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北京市第八十中学 2009??2010 学年度第一学期期中练习
高一英语 (测试时间:100 分钟) 第一节单选(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分)
  1.A good learner is also a person who A.sets down B.sets up notes when listening to a speech. C.sets off about her safety. concern D.concern the two and neither can we tell one the D.sets out

  2.When she was in America, we were all A.concerned C.concerning
  3.Neither of them knows the difference other. A.between;from C.between;between
  4.Do what you think fight;Never A.c are about
  5.The lion hid in the bush as to not order not that
  6.He comes from a(n) country, so his B.give up be found.
B.among;between D.among;from what others say. C.give in D.make use of that not order not to is very good. B.English-spoken;English speaking D.English-speaking;spoken English large,and a large number of people
A.English-speaking;English-spoken C.spoken English;speaking English
  7.The number of the people who speak English native speakers. A.are;are
  8.There is a A.determining
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look on her face.She will never change her mind. B.determined C.determine D.determination
It is to go hiking during the summer vacation! A.What a great fun C.What great fun B.How great fun D.How a great fun nothing wrong and B.had done;should not be fired

  10.Bob insisted that he be fired
from work.
A. did; won't
C.should do;mustn’t be fired
  11.I;shouldn’t be fired
live in the countryside rather than in the city. E 度高考网
中国最大的教育门户 A.feel like C.would like
  12.I know it is hard to
E 度高考网 B.would better D.prefer to
you that we don’t need to buy a new car, but I must say it is a big
waste for us to spend money on this useless item. A.suggest B.persuade C.command D.advise

  13.A:What did Jane say to you t hat day? B: She said that she A.met;ago C.would meet;before
  14.?Why have you bought so much food? ?Some friends of mine to stay with me for the weekend. A.would come C.are coming
  15.?Why didn’t you try to finish the test paper? ?I tried to,but A.until
  16.The doctor asked A.what is wrong C.what was the matter
  17.Can you tell me ? B.what does the island look like D.hew does the island look like I left my book. C.where D.when at
  8:00a.m.on I could, the bell rang showing the end of the examination time. B.when me. B.what the matter was D.what wrong was C.before D.after B.were coming D.had come one of her classmates in high school a week B.was meeting;ago D.had met;before .
A.what the island looks like the island looks like l
  8.It was in the meeting room A.which
  19.Hurry! The plane Friday.
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.You know the flight to Beijing usually
A.leaves;will take off C.left;took off
  20.See the flags on top of the building? That was A.What B.which leaving;takes off D.will leave;is taking off we did this morning. C.where D.when
第二节完形填空(共 20 小题:每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 第二节完形填空 共 小题: 请认真阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 中国最大的教育门户网站 E 度高考网
E 度高考网
On Thursday,afternoon Mrs Clarke locked the door and went to the women’s club as usual.It was a pleasant way of passing time When she came home she felt something the windows were all. know if and watch 26 28 24 and there was no 21 an old woman who lived 22 .
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23 .Did someone get in? The back door and 25 of forced entry(进入).She wanted to ,and found her camera
had been taken.She went from room to room, 27 .
The following Thursday she went out at her 29
time,but didn't go to the club. 30
she took a short walk in a park nearby and came home,leading herself in through the back door.She settled down to wait and see what would 31 .
It was 4 o'clock when the front doorbell rang.Mrs Clarke was making tea at the time.The bell rang again,and 32 she heard her letter-box being pushed open. 34 33 the
kettle(壶)of boiling water, she moved quietly the letter-box, then a and 35
the door.A piece of wire appeared through
. wire turned and caught around the knob(圆形旋钮)on the The 36 the water over the hand. 39 37 was heard by the sound
door-lock. Mrs Clarke raised the kettle and outside as the of running feet. 38
fell to the floor and the hand was pulled back.It was
It wasn't long before the police caught the thief.And Mrs Clarke was greatly admired at the club for her successful
  32.A.the next moment
  33.A.Putting down
  36.A.put 40 . B.alone B.uncomfortable B.opened B.nothing B.testing B.lost B.spare B.Still B.follow B.for a while B.Laying aside B.away from B.hand B.set C.with C.away C.unusual C.broken C.sign C.noticing C.leaving C.special C.Instead C.happen time C.Picking up C.from behind C.1etter C.poured D.for D.busily D.bad D.fixed D.sight D.bags D.checking D.appearing D.usual D.Again D.continue once D.Taking away D.against D.key D.covered
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  37.A.A sad voice C.An exciting shout
  40.A.self-satisfaction C.self-value B.kettle B.caused
E 度高考网 B.A strange noise D.A sharp cry C.door-lock C.produced B.self-protection D.self-service D.wire D.made
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第三节 阅读(共 25 小题,满分 40 分;41?55 题,每小题 2 分,满分 30 分;第 56-65 题, 阅读 共 小题, 每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)
[来源 。xx。 来源:Z。 。k.Com] 来源 。 。 来源 。 。
A It was a winter morning, just a couple of weeks before Christmas 20
  05.While most people were warming up their cars,Trevor, my husband,had to get up early to ride his bike four kilometers away from home to work.On arrival.he parked his bike outside the back door as he usually does.After putting in 10 hours of labor, he returned to find his bike gone. The bike,a black Kona 18 speed,was our only transport.Trevor used it to get to work, putting in 60-hour weeks to support his young family.And the bike was also used to get groceries(食品杂货),saving us from having to walk along distances from where we live everyday. I was so bad that someone would steal our bike that r wrote to the newspaper and told them our story.Shortly after that,several people in our area offered to help.One wonderful stranger even bought a bike, called my husband to pick it up. then Once again my husband had a way to get to and from his job.It really is an honor that a complete stranger would go out of their way for someone they have never met before. People say that a smile can be passed from one person to another, but acts of kindness from strangers are even more so.This experience has had a good effect in our lives because it strengthened our belief in humanity(人性)as a whole.And it has influenced(影响)us to be more mindful of ways we,too,can share with others.No matter how big or how small,all act of kindness shows that someone cares.And the results can be never-ending.
  41.Why was the bike so important to the people? A.The man’s job was bike racing. B.It was the only thing they own. C.It was a nice Kona 18 speed. D.They used it for work and daily life.
  42.We can infer(推断)from the text that 中国最大的教育门户网站 E 度高考网
中国最大的教育门户 A.the family worked 60 hours a week. B.people were busy before Christmas C.the stranger brought over the bike. was hard for the young family.
  43.How did people get to know the couple’s problem? A.From radio broadcasts. C.From TV news.
E 度高考网
B.From a newspaper. D.From a stranger.

  44.What does the couple learn from their experience? A.Strangers are usually of little help. B.One should take care of their bike . C.News reports make people famous. D.An act of kindness can mean a lot.
B Marrakesh has many names?The Red City, Pearl of the South , The Heartbeat of Morocco?and lives up to them all.This lively city in central Morocco attracts Visitors with its beautiful palaces,ancient winding streets,colorful goods,and lively city square. One of the city’s most famous places to visit is the medina--its walled,ancient quarter within which lies a number of small,winding streets.This area dates back to the founding of the city in the 11th century.Marrakesh's earliest rulers built walls around the medina as well as Muslim temple and palaces within it.Most of those were ruined by conquerors in 11
  47,but the city nourished(兴旺)again from the 17th through the 19th centuries,when many new architectural (建 筑的)wonders were built. Today, these monuments give visitors a feel for the history and culture of the city.But the medina is not a museum.It is all exciting place, filled with people day and night.This area still houses the city’s traditional(传统的)market, the largest one in Morocco.The market, or souk serves locals and visitors alike,selling spices(香料),carpets(地毯),leather bags,and colorful scarves(围巾).Here visitors can also buy traditional food and old desserts in narrow streets where slaves(奴隶)were once bought and sold like animals. Covering about seven square kilometers,the medina is a most important example of all ancient city center.In 19
  85,the title of World Heritage Site was given to medina by the United Nations in recognition of its historical importance and the need to keep it for future generations.
  45.Hat does the writer suggest about Marrakesh? A.It’s divided by a river. 中国最大的教育门户网站
[来源:学科网 ZXXK]
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中国最大的教育门户 B.It’s become modem in a short time C.It draws large number of tourists. shows off good public transportation
E 度高考网

  46.According to this passage,what happened in the medina in 11 47? A.It was conquered by the enemies. C.It grew quickly B.The culture recovered D.Peace returned

  47.According to this passage,what were sold at one time in medina? A.Maps of Morocco. C.fresh vegetables and fruits. B.Unusual and expensive books D.human beings.

  48.What information about the medina does the author provide in this passage? A.Its laws. C.Its history B.Its dangers D.Its weather
C There are thousands of things to be sold that are of all colors and shapes in a supermarket, making you believe that they are good enough for you to have a try.How? Packaging(包装)is the quiet but persuading salesman. There on the shelves,each bottle,can and box has been carefully designed to speak to the inner self of the consumer(消费者),so that he is buying not only a product(产品)but also his belief in life.Scientists have studied on this and found that the look of the package has a great influence(影响)on the“quality”of the product and on how well it sells,became“Consumers generally cannot tell between a product and its package.Many products are packages and many packages are products,”as Louis Cheskin, the first social scientist studying consumers’feeling for packaging,noticed. Colors are one of the best tools in packaging.Studies of eye movement have shown that colors draw human attention quickly.Take V8 for example.For many years,the bright red color of tomatoes and carrots on the thin bottle makes you feel that it’s very good for your body.And the word “green" today can keep food prices going up. Shapes are another attraction. Circles(圆圈)often mean happiness, became they are pleasing to both the eye and the heart.That’s why the round yellow M sings of McDonald’s are inviting to both young and old. This new consumer response(反应)to the colors and shapes of packages reminds producers and sellers that people buy to meet the needs of both body and heart.
  49.If something is round,it can 中国最大的教育门户网站 . E 度高考网
中国最大的教育门户 A.bring excitement to the consumers C.catch the eye movement of the consumers
E 度高考网 B.draw the consumers’attention D.produce a happy feelin



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