P81-90 翻译参考答案
  1. 从我手中滑落的玻璃杯掉到地上摔得粉碎。( grasp n. ) The glass which slipped from my grasp fell to the ground and broke into pieces.
  2. 这次入学考试他虽然不及格, 但他并不气馁. ( heart ) Although he failed in this entrance examination, he didn’t lose heart. He failed in this entrance exam, but he didn’t lose heart.
  3. 他一点也不知道吸烟对人体健康危害很大。 (ignorant) He is ignorant of the fact that smoking does great harm to one’s health.
  4. 我们非常感谢那位教授给我们作了这么精彩的讲座. ( grateful ) We are grateful to the professor for giving us such a wonderful lecture.
  5. 成千上万的人聚集在马路两旁欢迎在奥运会获得金牌的运动员们. ( gather ) Thousands of people gathered on both sides of the street ,welcoming the athletes who had won the Olympic gold medals.
  6. 任何损害古树的行为必将受到 法律的严厉的惩罚。(harm) Any action that does harm to the old trees will surely be severely punished by law.
  7. 谁能保证他会遵守诺言?(guarantee) Who can guarantee that he will keep his word?
  8. 机遇迟早回出现,但只有少数人能抓住它。(occur, grasp) Opportunities will occur sooner or later, but only a few people can grasp them.
  9. 我们必须养成早起早睡的好习惯。(habit) we must form the habit of early to bed and early to rise.
  10. 众所周知,低劣食品会损害人们的健康。 ( As ) As is known to all, food of low/bad quality will damage/ harm/ be harmful to/ ruin/ destroy people’s health.
  11. 昨天在晚会上我碰巧遇见了你上次提到的那位著名的科学家。(happen) It happened that at the evening party yesterday I met the famous scientist you mentioned last time.
  12. 不吃足够的营养和进行适当的锻炼就不能保持健康。(without) No one can enjoy good health without having adequate nutrients and taking proper exercise.
  13. 她误解了自己最好的朋友,感到非常内疚。(guilty) She was very guilty about not having understood her best friend. Or: She misunderstood her best friend, about which she felt very guilty.
  14. 显然,他总以为自己的学历和工作经历肯定会给人深刻的印象,但实际并非如此。( take it for granted) Obviously, he takes it for granted that his academic background and work experience are surely impressive. But actually they are not.
  15. 父母对我们寄予很大的希望,这就是为什么我们决不能半途而废原因之一。(place great hopes on) Parents place great hopes on us. That is one of the reasons why we can’t give up half way.
  16. 如果学习时遇到了问题,我从不犹豫向老师和父母求教。(hesitate) If I meet with some problems while studying, I never hesitate to turn to the teachers and parents for advice.
  17.. 资金的缺乏使得工程的竣工被推迟了几个星期。 (hold up) Lack of funds held up the completion of the project for several weeks. The completion of the project was held up for several weeks for lack of funds.

  18. 我国每年举行特别的仪式来表彰那些作出巨大贡献的杰出的科学家. ( honor vt.) A special ceremony is held every year in our country to honor those outstanding scientists who have made great contributions.
  19. 我很荣幸当选我们班的班长。 (honor n.) It is an honor for me to have been elected monitor of our class.
  20. 日本生产的电子产品享誉海内外。 (home) The electronic products produced in Japan enjoy a good reputation both at home and abroad.
  21. 我希望尽快收到你的简历。 (hope) I hope (that) I can/ will receive your resume as soon as possible. I hope to receive your resume as soon as possible.
  22. 一家人为祖母的 70 大寿举行了一个派对。 (in honor of) The whole family held a party in honor of their grandmother’s 70th birthday/anniversary.
  23. 他发现很难与那里的人打成一片,因为文化差别很大。(identify) He found it difficult to identify with people there because of the culture difference.
  24. 老师引用了三个案例来更好阐明她的观点。(illustrate) The teacher quoted three cases to better illustrate her point of view.
  25. 很难想象没有电的生活会是什么样。(imagine) It is difficult to imagine what life would be without electricity.
  26. 他一点也不知道吸烟对人体健康危害很大。 (ignorant) He is ignorant of the fact that smoking does great harm to one’s health.
  27. 他对安全规定置若罔闻,所以发生火灾是不可避免的。 (ignore) He ignored the safety rules so the fire could not be avoided/ prevented.
  28. 若不是他犹豫了一下,他本来是可能避免这场严重车祸的。 (If) If it had not been for his hesitation, he could/might have avoided this serious car accident.
  29. 多参加些体育锻炼,人就不那么容易感冒了。 (If) If you take /have more physical exercise, you will not catch a cold easily /you are not likely to catch a cold.
  30. 我对学生所谈论的电子产品一无所知,我发现自己落伍了。(ignorant) Being ignorant of the electronic products the students are talking about, I find myself left behind. / ….., I find I have fallen behind.



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   练习 3:别具译格 增 减 法 1. A book, tight shut, 15 but a block of paper. 一本书,紧紧合上,只是一堆纸。译文需增加“废”字,以使意义明了。 增译为:闲置之书,只是一堆废纸。 2. Success is often just an idea away. 成功往往只是一个念头的距离。译文需增加“失败”一词,以使原句意思表达完善。 增译为:成功与失败往往只是一念之差。 3. On condition that you sign this rec ...



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