Unit5 Extensive reading
Words that sell
Review the text Advertising is a highly developed industry. It has hand in hand gone with radio, television and other media. react However ,people to ads in different ways. Defenders think ads are useful and helpful and consumers help make informed choices. But accuse of critics companies using ads to mislead us. Advertising influences customers’ brand choices by introducing a name and associating products customers’ needs. with There are so many ads for customers, so get across advertisers try to their message by appealing to their emotions.
Ads help companies and customers in a variety of ways. They can help companies increase sales reduce and the prices. Meanwhile, they help available customers choose among all the products. In fact, truthful ads provide good information,and help customers compare features , functions and costs. Some governments name spokeswoman to make their spokesman or aware people of their social problems and policies. protect Customers should themselves by keeping an eye for bad ads, distinguishing out between fiction and facts and making good choices.
经典广告语 戴比尔斯钻石:钻石恒久远, 戴比尔斯钻石:钻石恒久远,一颗永流传 麦氏咖啡:滴滴香浓, 麦氏咖啡:滴滴香浓,意犹未尽 --人头马 :人头马一开,好事自然来! 人头马 人头马一开 好事自然来! 人头马一开, --领带 男人的世界 领带: 领带 --生发精 聪明何必绝顶,慧根长留 生发精: 聪明何必绝顶, 生发精 某化妆品广告“趁早下‘斑’,请勿‘痘’留。” 趁早下‘ 某化妆品广告 趁早下 请勿‘ 某洗衣机广告“闲妻良母!” 闲妻良母! 某洗衣机广告 闲妻良母 某鲜花店广告“今日本店的玫瑰售价最为低廉,甚 今日本店的玫瑰售价最为低廉, 某鲜花店广告 今日本店的玫瑰售价最为低廉 可以买几朵送给太太。 至 可以买几朵送给太太。” 某公共场所禁烟广告“为了使地毯没有洞,也为了 为了使地毯没有洞, 某公共场所禁烟广告 为了使地毯没有洞 使您肺部没有洞,请不要吸烟。 使您肺部没有洞,请不要吸烟。”
Famous English Slogans
  1.Good to the last drop. . 滴滴香浓,意犹未尽。(麦斯威尔咖啡) 。(麦斯威尔咖啡 滴滴香浓,意犹未尽。(麦斯威尔咖啡)
  3. The new digital era. . . 数码新时代。(索尼影碟机) 。(索尼影碟机 数码新时代。(索尼影碟机)
  4. We lead. Others copy. . . . 我们领先,他人仿效。(理光复印机) 。(理光复印机 我们领先,他人仿效。(理光复印机)
  5. Impossible made possible. . . 使不可能变为可能。(佳能打印机) 。(佳能打印机 使不可能变为可能。(佳能打印机)
  6. Take time to indulge. . . 尽情享受吧!(雀巢冰激凌) !(雀巢冰激凌 尽情享受吧!(雀巢冰激凌)
  7. The relentless pursuit of perfection. . . 不懈追求完美。 凌志轿车) 不懈追求完美。 (凌志轿车)

  8. Poetry in motion, dancing close to . , me. . 动态的诗,向我舞近。(丰田汽车) 。(丰田汽车 动态的诗,向我舞近。(丰田汽车)
  10.To me, the past is black and white, . , , but the future is always color. 对我而言, . 对我而言, 过去平淡无奇;而未来,却是绚烂缤纷。( 。(轩尼诗 过去平淡无奇;而未来,却是绚烂缤纷。(轩尼诗 酒
  11. Just do it. 只管去做。(耐克运动鞋) 。(耐克运动鞋 只管去做。(耐克运动鞋)
  12. Ask for more. 渴望无限。(百事流行鞋) 。(百事流行鞋 渴望无限。(百事流行鞋)
  13. The taste is great. 味道好极了。(雀巢咖啡) 。(雀巢咖啡 味道好极了。(雀巢咖啡)
  14. Feel the new space. 感受新境界。(三星电子) 。(三星电子 感受新境界。(三星电子)

  15. Intelligence everywhere. 智慧演绎,无处不在。(摩托罗拉手机) 。(摩托罗拉手机 智慧演绎,无处不在。(摩托罗拉手机)
  16. The choice of a new generation. 新一代的选择。(百事可乐) 。(百事可乐 新一代的选择。(百事可乐)
  18. Take TOSHIBA, take the world. 拥有东芝,拥有世界。(东芝电子) 。(东芝电子 拥有东芝,拥有世界。(东芝电子)
  19. Let's make things better. 让我们做得更好。(飞利浦电子) 。(飞利浦电子 让我们做得更好。(飞利浦电子)
  20. No business too small, no problem too big. 没有不做的小生意,没有解决不了的大问题。 没有不做的小生意,没有解决不了的大问题。 公司) (IBM公司) 公司

  1.What makes a good slogan ?
  2.How do companies choose names for their products?
  3.Why people read ads?
  4.What dangers may we meet with in making ads? Give me some examples.
  2.Do the two sentences “X puts life into your dry hair.” and “X puts living things into dry hair.” have the same meaning?
Discussion Think of a list of products and company names. Discuss why the names were chosen.
Eg. Clean and clear Head and shoulder Playboy Soft Gold lion safeguard
Language points

  1. differ from : be different from Chinese differs greatly from Japanese in pronunciation. This method is different from that one. The two cars are different in color.

  2.attach …to I attached a photo to my application form. We should attach primary importance to the development of economy. 我们要把发展经济的工作放在第一位。 我们要把发展经济的工作放在第一位。

  3.When translated…:When it was translated When questioned about the murder, she became tense. Disturbed by the noise, we had to finish the meeting early.

  4.make sense有 意义;意思清楚;有道理 有 意义;意思清楚; in a sense 在某一方面; 在某一方面;就某种意义来说 make sense of 理解; 理解;懂;明白 He has a good sense of smell. 他的嗅觉很灵敏。 他的嗅觉很灵敏。 A sense of humour is a great asset for a person. (喻)幽默感是一个人的宝贵资产。 幽默感是一个人的宝贵资产。 喻 幽默感是一个人的宝贵资产
Read the passage on page182 : Planning an advertising campaign


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   第十四讲 状态从句 状态从句 状语从句就是在复合句里起状语作用的 从句,修饰主句中的动词、 从句,修饰主句中的动词、形容词或副词 可表示时间、地点、原因、目的、 等,可表示时间、地点、原因、目的、结 果、让步、比较、方式、条件等。引导状语 让步、比较、方式、条件等。 从句的连词叫从属连词。 从句的连词叫从属连词。状语从句的位置可 在句首,也可在句末。放在句首时, 在句首,也可在句末。放在句首时,从句后 面常用逗号与主句隔开;放在句末时, 面常用逗号与主句隔开;放在句末时,从句 前面往往不用逗 ...


   英语学习的策略 1.制定长远目标,明确每节课的学习任务。 根据不同学习阶段及自身能力确立一个“跳一跳才能够得着”的长远目标。 有了 目标就有了学习动力,有了责任感、紧迫感及努力方向。另外还要学会根据不同 课型 确定每节课的认知小目标,这样一开始上课,就会受到目标的激励,使大 脑处于兴奋状态,才能定向注意,专心致志地去主动学习,提高学习效率。 2.争取课内外各种机会多练习英语。 语言不是教会的,而是在使用中学会的。交际能力只能在交际中得到最有效的培 养。一个优秀的语言学习者应具有强烈的语言交际 ...