高三英语复习专题 02
完形填空精讲精练(二) 完形填空精讲精练(
( 一) We all like to think that we are perfect to a fault. And whose fault is that? Not mine. Recently, my husband and I got up at the New York. We were extremely all ready when the taxi came to It was an uneventful (平静的) 38 39 40 36 of 4 am to catch an early 37 to
, perhaps because we were sleep-walking. And we were us 45 minutes later. to the airport. We didn't even chat, because he was 41 ." 45 lies like that. to let us get off, at which point iPod guy
enjoying his new iPod. At the airport, the taxi 42 me and said, "We don't have our "You're 44 43
, right'?" I replied, for he
"No. I mean it. Did you bring it down? I didn't." "What do you mean, you didn't?" I shouted. "All our things are there." How 46 ! I was thinking, you're always 48 now, we are going to 47 49 to do things like bringing down our flight. I didn't say that out
luggage. This is your fault loud, 50
. He already knew how I felt. 51 52 . But what do you think of me? the eyes of others. We often
The experience showed I had a hard time accepting Psychologists think that the best way to assess ourselves is don't recognize when we've done wrong. Oh, and that missing suitcase? We went home the airport and made it through with minutes to 54 53
in the taxi, picked it up. returned to . 55 I was I hadn't said a thing about
Later, while walking along Broadway, I noted how his forgetting our suitcase at home.
  36. A. points
  37. A. bus
  38. A. still
  39. A. collect
  40. A. drive
  41. A. pulled in B. hour B. train B. excited B. pick B. experience B. pushed in
C. strike C. flight C. calm C. fetch C. travel C. hurried in
D. times D. taxi D. disappointed D. draw D. ride D. dragged in

  42. A. turned to
  43. A. briefcase
  44. A. running
  45. A. rarely
  46. A. clever
  47. A. expected
  48. A. and
  49. A. catch
  50. A. either
  51. A. punishment
  52. A. in
  53. A. slowly
  54. A. spare
  55. A. proud
B. turned up B. suitcase B. laughing B. always B. stupid B. asked B. if B. quit B. as well B. advice B. through B. carelessly B. use B. sorry
C. turned against C. clothes bag C. joking C. hardly C. terrible C. requested C. while C. change C. though C. responsibility C. over C. sadly C. leave C. disappointed ( 二)
D. turned away D. food bag D. cheating D. never D. unlucky D. supposed D. but D. miss D. besides D. belief D. on D. hurriedly D. share D. funny
Do not push yourself too hard One Friday earlier this school year , all of a sudden it felt like I had pulled a muscle in my back . I knew I was 31 . After a few days I stopped eating , which meant I lost 33 32 ; 34
the clothes bought two weeks earlier began hanging
. In addition , I started 35
so less that my eyelids were constantly heavy . My parents got going to 36
. I thought fear wasn’t 37 how I was going
my life . Yet , I spent every minute of every day
to get myself out of trouble , and it made me mad . Then I didn’t 39 38 to accept I was ill . I kept my job working 25 hours a week in a shop ; I 40 , I sucked it up and kept on going . 41
any classes . When I was
it kills you , it makes you stronger , right ? But now I find myself thinking whether that’s writing for the newspaper because it looks 25 hours a week so that , 44 43 42 it . I’m taking the classes and
on college applications . And I am working
I get into my dream school, I can afford it . 45
Here I am , already sick from the amount of work . So , what good is a(n) application if I’m dead ? What is the 47 46 of doing this work if I can’t enjoy the results ? 48
, by writing my story I’m not only
that I can’t take it , but I’m telling all
the people who are too concerned with the Don’t 50
to worry about now .This is my warning :
the high dive if you don’t like the deep end . B.ill B.chance B.proper B.sleeping B.disturbed B.lose B.showing B.agreed B.choose B.training B.If B.honest B.good B.though B.impressive B.duty B.In return B.reporting B.education B.escape C.sad C.confidence C.regular C.amusing C.scared C.take C.answering C.determined C.drop C.performing C.Though C.worth C.curious C.unless C.instructive C.promise C.In fact C.desiring C.pressure C.climb D.cold D.weight D.tight D.observing D.shocked D.explore D.wondering D.managed D.expect D.hurting D.Unless D.equal D.serious D.whether D.sensitive D.action D.In all D.admitting D.future D.avoid

  47.A.In case
( 三) One good deed deserves another One day, a poor boy who was trying to pay his way through school by selling goods door to door found that he only had one dime left. He was hungry so he decided to 36 a meal at the 37
next house. However, he lost his nerve (勇气)when a lovely young woman opened the door.
a meal he asked for a drink of water. She thought he looked hungry so she brought him a large glass of milk. He drank it slowly, and then asked, “How much do I “You don’t owe me 39 38 you?”
,” she replied. “My mother has taught me never to accept money for
of kindness.” He said, “Then I thank you from the bottom of myheart.” As Howard Kelly 41 , but it also increased his faith in the human race.
left that house, he felt stronger
Years later the young woman became critically ill. The local doctors were baffled (被难住). They finally sent her to the big city, where specialists were called in to study her Dr Howard Kelly, now famous was 43 42 disease.
for the consultation. When he heard the name of the from the chair and went down 45 the hospital hall
town she came from, he immediately 44 towards her room. 46
his doctor’s gown he went in to see her. He recognized her at once. He went back to the 47 to do his best to save her life. From that day on, he gave special
consultation room attention to her case.
After a long struggle, the 48
was won. Dr Kelly requested the business office to pass the final 49 was
bill to him for approval . He looked at it and then wrote something on the side. The sent to her room. She was afraid to open it because she was 50
that it would take the rest of 51 of the bill 52 her
her life to pay it off. Finally she looked, and the note on the attention. She read these words. Fix pay. “Paid 53 with a glass of milk.”
Dr Howard Kelly Tears of joy 54 her eyes as she saw it. She was grateful abroad through human hearts and hands.
  36.A.pay for
  37.A. on top of
  38. A. own
  39. A. nothing
  40. A. acts
  41. A. mentally
  42. A. rare
  43. A. taken in
  44. A. raised
  45.A. cross
  46.A. With B. intend for B. instead of B. owe B. something B. behavior B. physically B. different B. come in B. rose B. over B. Wore C. seek for C. in addition to C. cost C. everything C. sake C. thoroughly C. infected C. called in C. stood C. through C. Having on D. beg for D. in spite of D. spend D. anything D. benefit D. intellectually D. casual D. sent in D. aroused D. beneath D. Dressed in 55 love could spread

  47.A. decided
  48.A. battle
  49.A. doctor
  50.A. positive
  51.A. back
  52.A. paid
  53.A. in turn
  55.A. what
B. concluded B. game B. bill B. uncertain B. front B. fixed B. in return B.floated B. that
C. determined C. disease C. approval C. negative C. side C. caught C. in full C. blew C. which
.D. tried D. treatment D. patient D. unsure D. page D. made D. in vain D.flew D. whose
( 四) Two friends visited the zoo together. The zoo was very large and it was They had to decide where and which animal to visit as their time was not to 38 after choosing a 39 at every fork(岔路口). A road sign at the first fork They decided on the 41 40 one way to the lion quarters and the other to the tiger hill. 36 to go everywhere.
37 . So both of them agreed
after a 42 discussion because lions were“the king of the grassland”.The panda as
second showed a division (路口) going separately to the panda and peacock, They 43
it was the nation’s treasure and went its way. Thus they made choices all along the way and each choice meant 44 what they couldn’t help regretting. But they had to make it,and 46 .Only 47 45 ,for it
brooked (容忍) delay. If they hesitated they would miss no more chances for sightseeing and 48 possible regret.
decision could offer
Life is 49 like this??choices often occur that one has to make,for example ,between two 50 jobs,two fascinating wooers(追求者)??To get one you 52 51 give up the other??you
con get half of it. If you will most likely 53
weighing the pros and cons and calculating gains and losses,you 54 you have got half of the
empty?handedness. Don’t be sad about it. 55 to come by. C.impossible C.tight C.go C.crossing C.intended
desirable things in lifesomething that is
  39.A.main road
  40.A.showed B.eager B.limited B.come B.branch B.pointed
D.possible D.plentiful D.go back D.highway

  49.A.just exactly
B.later B.long B.wanted B.taking B.immediately B.more B.slow B.rid B.more or less B.rejected B.want
C.last C.no C.favored C.grasping C.timely C.most C.short C.reduce C.hardly C.enjoyable C.must C.have a bard time C.succeed in C.At most C.hard
D.the third D.heated D.got D.giving up D.easily D.least D.rapid D.raise D.most D.desirable D.have to D.hope for D.end up in D.At least D.supported

  52.A.spend time B.kill time
  53.A.start with
  54.A.By no means
  55.A.stupid B.get up B.Not in the least
( 五) I’m a newspaper reporter. I don’t have 36 are rich, 37 money, but I meet a lot of interesting people. Some
are poor. One or two are dishonest, but the others tell the truth most of the time. On 38 . I don’t talk, but I’m a
the whole, I like my job and I am good at it. I type fast. I have a good good 39 . I’m probably the best listener in the entire city and I 40
stupid. I have a very stupid
face. People look at me, and then they explain things to me very slowly. Other reporters ask people a lot of questions and 41 them angry, but I just look stupid and soon I am getting a lot of 42 : 43 interesting news for
many uninteresting ideas, many irrelevant(不相关的) facts, but always my newspaper. I have a method for 44
news from the ordinary men in the street. Let me give you
45 .
Yesterday afternoon I needed information about recreation for elderly 46 went to the park, sat on a bench 47
people in the city. I
the sun, and waited. Soon, an old lady came and sat next to
me. She carried two large paper bags and an old handbag. I sat quietly beside her for about ten minutes, and then I 48 a chocolate bar slowly. I made a lot of 49 with the paper wrapping.
Next, I offered her a piece of my chocolate. After that, she told me about
. She doesn’t have a
real home. She and two friends sleep in the bus station; on warm days she comes to the park with her few belongings in two paper bags. Later, we went to a restaurant for a cup of coffee and a sandwich. I 51 , of course, I didn’t but she wasn’t interested in 52 any notes. I asked her a few questions about recreation,
53 . She needed money and a place to live in, she said. She told me a her in the park, went
lot about the bus station. I gave her a dollar and some 54 . Finally, I 55 back to the office, and typed up some notes for my newspaper.
  36. A. many
  37. A. others
  38. A. brain
  39. A. listener
  40. A. seemed
  41. A. get
  42. A. reasons
  43. A. little
  44. A. getting
  45. A. a model
  46. A. rich
  47. A. under
  48. A. took
  49. A. sound
  50. A. her
  51. A. bought
  52. A. take
  53. A. which
  54. A. money
  55. A. left B. much B. the others B. thinking B. speaker B. look B. let B. ideas B. a little B. having B. an example B. bad B. below B. unwrapped B. voice B. hers B. cost B. write B. what B. bill B. kept C. little C. the other C. mind C. reporter C. am C. cause C. information C. a few C. receiving C. an idea C. poor C. at C. made C. noise C. herself C. spent C. put C. them C. change C. took (六)Try It a Different Way D. any D. another D. memory D. lecturer
D. must be D. make D. experience D. few D. accepting D. a story D. wealthy D. in D. ate D. voices D. of her D. paid D. get D. that D. cheque D. stopped
Bobby Moresco grew up in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, a tough working-class neighborhood on Manhattan’s West Side. By tradition he 36 have been, like his father or like most of his 37 . Attracted by the
childhood pals, a construction worker or a policeman. But he wanted
bright lights from the time Bobby was a teen, he tried to act. “I wasn’t a driving need to do something 39 with my life,” he says. 40 42
actor, but I had a
He moved to Hollywood, promising to find his almost 10 years, he drove a taxi and worked as a waiter, Hollywood. But Moresco kept working at his 43



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