高三英语练习( 高三英语练习(四) 练习 一,从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出可填入空白处的最佳选项. , , , 四个选项中,选出可填入空白处的最佳选项.
  21. I'd like to invite you to dinner this weekend. . A. Oh, no, please don't B. I'd rather stay at home C. Oh, thanks. That'll be too much trouble D. I'm sorry, but I have other plans
  22. As an experienced doctor, he usually judges the patients' illness according to the and gives them some medicines. A. signs B. symptoms C. signals D. marks
  23. more about university courses, call (9
  20) 746-37
  89. A. To find out B. Finding out C. Find out D. Having found out
  24. We really hate if you treat your roommates so rudely. A. that B. this C. it D. which
  25. While the weather is fine, I must the house repairs. A. get down to B. stick to C. get used to D. look forward to
  26. The most important thing to in mind when dealing with an emergency is to stay . A remain ; calmly B. make ; calm C. keep ; silent D .keep ; calm
  27. how to express the idea in English ,he turned to the dictionary. A .Does not know B. Not knowing C. Knowing not D .Not to know
  28. I strongly suggest that the information in my report to Mr. Brown without delay. A. to be referred to; to be e-mailed B. referring to; e-mail C. referred to; be e-mailed D. being referred to; being e-mailed
  29. Don't mention that at the beginning of the story, or it may the shocking ending. A. give out B. give away C. give up D. give off
  30. Where is Lucy? I can't say for sure where she is, but she be out shopping. A. can B. should C. must D. may
  31. She reads newspapers every day to keep herself about what's going on in the world. A. inform B. informing C. informed D. being informed
  32. -Miss Jones once music at Bardon School for ten years and now is an actress. -No wonder I often hear her sing in the garden. A. had taught B. taught C. is teaching D. has been teaching
  33. you've tried it, you can't imagine how pleasant it is . A. Unless B. Because C. Although D. When
  34. Not only a promise, but also it. A. did he make; he kept B. he made; he kept C. does he make; does he keep D. he has made; has he kept
  35. The workers are still going through with their railway project, the expenses have risen. C. even though D. as though A. as long as B. now that 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意, 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36?55 各题所给的 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选 , , , 四个选项中
出最佳选项. 出最佳选项. Just recently I was invited to attend a function (盛大集会) to celebrate the 25th anniversary of a business owned by a very good and special friend. and have had the chance to provide my I first met him when he started his 36 37 to him over those 25 years, and in between I have stayed in touch with him 38 . The day of the celebration arrived, 39 , due to a business appointment running over time, I was going to be late, so I 40 to let him know. I arrived 20 minutes after the and my good friend came to the 42 to welcome and greet me, function had 41 43 that he was delighted to see me and had __ 44 starting the official part of the celebration, knowing that I was on my way. I'm sure you would 45 the same feeling as I did at that time, that there is 46 better for your spirits than to be welcomed and acknowledged in such a way. 47 he had always done in all my dealing with him over those 25 years, he made me feel a very 48 and important person. As I 49 the other guests I could feel a wonderful 50 of friendship, warmth and happiness in the room, as they chatted away. 51 , I had very little time to speak to more than a couple of people before the official part started. In his 52 , he welcomed all the guests 53 his family, and then individually what you do hear is all about what the thanked the people gathered in the room. But 54 company has achieved over the years. During his thank-you speech, he referred to a quote which 55 his overall approach towards both his business and personal life: "Always dance with the person you took to the dance." C. business D. work
  36. A. occupation B. profession
  37. A. celebration B. appointment C. money D. services
  38. A. regularly B. rarely C. hardly D. daily B. therefore C. otherwise D. instead
  39. A. however
  40. A. wrote B. stopped C. phoned D. hurried
  41. A. been postponed B. started C. been canceled D. ended
  42. A. meeting B. function C. station D. reception
  43. A. determining B. acknowledging C. complaining D. regretting C. held off D. given up
  44. A. set about B. gone on
  45. A. accept B. spare C. share D. offer B. anything C. everything D. something
  46. A. nothing
  47. A. So B. As C. But D. For
  48. A. common B. lucky C. funny D. special
  49. A. joined B. left C. mentioned D. watched
  50. A. view B. memory C. experience D. sense
  51. A. Surprisingly B. Hopefully C. Sadly D. Fortunately
  52. A. lecture B. discussion C. performance D. speech
  53. A. instead of B. on behalf of C. in addition to D. apart from
  54. A. particularly B. uniquely C. strangely D. normally
  55. A. reflected B. explained C. instructed D. encouraged 趣味阅读: 趣味阅读:
Witches Upset by Broomstick Style 骑扫把的正确方法 Hollywood studio Warner Bros* has had a spell cast on it for showing apprentice wizard Harry Potter riding his broomstick with the brush part at the back. Kevin Carlyon, a high priest of British White Witches, said broomsticks should be ridden the other way round, and has wished for the film to do badly at the box office until the studio admits it got it wrong. Warner Bros claims the film is an accurate portrayal of things that happen in witchcraft, yet woodcuts from the 16th and 17th centuries show broomsticks being ridden with the brush part in the front,* said Carlyon, It's a common mistake -even the sixties TV series Bewitched* showed broomsticks being ridden backwards, but this is not correct,* he said. Carlyon knows first hand the proper way to ride a broomstick -he said he had three, though all were grounded at the moment. The CAA (Britain's Civil Aviation Authority) won't give me permission to fly,* he said. *Bros:brothers 的略写. 由于把魔法学生哈里波特骑扫把的方式拍成是帚头朝后,好莱坞电影制片公司华纳兄弟公 司受到了诅咒.英国白巫会的高级牧师凯文卡尔扬宣称扫把应该反过来骑,并诅咒这部电 影票房惨淡, 直至该公司承认错误. "华纳公司声称这部影片精确描绘了魔法世界里的事物, 可是 16 及 17 世纪的木版画显示骑扫把的方式是帚头朝前."卡尔扬说,"这是一个常见错误 --在 60 年代的电视系列剧《着魔》中帚头也是朝后的,不过这并不正确."卡尔扬有关于骑 扫把的正确方式的亲身体验--据他说他有 3 把扫把, 尽管它们此刻都在地上呆着. 他说: "CAA (英国民航管理局)不会允许我(骑扫把)飞行."



   高三英语翻译阶段练习 国庆作业) 高三英语翻译阶段练习 1(国庆作业) 阶段 1. 经常有人指责电视节目里广告太多。(be accused ) 2. 你已经习惯熬夜到很晚了吗?(accustomed) 3. 应该鼓励老年人积极参加各种社区活动。(encourage) 4. 必须注意确保灾区的食品安全。(Attention) 5. 国庆节上午,那座古塔不对外开放。(accessible) 6. 公司里只有经理才有权查看那些秘密文件。(access) 7. 音乐会的票既可以在预售处购买,也可以从 ...


   高三英语练习每天的“六个一” 高三英语练习每天的“六个一” (2010-08-16 00:10:09) 进入高三复习后,英语的复习必须全方位进行,在听说读写四个方面全面落实,如果能 够做到每天“六个一”,对综合能力的提升是大有帮助的。 1.每天坚持听一套完整的听力材料。听力材料可以一物多用,一是用作听力练习,二是用作 朗读材料,三是可以用作口语练习材料。 2.每天坚持读一篇阅读材料。阅读的材料要考虑不同的文体和不同的话题,既可以精读,也 可以是泛读。一是获取信息,二是培养阅读技能,三是扩大词 ...


   初三英语练习册答案 初三英语练习册答案 最牛英语口语学习法:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 最牛英语口语学习法:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 太平洋在线英语,可免费体验全部外教一对一课程: 太平洋在线英语,可免费体验全部外教一对一课程:www.pacificenglish.cn 百题单项填空 1. After he gave a report about the school, Mr White the visitors around it. A. we ...


   练习篇 第一部: 第一部:疯狂精神篇 Chapter 1: Crazy Spirit 李阳与你一起操练,共创辉煌! 李阳与你一起操练,共创辉煌! 喊掉羞怯!喊掉自卑!喊掉沉闷!喊掉懒惰! 喊掉羞怯!喊掉自卑!喊掉沉闷!喊掉懒惰! [李阳疯狂英语战友口令]这段话是全国李阳疯狂英语学习者必背经典 是我们的 成功暗号!一见面就脱口而出! 我不能忍受我的破烂英语! 我不能忍受我十年来虚度的光阴! 我不能忍受被别人看扁! 我不能忍受被别人嘲笑! 我要改善我的处境! 我要改变我的生活! 我要成为成功人士 ...


   六年级英语抽查试卷 听力部分:40% 笔试部分:60% 一、找出一个划线部分发音与其他三个不同的单词:6%(不做) ( ) 1. A. clock B. fox C. home D. dog ( ) 2. A. excuse B. blue C. pupil D. use ( ) 3. A. cake B. have C. name D. day ( ) 4. A. she B. speak C. lesson D. three ( ) 5. A. nice B. give C. time ...


   小学升初中英语专题训练题: 小学升初中英语专题训练题:代词 一,写出下列所给的形容词性物主代词的名词性物主的代词. 1. my 2. your 3. our 4. her 5. their 6. his 7. its 二,写出下列人称代词的宾格形式. 1. I . 2. she 3. he 4. you 5. we 6. they 7. it 三,用 some 和 any 填空. 1.Is there water in the cup? Yes, there is water in the ...


   UNIT1 beard n.(下巴上的)胡须;络腮胡子 cheetah n.猎豹 sailfish n.旗鱼;姥鲛 voyager n.航行者;航海者;航天者 tight adj.紧的;难解开的;紧密的 tightrope n.绷紧的绳索或钢丝 gorge n.峡谷 edition n.版本;版次 moustache n.髭;八字须;小胡子 Urumqi n.乌鲁本齐 brewery n.啤酒厂 conclude vt.结束时说;(经推理)相信;达成 vi结束 hire vt.雇佣;租用 se ...


   高三 UNIT1 beard n.(下巴上的)胡须;络腮胡子 cheetah n.猎豹 sailfish n.旗鱼;姥鲛 voyager n.航行者;航海者;航天者 tight adj.紧的;难解开的;紧密的 tightrope n.绷紧的绳索或钢丝 gorge n.峡谷 edition n.版本;版次 moustache n.髭;八字须;小胡子 Urumqi n.乌鲁本齐 brewery n.啤酒厂 conclude vt.结束时说; (经推理)相信;达成 vi 结束 hire vt.雇佣 ...


   高三英语单词 Unit1 beard n.(下巴上的)胡须;络腮胡子 cheetah n.猎豹 sailfish n.旗鱼;姥鲛 voyager n.航行者;航海者;航天者 tight adj.紧的;难解开的;紧密的 tightrope n.绷紧的绳索或钢丝 gorge n.峡谷 edition n.版本;版次 moustache n.髭;八字须;小胡子 Urumqi n.乌鲁本齐 brewery n.啤酒厂 conclude vt.结束时说;(经推理)相信;达成 vi ...


   新赢教育网 www.yingedu.com 新的方法, 新的方法,赢得漂亮 高考英语作文各档次的给分范围和要求: 第五档(很好);(21-25 分) 1. 完全完成了试题规定的任务。 2. 覆盖所有内容要点。 3. 应用了较多的语法结构和词汇。 4. 语法结构或词汇方面有些许错误,但为尽力使用较复杂结构或较高级词汇所致;具备较 强的语言运用能力。 5. 有效地使用了语句间的连接成分,使全文结构紧凑。 6. 完全达到了预期的写作目的。 第四档(好):(16-20 分) 1. 完全完成了试题规定 ...



   教育类学术期刊社: 《考试周刊》杂志社 http://www.kszk.com.cn/ 成都市二 00 七年高中阶段教育学校统一招生考试试卷 (含成都市初三毕业会考) 英 语 全卷分 A 卷和 B 卷,A 卷含听力测试。A 卷满分 100 分,B 卷满分 50 分。考 试时间 120 分钟。A 卷分 A 卷 I 和 A 卷 II,A 卷 I 为选择题,A 卷 II 为其他类型 的题。A 卷 I 答案务必填在答题卡上;A 卷 II 及 B 卷答案务必全部写在试卷上。 请注意答题卡的横竖格式。 ...


   大学英语四级听力60个习语详解 1、across 表方位。   Let’s go to the restaurant across the street and get something to eat.   让我们去街对面的餐馆买些吃的。   2、表动作,穿越。   You must go across the bridge and then turn right.   你必须先过桥,然后再往右拐。   2、age   1、年龄。最一般的表达。在此不赘述。   2、衰老。   the ...


   2009 年英语四级听力复合式听写攻略 1. 提前熟悉内容,了解文章大意,为捕捉正确信息提供足够线索。 为了提高复合式听写的答题准确率, 在四级考试的备考阶段, 考生就应对复合式听写的 考试指令部分(directions)非常熟悉,这样在考试时考生就可以利用播放考场指令的时间提前 熟悉文章内容, 尽可能全面地掌握有关文章大意的信息, 并根据空格的位置和上下文信息推 断第一部分所缺单词的词性和可能的内容以及第二部分横线上所缺的内容。 此外, 复合式听 写的文章多为说明文,第一句话往往是文章的主 ...


   1. 学校场景的背景基本知识 学生场景 freshman 大一学生 sophomore 大学二年级生, 有二年经验的 junior student 大三学生 senior student 大四学生,高年级学生 undergraduate student 本科生 graduate student / postgraduate student 研究生 master's degree 硕士学位 bachelor's degree 学士学位 doctor student / doctor candi ...


   09 年初四英语口语考试试题 试题一 一、朗读下列单词 afternoon cheap sunglasses purple January 二、请正确朗读下列句子,注意句子语调、重音与连读。 1. ?How much is this pair of socks? ?30 yuan. 2. ?Do you have an English Contest at your school? ?Yes, we have the English Contest every year. 三、请用正确的语音 ...