Welcome to our class
Unit 7
A Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens

  1.Who is the person in the picture?
  2.What is Charles Dickens?
  3.What is his nationality?
  4. Did he write many famous novels?
  5. Can you name some of them
Fiction A Christmas Carol 圣诞颂歌 A Tale of Two Cities 双城记 大卫科波菲尔 Charles Dickens David Copperfield Great Expectations 远大前程 Hard Times 艰难时事 Oliver Twist 雾都孤儿 The Old Curiosity Shop老古玩店 老古玩店 The Pickwick Papers 匹克威克外传
Which novel is this picture about?
A Christmas Carol

  1.Choose some information about Christmas: A. Santa Claus C. A Christmas Carol E. moon cakes G. Turkey I. Christmas dinner B. New Year cakes D. Dragon boats F. Christmas Eve H. Birthday J. Presents

  2.What Christmas songs do people sing? Can you sing some of them?
Look at the title, the picture in the book and the name list of the characters in the play. E: Ebenezer Scrooge S: Santa Claus B: Bob Cratchit F: Fred, Scrooge’s nephew G: A gentleman Answer the following questions:
  1. When does the story happen?
  2. Which of the two men in the picture is Ebenezer Scrooge-the boss?
  3. What is the name of Scrooge’s assistant? What is he doing and feeling?
True or false:

  1. It was cold in Scrooge’s office and Bob had to warm himself over the candle. T
  2. Scrooge was willing to let Bob have a day off because it would be F Christmas the next day.
  3. Scrooge was invited by his niece and he accepted the invitation happily F .
  4. A gentleman arrived at Scrooge’s office because he wanted to collect T some money for the poor
  5. Scrooge didn’t want to give the poor any money because he was poor himself. F F
  6. In Scrooge’s dream he met his old friend Jacob Marley.
Santa Claus
Ho, ho, ho.
It is his way of laughing
It means Santa Claus is very kind and happy.
The dialogue between E & B Pay attention to:

  1.want\ have a day off .
  2. It is convenient for sb. to do sth.
  3. an excuse for (doing) sth.
The dialogue between E & F

  4. leave alone
  5. Much good may it do you. do sb. good\ do good to sb. wrong harm May you succeed.
  6. bring in profits
The dialogue between E & G

  7.in want of
  8.means of warmth
  9.be badly off
  10.Occupy oneself in\ with sth.
The dialogue between E & S

  11.close up
  12.Alone is what you are, and what you have been.
It was the day before C and the w Christmas weather off was terrible. Bob wanted to have a day o in order to have a good Christmas dinner but his boss, Scrooge, who was c, mean and only interested cold in making m didn’t allow him to do so at first. money invite Scrooge’s nephew? Fred wanted to i Scrooge refused to attend their Christmas dinner but he was r. A gentleman who wanted to collect some money for the turned poor was also t down by Scrooge. At last when dream all the others left Scrooge had a d, in which he met Santa Claus.


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