2010 届高三英语阅读理解六篇 届高三英语阅读理解六篇时事新闻类(附祥解) 阅读理解六篇 时事新闻类( 时事新闻类 附祥解) Passage 1 WASHINGTON - A chaotic scene unfolded near the U. S. Capitol(美国国会大厦) on Wednesday after police shot and killed an armed man in what authorities described as a rush hour traffic stop that turned deadly. U. S. Capitol Police spokeswoman Sgt. Kim Schneider said the unidentified 35-year-old man sped away in a white car after being stopped a few blocks from the Capitol. The man drove the wrong ; way down a street and crashed into a police car in a heavily guarded area about a block north of the Capitol grounds, striking two officers with his car along the way, she said. Police then opened fire after seeing the man hold up his handgun and refuse to put it down, said Schneider, who described the melee as " very fast moving". " The officers felt they were being threatened - they were in fear for their lives," Schneider said. She did not know if the man ever fired at police. He was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The officers who were hit one of whom was on a motorcycle had minor injuries, Schneider said. The late afternoon scare occurred as lawmakers were wrapping up a third day of hearings for Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. Police briefly closed up part of the Capiltol as a precaution, but the buildings were reopened about a half-hour later. Authorities said the shooting was not related to the Capitol. Carol Lanigan, of Toledo, Ohio, described how she saw a white car come flying down the street with two police cars chasing it. She said she heard about four or five shots. " There were so many gunshots being fired, my family got clown." said Robert Drumm of Oklahoma, who was touring the nation' s capital with his family. Numerous emergency vehicles converged quickly on the area. Lanigan's husband, Dale Lanigan, described a similar scene, saying that as the car sped past him the driver had one hand on the wheel and it looked like he was reaching for something. .
  1. According to Sgt. Kim Schneider, the man was killed because A. he drove the wrong way down a street B. he was speeding in a heavily guarded area C. he crashed into a police car by accident D. he held his handgun in hand
  2. What can be learned from the passage? A. The shooting had something to do with the Capitol. B. Three police officers were hurt in the shooting. C. The gunshot case had nothing to do with the Capitol. D. The Capitol was unprotected when the gunshot happened.
  3. When the case happened, _ A. Carol Lanigan didn't come to the scene B. Carol Lanigan heard five shots exactly C. many ambulances appeared in the area D. Robert Drumm stopped to tour the nation' s capital by himself
  4. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the underlined word " chaotic" ? A. arranged B. disordered C. accessible D. lifelike
  5. Which of the following is the best title of the passage? A. Armed man was shot near the Capitol by police B. A police accident near the U. S. Capitol C. Defend the U.S. Capitol D. Police chasing the peace breaker Passage l 【解题导语】 这是一篇新闻报道,讲述了 2009 年 7 月 15 日发生在美国国会大厦附近的 一起枪击案。
  1.D 考查细节理解。根据文章的第二、三段可知,警察杀该男子的原因是, ,seeing the man hold up his handgun and refuse to put it down”,故选 D。
  2.C 考查细节理解。根据文章第六段的”Authorities said the shooting was not related to the Capitol”可得出答案。
  3.C 考查细节理解。根据文章倒数第二段的”Numerous emergency vehicles converged quickly on the area.”可以看出,枪击案发生之后,很多救护车赶到了现场。

  4.B 考查词义猜测。从文章的叙述看,该词描述枪击案发生后的现场,因此选 B,事发 现场有很多救护车、被击毙的男子、受伤的警察等,一片混乱。
  5.A 考查主旨大意。文章的第一段即是文章的主题,开门见山地告诉我们在美国国会大厦 附近发生的…起枪击案。因此 A 项正确。 Passage 2 Facing the threat of the Internet, the traditional newspaper is thinking about what it can do to meet the challenge. To make teens get into the habit of reading, the French government is considering what kind of efforts it should pursue. It seems that the two questions have nothing to do with each other, but a recent announcement made by French President Nicolas Sarkozy has connected these two issues together. The announcement gives an answer to both of them. . President Nicolas Sarkozy announced a rescue plan for France' s ailing print media, including measures to save printing and distribution costs. The plan also gives French teenagers a surprise as their 18-year-old birthday gift: France will offer all 18-year-olds a free daily copy of the newspaper of their choice. "The habit of reading the press should start at a very young age," Sarkozy said, presenting the conclusion after talking to a group of journalists and officials in Paris. The President said the newspapers themselves would provide free copies for 18-year-olds, while the state would cover the cost of delivering them to many thousands of homes. The plan is an attempt to introduce teenagers, who frequently only get their news online, to the delights of the printed world. A similar idea has been tested by L'Ouest-France (法兰西部报) over the past few years. It offered some 18 to 24-year-olds a free paper once a week for a year. L' Ouest-France reported that 15% of young people wanted to continue with a paid subscription after the year was over. People in France welcomed the plan which should get more kids interested in current affairs and make reading be a pastime, as well as rescue the newspaper industry.
  6. What does the underlined word " ailing" (in Paragraph
  2) probably mean? A. newly established B. in difficult situations C. most popular D. warm-hearted .
  7. It can be inferred from the passage that A. the government will pay for the delivery of newspapers to 18 -year-olds B. the government will buy newspapers for 18-year-olds for one day C. some of the government officials are against the plan D. President Nicolas Sarkozy would like to help the government
  8. What is people' s reaction to the plan in France? A, They think it a waste of money. B. They will buy newspapers themselves for 18-year-olds. C. They think highly of it and support it:. D. They are worried the young will leave the Internet.
  9. Which of the following can serve as the best for the passage? A. A surprising plan from the President B. Help rescue the newspaper industry C. Form the reading habit for the young D. Free newspapers fly to teens Passage 2 【解题导语】 为了帮助年轻人养成读报的好习惯,同时挽救报纸行业,法国总统萨科奇 宣布,年轻人满 18 岁那一年可以自由选择一份报纸,免费订阅一年。
  6.B 考查词义猜测。该段说法国总统萨科奇宣布救援计划,以挽救”处于困境中的”印刷 媒体。由此判断其含义是 B。
  7.A 考查细节理解。由第三段的”the state would cover the cost of the delivering them to many thousands of homes”可知法国政府不是为 18 岁的青年买报纸, 而是免费把报社 提供的报纸送给年轻人。
  8.c 考查推理判断。根据最后一段可知,人们认为政府的这项举措既能让年轻人对时事 感兴趣,又能拯救报纸业。
  9.D 考查主旨大意。全文主要介绍了法国总统为挽救报纸行业,帮助年轻人养成看报的 习惯而采取的一项措施。 }
Passage 4 American schools are looking for ways to save money on bus transportation because of high fuel prices. More children may have to walk, ride their bikes or find other ways to get to school. But, as another effect of the high prices, they may not have to go to school as often. Some schools, especially in rural areas, are changing to a four-day week. That means longer days instead of the traditional Monday through Friday schedule. Beginning in the fall, students in the Maccray school district in Minnesota will be in school Tuesday through Friday. Each school day will be sixty-five minutes longer. Superintendent (教育厅长) Greg Schmidt says the district expects to save about sixty-five thousand dollars a year in transportation costs. The district has about seven hundred students living in an area of nine hundred square kilometers. State officials have approved the plan for three years. They may change their minds before then if learning suffers. In Custer, South Dakota, students have been going to school Monday through Thursday since 19
  95. Superintendent Tim Creal says the change has saved an estimated one million dollars over just the past eight years. But he sees other benefits, too. Students get more instructional time; And activities that used to interfere with classes are now held on non-school days. He says that in the future, the growth of online classes could make it possible to require even fewer days in school. High fuel prices are driving college students to take more online classes. And in some states, high school students can take them, too. A four-day school week sounds like a great idea for students and teachers. But working parents may have to pay for child care for that fifth day. In agricultural areas, though it can mean an extra day of helping on the family ranch. In New Mexico, the first school district changed to a four-day week in 1974 because of the Arab oil boycott. Now seventeen out of eighty-nine districts use it. The Lake Arthur School District has just one sixty students. Lake Arthur used a four-day schedule for twelve years. But a few years ago it went back tofive days. Michael Grossman heads the district. He says two studies there failed to show any real educational improvement using the four-day week. And he says not much instruction was taking place during the last hour of school, because students were too tired.
  14. Which of the following is NOT the effect high effect fuel prices have on American schools? A. It will take less time to go to school. B. More money will be spent on bus transportation. C. Walking or riding to school will be more popular. D. Alternative ways to get to school may be t
  15. What is the attitude of state officials to the four-day school week according to Paragraph 5? A. They are simply positive about its effect. B. They are ready to change it if teachers or against it. C. They are totally negative to it though it is D. It has taken three years before they finally
  16. According to Michael Grossman, what is the disadvantage of the four-day schedule? A. Students and teachers will have to work hard in class. B. Parents will have to pay more for child care. C. Teachers will get less pay for their work. D. . Students benefit less in the last hour of class. '
  17. By comparing all the American schools that took a four-day schedule for a period of time, we know that . A. all the students give a warm welcome B. the plan cannot save as much money as expected C. there will be a long way to go for the schedule to be improved D. most schools will go back to the traditional schedule ' Passage 4 【解题导语】 由于油价高,美国学校交通的费用增加,于是人们采取了很多对策,其中之 一就是将每周五天的学习减少为每周 A 天。这种变化有好处也有不足,还有待完善。
  14.A 考查推理判断。从文章前两段的叙述可知,由于油价高,美国学校交通的费 A 增
加,因此人们采取了很多对策。从该部分的叙述可知 A 不是油价高的影响。
  15.B 考查推理判断。第五段说,美国官员通过该项计划已经有三年了,但是一旦其对学生 的学习产生 lf 碍,他们就会改变初衷。由此判断选 B。
  16.D 考查细节理解。4 从最后一段的叙述可知这种时间表的变化的弊端是在 E 最后一节课 的时候,学生和老师都很疲惫。
  17.C 考查推理判断。从最后两段看,有些学校已经推行的四天学习制后来恢复到五天制, 学生在四天制的每天最后一个小时学习效率低下, 由此判断选 c, 该制度还有待完善。 Passage 5 As the price of a college degree continues to rise, there' s growing evidence that the monetary payoff isn't quite as big as often advertised. The best estimate now is that a college degree is worth about $ 300,000 in today' s dollars - nowhere near the million figure that is often quoted. "That million number has driven me crazy !" says Sandy Baum, a Skidmore economist who studied the value of a college degree for the College Board last year. Baum' s research showed that college graduates earn, on average, about $ 20,000 a year more than those who finished their education at high school. Add that up over a 40-year working life and the total differential is about $ 800,000, she figures. But since much of that bonus is earned many years from now, subtracting out the impact of inflation means that 800,000 in future dollars is worth only about 450,000 in today' s dollars. Then, if you subtract out the cost of a college degree about $ 3,000 in tuition and books for students who get no aid and attend public in-state universities and the money a student could have earned a



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