定语从句 ( Attributive Clauses) Teaching Aims: To ask the students to master the usage of Attributive Clauses and use it freely when
communicating with each other. Difficulties and Emphasis: ** How to distinguish the Attributive clauses. **How to tell the attributive clause from the appositive clause . Teaching Progress :
Step 1 Introdution
定义及相关术语 定语从句:修饰某一名词或代词的从句叫定语从句。 定语从句:修饰某一名词或代词的从句叫定语从句。定语从句一 般紧跟在它所修饰的先行词之后。 般紧跟在它所修饰的先行词之后。分为限定性定语从句和非限定 性定语从句。 性定语从句。 先行词: 被定语从句修饰的词叫先行词。 先行词: 被定语从句修饰的词叫先行词。 关系词: 引导定语从句的词叫关系词。 关系词: 引导定语从句的词叫关系词。 分为关系代词和关系副 词。关系代词有 that ,which ,who ,whom,whose, as 等;关系 副词有 when ,where ,why 等。 关系词的作用 A . 引导定语从句; B . 代替先行词 引导定语从句; C. 在从
The seaon which /that comes after spring in summer. which / that 在句中引导定语从句, 代替 the season ,并在从 在句中引导定语从句, 并在从 句中做主语。 句中做主语。
  2. presentation 指人
Those who want to go to the museum must be at the school gate at 7 tomorrow morning . He is the person who /that /whom you are looking for . Yesterday I helped an old man who had lost his way . Mr. Li is the person (whom / who/ that )you talked about on the bus . 只用 who 不用 that 表示人的三种情况 Anyone who breaks the law will be punished .( 先行词为指 人的代词, 人的代词,如 anyone ,one ,all,none 等 Those who want to go there raise your hand .(先行词为 those) 先行词为 There is a young man outside who asks for you .(在 there be 在 结构中) 结构中 区别 : He is no longer the naughty boy ( that ) he was ten years ago . He is no longer what he was ten years ago . 指物
This is the desk that /which he bought yesterday . The book that / which he picked up this morning is Jack’s . 只用 that 的几种情况 a . 当先行词为 everything ,anything ,nothing ,(something 除外) 等代词时, 除外 all , none , few , little , some 等代词时,或先行词受 every ,all ,any some , no , little ,few , much 等代词修饰时。 等代词修饰时。 All that can be done has been done . There is little that I can do for you . Have you taken down everything (that )Mr. Li said ? b. 当先行词被序数词或最高级修饰时 当先行词被序数词或最高级修饰时 The first place that they visited was our school . This is the best film that I have seen . c. 当先行词被 the very ,the only 修饰时 This is the very book that I want to buy . After the fire in his house , the old car is the only thing that he owns . d. 当先行词为人和物时 当先行词为人和物时 Look at the man and his donkey that are walking up the street . e . 当先行词前面有 who ,which 等疑问代词时 Who is the man that is standing by the gate ? Which is the shirt that fits me most ?
只用 which 的情况 a . 介词 which 表物 介词+ The school in which I studied is very small . b. 在非限制性定语从句中 I will study in the school , which is famous for Premier Zhou . whose 通常指人, 也可指物,在定语从句中做定语。 通常指人, 也可指物,在定语从句中做定语。 I visited a scientist whose name is known all over the country . I once lived in the house whose roof has fallen in . 指物时, 名词+of which 来代替 注意 :指物时, whose 可用 the +名词 名词 The classroom the door of which is broken will soon be repaired . Do you like the book of which the cover is yellow . I lived in the room , whose window /the window of which /of which the window faced north . 介词+关系代词 介词 关系代词 引导的定语从句 The school in which he once studied is very famous . This is the boy with whom I played tennis yesterday . 介词+关系代词 介词 关系代词 前还可有 some ,any, none ,all ,both,neither,few 等代词或数词。 等代词或数词。 He loves his parents deely , both of whom are very kind to him . In the basket there are uite many apples , some of which have gone bad .
when where why
I never forget the days when /in which we studies together . I never forget the days that / which we spent together. This is the shop where / in which I worked two years ago . This is the shop that /which I visited two years ago . The reason why /for which / that he came late is that he fell ill . The reason that he gave us is that he fell ill . 非限制性定语从句 特点: 用逗号“ ” 译为并列句; 特点: 用逗号“, 与主句隔开 ;译为并列句;关系词不能省 引导; 略 ;不用 that 引导; 不用 who 代替 whom His mohter , who loves him very much , is strict with him . China, which was founded in 1949 , is becoming more and more powerful. as /which 引导非限制性定语从句时,相同点是都可以做主语或 引导非限制性定语从句时, 宾语, 宾语, 引导的从句可放在主句之前,也可放在主句之后; 不同点是 as 引导的从句可放在主句之前,也可放在主句之后; which 引导的从句只能放在主句之后, 引导的从句只能放在主句之后, that、 it 相当于 and this、 、 。 、 另外, 常常有“正如,正像”的含义。 另外,as 常常有“正如,正像”的含义。 As is known to all , China is a developing country . What is known to all is China is a developing country . It is known to all is that China is a developing country . 当主句和从句之间存在着逻辑上的因果关系时, 当主句和从句之间存在着逻辑上的因果关系时, 关系词往往只
用 which 。 Tom was late for school again and again, which made his teacher very angry . 修饰时, 当先行词受 the same 或 such 修饰时, 关系词一般用 as I never heard such stories as he tells . This is such a difficult problem as nobody can solve . This is such a difficult problem that nobody can solve it (非定语 . 从句) 从句) This is so difficult a problem as nobody can solve . way 做先行词时用法如下 I don’t like the way in which ( that ) he speaks to his mother. Step 3 explanation 定语从句与同位语从句的区别 定语从句的先行词通过关系词在从句中担当相应的句子成分, 关 定语从句的先行词通过关系词在从句中担当相应的句子成分, 系代词在从句中作宾语时常可省略。 系代词在从句中作宾语时常可省略。 同位语从句修饰的词在从 句中不担当成分, 引导, 不能省略, 句中不担当成分,通常用 that 引导,that 不能省略,同位语从 句也由 where ,when ,who , how ,whether ,what 等连词引导 。 The news (that /which) he told me is true .( 定语从句 ) The news that he has just died is true .( 同位语从句 ) The problem ( that /which )we are facing now is how we can collect so much money .( 定语从句 ) The problim where /how / whether we an collect so much money
is difficult to solve . ( 同位语从句
The question ( that /which ) he raised puzzled all of us .( 定语从 句 )
The question whether he is sure to win the game is hard to answer . ( 同位语从句 ) Step 4 改错
  1. This is the school where I visited yesterday .
  2. I’ll never forget the days when we spent together .
  3. Is there anything which I can do for you ?
  4. I study in the same school which you do .
  5. The book , which cover is broken , is not mine .
  6. There was nobody to who I could turn for help .
  7. The pen with that I wrote to you is on the desk .\
  8. Who is the man who is talkig to you ?
  9. Is this museum that we visited 3 years ago ?
  10. That’s all what I want to say .
  11. Mr. Smith is one of the foreign experts who works in China .
  12. I ,who is a Party member, should think of others first .
  13. The workers , most of them are women , are out of work now .
  14. He didn’t pass the eaxm , it is a pity . Practice

  15. The man I met him in the street is my boss . Homework Do some exercises and go over the usage of the Attributive Clauses .



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   初中英语时态教学点滴 在日常教学中, 我们常常发现学生因弄不懂句子中的事态而无法 准确翻译句子或写出与句通顺、 语法无误的句子。 在学生的练习本中, 我们经常发现一些错句:We are study hard at school;He making cakes now;I don’t my homework after class.这些错句的产生是由于学生对于 英语中某个时态的掌握不够清楚而导致的。 英语时态的学习及运用是 初中学生学习英语的难点之一。如何让学弄懂,会运用记牢这些时态 的用法是 ...