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  9.13 一. 词汇判断(10 分)
  1. 不同的 A.difference B.difficult C.different D.delay
  2. 想象,假设 A.expect B.except C.impress D.imagine
  3.重量 A.height B.weigh C.weight D.energy
  4.受欢迎的 A.well B. like C.favorite D. popular
  5.缺席的 A. absent B.absence C.warmly D. regular
  6.坚固的 A.major B.solid C .liquid .D.fix
  7.比较 A. contest B complete .C compare .D.consist
  8.价值 A. value B.money C.important D. favour
  9.打断,打扰 A broken .B.interrupt C break D.stop
  10.塞满,填充 A .stuff B.stone C.fell D.fix 二.单项选择(20 分)
  1.-are lost when they moved. A. A furniture B.Some furniture C. Many furniture D.Some pieces of furniture
  2.There are five in our company. A.woman driver B.women driver C.women drivers D.woman drivers
  3.Do you know thoseand in the next room? A. Germans ; Chinese B.Germans; Chineses C. Germans; Chineses D.Germen; Chinese
  4.He is living at place in the East China. A.any B.some C.every D.each
  5.Look out! Don’t get too close to the houseroof is under repair.
A. whose B.which C.of which D.what
  6.Nobody but Jim and his uncle. A.know who is he B.know who he is C.knows who is he D.knows who he is
  7. Was it in Chinathis watch was made? A.that B.where C.in which D.when
  8.sides of the street are lined with trees. A.Both B.Either C.Neither D.All
  9.Her drawing is more beautiful than in her class. A.anyone B.anyone’s Canyone else’s. D.anyone’s else
  10.You eat too. A.a little B.little C. few D.a few
  11.Is Mary’s sister a doctora nurse? A.or B.and C.either D.neither
  12.Tom failed the exam,? A.did he B.didn’t he C.does he Ddoesn’t he
  13.Peter didn’t go to the party, did he ? A.Yes, he didn’t B.No, he didn’t C.No, he did D.No, he doesn’t
  14.I’ll ring you up as soon as I home. A.will get B.got C.get Dgets
  15.The sun in the east. A.raise B.rose . C. rise D.rises
  16.The girl next to me on the plane was very nervous.She before. A.hasn’t flown B.didn’t fly C.hadn’t flown D.wasn’t flying
  17.The sports star by the time I the stadium. A.had left;got to B.has left ;got to C.was leaving;got D.left;had got
  18.you gave us. A.What pleasant surprise B How pleasant surprise. C. What a pleasant surprise D. How pleasant surprise
  19.Be sure to ring me up,? A.will you B.aren’t you C.can you D.may you
  20.Let’s go to school,? A.will you B.shall we C.isn’t he D .aren’t you 三,交际用语(20 分)

  1.Would you take this along to the office for me ? A.With pleasure B.That’s right C.Never mind D.Don’t mention it.
  2.Is this Mr.Black’s office,Joan? Yes,. A.that’s all right B.it doesn’t matter C.after you D.help yourself
  3.I’m poor in English. Oh,.If you agree,I’d like to help you. A. too bad B.I’m sorry C.take it easy D.I’m good at it
  4.Hi,Mary,I enjoyed myself so much at your party last night. . A.Oh that’s kind of you B.Congratulations C.I t’s my pleasure D.Oh,I’m glad to hear that 5 What was the party like? . A. It’s kind. B.Thank you C.It’s blue D.Wonderful 6 Mr.Smith: Iwant a glass of orange juice. Waiter: Mr.Smith: No, thanks. A.Can I help you ? B.What can I do for you? C.Ok, anything else? D.Wait for a moment.
  7.I’m afraid I must go now. . A. Oh,no B.Don’t go C.So long D.Why
  8.Is it serious? .Take this medicine and you will feel better soon. A.It is very bad B.Hard to say C.Take it easy D.You’d better stay in the hospital
  9.? It’s August 13th. A.What day is it today B.What’s the date today C.What time D.Do youy have time
  10.May I smoke here in the office? .It’s forbidden here..
A.Yes,of course B.No problem C.Ok D.I’m afraid not. 四.完形填空(10 分) When we arrived at the Shanghai Art Museum at 13:40,we could’t believe our eyes: There was a 1 queue around the museum that almost 2 a circle around the building! We joined the queue and 3 more than one hour to get in. Zhang Jing :When I finally got in, 4 impressed me first were the golden frames,which were engraved with beautiful patterns.They 5 the status and the value of these paintings. 6 in the crowd,I approached the painting Madanme Gaudiber (Clande Monert,18
  68),I was amazed at the 7 of he drapes(褶皱) of the lady’s dress,I could see the layers of coulors which mixed 8 that it presented a 3-D effect.If not for the “Please don’t come closer” 9 ,I would have gone closer to 10 it. ( )
  1.A. short B.wide C.broad D.long ( )
  2. A. formed B.gave C.caught Dsaw ( )
  3. A.cut off B.made off C.wait for D.got off ( )
  4. A.which B.what C.that D.this ( )
  5. A. told B.suggested C.drew D.painted ( )
  6. A.Struggling B.Struggled C.To struggle D.Being struggled ( )
  7. A. cloth B.efect C.idea D.thought ( )
  8. A. so well B.so good C.well much D.good such ( )
  9. A.noise B.nodding C. sound D.bark ( )10 .A.get B.sell C.touch D.buy 五.阅读理解(20 分)
  1. Last year I went to China from London.One enening I got a telephone call from a yong Chinese friend. I’ve just got married.My wife and I would like you to come to our new “ house for a meal next Saturday evening.” ‘That’s great.”I said,“I’d like to see you and your wife very much.” “She isn’t beautiful and she can’t cook well.But I hope you’ll come.” “When I heard this,I was very surprised.Was he already tired of his new wife?He got married only a few days ago. Why was he saying this to me? But when I went to their new house and saw his wife at the door,I found she was a quite beautiful woman.Only then did I realize that he wasn’t saying bad words about his wife.He was just bing modest in Chineseway.
  1.The writer is . A.Chinese B.an Englishman C.a woman D.a pen friend

  2.In the story,the young man got married . A.a few days ago B.a few weeks before C.early a few days D.last Saturday
  3.Actually the yong man’s wife is . A.celver B. busy C.free D.pretty
  4.Between western and eastern cultures,there is . A.nothing different B.anyting different C.something different D.everything different ,the yong man said some badwords about his wife.
  5.Because of being A.hat B. proud C. modest D. pretty
  2. An expensive car speeding down the main street of a small town was over taken by a young motorcycle policeman.As he started to take the ticket,the woman in the car said proudly. “Before you got any futher,young man,I think you should know that the mayor of this city is a good friend of mine.” The officer did not say a word,but kept writing. “I am also a friend of chief of police Barmes,”continued the woman,getting angrier each moment. Still he kept ong writing. “Young man ,”she said ,“I know Judge Eowson and state senator Patton.” Handing the ticket to the woman,the officer asked pleasantly, Tell me,do you know Bill “ Bronson?” “No, why?”she replied. “Well ,this is the man you should have know,”he said,going back to his motorcycle,“I am Bill Bronson.”
  1.The policeman stopped tht car because . A.it was an expensive ca B.the driver was a proud lady C.the driver was driving D.the driver was going to attack him
  2.The woman was getting angrier each moment because . A.the policeman didn’t know her friend B. the policeman kept writing the ticket to her C.the policeman refused to accept her offer of money D .she didn’t know tht policeman’name.
  3.The woman driving the expensive car . A.failed to stop the policeman from writing the ticket
B.warned the policeman not to move a step futher C.was surprised that the policeman did not know the mayor D .told the policeman to stay where he was
  4.The policeman was . A.an honest and fair fellow B.foolish and proud fellow C.a silly and rude fellow D .a kind-hearted fellow
  5.The policeman . A.had no sense of humor B. had a sense of humor C.had no sense of duty D .was playing a joke on the woman 六.翻译(20 分)



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