高三英语限时练习一 完形填空(时间: 分钟) 完形填空(时间:10 分钟) The term home schooling means educating children at home or in places other than a normal setting such as a public or private school. There are many reasons why parents choose home schooling for their children. Some parents are __21__ with the quality of education in the public schools. Others do not want their children to have to worry about “peer pressure”, or social pres sure from friends. They say it may have a(n) __22__ effect on the child‘s studies. These parents __23__ this type of pressure will lead to bad behavior such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking drugs. Bullying(欺负) from other students is another concern. Still other parents choose this type of __24__ for religious reasons. Whatever the __25__ may be, it is evident that more and more children are being taken out of normal schools every year. __26__, many questions have emerged, encouraging the debate over ho me schooling against public schooling. What then is the future of education? Will this new model of schooling replace normal schools? Will computers and the Internet __27__ our classrooms and teachers? As the debate continues, so do the questions about what home schoolers are studying at home. How can parents ens ure that their children are prepared __28__ for college? How are home schoolers assessed to make sure they are getting the same educational standards that school students must have? Finally, there are questions regarding the children‘s emotional development. Are they too __29__ their fellow students? Are they __30__ the opportunity to get the social benefits of being in a large classroom of students? As with any debatable issue, the answers to these questions are neither simple nor one-sided.
  21. A. patient B. familiar C. pleased D. dissatisfied
  22. A. active B. contrary C. important D. negative
  23. A. care B. fear C. wish D. deny
  24. A. activity B. education C. behavior D. belief
  25. A. effects B. suggestions C. reasons D. pressures
  26. A. As a result B. On the whole C. After all D. On the contrary
  27. A. replace B. reserve C. represent D. release
  28. A. gracefully B. emotionally C. academically D. financially
  29. A. free from B. isolated from C. related to D. close to
  30. A. providing B. making C. taking D. losing 语法填空(时间: 分钟) 语法填空(时间:10 分钟) Carrying Faggots to Put Out a Fire In the last years of the Warring States period, the State of Qin attacked the State of Wei 31 a large scale repeatedly and occupied large areas of land. In 273 B.B., the Qin army launched another attack upon the State of Wei. The king of the State of Wei summoned 32officials,and asked with a 33 (worry) look if anyone could propose a way to defeat the Qin army. Most of the officials persuaded the king to sue for peace, at the cost of giving away to the State of Qin the large area of land. However, Su Dai, a counsellor, did not agree. "Once there was a man 34 house was on fire. People told him to put out the fire with water, but he would not listen. 35, he carried a faggot to put out the fire, only to make
the fire 36 (fierce). That was 37 he didn't know that,instead of putting out the fire, faggots could only make it burning more vigorously. Isn't it equal to 38 (carry) faggots to put out a fire if you agree to sue for peace at the cost of the land of the State of Wei?"Though Su Dai's argument was very convincing, the king accepted the 39 (suggest) of those officials and gave away to the State of Qin a large area of the land of the State of Wei. 40 might be expected, the Qin army attacked the State of Wei on a large scale in 225 B.C. The State of Wei was finally destroyed by the State of Qin. 积累短语:
  1. 大规模地
  2. 等同于做某事
  4. 正如所期盼的 阅读理解(时间: 分钟) 阅读理解(时间:20 分钟) A Many years ago my student asked me the question, "Mrs. Kindred, why do you teach?" Without taking time to reflect, I answered, "Because someday I might say something that might make a difference in someone's life." Even though I was sincere, that wasn't a very good answer and my student didn't let it slide. "Let me get this straight," he said, "You went to college for four years so you could come here every day because you have the hope that someday you might say something that will influence someone?" He shook his head as if I were crazy and walked away looking confused. I'm on e of those people who look back and wish they had said something smart or witty, or swift. Even though that particular student might no longer wonder why I teach, there are days when I wonder. On those days, I remind myself of the real reasons I teach: It's in my blood. My mother was my most influential teacher, and she was a 6th grade reading teacher until her death in 19
  90. She instilled(逐渐灌输) in me a love of reading and the knowledge that education opens doors. Teaching is a way to make a difference. If you throw a stone in a pond the ripples go on and on until they reach the shore. You can't have ripples without a "stone." Good teachers throw stones that make a positive difference, and that's what I strive to do. I genuinely lo ve teenagers. I want to share with others what I know and what I have learned through the years. Life is full of u ps and downs, and if I can help students avoid some potholes on the road of life, I want to do so. If they'll allow me to celebrate their victories with them, I want to do too. Teaching isn't for everyone, but I know I made the right career choice.
  41. Why did the student continue to ask the question about the writer’s being a teacher? A. Because he thought her answer was unbelievable. B. Because the writer was insincere. C. Because the student was naughty. D. B ecause the answer was difficult to understand.
  42. What do you think of the writer? A. Stupid. B. Honest. C. Conservative. D. Polite.
  43. According to the text, which of the following is NOT true? A. The writer’s mother has the greatest influence on her.
B. The writer’s answer made the student confused. C. In the writer’s opinion, some people in the world are unfit to teach. D. The writer annoyed the student who asked the question.
  44. We can infer from the text that . A. the writer was also a good teacher in school B. the writer often plays with her students beside a pond C. the writer devotes herself to teaching and her students D. the writer often accompanies the students on their way home
  45. What’s the main idea of the text? A. A student’s silly question. B. A good teacher who likes students. C. A confused student. D. The reason why I teach. B Among various programs, TV talk shows have covered every inch of space on daytime television. And anyone who watches them regularly knows that each one is different in style. But no two shows are more opposite in content, while at the same time standing out above the rest, than the Jerry Springer and Oprah Winfrey shows. Jerry Springer could easily be considered the king of "rubbish talk". The topics on his show are as surprising as can be. For example, the show takes the ever-common talk show titles of love, sex, cheating, and hate, to a different level. Clearly, the Jerry Springer show is about the dark side of society, yet people are willing to eat up the troubles of other people's lives. Like Jerry Springer, Oprah Winfrey takes the TV talk show to its top. But Oprah goes in the opposite direction. The show is mainly about the improvement of society and different quality of life. Contents are from teaching your children lessons, managing your work week, to getting to know your neighbors. Compared to Oprah, the Jerry Springer show looks like poisonous waste being poured into society. Jerry ends every show with a "final word". He makes a small speech about the entire idea of the show. Hopefully, this is the part where most people will learn something very valuable. Clean as it is, the Oprah show is not for everyone. The show's main audience are middle-class Americans. Most of the people have the time, money and ability to deal with life's tough problems. Jerry Springer, on the other hand, has more of a connection with the young adults of society. These are 18-to 21year-olds whose main troubles in life include love, relationship, sex, money and drug. They are the ones who see some value and lessons to be learned through the show's exploitation.
  46. Compared with other TV talk shows, both the Jerry Springer and the Oprah Winfrey shows are . A. more interesting B. unusually poplar C. more detailed D. more formal
  47. Though the social problems Jerry Springer talks about appear unpleasant, people who watch the shows . A. show disbelief in them B. are ready to face up to them C. remain cold to them D. are willing to get away from them
  48. Which of the following is likely to be a topic of the Oprah Winfrey show? A. A new type of robot. B. National hatred. C. Family income planning. D. Street accident.
  49. We can learn from the passage that the two talk shows .
A. have become the only ones of its kind B. exploit the weaknesses in human nature C. appear at different times of the day D. attract different people
  50. What is the advantage of the Jerry Springer show?[来源:学。科。网] A. Th e show exposes the dark sides of society. B. The show pours poisonous waste into society. C. Jerry sums up the whole idea of the show. D. Jerry talks abou the improvement of society. C Can people change their skin colour without suffering like pop king Michael Jackson? Perhaps yes. Scientists have found the gene that determines skin colour. The gene comes in two versions, one of which is found in 99 per cent of Europeans. The other is found in 93 to 100 per cent of Africans, researchers at Pennsylvania State University report in the latest issue of Science. Scientists have changed the colour of a dark-striped zebrafish to uniform gold by inserting a version of the pigment(色素) gene into a young fish. As with humans, zebrafish skin colour is determined by pigment cells, which contain melanosomes(黑色素). The number, size and darkness of melanosomes per pigment cell determines skin colour. It appears that, like the golden zebrafish, light-skinned Europeans also have a mutation(变异) in the gene for melanosome production. This results in less pigmented skin. However, Keith Cheng, leader of the research team, points out that the mutation is different in human and zebrafish genes. H umans acquired dark skin in Africa about
  1.5 million years ago to protect bodies from ultra-violet rays of the sun(太阳光紫外线), which can cause skin cancer. But when modern humans leave Africa to live in northern latitudes, they need more sunlight on their skin to produce vitamin D. So the related gene changes, according to Cheng. Asians have the same version of the gene as Africans, so they probably acquired their light skin through the action of some other gene that affects skin colour, said Cheng. The new discovery could lead to medical treatments for skin cancer. It also could lead to research into ways to change skin colour without damaging it like chemical treatment did on Michael Jackson.
  51. The passage mainly tells us that . A. people can not change their skin colour without any pain B. the new discovery could lead to search into ways to change skin colour safely C. pop king Michael Jackson often changed his skin colour as he liked D. scientists have found out that people’s skin colour is determined by the gene
  52. It can be inferred from the passage that . A. nowadays people who want to change their skin colour have to suffer a lot from the damage caused by the chemical treatment B. Europeans and Africans have the same gene C. the new discovery could help to find medical treatments for skin cancer D. there are two kinds of genes
  53. Scientists have done an experiment on a dark-striped zebra fish in order to . A. find the different genes of humans’ B. prove the humans’ skin colour is determined by the pigment gene
C. find out the reason why the Africans’ skin colour is dark D. find out the ways of changing peopl’s skin colour
  54. The reason why Europeans are light-skinned is probably that . A. they are born light-skinned people B. light-skinned Europeans have mutation in the gen for melanosome production C. they have fewer activities outside D. they pay much attention to protecting their skin
  55. The writer’s attitude towards the discovery is . A. neutral B. negative C. positive D. indifferent
参考答案 完形填空
  21-30 DDBBC AACBD 语法填空
  31. on
  36. fiercer

  32. his
  33. worried
  37. because
  38. carrying

  34. whose
  39. suggestion

  35. Instead
  40. As
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  42. B 推理判断题 根据第一段的最后一句和全文内容可以排除 A 项(愚蠢的)、 项(保守的) C 和 D 项(有礼貌的)



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