表语从句。
  11.Last term our maths teacher set so difficult an examination problem none of us worked out. A. that B. as C. so that D. which
【解析】 答案 B。 本题考查定语从句。 引导定语从句修饰"examination problem",在从句中作宾语,因其先行词前有限定词 so。 as 若看作"so…that…"结构,结果状语从句应加宾语,为"worked it out"。
  12. A cook will be immediately fired if he is found in the kitchen. A. smoke B. smoking C. to smoke D. smoked
【解析】答案 B。本题考查非谓语动词的用法。根据句意和“find”动词的用法要求,此题的正确答案应为 B。
  13. It was with great joy he received the news that his lost daughter had been found. A. because B. which C. since D. that
【解析】答案 D。本题考查强调句型的引导词的用法。根据句型结构的要求,在强调句型中,无论强调的内容是什么,都用 that 引导。
  14.Henry can’t attend the party at Tom’s house at present because he is preparing the speech at the party at Marie’s house tomorrow.? A. held; being held B. to be held; to be held C. to be held; held? D. being held; to be held
【解析】答案 D。此题考查现在分词的被动式和不定式的被动式作定语的情况;前者表示正在进行,后者表示还未发生。
  15. I am glad that the Olympic Games will be held in 2008 in China, ?? A. shall we B. aren’t I C. won’t I D. won’t they
【解析】 答案 D。 本题考查反义疑问句。在这种句式中,如果主句的主语为第一人称(we, I),反意疑问则根据从句确定. 16??What about job?? ??It’s too difficult job for me.? A. the; a B. the; the C. a; the D. a; a
【解析】 答案 A。本题考查冠词用法。 前面是特指,后面是泛指。
  17. It was five o’clock in the afternoon they climbed up to the top of the mountain. A. since B. when C. That D. until
【解析】 答案 B。本题考查状语从句。 此句为一主从复合句。"when"引导状语从句;若看作强调结构,应在 five 前加 at。?
  18. I hate their complains all day. one of these days I’ll tell them what I really think. A. paying attention to B. to talk about C. listening to D. to have heard?
【解析】 答案 C。本题考查 hate 用法。 从意思上推断,只能动名词作宾语。
  19. How pleased the detective was what his customer told him! A. hearing B. heard C. to hearing D. to hear
【解析】 答案 D。本题考查不定式。 "be pleased to do sth."为固定结构,不定式表原因。此感叹句的陈述句形式为: The detective was pleased to hear what his customer told him.
  20. Mrs. Brown was much disappointed to see the washing machine she had went wrong again. A. it repaired B. to be repaired C. to repair D. repaired
【解析】 答案 D。 考查"have sth. done"结构,原句含定语从句"…the washing machine that she had repaired…"
  21. We used to work in the same office and we have coffee together.? A. would B. should C. which D. might
【解析】 答案 A。本题考查情态动词。 would do sth.表示过去常常做某事(不涉及现在的情况),used to do sth.过去常常做某事(现在已经不发出该动作了)。
  22. I to take a holiday this summer, but I had to change my plan . A. would hope B. was hoping C. had been hoped D. had hoped
【解析】答案 D。本题考查时态。 hope 动作发生在 had to change 动作之前,是"过去的过去",故用过去完成时。
  23. -I heard Back Street would sing at the New Theater.? -Where did you ? A. pick that up B. put that up C. make that up D. take that up
【解析】 答案 A。本题考查词组。 pick up 为"获悉或打听到消息"之意。
  24. -Are you satisfied with her answer?? -Not at all. It couldn’t have been . A. worse B. so bad C. better D. the worse
【解析】 答案 A。本题考查比较级表最高级概念。 can’t/couldn’t 与比较级连用时表示"再也没有更……的了"。
  25. -What do you think of the book?? -Oh, excellent. It is worth second time. A. to read a B. to read the C. reading a D. being read the
【解析】 答案 C。 be worth doing 本身就表示被动含义 即"值得做某事 。a second time 表示不确定的 第二次 实为 又一次 并非特定 故不用 the。 本身就表示被动含义,即 值得做某事 值得做某事"。 表示不确定的"第二次 实为"又一次 并非特定,故不用 第二次",实为 又一次",并非特定 。
  26. The three college students did what they could the two children, although they was in danger.?A. rescue 【解析】 答案 C。 此题中 could 后省略了 do,而不定式 to rescue 是目的状语。
  27. -Have you got your test result?? -Not yet. The papers .? A. are still being corrected C. have already been corrected B. are not correcting? D. have not corrected B. rescued C. to rescue D. rescuing
【解析】 答案 A。本题考查时态和语态。 根据题意应选用现在进行时被动语态的选项。

  28. a mobile phone can you ring you want to talk with anywhere . A. Using; whoever B. Only on; whomever C. By; whomever D. With; whoever w
【解析】答案 B。此题的关键在题干中的倒装 only+副词 介词短语 状语从句置于句首时 主句要倒装。另外 whoever 是主格 whomever 是宾格 此处作介词 with 的宾语。 此题的关键在题干中的倒装: 副词/介词短语 状语从句置于句首时,主句要倒装 是主格, 是宾格,此处作介词 的宾语。 此题的关键在题干中的倒装 副词 介词短语/状语从句置于句首时 主句要倒装。另外,
  29. we call the First Aid Centre, the doctors by and by.? A. No sooner; would come C. Shortly; are coming B. Soon after; would come D. Immediately; will come
【解析】答案 D.immediately 可以作连词使用,相当于 as soon as, the moment, the instant (一……就……),同时还考查了时态:从句用一般现在时态,主句用一般将来时态。
  30. -You couldn’t have chosen any gift better for me.? -. A. Oh,I’d choose a better one for you next time.?B. You’ve had a gift for music,haven’t you? C. I’m glad that you like it so much. D. Sorry,but don’t blame me,dear.
【解析】 答案 C。本题考查交际。 本句意为"你再不能选出比这更好的礼物了。"意即"这是最好的礼物。"
  31.?Do you know what people are saying about you? ?Of course I know. But is true, and I don’t care. A. nothing B. something C. everything D. none
【解析】答案:D.点拨:表示没有上文中提到的人或物,用 none. 本题 none 指代 none of what people are saying about me.
  32. The edition of Longman Dictionary is up to date. The words which into English from the outside world about 200 pages of the dictionary. A. were imported; occupy C. have been imported; occupy B. are imported; have occupied D. were imported; have occupied
【解析】答案:C.点拨: import 一动作从过去一直延续到现在,故用现在完成时;occupy 占…空间,表示事物目前所处的状态,应用一般现在时。 一动作从过去一直延续到现在,故用现在完成时; 空间, 空间 表示事物目前所处的状态,应用一般现在时。
  33. There is only one who is capable of setting limits to your growth, and it well be you. A. may B. should C. will D. must
【解析】答案:A.点拨:may well 强调可能性大,译为“很可能” must “一定,肯定” 用词武断,不符合现实。 强调可能性大,译为“很可能” ; 一定,肯定” 用词武断,不符合现实。 ,
  34. With many major economic problems to be addressed, there is no point the growth rate of this year now. A. remaining ; predicting C. remained ; predicting B. remaining ; to predict D. remained ; to predict
【解析】答案:A.点拨:remain to be done 有待于 有待于,remain 系动词,做谓语用主动态;作非谓语,做其他成分,用现在分词 remaining; There is no point in doing sth 做某事没有意义 做某事没有意义。
  35. That fellow’s attitude towards others is annoy nearly everyone he meets. A. such as to B. so as to C. such as D. as to
  2) such+n. as to do
  3) such as to do ,句义为:那老家伙对别人态度如此恶劣,几乎见谁会恼怒谁。
【解析】答案:A.点拨: 不定式作结果状语有三种表达:
  1)so+adj./adv as to do 不定式作结果状语有三种表达: )
  36. ?How about your negotiations?
?Pretty successful. Full exchanges of opinions allowed both sides of us to better understand each stood on many issues. A. where B. that C. what D. which
【解析】答案:A.点拨: 句义:充分地交换意见使我们双方更好地了解各方在很多问题上的立场。Stand 坚持特定的立场或观点,不及物动词。Where 引导宾语从句,表示立场在何处。
  37. ?Dad! I hate studying, and I want to drop out of school. ?Quit halfway? . Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude. A. Think twice B. Go to hell C. Really? D. Don’t talk that tone with me.
【解析】答案:B.点拨: go to hell “ 去死吧,见他的鬼” ,表示愤怒情绪。
  38. Fluent French and English give me an edge in job hunting fierce competition. A. owing to B. regardless of C. in spite of D. in line with
【解析】答案:C.点拨:owing to 由于 regardless of 不管,不顾 in spite of 尽管 in line with 与...一致 不管, 一致
  39. ?Dad, I have been appointed as manager of our company, but I’m worried about it. ?Why worry? Increased responsibility can your best qualities. A. bring in B. bring about C. bring up D. bring out
【解析】答案:D.点拨:bring in 引进,带来,有...



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