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Unit 1
I. 单元教学目标 技能目标Goals 技能目标 ▲0 Talk about records, adventures and hobbies ▲1 Practise measuring and comparing ▲2 Review the subject ▲3 Fill in a form II. 目标语言 .
  1. Talk about records, adventures and hobbies
  2. Practise measuring and comparing Typical measurements (m=meters cm=centimeters h=hours) Height of people
That must be a record!
功 能 句 式
(When referring to people, “tall” is used, not “high”, and measurements are given in feet and inches (but not yards) or meters and centimeters. She is about 5ft 6 in tall. The world’s tallest man is
  2.55m. Speed A speed limit of 30 mph Sound travels 186,300 miles in a second. Measurement of Temperature The normal temperature of the human body is 37°C. The lowest temperature ever recorded on earth is-
  89.2°C. Crossed the Three Gorge on a high wire, 646 meters long, 402 meters high, time 13 minutes 48 seconds. Walked across Mt Heng, 1,399 meters long, 436 meters high, time 52 minutes 13 second At Tiankeng, walked 687 meters, about 662 meters above the ground
  1. 四会词汇 beard, voyager, tight, tightrope, edition, moustache, brewery, conclude, hire, length, athletic, fade, account, attempt, suitable, inspect, confirm, certificate, gradual, blank, enthusiastic, bid, decade, committee, fascinate, burst, underline, globe, bush, skilful,
词 汇
administration, permission, schoolmate, grandparent, recently, familiar, helmet, truly, delight, delighted, energetic, cautious, outgoing, register
  2. 认读词汇 cheetah, sailfish, gorge, Urumqi, feat, hectare, Lance Armstrong, Juan Antonio Samarranch, spaceman, ramp, skateboarder, skateboard, capture, factor, teenage, skim
  3. 词组 set down, in a row, in the first place, apply for, burst into sth, center on/ 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚。www.ks5u.com 1
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upon, concentrate on
  4. . 重点词汇 set down, attempt, suitable, apply for, inspect, confirm, enthusiastic, bid, fascinate, burst into sth. underline, center on/ upon, concentrate on, delight, delighted, cautious, outgoing, register
Review the Subject
  1. Instead, the editors of the book set down the records and keep track of them in
重 点 句 子
other ways.
  2. Impressive as the record is, it fades next to the story of Armstrong’s struggle against disease.
  3. These new sports are called “extreme sports” and all center on the “X-factors”--the pure joy of doing something that you did not think you could do and overcoming your fears. III. 教材分析与教材重组 .
  1. 教材分析 通过学习《吉尼斯世界纪录大全》的介绍,同学们可以了解到该书集知识性与趣味性于
一体,是一本非常畅销的书。该书内容广泛,涉及政治、经济、艺术、体育、自然等各个方 面,可以说包罗万象,休闲时光,轻松阅读,不但放松了心情,还增长了很多知识。虽然大 部分纪录对普通人来说都高不可攀,不过也有一些纪录是普通人创造的,因为吉尼斯是“普 通人的奥运会”,要入选吉尼斯世界纪录关键是要有创意,以此鼓励学生的创新精神,培养他 们的创新意识。没准哪天学生中有人也创个吉尼斯世界纪录,为国争光。
  1.1 WARMING UP 通过一些有趣的吉尼斯世界纪录测试题,让同学们了解计量单位 名称与数字的用法,激发学生对此书的兴趣。
  1.2 LISTENING是对人和动物的高度、体重和速度的比较和描述。
  1.3 SPEAKING是一个任务型教学活动。 采访新疆达瓦孜艺术的第六代传人Adili 阿
  1.4 PRE-READING是快速阅读训练。要求学生掌握一定的快速阅读技巧,准确找出
  1.5 READING是关于《吉尼斯世界纪录大全》的介绍。文中介绍了第一本吉尼斯大全 问世的过程, 世界纪录涉及的内容, 人们为什么对世界纪录感兴趣以及什么样的记录才能被
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  1.6 POST-READING第一个题是5个问答题,目的是训练学生的事实核对能力;第二
题是把6个句子同文章进行匹配,考查学生的英语思维能力;第三题要求学生写出申请吉尼 斯纪录的正确步骤,考查学生的阅读理解及记忆能力。
  1.7 LANGUAGE STUDY 分词汇和语法两部分。其中,Word study 是一个英语释义
练习,旨在培养学生的英语思维能力,有助于养成英语思维的习惯。Grammar介绍句法知识 ??句子的主语。帮助同学们了解哪些结构可以做句子的主语。
  1.8 INTEGRATING SKILLS中的Reading介绍了极限运动,极限运动可以锻炼人的毅
力和胆识,帮助人类不断挑战自我,挑战极限,体会生活乐趣。 WRITING部分要求学生完成吉尼斯纪录申请表。
  1.9 TIPS 介绍了怎样提高学习效率。
  2. 教材重组
  2.1 将WARMING UP、LISTENING与SPEAKING整合在一起,通过谈论世界纪录,练 习计量单位名称与数字的表达方法,上一节“听力口语课”。
  2.3 将INTEGRATING SKILLS 设计为一节“泛读课(一)”。
  2.4 把WORKBOOK中的听力作为导入,复习申报吉尼斯纪录的程序,然后填一份申报 吉尼斯纪录登记表。
  2.5 将GRAMMAR与WORKBOOK中的语法练习题整合在一起上一节“语法课”。
  2.6 将WORKBOOK 中的INTEGRATING SKILLS 设计为一节“泛读课(二)”
  3. 课型设计与课时分配(经教材分析,本单元可以用6课时教完) 课型设计与课时分配(经教材分析,本单元可以用6课时教完) 1st Period 2nd Period 3rd Period 4th Period 5th Period 6th Period IV. 分课时教案 The First Period Listening & Speaking Listening & Speaking Reading Integrating Skills (
  1) Writing Integrating Skills (II) Grammar
Teaching goals 教学目标 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚。www.ks5u.com 3
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  1. Target Language目标语言 目标语言 a. 重点词汇和短语 beard, voyager, tight, tightrope, edition, moustache b. 交际用语 Practise expressing measuring and comparing.
  2. Ability goals能力目标 能力目标 Enable students to talk about records, adventures and hobbies. Help them learn to express measuring and comparing.
  3. Learning ability goals学能目标 学能目标 Talk about records, adventures and hobbies. Practise expressing measuring and comparing. Learn to use some typical measurements. Teaching important points教学重点 教学重点 Talk about records, adventures and hobbies. Practise expressing measuring and comparing. Learn to use some typical measurements. Teaching difficult points 教学难点 How to use measurements correctly. Teaching methods 教学方法 Discussing (cooperative learning) Listening, speaking Teaching aids 教具准备 a tape recorder, a projector and a computer Teaching procedures & ways 过程与方式
Step I
Leading in
As most of the Senior Grade III students start school in August, the weather must be very hot. The teacher may start the class with the following question. “What is the highest temperature recorded this summer?” Then lead students to do the quiz about the amazing facts on Page
  1. T: Good morning/ afternoon, everyone! Ss: Good morning/ afternoon, Mr./ Ms… T: It is very hot, what is the temperature? 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚。www.ks5u.com 4
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S1: It is reported the highest temperature is 35°C T: Is it the hottest day recoded this summer? S2: I don’t think so. It was much hotter on July
  26. The temperature was 37°C on that day. T: Good. I’m very glad you are careful about this. But do you know the lowest temperature recorded on earth? (Show the questions on Page 1on the PowerPoint.) Please work in groups and try to find the amazing facts.
Step II Warming up Students will work in groups to decide the answers. Whether they can guess the answers or not is not important. The aim of this quiz is to stimulate their interest. Two minutes later show the answers on the PowerPoint. T: Ok. It doesn’t matter whether you guessed the answers or not. How do you find the questions? Ss: Very interesting. T: Do you know where to find the answers to such interesting questions? Ss: The Guinness Book of World Records. T: Yes, it is a book contains records of all kinds. After class please find more information in the book in the library. In this class we are going to practise measuring and comparing. First look at some typical measurements. Ok, please read after me. Show the following on the PowerPoint. (m=meters cm=centimeters h=hours)
Height of people (When referring to people, “tall” is used, not“ high”, and measurements are given in feet and inches (but not yards) or meters and centimeters. She is about 5ft 6 in tall. The world’s tallest man is
  2.55m. Speed A speed limit of 30 mph Sound travels 186,300 miles in a second
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Measurement of Temperature The normal temperature of the human body is 37°C The lowest temperature ever recorded on earth is-
Step III Listening In this procedure, students will hear someone talk about the size and the speed of humans and animals. The purpose of the exercise is to practise measuring and comparing. Before listening, students will discuss the three questions in groups. T: Are you familiar with the measurements? Ss: Yes. T: Ok. How tall are you. Wang Fei? S1: I’m 175cms. T: Then who is the tallest in your class? Ss: Li Lei and he is 184cms tall. T: Then we can say Li Lei is taller than Wang Fei. Do you know how tall Yao Ming is? S2: He is
  2.26cms. T: Then among the people we know Yao Ming is the tallest. OK, let’s come to the listening part. You are going to hear someone talk about the size and the speed of humans and animals. Before we listen to the tape, let’s look at the questions on Page
  2. Now work in groups and discuss the three questions. You are given five minutes. Five minutes later, check the answers with the whole class. Various answers may be given. T: Well done. That’s your opinion. Now let’s listen to the tape and hear what others say. Play the tape for students to finish the Listening Exercises 2-3 on Page
  2. Play the tape again when necessary. Then check the answers with the whole class.
Step IV
An interview of the record-breaking tight ropewalker Adili. While students present the interview, the teacher may show the photos to help the others to understand the interview better.
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T: Besides Yao Ming, we have another celebrity. Who is it? (Show the picture of Adili on the powerpiont) S1: Adili, a tight ropewalker. T: Who would like to say something about him? S2: He was born in Xinjiang in 19
  71. S3: He has a lovely daughter. S4: He is famous as the record -breaking tight ropewalker. S5: His name is in the Guinness Book. T: Now Adili is visiting our city and you are going to interview him for the school newspaper. Please don’t forget to refer to the information on Page
  3. Work in pairs and 5 minutes later I will ask some of you to act it out. A Sample of the interview. A: Adili B: A Journalist B: Adili, glad to meet you and welcome to our city!
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I’m a school journalist from No 1 Middle School. A: Thank you! B: The students in our school admire you very much. They are eager to learn something about you. May I ask you some questions? A: OK. Thank you and I am willing to be of some help. B: How many years has your family walking on the rope? A: My family has been walking on tightropes for 430 years! B: Wow, so many years! Could you say something about the 2002-year record? How many days did you stay on the high wire? A: In May 2002, I broke a world record by staying on a wire rope for 22 days and beat the 21-day Guinness world record. I walked on the rope up to five hours a day. I spent the rest of the time in a hut at the end of the rope. B: You are very great. I was told you broke some other Guinness world records. Could you say something about your ropewalk across the Three Gorges? How long was the wire? How high was the wire above the ground and how long did the walk take you? A: On June 22, 1997 I crossed the Three Gorges on a high wire, which was 646 meters long, 402 meters high and the walk took me 13 minutes 48 seconds. I broke the Guinness world record set by a Canadian. B. We are very proud of you. In October 2000 you broke another Guinness world record when you walked across Mt. Heng. How long was the wire? How high was the wire above the ground and how long did the walk take you? A: When I walked across Mt. Heng, I crossed a wire 1,399 meters long, 436 meters high and I spent 52 minutes 13 seconds o



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