(SB I?Units 9-
  1. 词汇: although, believe, necessary, greatly, correct, form, repair, complete, information, improve, a waste of time, make a decision, bring down, thanks to, keep a record of, at one time, make a plan for, go up, the information on the computers, prefer to travel by air, shooting, gold, unusual, prize, have sports, horse-riding, in modern times,take part in, hand in, every four days, more and more, do one’s best to do sth .
  2.句型: (
  1)And it’s bigger, although it’s more expensive. (
  2)Can you try to get them to bring down the price? (
  3)You might not be able to...until three days... (
  4)It’s much easier to make plans for your trips. (
  5)I prefer horse-riding to shooting. (
  6)After that more and more countries joined in the game. (
  7)They do their best to win medals. (
  8)The place I used to go to is 7 kilometres away. (
  9)the same as.../the same... as...
  3.交际用语: (
  1)In my opinion, we should... (
  2)What’s your opinion? (
  3)I believe we should... (
  4)I don’t think it’s necessary to buy. (
  5)We must decide... (
  6)I hope we can make a decision. (
  7)Which do you prefer,...or... (
  8)I prefer...to... (
  9)Do you often have sports at school? (
  10)Would you please let me know when... (
  11)My favourite sport is... 考点精析与拓展
  1.bring 短语归纳 bring down(风)刮倒,降低(降落) ;bring up 养大,呕吐;bring about 带来,引起; bring along 捎来,带来,bring back 归还;bring out 拿出;bring in 赚(钱) ,带进,传入; bring on 端上(饭菜) ,引起(火灾) ,使……成长; [应用]副词填空 ①He felt terribly ill and brought what he ate. ②Surely the new railway will bring many changes
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in this less developed area. ③Next time you come to China, be sure to bring your friends. ④All the library books must be brought before June
  20. ⑤Selling newspapers brings enough money for my schooling. ⑥Enough water can bring the rice . Key: ①up ②about ③along ④back ⑤in ⑥on
  2.动词 + up go up(物价等)上涨,上升;build(up)one’s health 使身体强壮;turn up 出席,到场,开 大音量;divide up 分配;分给;set up 建立;come up 走近,发芽;pick up 拾起,用车接, 收听(节目);send up 发射;get up 起床;grow up 长大;look up 仰望,查阅;eat up 吃光; drink up 喝光;use up 用光;stay/sit up 熬夜;give up 放弃;take up 占空间,从事,开始干; keep up 保持,继续;put up 举起,建起;hang up 挂起来;hold up 举起;join up 连接起来; rise up 奋起反抗;move up 向前移动;lift up 扶起;do up 包,捆;hurry up 赶快;call up 打电 话;break up 拆散,破裂;make up 组成,化妆,编造;bring up 抚养大;dress up 打扮;add up 加起来;warm up 变暖,热身。 [应用]完成句子 ①物价在天天上涨。 Prices are day after day. ②衣服常常挂在火炉附近。 The clothes are often near a fire. ③妈妈的把孩子扶起来,领走了。 The mother the baby and took him away. ④他到乡下呆了一段时间,身体好了起来。 He went and stayed in the countryside for a period of time and . Key: ①going, up ②hung, up ③lifted, up ④built, up, his, health
  3.否定转移 I/We think, believe,suppose, imagine 接宾语从句时,通常否定主句谓语;但变反意问句 时,却必须和从句的人称、谓语保持一致,而且要考虑主句中有无 not。如:I don’t think she is right,isn’t?/I believe that they will win the match, won’t they? [应用]汉译英 ①我猜今天夜里不会有雨。 ②我们认为美国不会赞同我们的和平计划。 Key: ①I don’t suppose there will be rain this night. ②We don’t think America will agree to our peace plan.
  1)用作及物动词,意为“改善,使更好,增进,提高” 。如:
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improve one’s English/the living conditions/one’s method of study/oneself in maths 提高英 语水平/改善居住条件/改进学习方法/提高教学水平。
  2)用作不及物动词,意为“变得更好,增加。 ”如: After two days’ rest his health is improving. 经过两天的休息,他的健康状况在好转。
  3)用作名词:improvement of soil 土壤改良;make improvement in 在某方面作出改进 [应用]一句多译 ①他的中文水平在不断提高。 ②这篇文章你最好有所改进。 Key: ①His Chinese is improving./He is improving his Chinese. ②You’d better improve your article./You’d better make improvement in your article.
  6.常用的单位量词 a piece of diary 一则日记;a sheet of paper 一张纸;a suit of clothes 一套服装;an article of clothing 一件衣服;a crowd of people 一群人; basin of water 一盆水;a block of wood 一块木头; cake of soap 一块肥皂; a a a bottle of ink 一瓶墨水;a grain of sand 一粒沙子;a group of tall trees 一片高树;a team of players 一队运动员;a copy of China Youth 一分《中国青年》 drop of oil 一滴油;a loaf of ;a bread 一块面包;a pack of cigarettes 一包烟;a pair of socks 一双短袜;a tin of beer 一罐啤酒; a set of equipment 一套设备; bucket of water 一桶水; couple of eggs 两个鸡蛋; pile of old a a a books 一堆旧书;a bowl of rice 一碗米饭;a handful of sand 一把(少量的)沙 注意:上述单位量词本身具有复数形式,亦可被具体数字修饰,句中的谓语多用复数 形式。 [应用]汉译英 ①搬家时成堆的旧书被卖掉。 ②三条重要新闻刊登在头版。 Key: ①Piles of old books were sold when we moved. ②Three pieces of important news were printed in the front page.
  7.complete, finish 二个词都有“完成”之意,但 complete 更突出使一切完备、没有欠缺、多指完成工程、 设计等。而 finish 是一般用语。常用短语有:complete the work 完成工作;complete the new railway 修完铁路; complete one’s collection of stamps 完备集邮; finish one’s homework/middle school/writing the article 完成作业/中学毕业/写完文章。 注意:complete 还可用作形容词,意为“完全的,彻底的、完成了的” 。completely 是 副词, “完全地、彻底地” 。如:a complete sentence/strange/success/failure 完整的句子/完全陌 生/完全成功/彻底的失败。This job is completely new to me.这项工作对我来说是完全陌生的。 [应用]单句改错 ①You have to finish to read the whole passage in five minutes. ②Professor Smith has been complete successful in working out the problem. Key:
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①改 to read 为 reading,因为 finish 后只能接动名词。 ②改 complete 为 completely。
  8.necessary necessary 主要用于两种句型:①It’s necessary for sb. to do sth.某人有必要做某事②It’s necessary that…有必要……。 注意: 从句中谓语用 should + 动 that 词原型,should 可省略。另外:不能使用 sb. is necessary to do 结构,因为通常是“某事或 做某事有必要” ,而非人有必要。误:He is necessary to return home this afternoon. 正:It’s necessary for him to return home this afternoon. [应用]汉译英 ①他有必要改进自己的学习方法。 ②有必要的话,我们可以多雇几个人收庄稼。 Key: ①It’s necessary for him to improve his method of study:/It’s necessary that the should improve his method of study。 ②If necessary,we’ll employ more men for the harvest.
  1)用作名词,表示“修理,维修” 。 ①可用单数和复数形式,但不和数词或不定冠词连用。This car needs a lot of repairs before you can use it. 这部汽车需要大修之后才能使用。/The repair of the ship cost much money.这艘轮船的修理花了很多钱。 ②短语:make repairs/do repairs 修理(必须用复数) ;under repair 在修理;be out of repair 失修
  2)用作动词,仍作“修理、维修”解。 注意:repair,mend,fix 三者的区别。 ①repair 多指修理的物体较庞大,构造较复杂或损坏严重的东西。如:repair a bridge/house/car/TV set/watch 修桥/房子/汽车/电视/手表。 习惯上可用于指补鞋,但不用于 指补衣服。 ②mend 多用于指修理的物体较小,结构较简单的日常用具,或缝补衣服、袜子等。 如:mend a shoe/sock/basket/box/pen 补鞋/袜子/篮球/修补箱子/修钢笔。 ③fix 是美国英语,可与 repair 替换。如:fix a machine/chair/typewriter 修机器/椅子/ 打字机。 [应用]完成句子 ①游泳池今天不开放,因为正在维修。 The swimming pool won’t be open today because they are. ②这座房子已经是年久失修了。 This house has been for many years。 ③你过不去,大桥正在维修。 You can’t go through because the bridge is . Key:①making, repairs ②out,of, repair ③under repair 或:being, repaired
  1)decide to do 决定做
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We decided to put off the trip to the U.S.我们决定推迟美国之行。
  2)make a decision to do : He has made a decision to buy a new computer. 他已决定买一台新电脑。
  3)make up one’s mind to do The doctor made up his mind to go abroad for further education. 那位医生决定出国深造。
  4)determine to do We have determined to get the work done before National Day. 我们已决定国庆节前完成这项工作。
  5)be determined to do He is determined to give up smoking. 他决心戒烟。
  6)decide that……(从句中动词用 should + 动词原形) We decided that we should widen the road. 我们决定拓宽这条路。 [应用]一句多译:这位年轻科学家决心继续自己的研究。 Key: The young scientist was determined to go on with his research./He determined to go on with his research./He decided that he should go on with his research./He made up his mind to go on with his research./He made a decision to go on with his research./He decided to go on with his research.
  1)welcome sb.warmly/give sb.a warm welcome 热烈欢迎某人; have a rather cold welcome 受到冷遇
  2)You are welcome to …欢迎光临某地;Welcome to China.欢迎到中国来;You are welcome. 不用谢,别客气(回答感谢) 。 [应用]完成句子 ①我们没料到他们会如此热烈地欢迎我们。 We didn’t expect that they us such a warm . ②欢迎你们到我们学校来。 You are our school. Key: ①gave, welcome ②welcome,to
  12.疑问词 +不定式 what ,how, when,where,whether,which 等疑问词 + 不定式构成的短语相当于名词从句, 多用在 ask,decide,know, tell, explain, find out, consider, wonder 后作宾语,可以改换成相应意 义的宾语从句对比: ①Please show us how to use it./Please show us how we will use it. 请为我们示范一下如何使用。 ②We don’t know whether to accept his invitation./We don’t know whether we should accept his invitation.
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我们不知道是否应该接受他的邀请。 [应用]填空 ①There’re so many kinds of tape-recorders on sale that I can’t make up my mind to buy.(MET’
  92) A what B.which C.how D.where ②Last summer I took a course on .(MET’
  90) A.how to make dresses B.how dresses be made C.how to be made dresses D.how dresses to be made Key:①B ②A
  13.hold 短语归纳 hold one’s hand 抓住某人的手;hold me by the arm 抓住我的胳臂;hold one’s breath 屏 住气;hold back one’s tears 忍住泪水;hold a meeting 开会;hold 100 passengers 容纳 100 名乘客;hold a position 守住阵地;hold back 阻止;hold one’s head high 昂首,趾高气扬; hold up the wounded part 抬高受伤的部位; hold it tight 抓紧;hold everything in secret 对一 切都保密;catch/get/take hold of a rope 抓住绳子;hold a child in one’s arms 怀抱孩子; hold a final examination 举行期末考试 [应用]介、副词填空 ①Nothing can holdthe wheel of the history. ②I held her the hand and tried to follow her. ③He was saved by taking hold the big stick. ④Please hold your hand if you have any questions to ask. Key: ①back ②by ③of ④up
  1)表示“时间” ,不可数 most of the time 大部分时间;enough time 足够的时间;ahead of time 提前;spare time 抽 出时间;spend time 度过时间;take some time 花一些时间;pass time 度过一段时间;waste time 浪费时间;devote time in 时间用在某方面;save time 节省时间
  2)表示“次数,倍”解,是可数名词,有单复数 three times 三次; many times 几次; times as large as…五倍的大小; time 这 how five this 一次; time 上一次; last next time 下一次; each/every time 每一次; the first time 第一次; for
  3)表示“时代,时报”多用复数形式 in the old times 在古时候;in ancient/modern times 在古代/现代;in one’s time 在某人 那个时代;be ahead of one’s time 在时代面前;at the time of 在……时代;New York Times 纽约时报 注意:have a good time 过得愉快



   浅谈高三英语复习方法 一、单词复习 1.词不离句,句个离丈,困扰高三学生学习的首要问题是单词不过关。许多学生盲目孤立地去死记 单词,十遍、二十遍地去写、去背,但效果并不好。应指导学生结合课文去记单词。短语和句型,并通过 阅读,在理解的基础上记亿,在记忆的基础上应用。 2.归纳总结,举一反三。英语单词的拼写是有规律的。复习中帮助学生总结归纳这些规律,规则, 就可达到举一反三、事半功倍的效果。如英语单词中有许多前缀和后缀,它们与一些词根搭配,构成了与 词根意思相关的另一词。 二、语法复习 语法项 ...


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   名师忠言:词汇学习重战略, 名师忠言:词汇学习重战略,六大误区要规避 作为任何一门外语考试,它不外乎检测一个外语学习者的词汇量、阅读能力、语言运用 能力(听说写译)以及语言的纯正性(语音语调、文化习俗)。简单的讲,就是考察一个人 对外语的输入(听、读)和输出(说、写、译)能力,而这一切都是以词汇为基础的。 因此, 词汇学习是英语学习的基本功, 英语解构学习法认为词汇是英语学习的第一阶梯, 没有这一级的坚实基础,读写听说都无从谈起。词汇对考研的准备来说尤为重要,每年的考 研试题都有一定量的超纲 ...


   编辑点评: 编辑点评:俗话说一年之计在于春,新年伊始也正是我们打起精神,从头开始好好学习的时候!在此时拟 定一个适合自己的学习方案,再一步一步执行下去,相信到了年底你一定会收获满满.那么对于英语学习 来说,又有哪些事情是一份计划中必不可少的呢? 转眼又是春暖花开之时,俗话说一年之计在于春,新年伊始也正是我们打起精神,从头开始 好好学习的时候!在此时拟定一个适合自己的学习方案,再一步一步执行下去,相信到了年 底你一定会收获满满,为自己这一年的努力而庆幸.那么对于英语学习来说,又有哪些事情 是一 ...


   高三 UNIT1 beard n.(下巴上的)胡须;络腮胡子 cheetah n.猎豹 sailfish n.旗鱼;姥鲛 voyager n.航行者;航海者;航天者 tight adj.紧的;难解开的;紧密的 tightrope n.绷紧的绳索或钢丝 gorge n.峡谷 edition n.版本;版次 moustache n.髭;八字须;小胡子 Urumqi n.乌鲁本齐 brewery n.啤酒厂 conclude vt.结束时说; (经推理)相信;达成 vi 结束 hire vt.雇佣 ...


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   [大家网 bbs.TopSage.com] 笔译综合能力.doc 04.5 笔译综合能力.doc Section 1: Vocabulary and Grammar (25 points) Part 1 Vocabulary Selection In this part, there are 20 incomplete sentences. Below each sentence, there are 4 choices respectively marked by letters A, B ...


   外国文学教学论文-英语专业外国文学课与人文素质的培养 外国文学教学论文 英语专业外国文学课与人文素质的培养 摘 要:本文从三个方面探讨外国文学课和人文素质教育的关系:从历史的角 度看,外国文学教育无论在中国还是在外国都是与人文素质教育紧密联系在一 起的;从文学的性质和作用上看,阅读过程本身就是人文素质教育的过程;最后探 讨了几种以素质教育为中心的文学教学理论和实践,旨在说明以素质教育为中 心的文学课的可行性及途径。 关键词:外国文学教学; 素质教育; 文学课 一、 历史上外国文学教育与人文素 ...


   英语作文常用谚语、 英语作文常用谚语、俗语 1、A liar is not believed when he speaks the truth. 说谎者即使 、 讲真话也没人相信。 讲真话也没人相信。 2、A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. 一知半解,自欺欺 、 一知半解, 人。 3、All rivers run into sea. 海纳百川。 、 海纳百川。 4、All roads lead to Rome. 条条大路通罗马。 、 条条大路通罗 ...


   赛马不相马 敢为天下先 2009 National English Contest for College Students (Level B-Sample) 参考答案及作文评分标准 Parts I Listening Section A (5 marks) 1.A 2.B 3.C 6 C 7.A 8A 4.C 5.B 9.B Comprehension (25 minutes, 30marks) ) Section B (10marks) 10B 11.A 12.B 13.C 14.A 1 ...