Unit 1 That must be a record! GOALS
  1.Talk about records,adventures and hobbies
  2.Practise measuring and comparing
  3.Review the Subject
  4.Fill in a form ARMING WARMING UP Guinness Book of World Records contains records of all kinds.Take the quiz below and see whether you can guess the answers. (m=metres cm=centimeters h=hours) 1 The lowest temperature ever recorded on earth is. A ‰n
  75.4℃ B ‰n
  89.2℃ C ?I
  10.7℃ 2 The world’s tallest man is . A
  2.35m B
  2.45m C
  2.55m 3 The youngest college graduate was. A 10 years old B 12 years old C 14 years old 4 The highest number of goals in a soccer career is. A 1,279 B 546 C 3,850 5 The longest beard is . A 73cm B
  1.83cm C
  2.33cm 6 The longest lecture lasted. A
  32.5h B
  62.5h C
  1.You are going to hear someone talk about the size and speed of humans and animals. Before you listen to the tape, answer the questions below. (1 )What words would you use to describe a person's size and an animal's size? (2 )What words would you use to talk about how fast a human being or an animal is? (3 )Some people are short and small and some are tall and big. What are the advantages and disadvantages of different sizes?
  2. Listen to part 1 and complete the two pictures below with information from the tape. l=Yao Ming The world’s heaviest living person weighs kilograms. 2=You 3=Tallest classmate That is the same as TVs or! 4=Tallest living man It is also about times my weight. I weigh about TVs 5=Tallest living woman Fastest land animal: cheetah Speed: Fastest sea animal: sailfish Speed: Fastest animal on the planet: Speed: Fastest man-made object: Voyager 1 Speed: ( the speed of sound ,the speed of light) SPEAKING Work in pairs. Imagine that the record-breaking tightrope walker Adili is visiting your city and that you are going to interview him for the school newspaper. Use the following information and role cards to prepare for the interview. Student A you are a reporter for the school newspaper. , Use the information about Adili on the
next page to prepare questions for the interview. Ask him about him achievements, how he prepares for the records and what he thinks makes him a good tightrope walker. Student B Imagine that you are Adili. Use the information on the next page to prepare answers to the reporter's questions. Think what characteristics a good tightrope walker must have. of Adili ili's Some of Adili's records Stayed on o high wire for 22 days,beating the 21-day Guinness world record Crossed the Three Gorges on a high wire,646 metres long,402 metres high,time 13 minutes 48 seconds Walked across Mt.Heng,
  1,399 metres long,436 metres high,time 52 minutes 13 seconds At Tlankeng,walked 687 metres,about 662 metres above the ground PRE? PRE?READING Scan the text and answer the following questions.
  1. Who was Sir Hugh Beaver?
  2.When was the first edition of Guinness Book of World Records published?
  3. How long is the longest moustache in the world 4 .What Guinness record were set in Urumqi and Hong Kong? READING In 1951,the then director of the Guinness Brewery ,Sir Hugh Beaver, wanted to settle an argument about the fastest bird in Europe.After talking to his friends, he concluded that a book which answered such questions might popular. The Guinness company hired a company to write what later became Guinness Book of World Records. The first edition was published in 1955 and has been a best?seller ever since. More than
  60,000 new records are sent into the book each year, but they cannot all be printed. Instead, the editors of the book set down the records and keep track of them in other ways.The records are put into different categories.Guinness Book of World Records has chapters on the human body,amazing feats,the natural world, science and technology,arts and the media,model society,travel and transport, and sports and games.You can learn that the oldest person is a woman who lived to be 122 years and 164 days, that the longest moustache reached a length of
  1. metres and 6 that the longest poisonous snake is
  5.71 metres long. There are also strange records, like the Englishman who balanced a small car weighing 1
  59.6 kilogrammes on his head for thirty-three seconds! There are many Chinese records,For example,Tian’anmen Square is the largest square in the world with an area of about 40 hectares. China has a greatest number of hospitals in the world and Urumqi is the most remote city from the seait is
  2,500 kilometres from the nearest coast.A special and delicious record was set in 1997 to celebrate Hong Kong’s return to China. The world’s largest jiaozi was made, weighing an incredible 480 kilogrammes! Many of the records in Guinness Book of World Records come from the world of sports. Among the brilliant athletic achievements ,a few records stand out because of the moving life stories behind them.The Guinness world record for the farest average speed at the Tour de France was set in 1999 by the American cyclist Lance Armstrong. Impressive as record as is, it fades next to the story of Armstrong’s struggle against disease. In 1996 Armstrong ,the then No 1 cyclist in the world, was disgnosed with cancer and many thought that it meant the end of his cancer ,maybe even his life .
In 1998,however ,Armstrong returned to the world of racing.He went on to set the speed record and achieve his goal of winning the Tour de France six years in a row from 1999 to 20
  04. Why are people so interested in world records ? Part of the reason for our interest is probably the same curiosity that led Sir Hugh to write Guinness Book of World Records in the first place.We want to know what is possible and find out just how far we can push ourselves. Clearly,we are also entertained by accounts of strange and unusual deeds and facts.Whether we are out to set a new record ourselves or simply enjoy reading about champions, Guinness Book of World Records makes for interesting reading. Anybody can try to set a record.There are,however,some records that the book does not accept.No records that are dangerous to the person who is attempting it or to others are allowed.If you want to try to set a record,you should first contact Guinness Book of World Records.The editors will decide if your idea is suitable and then send you rules and the form you need to apply for the record. After wards,if all goes well,a Guinness official will come to inspect your attempt:If you are successful j the official will confirm the record and you will get a certificate from Guinness Book of World Records stating that you are a world record holder! POS POST-READING questions. 1 Answer the following questions. 1 How did Sir Hugh Beaver come up with the idea for Guinness Book of World Records? 2 What are the categories in Guinness Book of World Records? 3 Why are Lance Armstrong’s records special? 4 What types of record attempts are not allowed? 5 Why do you think many people are interested in world records? Matc A 2 Match each of the sentences below with a paragraph in the reading . Guinness Book of World Records is popular because people enjoy reading about strange facts and exciting achievements. B The editors of the book collect all the records and put them into different groups. C Sir Hugh Beaver decided to write the book as the result of an argument with a friend. D Even though the records themselves are amazing, stories of the people who set the the records are often even more interesting. E A new Guinness world record will only be accepted if it is safe and has been done according to the rules. F“I just love reading about people who do amazing things,such as swimming a long river or running across a country.The stories inspire me and are fun to read. 3 If you want to set a world record,what has to be done to get your record into Guinness of World Records? LANGUAGE STUDY Word study 1 Match the new words in the left column with their meaning in the right column. 1 attempt A say that something is true. 2 account B total number of copies of a book,newspaper,etc issued at one time 3 confirm C lose colour or disappear gradually 4 inspect D make an effort to achieve something
5 edition E detailed description of an event 6 certificate F make a visit to check that the rules are being obeyed 7 fade G official written or printed statement used as proof of a certain fact 8 beard H hair growing on the chin and the lower cheeks of a man’s face 2 Fill in the blanks with the words or phrases from the box.using their proper form. anno announce apply for athletic certificate comfirm fade inspect opportunity suitable in the first place July
  13,2001 saw a very bright night in Beijing that will never(
  1)??from memory. That night thousands of enthusiastic people celebrated the Winning of the bid for the 29th Olympic Games in 20
  08. In order to (
  2)the 2008 Olympic Games, the Chinese people and the government have done all they could to show that Beijing is (
  3)to host the world’s largest (
  4)event over the past two decades. Many of the members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have visited Beijing to (
  5)China’s progress in preparing for the Olympic Games. They were fascinated to see enthusiastic people everywhere,even in the small hutongs in the city. When IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch (
  6)__ that Beijing would host the 2008 Olympic Games, all Chinese watching him on TV burst into cheers: "We have won !”Afterwards, the Chinese delegation was given a (
  7)__ by the IOC in Moscow which (
  8) the decision. It was not only a great honour for Beijing but also a historical achievement for the whole nation. The reason why the Chinese people and the government want the Olympic Games (
  9)__ is to show that the country is able to host such an important event, to welcome foreigners to get a better understanding of China and to create new business (
  10) __ We all hope that the 2008 Olympic Games will be the best ever and that the athletes and visitors will enjoy China and Beijing. Grammar Review the Subject 1 Underline the Subject in each of the following sentences and then translate the sentence into Chinese. Tell what is used as Subject (a noun, an adjective, etc). EXAMPLE: (Noun) Great thinkers have used creativity and imagination to change the world,. 1 Lance Armstrong set the world record for the fastest average speed at the Tour de France . 2 The wounded taken from the front need immediate treatment in the field hospital. 3 To win the Golden Globe Award is a great honour for a film-maker. 4 Taking exercise early in the morning has become part of her retired life. 5 Whether Jenny will pass the interview depends on her confidence in herself. 6 2008 is the year when the 29th Olympic Games will be hem in Beijing, China. 7 It was late in the evening when the accident happened at the corner of the street. 8 “ A bird in the hand is worth tow in the bush ” is my favourite proverb. 9 It is quite entertaining to read these accounts of strange and unusual feats and facts. 2 Choose the right part from the box on the next page as the Subject for each sentence below. 1 expected that Guinness Book of Records might be popular. 2 is that we like to see people break records. 3 is considered unlucky by many Westerners.
4 makes John wish that he were as good as they are. 5 need special schools where they can learn to read and write. 6 seems very popular among kids admiring Yang Liwei. 7 was very difficult for J K Rowling to get her first book about Harry Potter published. 8 are the Dos and Don’ts you need to know. Read them carefully, please. 9 in ancient times still remains a mystery. NTERAT RATING INTERATING SKILLS “Hey man,try that 360 again!” It is Saturday afternoon and a group of teenagers are trying new tricks on the park’s skating ramp.Every weekend, after finishing their homework! Li Yong and about a dozen of his friends grab their wheels and head down to the park to hang ton. Lin Yong is seventeen and a skillful skateboarder. and his friends decided to build He the ramp three years ago after watching a skateboarding competition on TV.Together with tow of classmates, LiYong went to the local park and told the park administration about their plans. Two weeks after the manager had give them his permission, the ramp was read and the friends held a grand opening.“All of our schoolmates were here, well as many parents and other kids from the neighbourhood. There were as even some grandparents who came to see what it was all about.”The ramp soon became popular and the teenagers have started a skateboarting club called Fun On Wheels. Skateboarting have been around since 1970s,but they have recently become popular again.Many teenagers have discovered the skateboard as a result of TV shows, films, and competitions such as the X Games. The X Games are like the Olympic Games for sports that are less familiar to us than sports like football and basketball.A new generation of sports is capturing the hearts and minds of people who are willing to try some thing new.These new sports are called “extreme sports” a



   人教版高一英语新教材教学体会 人教版高中英语教材是一套图文并茂、内容新颖、编排科学,有利于培养学生的 创新精神和实践能力的好教材。 新教材除了培养学生的语言技能和传授语言知识 外,还注重对学生文化意识、情感态度以及学习策略的培养。 新教材特点: 新教材特点: 1、新教材的教学目标更具先进性和时代性 新教材提出的教学目标是:在初中的基础上,巩固和扩大学生的听、说、读、 写的基本技能,培养其综合语言运用能力。促进其心智、情感态度、学习策略、 文化意识的发展,形成正确的人生观、世界观和价值观,整体 ...


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高中英语新教材Unit 4教案

   高中英语新教材 Unit 4 教案 一.教学目标 理论依据:《新课程标准》(实验稿) 根据《新课程标准》(实验稿)关于总目标的定位及其实现途径和目标具体描述,结合高一学生实际 和教材内容,我们把本单元的教学目标定为: 1) 语言知识: 单词:理解、内化、运用以下生词:seismograph; iceberg; King Tut; // roar; fright; crack; // bookworm; couch potato; workaholic;// Buddha; agent 等,扫 ...


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   1. p6 UNIT 1 3a:In ten years,I think I"ll be a reporter.I"ll live inShanghai, 十年后,我想我会成为一名记者。我将住在上海因为去年我去了上海,立即爱上了这座城市。上海真 的是座优美的城市。作为一名记者,我想我会遇到很多有趣的人。我想我会和自己最好的朋友住在一 套公寓里,因为我不愿意独居。我会养宠物,因为我妈妈讨厌宠物,况且公寓太小;所以我现在一个 宠物也没有。十年后,我会拥有许多不同的宠物。我可能 ...


   第一课:好朋友 SPEAKING    课文翻译   JOHN:I’m 15 years old and I love football. I also like reading, especially  约翰:我15岁,我喜欢足球,我也喜欢读书,尤其   stories about people from other countries. I don’t enjoy singing, nor  是有关其他国家人的书。我不喜欢唱歌,也   do I like computers. I thin ...



   英语新课标理念与交际活动教学法 上善中学 邓长金 【摘 要】 :本文从英语新课程标准的理念出发,结合初中英语教学实践的实际 情况,更新教学观念与采取有效措施,提出如何在新课标下对英语交际活动教学法 进行实践,对实施英语课堂活动教学等几个方面进行了初步探讨。 【关键词】 :新课程标准新理念 转变教学观念 交际活动教学法实践 为了构建具有中国特色的现代化基础教育课程体系,使基础英语教育能适应我 国经济建设和社会发展的需要,教育部于 2001 年秋季颁布了《英语课程标准》 ,作 为我国英语课程改革 ...


   abandon/ Y’b?dYn/ vt.丢弃;放弃,抛弃 aboard/ Y’bT:d/ ad.在船(车)上;上船 absolute/ ‘?sYlu:t/ a.绝对的;纯粹的 absolutely/ ‘?sYlu:tli/ ad.完全地;绝对地 absorb/ Yb’sT:b/ vt.吸收;使专心 abstract/ ’?str?t/ n.摘要 abundant/ Y’bΛndYnt/ a.丰富的;大量的 abuse/ Y’bju:z, Y’bju:s/ vt.滥用;虐待 n.滥用 aca ...


   小学生良好的英语学习习惯的要求与培养 英语是一门工具学科.要掌握英语,除了需学习一定的语音,词汇,语法知识外,还得 练就扎实的听,说 ,读,写基本功.换言之,英语学习必须通过大量的听,说,读,写训 练.从这点出发,可以说,英语学习的过程也是习惯养成的过程.小学生良好的英语学习习 惯主要是指良好的听,说,读,写的习惯. 一,良好的听的习惯. 良好的听的习惯. 要求: 认真听示范发音, 听清后再模仿. 学习英语是从"听"起步的. . "听"是"说 ...


   《实用英语》课程简介 实用英语》 一. 课程的性质与作用 课程性质 《实用英语》课程是我院各专业开设的一门必修公共课,也是我院基础课的主干课程。 课程的作用 1.在给学生打好英语语言基础的同时,注重听、说、读、写、译综合能力运用; 2.注重学生语言综合运用能力的同时,尤其注重听说能力的培养和提高; 3.以专业为依托,体现学生未来职业特点,提升未来就业空间; 4.掌握有效的学习方法,增强自主学习能力,提高综合文化素养,激发学习英语的积极性; 5.《实用英语》课程是目前我院覆盖面最广、覆盖人数最 ...


   先来口诀:1 三长一短就选短, 三短一长就选长。两长两短就选 B,参差不齐 C 无敌。2 以蒙为主 以抄为辅 蒙抄结合 保证及格 正文: 蒙选择题方法。20 道题至少能对 15 道。 由于我的英文不是很好,所以我苦心钻研蒙技。我发现了很多关于选择题的 规律,十分好用。在开学考试时,总共有 20 道选择题,我蒙对 19 道(我们班的 英语神童沈宜人错了两道题。沈宜人同学据说背了两万单词,可以轻易读懂原版 《简爱》)。 也就是说,这个蒙题技术有时远远高过自己本身水平。 这个蒙,总共有三点技巧。 ...