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Unit 4
I 单元教学目标
Green World
技能目标 Skill Goals ▲0 Talk about botany ▲1 Speak about procedures ▲2 Write a description of plants
II 目标语言
Speak about procedures in agriculture and botanical science
  1. Can you tell something about…? What is it used for? Can you think of ways to…? What kind of … do you know? Which (flower) is your favorite? Why do people need to …? What problems did … have in common? Why was/is … important to …? Where do … come from?
功 能 句 式


  10. What could be a possible explanation for …?
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  1. procedure, rose, strawberry, lemon, bunch, growth, herb, identification, male, privilege, botanical, cosy, appetite, astronomy, expense, cocoa, enterprise, settlement, straw, pineapple, tone, reward, technician, appearance, output, millimeter, merely, classify, promote, appoint,

calculate, accumulate, abandon, nowhere, altogether, latter, distinguish
  2. tulip, peony, Carl Linnaeus, Daniel Solander, Joseph Banks, wealth, Oceania, Tahiti, Venus, hemp, involve, Kew, classification, Oxford, Charles Darwin, beagle, Galapagos, finch, beak, Gregor Mendel, Gote Turesson, dandelion

  3. look out for, on a large scale, year after year, pass away, name…after, in detail, have something done
  4. procedure, growth, merely, herb, classify, identification, male, promote, botanical, astronomy, on a large scale, accumulate, abandon, output, distinguish, appoint, calculate Review the object: what is used as the object; direct and indirect object
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  1. Attempts had been made by others to classify plant species into groups, but the breakthrough came with the work of Carl Linnaeus. P30
  2. In 1768, the Royal Navy appointed James Cook as the commander of the Endeavor
to take members of the Royal Society on an expedition to Tahiti. P31
  3. He also looked out for new economic species: plants that could be grown in
重 点 句 子
England or other parts of the world to produce cops that could be sold. P31
  4. Banks was the first to move crops from one continent to another on a large scale, P31
helping to develop local economies with these new imports.
Darwin’s observations on that voyage led him to write his famous book On the
Origin of Species. P34
  6. Back home, in England, Darwin realized that differences in habitat could lead to
different species in birds as well as in plants. P34
  7. As a result of Darwin and Mendel’s research, scientists of the nineteenth century
formed the belief that the influence of the environment was behind the development of new species. P35
  8. It would take a next generation of scientists to bring the importance of the P35
environment on species back in view.

  1. 教 Green World , 。
  1.1 WARMING UP 。
  1.3 SPEAKING 。 1 。 。 。 , , 教
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植物的种植、培育过程。第 2 个话题是第 1 个话题的延伸和拓展,学生通过讨论,可以了解 到更多的植物种植、培育过程,从而形成对部分植物特性的了解。第 3 个话题以生活中“送 花”为例,进一步训练学生对花卉养护知识的描述能力。
  1.4 PRE-READING 以图片形式呈现了四种植物果实形态。目的在于通过对这些植物果 实的感知,让学生进一步了解植物学相关知识(如植物产地、使用价值等) 。并由此引导出 READIGN 部分的中心人物。
  1.5 READING 介绍了植物学(正式成为一门科学)的历史形成过程。重点介绍了两个 为植物学发展做出过卓越贡献的重要人物林厄尼斯与班克斯。
  1.6 POST-READING 部分针对 READING 部分的相关内容设计了 5 个小练习。第 1 个 练习以选择填空的形式考查学生对课文细节内容的了解。 2-5 小题以问句形式进一步考查 第 学生对课文重点内容的了解。
  1.7 LANGUAGE STUDY 该部分包括 Word Study 和 Grammar 两个部分,各设置了 2-3 个小题。Word Study 分别以同义替换(词汇释义)和短文填空的形式对本单元部分重点词 汇进行训练;Grammar 部分主要就前面所学“宾语”这一句子成分进行巩固性练习。该部 分设置了三个小题:第 1 小题要求学生对所给句子中的“宾语”进行辨析,以进一步加深其 对该概念的理解; 2 小题着重对 have something done 这一句型结构进行训练; 3 小题以 第 第 改写句子的形式进一步训练“宾语”这一语法内容,特别是直、间接宾语的用法。
  1.8 INTEGRATING SKILLS 分 READIGN 和 WRITING 两个部分。 READING 部分介绍 了查尔斯?达尔文、格雷门?门德尔、约特?杜尔松三个在植物学发展史上作出过重大贡献的人 物。WRITING 部分以 dandelion 为例,要求学生通过对图片的描述了解“物种变异”方面 的知识。另外,课本还提供了可供写作时参考的段落提纲。
  1.9TIPS 部分是有关“科学观察”这一科学家所必备素质的论断或名言。
  1.10 CHECKPOINT 共两部分。第 1 部分重点对“宾语”这一语法内容进行回顾总结; 第 2 部分利用问句形式提出要求, 让学生归纳可用于描述农业和植物学研究过程中的 “步骤” 的词汇及表达。

  2.教材重组 .
  2.1 将 WARMING UP 部分与 SPEAKING 部分以及 WORKBOOK 中 TALKING 部分整 合在一起上一节“口语课” 。
  2.2 将 课 本 PRE-READING 部 分 、 READING 部 分 和 POST-READING 部 分 以 及 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚。www.ks5u.com 4
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WORKBOOK 中 GRAMMAR 部分第 1 题整合在一起上一节“精读课” 。
  2.3 将课本 LANGUAGE STUDY 部分与 WORKBOOK 中 PRACTICIGN 部分整合在一 起上一节“语言知识”课。
  2.3 将课本 LISTENING 部分和 WORKBOOK 中 LISTENING 部分整合在一起上一节 “听 力课” 。
  2.4 将 INTEGRATING SKILL 中 READING 部分与 WORKBOOK 中 READING 部分整 合在一起上一节“泛读课” 。
  2.5 将 INTEGRATING SKILL 之 WRITING 部分与 WORKBOOK 中 WRITING 部分整合 在一起上一节“写作课” 。

  3. 课型设计与课时分配 1st Period Speaking 2nd Period Reading 3rd Period Language Study 4th Period Listening
5th Period Extensive reading 6th Period Writing
IV. 分课时教案
The First Period
Teaching goals 教学目标

  1. Target language 目标语言 a. 重点词汇和短语 tulip, rose, peony, strawberry, bunch, b. 重点句子 Can you tell something about each flower? Where does it come from? 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚。www.ks5u.com 5
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What is it used for? Which flower is your favorite? Explain how to grow and take care of the soybean plant. Describe what to do and how to take care of the flowers you have been given.
  2. Ability goals 能力目标 Enable students to talk about “botany” (including the names, the properties, the usage of certain plants, how to grow and take care of them, etc) and to say something about it.
  3. Learning ability goals 学能目标 Learn how to describe plants (properties; places of birth; what they are used for; how to grow and take care of them, etc). Teaching important points 教学重点 Help students learn to describe plants and how to grow and take care of them. Teaching difficult points 教学难点 How to help students learn more about “botany”, and then give descriptions. Teaching methods 教学方法 Discussion Pairwork/ Groupwork Teaching aids 教具准备 Pictures, slides, a PC and a projector. Teaching procedures & ways 教学过程与方式
Step I Revision T: In the last unit, we’ve learned a lot about Australia. Now who’d like to make a general speech on the country? S: Let me try. Australia is the only country in the world which covers an entire continent. It is a wealthy country, which produces metals, precious stones, coal, grain, meat and wines, and has the biggest iron mines in the world. Australia has about one-sixth of the world’s sheep and produces almost one-third of its wool. The climate in Australia varies from north to south. T: Anything else? S: Modern Australia is made up of six states and two territories. The first Australians were 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚。www.ks5u.com 6
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the aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders. The two world wars had a strong influence on Australia. The official language is English, which are quite different from British and American English.
Step II Warming Up T: Good. You really did a great job. Do you know what is the national flower of Australia? S: Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha)(金合欢,又称相思树). Show the picture to students.
T: Very good. As shown in the picture, the species is certainly attractive with its showy, large, bright golden flower heads. Now look at the pictures on Page 28 in our textbooks. These are four flowers commonly seen in our daily life. First, match each flower with its correct name, please. T: There seems no difficulty for you to do this, right? OK, the answer is… S: ①-rose; ②-tulip; ③-peony; ④-sunflower T: Well done. Susan, what is your favorite? Why? S: I love sunflower best of all. There are, I think, three reasons,: first, I love eating the seeds of sunflowers, they are delicious; second, their stems can be used to build fences by farmers; third, sunflower oil is very popular in daily life. T: Great. Lily, can you tell us something about the other three flowers? S: OK. Tulips are native to Central and Western Asia, and parts of the Middle East, roughly in the region near Afghanistan. Tulips are mainly used for decoration. Tree peony, the Chinese National Flower, native to China, is called as the "King of flowers", which is widely used in Chinese medicine. Rose is native to Southwest Asia, and it is often used as present with the meaning of “love”. Also, rose flower is a kind of important Chinese medicine.
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T: Good. As we all know, flowers are only one of the most important parts of plants. Plants are very important to human beings. They provide us food, medicine, decoration, etc. Without them, our world would be dull, lifeless… And growing plants can be both fun and a useful experience. Do you have such experiences? Do you know how to grow certain plants? And how to take care of them? The pictures on Page 29 is an example of planting soybeans. Now everyone, look at the pictures first, then try to explain the stages of growing soybean and how to take of them by describing each picture, you may write down your ideas on the paper. Move around the class and check their work. Offer language help if needed.
Step III Speaking about procedures T: Kate, would you like to show us your ideas? S: Glad to. First, put some soft soil in the pot or box; second, put the seeds of soybeans on a wet cloth or put them in the water; then, put the seeds into the soil. After several days, the seeds come into bud and out of the soil. Later on, water them every two days till the green leaves grow. For this step, the teacher can (or ask the students to ) make a short film to present the stages of growing soybeans.
Step IV Discussion T: Well done, Kate. Soybeans are easy to grow. Now imagine you want to plant something else in your garden plot, work in groups and decide which plants, vegetables or flowers your group would grow, how to plant them, how to take care of them, when to harvest or pick them.
Step V Oral-presentation Ask several students to show their answers to the class. Sample answers: Carrots are loaded with vitamins, and are nutritious. On top of being good for you, carrots taste good, too. So our choice is carrot. (
  1) Before planting, work the soil deeply. (
  2) Sow them very thinly, about 1/4 inch deep. Cover them with a fine garden soil. Or sprinkle them on top of the soil, and lightly water them into the soil. 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚。www.ks5u.com 8
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  3) Keep carrots well weeded early in the season. They are easily overcrowded, with any competing weeds usually winning out. (
  4) Begin to harvest carrots as “baby” size, thinning the row as you harvest. Once you begin picking, you can harvest as needed.
Step VI Talking T: Really interesting. But how do the plants grow? Read the instruction on Page 170 in the WORKBOOK to the students, then ask the students to work in pairs to describe “the process of photosynthesis of plants” in their own language. A description of basic photosynthesis: Photosynthes is the process by which green plants and certain other organisms transform light energy into chemical energy. During photosynthesis in green plants, light energy is captured and used to convert wa


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