2010 届高三英语上册综合测试题(二) 英 语
命题人:许晓玲 考试时间:20
第一部分:听力(共两节,满分 30 分) 第一节(共 5 小题;每小题
  1.5 分,满分
  7.5 分) 请听下面 5 段对话,选出最佳选项。
  1. Whom is the man speaking to? A. A conductor. B. A policewoman. C. A passenger.
  2. How many days will the woman be on travel? A.
  15. B.
  10. C.
  3. What is the man going to do? A. Do some shopping. B. Visit the museum. C. Buy some bags.
  4. Where is the party going to be held? A. At the woman’s. B. In the classroom. C. At Jack’s.
  5. What does the man think of the price the woman offers? A. It is the lowest price here. B. It is higher than that in the ad. C. It is quite reasonable. 第二节(共 15 小题;每小题
  1.5 分,满分
  22.5 分) 请听下面 5 段对话或独白,选出最佳选项。 请听第 6 段材料,回答第 6 至 8 题
  6. What are the speakers talking about? A. A flight timetable. B. The way to Union Street. C. Hiring a taxi.
  7. Where is the woman going on Saturday? A. To Garden Hotel. B. To the airport. C. To the taxi company.
  8. How much does the woman have to pay? A.
  60. B.
  16. C.
  20. 请听第 7 段材料,回答第 9 至 11 题。
  9. Where does the woman come from? A. Zhongshan Medical College. B. The Sixth Club. C. Beijing University.
  10. Why is the woman going to the meeting? A. The professor is her teacher. B. She is interested in the topic. C. The professor is from a famous university.
  11. When will the meeting possibly end according to the man? A. 12 o’clock at noon.
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B. At 2:20 pm. C. At 3:45 pm. 请听第 8 段材料,回答第 12 至 14 题。
  12. What does the man think of his roommate? A. Very friendly. B. Not honest. C. Taking advantage of him.
  13. What does the man expect his roommate to do? A. Treat him to a meal in the restaurant. B. Pay half the grocery bill. C. Have three meals a day with him.
  14. What should the man do according to the woman? A. Have a heart-to-heart talk with his roommate. B. Tell his roommate to move out. C. Let his roommate outstay his welcome. 请听第 9 段材料,回答第 15 至 17 题。
  15. Why does Josh Ryan speak to Professor Murphy? A. He wants to change classes. B. He wants additional reading on a topic. C. He has some problems with the readings.
  16. What does Professor Murphy teach? A. Writing. B. Politics. C. Classics.
  17. What can be inferred about Josh? A. He will major in philosophy. B. He will graduate in a few months. C. He enjoys Professor Murphy’s class. 请听第 10 段材料,回答第 18 至 20 题。
  18. What can you know from the text? A. Few people know about the importance of reading speed. B. People reading a book too rapidly can’t fully understand the important ideas. C. A slower reader can read the home town newspaper quickly only for fun.
  19. What should be read rapidly according to the speaker? A. All kinds of textbooks. B. Directions for planting a garden. C. Enjoyable novels.
  20. What is the key rule you should keep in mind about the speed of reading? A. Adapt your reading speed to your needs. B. Keep changing the speed of your reading. C. Read everything as rapidly as possible. 第二部分 词汇知识运用(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节 多项选择(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。
  21.As far as I knows,Robert has a lot of talent, but he won’t subjects. A.apply B.appeal C.provide D.offer
himself to any
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  22.The silent girl herself in the English Speech Competition ,which attracted the attention of the whole school. A.recovered B.distinguished C.compared
  23.Nowadays some young people ,who have been used to the to accept challenges and explore the unknown world. D.occupied life, wouldn′t like
A.frequent B.profitable C.cozy D.nutritional
  24.The salesman introduced the functions of the new product and patiently. A.in charge B.in place C.in vain D.in detail
  25.The cancer risks with smoking have been well documented. A.combined B.associated C.caused D.joined
  26.As the for unusual holiday destinations is growing ,the Amazon is the perfect place for many international travelers. A.reward B.wealth C.expense D.appetite
  27.Our body can′t handle too many different chemicals and will even mixing different types of alcohols. A.adapt,to
  28.No one could first. badly
B.react, to C.devote, to D.lead,to the failure of the experiment as everything went smoothly at B.account for
A.give an account for
C.take account of D.take into account
  29.He began to take science and technology when he was still in the middle school. A.seriously B.strictly C.attentively D.especially
  30.Just me . I want to stay by oneself for a while. A.leave, alone B.leave, out C.leave, behind D.leave, off 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题,每题
  1.5 分,共 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳 答案。 Longevity There are certain places in the world where people are believed to live much longer and remain more vigorous in old age than in most modern societies. Most of them are very 31 and mountainous regions. A study by Dr Alexander Leaf has clearly shown that people 32 to live longer in mountainous areas. 33 , the mountainous region of Georgia has over 5,000 people who are 100 years old or more. It has been 34 that these old people have ususlly been farmers or shepherds all their lives and, 35 , most of them have continued to work until the present day. It has been 36 to discover exactly what the reasons for their old age are, but it seems that one important factor is certainly 37 . Most of the old people have lived on very meagre diets, which 38 very little animal fat, since they were born. They live mostly on vegetables ? even the oil they use is apricot oil. Unfortunately, the 39 is not as easy as it seems. Another region which has a high percentage of old people relies heavily on milk and other 40 products for food. Most of the people tend to be fat and even regularly drink large 41 of alcohol. One thing all the old people have in common, 42 they come from, is that they have
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always worked hard, doing very 43 jobs, such as farming. Simply climbing up and down the mountains every day improves their 44 generally and their hearts in particular. A Russian man called Shirali Mislimov was still working on his farm when he died in 1973 ? he was 168! Another researcher found that marriage also seemed to 45 longevity. He found from studies of 15,000 persons older than 80 years of age that, with rare 46, only married people reached extreme old age. Many couples had been married at the age of 70 or 80 ? and even 100! Women who have had many children also seem to live longer. Nearly all of them 47 the improtance of being free to do the things they wanted to do and 48 having a peaceful state of mind ? free from worries and stress. Perhaps an Indian man of 105 49 explains the way to live a long life when he says: Live well, eat well, sleep well ? and be as far away as possible from the 50 .
  31. A. big B. modern C. remote D. near
  32. A. like B. tend C. prefer D. want
  33. A. However B. For example C. What’s more D. Generally
  34. A. believed B. considered C. found D. proved
  35. A. hopefully B. briefly C. expectably D. surprisingly
  36. A. amusing B. difficult C. easy D. astonishing
  37. A. drinks
  38. A. contain
  39. A. reply
  40. A. meat
  41. A. scales
  42. A. where
  43. A. mental
  44. A. strength emotion
  45. A. aim at
  46. A.
  47. A.
  48. A.
  49. A.
  50. A. expectations forced of best horse race B. nutrition B. give B. result B. vegetable B. qualities B. however B. spiritual B. fitness B. act on C. food D. exercise C. enclose D. hold C. answer D. solution C. fruit D. dairy C. numbers D. quantities C. whatever D. wherever C.physical D. psychological C. intelligence D. C. aid D. access D. exceptions D. pressed D. on D. last D. rat race
B. examinations C. explanations B. emphasized C. attached B. to C. about B. most C. first B. dog race C. boat race
第三部分 阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每篇短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。
Los Angeles: Love for Mom is a given, but buying flowers on her big day may not be. A slump in flower sales since late last year was likely to continue through Mother’s Day, another example of Americans cutting back on spending due to recession fears, which is a period of reduced trade and business activity, and increasing food and gasoline prices. “If you look at what has happened on Valentine’s Day and Christmas, the market for flowers has cooled,” said Eric Beder, an analyst at Brean Murray. “Growth has slowed in the past two quarters. Mother’s Day will probably be a slow quarter, too.”
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US floral sales for Mother’s Day, celebrated yesterday, will fall thirteen percent this year to $2 billion, with consumers spending an average of$
  17.65, according to the National Retail Federation estimates. Mother’s Day, which accounts for a one-quarter of annual holiday purchases, according to the Society of American Florists, is traditionally the day when floral bouquets are delivered to the doorsteps of many mothers. But this year, the shop-owners are concerned. Gabriel Soto, who owns a flower shop beneath an office high-rise in the Los Angeles financial district, is expecting lower sales--and has ordered 30 percent fewer flowers than normal this Mother’s Day. Last month, Soto, who also operates website downtown-flowers.net ,closed another store in a nearby building that was headquarters to a mortgage company. After workers lost their jobs due to the housing crisis, orders decreased.
  51. The underlined word “slump” in Para. 2 probably means . A. sharp increase in price B. great fear for losing jobs C. global worry of floral stores D. sudden fall by a large amount
  52. According to the author, Mother’s Day should be an occasion of . A. a large family get-together B. a big annual holiday purchase C. a great love showed to mothers D. a celebration among Americans
  53. This passage implies that Americans have . A. met financial problems recently B. no longer bought flowers for mothers C. delivered flowers to every house for mothers D. cut back on spending because of having lost jobs
  54. Which would be the best title for this passage? A. Hard time coming nearer B. Mother’s Day and crisis C. Sorry mom, love you but no flowers D. Holiday purchases have a hard time
Years ago, when I started looking for my first job, wise advisers urged, “Barbara, be enthusiastic! Enthusiasm will take you further than any amount of experience.” How right they were! Enthusiastic people can turn a boring drive into an adventure, extra work into opportunity and strangers into friends. “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm,” wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson. It is the paste that helps you hang in there when the going gets tough. It is the inner voice that whispers, “I can do it!” when others shout, “No, you can’t!” It took years and years for the early work of Barbara McClintock, a geneticist (遗传学家) who won the 1983 Nobel Prize in medicine, to be generally accepted. Yet she didn’t let up on her experiments. Work was such a deep pleasure for her that she never thought of stopping. We are all born with wide ? eyed, enthusiastic wonder and it is this childlike wonder that gives enthusiastic people such a youthful air, whatever their age. At 90,cellist Pablo Casals would start his day by playing Bach (巴赫). As the music flowed through his fingers, his
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bent shoulders would straighten and joy would reappear in his eyes. As author and poet Samuel once wrote, “Years wrinkle(使生皱纹) the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.” Enthusiastic people also love what they do, regardless of money, title or power. Patricia Mcllrath, retired director of the Missouri Repertory Theater in Kansas City, was once asked where she got her enthusiasm. She replied, “My father, a lawyer, long ago told me, I never made a penny until I stopped working for money.” If we cannot do what we love as a full-time career, we can do it as a hobby. Elizabeth Layton of Wellsville, Kan, was 68 before she began to draw. This activity ended her depression that had troubled her for at least 30 years, and the quality of her work led one critic to say, “I am persuaded to call Layton a genius.” We can’t afford to waste tears on “might-have-beens”. We need to turn the tears into sweat as we go after “what-can-be.” We need to live each moment whole-heartedly, with all our senses-finding pleasure in the sweet smell of a backyard garden, the simple picture of a six-year-old, and the beauty of a rainbow.
  55. Which of the following can best explain the underlined sentence in Paragraph



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