高 三 英 语 练 习 I. 单项选择
  1. We went right round to the west coast by sea instead of driving across continent. A.the; the B./; the C.the; / D./; /
  2. he couldn't understand was fewer and fewer students showed interest in his lesson. A.what, why B.That, what C.What, because D.Why, that
  3. Computers, have many uses, cannot completely take the place of humans. A.that B.though C.which D.as
  4. Encourage your children to try new things, but try not to them too hard. A. draw B. strike C. rush D. push
  5. One of the most important questions they had to consider was of public health. A. what B. this C. that D. which
  6. Everybody was touched words after they heard her moving story. A. beyond B. without C. of D. in
  7. How much she looked without her glasses! A. well B. good C. best D. better
  8. With Internet use in the world, companies like Yahoo and Google are hunting harder for deals. A.exploded B.having exploded C.being exploded D.exploding
  9. Don't forget the appointment with the principal at the registry office, you? A.don't B.will C.do D.shall
  10. At an Expo-themed forum in Shanghai's Yangpu District, Governments were also urged a good job in protecting local old buildings and culture while pursuing social and economic development. A.doing B.having done C.to be done D.to do
  11. What do you mean, there are only ten tickets? There be twelve. A. should B. would C. will D. shall
  12. I tried phoning her office, but I couldn't . A. get along B. get on C. get to D. get through
  13. Edward, you play so well. But I you played the piano. A. didn't know B. hadn't known C. don't know D. haven't known
  14. ?I'm sorry. I at you the other day. ?Forget it. I was a bit out of control myself. A.shouldn't shout B.shouldn't have shouted C.mustn't shout D.mustn't have shouted
  15. I keep my dictionary I can see it easily, as I may use it anytime. A.which B.what C.where D.when
  16. The job will be offered to is capable of performing it well. A.whomever B.whoever C.anyone D.no matter who
  17. Nancy enjoyed herself so much she visited her friends in Sydney last year. A.that B.which C.when D.where
  18. ?Who should be responsible for the accident? ?The boss, not the workers. They just carried out the order . A.as are told B.as told C.as telling D.as they told
  19. Although the small room is the large one, it is more beautifully decorated. A.one- third the size of B.the one- third size of C.the size of one-third D.one-third of the size
  20. There is no doubt . A.whether he will finish the work on time B.if he will finish the work on time. C.that he will finish the work on time. D.how he will finish the work on time. II. 完形填空 When I entered Berkeley, I hoped to earn a scholarship. Having been a Straight-A student, I believed I could __1__ tough subjects and really learn something. One such course was World Literature given by Professor Jayne. I was extremely interested in the ideas he __2__ in class.
When I took the first exam, I was __3__ to find a 77, C-plus, on my test paper, for English was my best subject. I went to Professor Jayne, who listened to my arguments but remained __4__. I decided to try harder, although I didn't know what that means __5__ school had always been easy for me. I read the books more carefully, but got another
  77. Again, I __6__ with Professor Jayne. Again, he listened __7__ but wouldn't change his mind. One more test before the final exam. One more __8__ to improve my grade. So I redoubled my efforts and, for the first time, learned the meaning of the word " 9 ". But my __10__ did no good and everything went as before. The last hurdle was the final. No matter what grade I got, it wouldn't cancel three C-pluses. I might as well kiss the __11__ goodbye. I stopped working hard. I felt I knew the course material as well as I ever would. The night before the final, I even __12__ myself to a movie. The next day I decided for once I'd have fun with a test. A week later, I was surprised to find I got an A. I hurried into Professor Jayne's office. He __13__ to be expecting me. "If I gave you the grade as you expected, you wouldn't continue to work as hard." I stared at him, __14__ that his analysis and strategy were correct. I had worked my head off, as I had never done before. I was __15__ when my course grade arrived: A-plus. It was the only A-plus given. The next year I received my scholarship. I've always remembered Professor Jayne's lesson: you alone must set your own standard of excellence.
  1.A.take B.discuss C.cover D.get
  2.A.sought B.presented C.exchanged D.obtained
  3.A.shocked B.worried C.scared D.anxious
  4.A.unchanged B.unpleasant C.unfriendly D.unmoved
  5.A.when B.because C.if D.though
  6.A.quarreled B.reasoned C.bargained D.chatted
  7.A.angrily B.patiently C.surprisedly D.naturally
  8.A.choice B.step C.chance D.measure
  9.A.tough B.difficult C.final D.thorough
  10.A.ambition B.confidence C.effort D.method
  11.A.scholarship B.course C.degree D.subject
  12.A.helped B.favored C.treated D.relaxed
  13.A.happened B.proved C.pretended D.seemed
  14.A.remembering B.guessing C.supposing D.realizing
  15.A.anxious B.touched C.speechless D.correct III. 阅读理解 A Being able to multitask doing several things at the same time is considered a welcome skill by most people. But if we consider the situation of the young people aged from eight to eighteen, we should think again. What we often see nowadays is that young people juggle an ever larger number of electronic devices(电 子产品) as they study. While working, they also surf on the Internet, send out emails, answer the telephone and listen to music on their iPods. In a sense, they are spending a significant amount of time in fruitless efforts as they multitask. Multitasking is even changing the relationship between family members. As young people give so much attention to their own worlds, they seem to have no time to spend with the other people around them. They can no longer greet family members when they enter the house, nor can they eat at the family table. Multitasking also affects young people's performance at university and in the workplace. When asked about their opinion of the effect of modem gadgets (器具) on their performance of tasks, many young people
gave a positive response. However, the response from the worlds of education and business was not quite as positive. Educators feel that multitasking by children has a serious effect on later development of study skills. They believe that many college students now need help to improve their study skills. Similarly, employers feel that young people entering the job market need to be taught all over again, as modem gadgets have made it unnecessary for them to learn special skills to do their work.
  1. What does the underlined word "juggle" in Paragraph 2 most probably mean? A. Want to buy B. Take the place of. C. Use at the same time D. Seek for information from.
  2. In Paragraph 3, the author points out that . A. family members do not eat at the family table B. family members do not greet each other C. young people live happily in their families D. young people seldom talk with their family members
  3. What is the main idea of the last paragraph? A. Multitasking is harmful to young people's development. B. Young people benefit a lot from modem gadgets. C. Multitasking is an important skill to young people. D. Young people must learn skills for future jobs.
  4. The author develops the passage mainly by . A. providing typical examples B. following the natural time order C. comparing opinions from different fields D. presenting a cause and analyzing its effects B In meditation(冥想) ,people sit quietly and focus their attention on their breath .As they breathe in and out, they attend to their feelings. As thoughts go through their minds, they let them go. Breathe. Let go. Breathe. Let go. According to a recent study at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, three months of training in this kind of meditation causes a market change in how the brain allocates attention. It appears that the ability to let go thoughts that come into mind frees the brain to attend to more rapidly changing things and events in the outside world.Expert mediators are better than other people at catching such fast-changing stimuli, like facial expressions. The study provides evidence for changes in the workings of the brain with mental training. People can learn and improve abilities of all sorts with practice, everything from driving to playing the piano. The study has shown that meditation is good for the brain. It appears to reduce pressure and promote a sense of well-being. In an experiment, 17 volunteers with no meditation experience in the experimental group spent three months meditating 10 to 12 hours a day .A control group also with no meditation experience meditated for 20 minutes a day over the same period.Both groups were then given the tests with two numbers in a group of letters. As both group looked for the numbers, their brain activity was recorded. Everyone could catch the first number. But the brain recordings showed that the less experienced mediators tended to grasp the first number and hang onto it, so they missed the second number. Those with more experience gave less attention to the first number .as if letting it go ,which led to an increased ability to grasp the second number ,This shows that attention can change with practice. Just ask Daniel Levison, who meditated for three months as part of the study." I am a much better listener," he said." I do not get lost in my own personal reaction to what people are saying."
  5.The underlined word "them" in Paragraph 1 refers to . A.thoughts B.minds C.people D.feelings
  6.In the experiment, volunteers doing meditation for longer hours . A.usually ignored the first number observed B.were used to memorizing numbers in groups C.were more likely to catch both of the numbers D.paid more attention to numbers than to letters
  7.What can be concluded from the passage? A.Meditation improves one's health. B.Mediators have a good sense of hearing. C.Brain activity can be recorded. D.Human attention can be trained.
C One morning a few years ago, Harvard President Neil Rudenstine overslept. For this busy man, it was-a sort of alarm: after years of non-stop hard work, he might wear himself out and die an early death. Only after a week's leave during which he read novels, listened to music and walked with his wife or a beach was Rudenstine able to return to work. In our modem life, we have lost the rhythm between action and rest. Amazingly, within this world there is a universal but silly saying: "I am so busy." We say this to one another as if our fireless efforts were a talent by nature and an ability to successfully deal with stress. The busier we are, the more important we seem to ourselves and, we imagine, to others. To be unavailable to our friends and family, and to be unable to find time to relax this has become the model of a successful life. Because we do not rest, we lose our way. We miss the guide telling us where to go, the food providing us with strength, the quiet giving us wisdom. How have we allowed this to happen? I believe it is this: we have forgotten the Sabbath, the day of the week for followers of some religions for rest and praying. It is a day when we are not supposed to work, a time when we devote ourselves to enjoying and celebrating what is beautiful. It is good time to bless our children and loved ones, give thanks, share meals, walk and sleep. It is a time for us to take a rest, to put our work aside, trusting that there are larger forces at work taking care of the world. Rest is a spiritual and biological need, however; in our strong ambition to be successful and care for our many responsibilities, we may feel terribly guilty when we take time to rest. The Sabbath gives us permission to stop work. In fact, "Remember the Sabbath" is more than simply permission to rest; it is a rule to obey and a principle to follow.
  8. The "alarm" in the first paragraph refers to . A. a signal of stress B. a warning of danger C. a sign of age D. a spread of disease
  9. According to Paragraph 4, a successful person is one who is believed to . A. be able to work without stress B. be more talented than other people C. be more important than anyone else D. be busy working without time to rest
  10. Some people feel guilty when taking time to rest because they . A. think that taking a rest means lacking ambitions B. fail to realize that rest is an essential part of life C. fail to realize that religions force them to rest D. think that taking a rest means being lazy IV. 书面表达 现在,有些学生认为和老师之间存在代沟,很难和老师沟通,你认为师生之间的关系该如何处理, 请谈谈你的看法. 请以"The New Relationship between Students and Teachers"为题,写一篇 150 字左右的文章. As children approach adulthood, school education has a great effect on the development of them and how to deal with the relationship between teachers and students is quite important. Generation gap is natural between parents and children. So it is with teachers and students. In fact, it can be narrowed through mutual understanding and r



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