高三英语专题复习??完型填空解题方法和技巧指导 高三英语专题复习??完型填空解题方法和技巧指导 ??
开课人: 周金萍 开课班级:高三(
通读全文,统揽全局。 (首句主题) 逐句分析,确定选项。 (比较选项) 通盘理解,上下一致。 (作者思想) 复读全文,核对答案。 (第一感觉)

  1.看清上下文(context),找准定位词 充分利用文章的上下文和前后句,找到对选择有提示作用的词或句。这些词有 时可能是同义词或反义词。例如:
  1) Some parts of the water are very shallow. But in some places it is very . A. deep B. high C. cold D. dangerous
  2)My grandmother became a widow in 19
  70.Shortly after that ,we went to the 36 shelter to pick out a dog to keep her . .(福建省检)
  36.A.animal B. toy C. fish D. blind
  37.A.business B.firm C. company D. friend
  3) Mrs O’Neill asked_ questions and she didn’t scold us either. A. no B. certain C. many D. more
  4) ① the wallet, found in the street, be put into a pocket ② turned over to the policeman? Should the extra change received at the store be forgotten or returned? ① A. Should B. Must C. Would D. Need ② A. and B. or C. then D. but
  2.寻求上下逻辑,从容确定关系 这类题主要考查考生对上下文逻辑关系的理解,如转折关系、让步关系、因 果关系、递进关系、增补关系、比较关系以及对比关系等。例如:
  1) It has been many years since I was last in London _ I still remember something that happened during that visit. A. and B. for C. but D. as
  2) 50 the drivers had braked early enough, the damage to their cars was 51 . Both officers continued the chase.
  50. A. Before B. Although C. Because D. When
  51. A. effective B. serious C. normal D. slight
  3) That was a story 25 years ago,but the effect this had on my life has lasted. I 53 had a chance to thank him personally,but the way I look at life has changed 54 those words.
  53. A.often B. seldom C. once D. never
  54. A.in search of B.in memory of C.for the purpose of D. as a result of
注意固定的搭配,包括动词与介词的搭配、动词与名词的搭配以及形容词与 名词的搭配等,同时要根据内容选择正确的短语。例如:
  1) Here’s a fellow who just walked into a bank and helped himself_so much money. A. for B. by C. to D. of
  2) It was 4 o’clock when the front doorbell rang. Mrs Clarke was tea at the time. A.cooking B. making C.burning D. serving
  3)And video cameras can be used to__ people’s actions at home. A. keep B. make C. record D. watch
  1) Soon I heard a __ like that of a door burst in and then a climb of feet. A. sound B. cry C. voice D. shout
  2)‘‘ Give me a hand,’’ he shouted_ _ he got near the boat. A. while B. till C. for D. as
  1)(Immediately)the officers jumped into their cars and rushed to thehospital. A.animal B. biggest C. plant D. nearest
  2)The space is left to let the rail expand when it gets . A. wet B. cold C. hot D. dry
  1). I realized that I had done that, I would have lost a new friend and missed all the fun we would have together.(2003 北京 53 题) A.before B.if C. while D. as
  2). As my father,worked three jobs,once told me, …(2003 北京 54 题) A.he B. that C. who D.whoever 三:实战演练 1) The world's population is becoming __7__. A. faster and faster B. more and more C. larger and larger D. more terrible 2) The city (Washington) was named __13__ George Washington, the first president of the United States. A. by B. for C. as D. after
  3) It is occurring because the weather has been a lot warmer over the past few years,which _41__ the melting(融化)of the ice in the Antarctic.This will soon cause water levels to _42__and food parts of the world.
  41.A. lies in B. results in C. suffers from D.escapes from
  42.A. reduce B. rise C. drop D. move
  4) I climbed the stairs slowly, carrying a big suitcase,my father following with two more.By the time I got to the third floor ,I was and at the same time feeling lonely. A helpless B lazy C anxious D tired
  1) … and then both ended up from the same high school, just three weeks before__, Bill asked Mark if they could talk.(2003 北京第 45 小题) A graduation B movement C separation D vacation
  2) Children find meanings in their old family tales. Ks5u When Stephen Guyer’s three children were growing up, he told them stories about how his grandfather, a banker, 36 all in the 1930s, but did not lose sight 37 his strong-minded 39
of what he valued most. In one of the darkest times grandfather was nearly 38
, he loaded his family into the car and
them to see family members in Canada with a 40 things in life than money. ” K)(2009 福建)
  36. A. missed Ks5u
  37. A. when
  38. A. friendless
  39. A fetched
  40. A. hope B. lost B. while B. worthless B. allowed B. promise C. forgot C. how
,“there are more important
D.ignored D. why Ks5u D. homeless s5u D. took Ks5u D. belief Ks5u
C. penniless C. expected C. suggestion

  3) On a warm Monday, Jenny Neilson bought a sandwich and parked her car under some trees. Rolling down the windows to 41 in fresh air, she settled back to enjoy her lunch. Suddenly she 42 a big bald(秃顶的)man running through the parking lot. Before she came to 43 what would happen, the man was there, shouting through her window, “Get out!” Neilson
  44. Pulling open her door, the man seized her 45 out of the car onto the ground. She screamed, 北)
  41. A. bring
  42. A. recognized
  43. A. realize
  44. A. escaped
  45. A. by
  46. A. burying B. let B. watched B. understand B. struggled B. around B. forgetting C. gather C. noticed C. imagine C. refused C. with C. offering D. send D. met D. conclude D. obeyed D. on D. grabbing 46 the neck and hair, and threw her her purse and the keys.s(08 湖
Homework(限时 20 分钟完成 限时 分钟完成)
完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题
  1.5 分, 满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文, 掌握其大意, 然后从 36?55 各题所给的四个选项 (A、 C 和 D) 选 B、 中, 出最佳选项。
When I was in seventh grade, I was a candy striper (义工) at a local hospital in my town. I __36 about thirty to forty hours a week during the summer. Most of the time I spent there 37_ with Mr. Gillespie. He never had any 38 , and nobody seemed to care about his 39 . I spent many days there 40 his hand and talking to him, helping with 41 that needed to be done. He became a close friend of mine, 42 he responded with only an occasional squeeze of my __43 . Mr. Gillespie was in a coma (昏迷). I left for a week to have a(an) 44 with my parents, and when I came back , Mr. Gillespie was gone . I didn’t have the 45 to ask any of the nurses where he was, 46 fear they might tell me he had died. So with many 47 unanswered, I continued to volunteer there through my eighth-grade year. 48 years later, when I was a junior in high school, I was at the gas station when I noticed a __49 face. When I realized who it was, my eyes were filled with tears. He was 50 ! I asked if he was Mr. Gillespie. With an 51 look on his face, he replied yes. I explained how I knew him and that I had spent many hours talking with him in the 52 . Tears welled up in his eyes; and he gave me the warmest hug I had ever 53 . Then he told me about his life and what had 54 to him to put him in the coma. We cried for a while and exchanged a hug, said our good -byes and went our 55 ways.
  36. A. sang B. volunteered C. treated D. studied
  37. A. talked B. met C. was D. helped
  38. A. visitors B. doctors C. nurses D. neighbors
  39. A. condition B. salary C. housing D. comfort
  40. A. catching B. washing C. taking D. holding
  41. A. something B. nothing C. thing D. anything
  42. A. as if B. even though C. because D. so
  43. A. hand B. head C. leg D. arm
  44. A. interview B. communication C. vacation D. discussion
  45. A. chance B. courage. C. time D. choice
  46. A. in B. by C. for D. with
  47. A. worries B. troubles C. cautions D. questions
  48. A. Several B. Many C. Ten D. Few
  49. A. strange B. familiar C. handsome D. curious
  50. A. dead B. excited C. surprised D. alive
  51. A. uncertain B. ugly C. unconscious D. unwilling
  52. A. school B. hospital C. gas station D. town
  53. A. given B. made C. received D. exchanged
  54. A. occurred B. become C. arose D. happened
  55. A. opposite B. different C. separate D. same
36-40 BACDD 51-55 DCCAB
41-45 ABDCB
46-50 ADCAB


36??40 BCAAD
41??45 DBACB
46??50 CDABD
51?55 ABCDC



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