1、 at a time 每次,一次 at one time 曾经 at the time 在那时 at no time=by no means 决不
  2、 (
  1)There is nothing we can do about it so we’ll just have to bear it. (show) (
  2)His leg still bears the scars. (
  3)This letter bears no signature.(签名) (have) (
  4)The tree is bearing a lot of apples this year. (
  5)I doubt if that chair will bear your weight
  3、A pound doesn’t go far these days Your suggestion will go far towards solving the problem. He is talented so he will go far
  4、worth doing/n worthy of doing/to do it is worth one’s while
  5、Her letter reads as follows. A sign reads “sold”. I can read your thought/mind. The name should read “Benson”. The thermometer reads 33 degrees. I can read your thoughts from the look on your face.
  6、attend a meeting/classes/school attend to (look after deal with) attend to one’s work 做好自己的工作 bring one’s attention to sth 叫某人注意某事 be worth attention 值得某人注意 draw/attract/call one’s attention 引起某人注意 pay special/no/close/enough attention to sth attend on/upon 伺候,伴随 She had many servants to attend on her.
  7、powder rag 粉饼
  8、take pride of be proud of/to do/that
  9、do up 装扮(fix up 修理) do sth up do up the buttons do oneself up 打扮
  10、worn out 磨破 worn out shoes worn out=tired out 筋疲力尽 You look worn out
  11、fix sth(eye/mind/attention)on /upon sb fix one’s thoughts/ attention on what one is dong 全神贯注的工作
  12、to its full length/ at full length 详尽的,全身放松的,最终 at length=eventually/in detail He talked at length about his story
  13、do/comb one’s hair
  14、according to belong to attend to refer to turn to adapt to get accustomed to contribute to 贡献;导致;投稿
  15、best noted for=be well known for
  16、double chin/room/bed/decker(双层车) Sales doubled in five years double blanket and put it over the baby(fold in half)
  17、it is just as well I brought my coatit is freezing in here (lucky) Since there is no more work to do we might/may just as well go home 还是做……的好 just the same

  18、They joined in the strike out of desperation. I have done that out of regard for my sister(出于……)
  19、The noise awoke me They awoke to the danger of the situation too late to do anything about it.
  20、make a mistake in 犯错 mistake sb/sth for sb/sth by mistake make a mistake about sb 误会某人
  21、break out in tears=burst into tears
  22、stepped in 走进
  23、live through 度过
  24、so as to = in order to such/ so …to ≈ so…that
  25、let down 使某人失望,不帮助
  26、in search of 寻找 search sb/place for sth 搜查某人某地找某物 search for sth search through one’s pockets in one’s/a/the search for
  27、stare at 盯着某人(惊讶的) glare at 盯着某人(愤怒的) tear at shoot at glance at shout at throw at laugh at aim at
  28、stick with sb/sth 继续支持某人某事,保持与某人某事的联系 stick to 坚持 stick out 伸出,突然
  29、by accident 偶然
  30、be about to do =be on the point of
  31、when it comes to 当涉及到……
  32、in rags 衣衫褴褛
  33、at one’s own expense 自费 at the expense of 由……付费 cut down the expense 减少开支
  34、lost color 脸色苍白 On hearing this news her face lost color
  35、pull down Since his illness he is very much pulled down
  36、hesitate at 犹豫
  37、a practiced hand
  38、turn inside out turn away 走开,打发走 turn in 上交 turn over 翻身移交 turn out 生产,证明是
  40、be anxious about/to do/that/for 忧虑的,渴望的 fell anxiety about/ for 担心
  41、a furnished flat 代家具出租的房子 furnish sb with… furnish sth to sb
  42、get accustomed to
  43、be burdened with 使负担
  44、react to 反应,反响
  45、fall/get into the habit of 染上……的习惯 get out of a habit 戒除……的习惯
break sb of a habit 使某人戒除……的习惯
  46、pay off 回报
  47、it flashed upon sb that 想到好主意 in a flash 瞬间 flash back 追述,回想 a flash in the pan 昙花一现 at the first flash 第一眼看见
  48、see to 留心,负责
  49、tear at 撕扯



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