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五、短文改错 (一) My parents are both interested in reading and music , and my father prefers to history books while my mother likes to read novels and woman's magazines. In music , their tastes are similar , and they had never tired of folk music . Most of the time , they are in agreement on bringing up children , They both believe in giving their children loves , and none believes in punishing a child physically . for times , they agree with each other , but sometimes they seem differently .Perhaps that is why none of their children knows for sure which parents he should follow . (二) There was an old say in England :"See a pin and pick it up , all the day you have a good luck." It is 8:30 a. m. Ted , a little Londoner got to the underground railway station . It was such a busy hour when too many people were rushing in . Ted happened to see a pin in the ground . To have good luck he decided to pick up . When he stopped , a very fat woman fall over him . Poor Ted could see the pin very clear , but not many people could see Ted (三) Two friends were traveling across the forest when they met with a bear . The one who was in big fear , climbed up into a tree and hide himself, without thinking of his friend . The another one found that had no chance to running away, so he threw himself on the ground and pretended to dead . For he had heard that a bear could never touch a dying body . 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
and fat woman . Unfortunately , men and women were on top of them ! 10
as he thus lain, the bear came up to his head , and smelt at his nose and ears . but the man held his breathe , and the beast supposing him to be dead , walked away . (四) Jack London was a famous America writer . He was
8 9 10
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
born in January 12th , 1876 , in San Francisco . His family was very poor , Jack had to leave for school to make money . He worked hard in much different jobs . Later Jack returned school , but he didn't stay . He wrote , "Life and pocket book were all too short ." In 1887, He went to Alaska to find out gold . He
returned home and started to write . His writings were successful , and he became rich and famous . Jack was no a happy man , however. In poor health , he took off her own life in 19
  26. (五) Yesterday I bought a new coat in a shop , and I found it so big for me . This morning , I went to the shop and change the coat I bought yesterday . But the salesgirl treated me coldly . Firstly , she didn't admit that I buy the coat in her shop . Then she said I made it be dirty . So I got very angry and quarreled with him , pointing to the rules on the wall . Just then , manager turned up . He said sorry to me . At last they changed other one for me . in satisfaction, I said good-bye to them and took the new coat home happily. (六) In the eighteenth century , cities became larger and larger . People have moved from the country and small towns in cities , because there were more work for them to do in cities . In Sundays and Holidays , people liked to go to the country to have a good time there . But no every family had a horse and carriage . Inventors tried to meet the need . The first bicycle , that was very simple ,
9 10
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 2 3 4
appeared in 1790 . People called it as "the horse on the wheels ".Then in 1861 with many
7 8 9 10
improvements ,bicycle became a practical form of transportation . People liked bikes because of they were less expensive than horses. (七) You are a middle school student , are you ? So of course , you have a teacher teaches you English . And under the help of your teacher , you do a lot of listening , speaking ,reading and writing in the class . That's right . you should follow your teacher study hard . But , I think , if you want improve your English fast , I'll give you an advice that after class or in your free time , you should listen to BBC English from London in the radio or watch TV. CCTV broadcast good English Programmes , too . (八) Tables manners are important in China . If one is invited to dinner , he should not late and should bring some small gift for the host . The oldest sits facing the door or the window and the other gests sit in order of his age . One should begin eating until everyone was seated . It is bad manners to eat only from the best dish , to talk with the mouths full and eat neither too fast or too slow . If one finishes eating and wish to leave , (九) When Joe left university , he was got a job in a factory , but after he had been where for some years , he decided that he have a change , so he put a notice in several newspapers, said what experience he had and the kind of job he would like to have . One of the answer received was from a man who was looking a job , too . This man wrote to him , "Dear , sir when you get a new job , be kind enough to give your name and address to your present master as I have been tried to find a position like yours for a long time ,"After he read the letter ,
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
he should say " Take your time , please "to the other guests .
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
he audden realized that what he had done was really foolish. (十) All the world people enjoy sports . Sports
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
help to keep people healthy , happily and help them to live longer . Many people like to watch the others to play games . They buy tickets or turn up their TV to watch them . Often they get very happy when "their" players or team win . Some sports are very interested and people everywhere like them very much . Football , for example , played around the world . Swimming is popular at all countries near the sea or in those of many rivers or lakes . 参考答案:
  4. had?but
  2. \ to
  3. woman's?(一)
  1. and At
  9. different
  8. For ?love
  7. none? (二)
  1.saying on
  7. ^ it
  8. fell
  2. \ a
  3. was
  6. loves parent
  5. that?when
  6. in ^the (fat)

  9. clearly

  4. another?though
  2. big?(三)
  1. across
  6. ^be dead
  7. dying breath
  1. American
  2. in
  8. lay
  9. right
  5. ^ to ?on
  3. \ for
  4. much?(四) his?not
  10. her?both
  7. \ out
  8. right

  9. no?
(五) bought?to
  4. right
  5. buy?too
  3. and?but
  2. so?
  6. \ be With?her
  8. ^ the manager
  9.another 10 In ?
  7. him
  5. no ?to
  4. In ?in (六)
  1. \ have
  2. not?On which
  7. \ as ?

  6. that
  8. right
  9. bicycles
  10. \ of
  2. teacher ^ who?(七)
  1. 第二 are
  4. \ the
  5. teacher ^and
  6. ^ to to
  4. sit
  7. \ an
  8. right on
  10. broadcasts?
  9. in

  1. Table
  2. ^ be
  3. for their?his
  6. should not
  7. was 10 wishes
  2. where answers
  8. right
  9. neither?
  9. right ?
  3. he^ would
  4. saying
  1. \ was my
  8. trying on

  6. looking ^ for
  7. your

  5. right ?(十)
  1. All ^ over
  2. happy
  3. \ the
  4. up
  6. wins
  7. interesting
  8. ^ is played
  9. at
with? in
  10. of?



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