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Unit 6
I. 单元教学目标 技能目标 Skill Goals ▲ Talk about perseverance and success ▲ Practise talking about ability ▲ Review the Attribute ▲ Write a story
Going West
II. 目标语言 Expressing perseverance and success I believe in myself and know ... I am more of ...
功 能 句 式
I know exactly ... I stand for what I say ... I am honest with myself and ... I always finish what I have started. I am never disappointed for very long. I can quickly adapt myself to ... I am strong and ready for any challenge. I don’t lose heart when I fail to do something.
  1. 四会词汇 quit, circumstance, assessment, survival, biscuit, alcohol, goat, flour, nail, razor, bedding, beyond, frontier, salty, pond, burden, desperate, beast, accustomed, thirst,
词 汇
starvation, anxiety, shallow, legendary, tax, anniversary, granddaughter, flu, throat, catastrophe, relief, deliver, Arctic, tough, quilt, packet, ray, bark, sculpture, memorial, retell
  2. 认读词汇 perseverance, Robinson Crusoe, axe, the Rocky Mountains, wagon, Kansas, barren, patch, Anchorage, Nome, front-page, Curtis Welch, diphtheria, vaccine, Nenana, wrap, 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚。www.ks5u.com 1
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stake, at stake
  3. 词组 apply(...)to ..., add up, lose heart, take it easy, keep up, common sense, leave behind, lose one’s way, come to an end, go for
  4. 重点词汇 quit, apply(...)to ..., add up, circumstance, lose heart, assessment, take it easy, keep up, common sense, survival, leave behind, lose one’s way, come to an end, go for, burden, desperate, accustomed, starvation, anxiety, shallow, flu, relief, deliver, retell
重 点 句 子

  1. I was so weak and tired that I got onto my knees and started moving across the sands on all fours. P50

  2. When we saw the valley with fat cattle and horses, we thought we had reached the promised land. P50 P53

  3. If untreated, it would produce a powerful poison that would kill the patient.
  4. No pains, no gains! Don’t step away from challenges, but go for it. P54
III. 教材分析与教材重组

  1.教材分析 . 本单元以“西进运动”为话题,旨在通过单元教学,使学生了解美国的西进运动及其所 代表的美国人勇于开拓、不畏艰辛的西部精神。并能正确运用表示“不屈不挠”及“成功” 类的交际用语,学习相关语法,同时扩大知识视野。文章通过介绍西方的文化历史,激发学 生主动参与、主动探究的求知欲。
  1.1 WARMING UP 是一份自测的问卷。 通过自我打分,了解自我评估结果,引出本单 元主要谈论的话题?perseverance and success,为下一步听、说、读、写打下基础。
  1.2 LISTENING 部分提供一种情景??荒岛求生,其练习的设计体现了听力过程中对要 点与细节的理解。通过听前回答问题,帮助学生提高分析总结听力内容的能力。
  1.3 SPEAKING 部分要求通过想象与鲁滨逊? 克鲁索遭遇相同的事件,并就如何在荒岛上 通过所提供的有限资源自救进行表达,从中培养学生想象的能力。
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  1.4 PRE-READING 是 READING 的热身活动。要求学生采用讨论交流的方式,了解美国 的历史,激发他们对阅读主题文章的欲望。
  1.5 READING 一文采用叙事的写作手法,介绍了作者一家迁移过程中所遭受的种种艰 辛,进而阐明要想成功就需要“不屈不挠”的精神。主题鲜明,容易引起学生的阅读兴趣和 共鸣。
  1.6 POST-READING 从回答问题、概括提炼中心思想和小组讨论三个方面逐步推进,激 发学生的求知欲,并充分利用学生已有的知识达到运用英语进行交际的能力。
  1.7 LANGUAGE STUDY 分词汇和语法两部分。词汇学习分三个部分,练习一是训练学 生对单词的理解和用英语解释英语的能力。 练习二和练习三训练学生对一些重点单词和短语 的理解。语法学习是复习定语,通过判断和填空加以巩固。
  1.8 INTEGRATING SKILLS 中的 Reading 和 Writing 是一个整体训练材料。 Reading 是关 于安克雷奇?诺姆狗拉雪橇的由来,从而延伸了主课文的中心。Writing 要求根据图片重写 这篇文章, 使学生再度加深对文章内容的理解, 锻炼学生捕捉信息的能力, 并提高写作能力。

  2.教材重组 .
  2.1 从话题内容上分析, WARMING UP 与 SPEAKING 相一致;而从训练目的上分析 与 Talking 比较一致。所以可将 WARMING UP, SPEAKING 和 Workbook 中的 Talking 整 合在一起,设计成一节“口语课” 。
  2.2 将 LISTENING 和 Workbook 中的 Listening 整合在一起,设计成一节“听力课” 。
  2.3 将 PRE-READING,READING 和 POST-READING 三个活动整合一起,上一节“阅 读课” 。
  2.4 将 INTEGRATING SKILLS 中的 Reading 和 Workbook 中的 Integrating Skills 中的 Reading 整合在一起上一节“泛读课” 。
  2.5 将 LANGUAGE STUDY 与 Workbook 中的 Practising 语法练习题整合在一起上一节 “语法课” 。
  2.6 将 INTEGRATING SKILLS 的 Writing 和 Workbook 中 Integrating Skills 的 Writing 整 合成一节“写作课” 。

  3. 课型设计与课时分配(经教材分析,根据学情,本单元可以用六课时完成) 课型设计与课时分配(经教材分析,根据学情,本单元可以用六课时完成) 1st Period Speaking 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚。www.ks5u.com 3
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2nd Period 3rd Period 4th Period 5th Period 6th Period Listening Reading Language Study Extensive Reading Writing
Ⅳ. 分课时教案 分课时教案 The First Period Speaking
Teaching goals 教学目标

  1. Target language 目标语言 a. 重点词汇和短语 quit, apply(...)to ..., add up, circumstance, lose heart, assessment, take it easy, common sense, survival, biscuit, alcohol, goat, flour, nail, razor, bedding b. 重点句子 I believe in myself and know I can achieve my goals. I am more of a leader than a follower. I know exactly what I want in my life. I stand for what I say, and always act according to my beliefs. I am honest with myself and know my weaknesses. I always finish what I have started. I am never disappointed for very long. I can quickly adapt myself to new circumstances. I am strong and ready for any challenge. I don’t lose heart when I fail to do something.
  2. Ability goals 能力目标 Enable the students to talk about perseverance and success with the target language.
  3. Learning ability goals 学能目标 Through oral practice, enable the students to learn how to talk about perseverance and 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚。www.ks5u.com 4
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success. Teaching important points 教学重点 Learn how to survive on a desert island with limited food, tools and materials. Teaching difficult points 教学难点 Help students learn how to overcome all sorts of difficulties in order to survive. Teaching methods 教学方法
  1. Talking;
  2. Discussing;
  3. Students-centered approach. Teaching aids 教具准备 A computer and a projector. Teaching procedures && ways 教学过程与方式
Step Ⅰ Revision T: Good morning / afternoon, boys and girls! Let’s check the assignment for last unit. First, let’s have a dictation. ... Step Ⅱ Lead-in and Warming up
T: Boys and girls! Look at the two pictures. Do you know who he is? Ss: No. T: He is Lance Armstrong. I’ll tell you a story about him. When Lance Armstrong zipped past this field of sunflowers during the Tour de France, the 27-year-old cyclist already had reason to celebrate. In 1997, doctors diagnosed the Austin, Texas, native with testicular cancer, which had spread to his abdomen, lungs and brain. Armstrong was given only a fifty-fifty chance of survival. He fought those odds with a risky cancer treatment and 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚。www.ks5u.com 5
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continued to train between chemotherapy sessions. Armstrong not only beat the cancer, but when he zoomed across the finishing line in Paris on July 25, 2000, out-pacing his closest competitor by seven minutes and 37 seconds, he became only the second American to win cycling’s premier event. T: What makes him beat the cancer and succeed? I’ll give you two minutes to discuss with your partners. Two minutes later. T: What’s your answer? SA: Perseverance. T: Good. What kind of person do you think can succeed? SB: No matter what difficulty he comes into, he always believes that he will succeed and never gives up his goals. T: Do you know what kind of person you are? Let’s do the quiz below on P
  46. Read the instruction and then add up your score. After students finish the quiz. T: OK, now you may make a self-assessment according to the results on P
  47. You will know about yourself.
Step Ⅲ Speaking T: Have you read the book “Robinson Crusoe”? Who wrote “Robinson Crusoe”? SC: Yes, I have. Daniel Defoe wrote the book “Robinson Crusoe”. T: Could you tell us the general idea of this book? SC: Yes. The story starts with Robinson Crusoe’s running away from home. An inexperienced teenager and a young man full of bright fancies about the future, he naturally chooses to go to sea, because in those days it meant a chance to live a chivalrous life, to see the wonders of the world and to make a fortune. After many setbacks and adventures on the sea, he settles down in Brazil as a planter. But the call of the sea is so strong that he soon embarks on another voyage, this time, to Africa. Unfortunately a big storm blows the boat off its course and shipwrecks it near an island. Of all the ship’s crew Robinson alone escapes to the shore after strenuous efforts. After salvaging from the wrecked ship some stores of necessity such as bread, rice, barley, corns, planks, 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚。www.ks5u.com 6
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lead, gunpowder, an axe and two saws, which he later manages to bring to the island with a self-made raft. After several futile attempts to leave the island, Robinson settles himself down to a hard and lonely life. He grows crops, domesticates animals and builds comfortable homes for himself. His life turns better when he saves a young Negro from the hands of savages, whom he names Friday. Robinson teaches him English and educates him in such a way that Friday soon becomes a loyal servant and an indispensable help to him. He struggles to live for 27 years there and finally gets relieved and returns to England. T: You’ve done a good job. Do you understand what he said? Ss: Yes. T: Robinson managed to survive on the island for more than 27 years. Suppose you were cast away on a desert island in the Pacific Ocean, what would you do to survive? Turn to P48, read through the part of Speaking and discuss with your partners. I’ll give you ten minutes to prepare it. After ten minutes. T: Have you finished? That must be an unusual experience. What can you do there? Can you make other tools based on the tools and materials you have? What can you make? What spirit you think you should have to overcome all sorts of difficulties? Volunteer?
SD: If I were cast away on a desert island in the Pacific Ocean like Robinson Crusoe, I would not know what to do but feeling sad, sullen, and lonely. Living in a desert, I would miss my parents and friends. But soon I would cheer up and do something to make myself happy. Though I couldn’t make a tool, I could make full use of the things I had. I could not only use axe to chop wood but also go hunting with gun. Wood would be used to warm myself and cook food. The important thing is that I believe as long as I am alive, I’ll have a chance to go back home. I think strong will and never-give-it-up spirit make me overcome all sorts of difficulties. SE: I wouldn’t know what to do but crying and feeling lonely. I would feel sad for a long time because I would have to do everything myself. If my families lived with me in the island, I think it would be better than living in the city full of pollution. I would use ink and paper to practice painting day by day. If I could return my home, I wished I would become a famous painter. I think hope makes me overcome all sorts of difficulties. T: Good. We should be optimistic about difficulties and never give up. 欢迎广大教师踊跃来稿,稿酬丰厚。www.ks5u.com 7
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Step Ⅳ Talking (P1
  86) T: Everybody had a dream when he was a child. Could you tell me what your dream was? SA: I want to be a doctor. I think a doctor is a great person because he can save people’s lives. SB: I want to be a lawyer. They earn a lot of money, have a high social status and are respected by others. T: Good. Do you think it is easy to realize your dreams? What obstacles do you think will be on the way? Are you prepared for them? Think about it. Now turn to P186, I’ll give you ten minutes to finish two dialogues with your partners according to Talking and then some



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