What does “going high” mean?
In my opinion, going high means climbing the mountains.
Skimming:Find the main idea for each paragraph
P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6
Sherpas prove to be the ideal guide Mount Qomolangma, it remains man’s great challenges until now. Difficulty and risk China’s attempts to reach the summit Some early attempts and the first successful attempt
By the middle of 1920s, Mount Q. remained to be greatest challenge for human beings.

  1.What does “the third Pole” refer to in the text?
  2. Who are the pioneers of the third Pole?
  3. Why is it difficult to climb Mount Qomolangma?
  4. Why were the Sherpas regarded as ideal companions on the mountain?
  5. Who was the first to reach the top?
  6. Why does the author think climbing Mount Qomolangma remains one of man’s greatest challenges?
  7. Did the Chinese team ever reach the summit of the mountain? How do you know?

  1. What does “the third Pole” refer to in the text? Why does the writer call it the third Pole?
“The third Pole” refers to mount Qomolangma.

  2. Who are the pioneers of the third Pole?
They are people from all over the world who reached the summit of the mountain.

  3. Why is it difficult to climb Mount Qomolangma?
Possibly because of the great height, the cold , thin air, low oxygen and levels. Strength and skill are also needed.

  4. Why were the Sherpas regarded as ideal companions on the mountain?
Sherpa’s strength, skill, honesty and dedication made them ideal companions.

  5. Who was the first to reach the top?
The New Zealander Edmund Hillary and the Sherpa Tenzing Norgay.

  6. Why does the author think climbing Mount Qomolangma remains one of man’s greatest challenges?
Because climbing Mount Qomolangma is a great personal achievement like winning in the Olympic Games.

  7. Did the Chinese team ever reach the summit of the mountain? How do you know?
Yes. They left behind an iron container with our national flag and a portrait of Chairman Mao Zedong on the summit.
Time 1921 1922/ 1924 May 29, 1953 After 1953 1960
The first British expedition
Failed Failed
Two British expeditions Edmund Hillary Tening Norgay A British team Several hundred GongBu, Wang Fuzhou, Qu Yinhua
Reached the summit First of nation, Climb over different slopes Reached the summit
中国首登珠峰成功的(右起)王富洲、 中国首登珠峰成功的(右起)王富洲、 贡布( 贡布(藏)和屈银华
1975年 27日 1975年5月27日,我国九名 登山运动员从北坡登上珠峰
2003年 21日 2003年5月21日,中韩联合登山队 的中方队员在珠峰顶上举起国旗
Ex. 2 on Page 17:

  1. Going to Mount Qomolangma was like going to the moon. It was quite difficult and almost impossible to climb up Mount Qomolangma
  2. The death zone In this area, it is quite impossible for humans to survive for a couple of days , even though you can breathe extra oxygen.
  3. They had no idea what they were up against. They didn’t know what difficulties would be in front of them and what the result would be. 4 English air. Oxygen in oxygen bottle.
Phrases: Paragraph 1
? explore the farthest corners ? 在地图上定位大洲 ? map the continents 和大洋 and the oceans ? 到达南北极 ? reach the North and South Poles ? 发现世界上主要河 ? discover the origins of the world’s major 流的源头 rivers ? 发现最远的角落
Paragraph 2
? 除……之外 ……之外 ? 稀薄的空气 ? 引发高原反应 ? 适应极端的环境 ? apart from ? thin air ? cause mountain sickness ? adjust to these extreme conditions
Paragraph 3
? 充当向导 ? 诚实和奉献精神 ? 使他们成为理想的 伴侣 ? 依靠 ? act as guides ? honesty and dedication ? make them ideal companions ? rely on
Paragraph 4
? ? ? ? ? 面对 嘲笑 认为 用尽 作出技术的进步 ? ? ? ? ? be up against laugh at refer to as run out make technological advances in… ? make it
? 达到预定目标
Paragraph 5
? 成功作某事 ? 尝试从不同的山坡 登山 ? succeed in doing ? attempt to climb the mountain over different slopes
Paragraph 6
? 照相 ? 留下 ? 毛主席头像 ? 返回 ? 被誉为民族英雄 ? take photos ? leave behind ? a portrait of Chairman Mao Zedong ? on one’s return ? be praised as national heroes
Paragraph 7
? 基于 ? base on

  1.Some suggested it could not be accomplished.
提出(某看法 暗示 表明 提出 某看法),暗示 某看法 暗示,表明 以用任何时态
建议,提议 建议 提议
接名词、代词-ing形式或从句 名词、代词 形式或从句
(谓语常用虚拟语气) 谓语常用虚拟语气 谓语常用虚拟语气
was Her expression suggested that she ( be) angry. I suggest (bring) the meeting to an end. bringing He suggested that we (leave) early for (should) leave the airport.

  2. Apart from the cold, thin air and low oxygen levels can cause mountain sickness, which can kill.
apart from 除……之外(还有)相当于besides ……之外(还有)相当于besides 之外 ……之外 别无); 之外( );要不 除……之外(别无);要不 是”,此 时相当于except(for) 时相当于except(for) except
Apart from the injuries to his face, he broke both legs. besides Apart from him, everyone is happy. except
vi. =appear 出现,发生 出现, eg. A new difficulty has arisen. A storm arose during the night.
arise out of / from …因…而产生,引起 因 而产生, 而产生
The generation gap arises out of the lack of communication between children and parents.
vi. 升起,提升 升起,
The sun is rising.
raise vt. 提高,培养 提高,
Raise your hand if you know the answer to the question.
IV Complete the sentences
1 ,They have visited Apart from Beijing Tianjin and Jinan . 除了北京之外,他们还参观了天津和济南 他们还参观了天津和济南. 除了北京之外 他们还参观了天津和济南 have adjusted to 2 The foreigners life in China. 已经适应中国的生活 外国人已经适应中国的生活. 外国人已经适应中国的生活 acts as 3 He an English teacher now. 充当一名英语教师 一名英语教师. 他充当一名英语教师
relied on 4 The success of the project the efforts of all the people. 项目的成功依靠大家的努力. 依靠大家的努力 项目的成功依靠大家的努力 5 We ‘ve referred to him a good teacher. as 我们已经把他看作一名好老师. 已经把他看作一名好老师 我们已经把他看作一名好老师 6They were out of breather as their strength had run out 他们气喘因为力量耗尽 耗尽. 他们气喘因为力量耗尽 were praised as 7 They national heroes 被称赞为民族英雄 他们被称赞为民族英雄. 他们被称赞为民族英雄
c)根据汉语提示完成下列句子。 根据汉语提示完成下列句子。 根据汉语提示完成下列句子 have run out of
  1.We typing paper.(已经用完 已经用完) 已经用完
  2.They were out of breath as their strength (用尽 用尽). ran out 用尽 is equipped with 装
  3.Every classroom(装 配)modern teaching equipment in our school. set sail 起航
  4.He decided to (起航 起航)for Qingdao last night. is rich in 富含
  5.The area (富含 lot of coal. 富含)a take possession of 占领
  6.We must (占领 the 占领) enemy stronghold before dark.


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