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be/get acquainted with 熟悉 at the moment 目前 for the moment 暂时 a moment/a short time 一会 the moment/as soon as 一…就… make profits 获利 take/do exercise 体育锻炼 do exercises 做习题 couldn’t…without… take…to… It took me 10 minutes to get changed.换衣服 not…until… 直到…才… take up 占据 1/3 one thirds be full of/be filled with be ready for sth get ready to do sth asleep adj. be/get asleep sleepy adj. feel sleepy complain to sb about sth so that 因此 so…that… 太…以至于… such a/an n. that by 5:00 = at before 5:00 work one’s way through sth 自始至终做… a pile of 一堆 this way round 这个方向 the other way round 反方向 the right way round 正是这个方向 prefer sth to sth prefer doing to doing prefer to do rather than do imagine doing a large part of 大部分的 take turns to do 轮流做… in the front of 里 in front of 外 be supposed to do rise v. 升起 raise v. 举 deal with = cope with 应付 social manner 社交行为 hate doing/to do be generous with 对…慷慨 be mean about/with 吝啬
31 as a result of = because of 32 leave for 前往 leave…for… 离开…去… 33 from a habit of doing 养成…习惯 34 without trouble of doing sth 省得干…的麻烦 35 do harm to 36 far from 远离 37 used to do 过去常常 be/get used to doing 习惯于 38 manage to do sth = succeed in doing sth 39 otherwise 否则 therefore 因此 thus 这样 40 besides 除了(包括) beside 在…旁边 41 except 和 except for Except a new chair, the room has no furniture. 一类 Except a new chair, the room is empty. 不同类 42 as soon as = the moment 43 none:人、物 no one:人 44 should have done 本应 45 reason sb into (out of) doing sth 说服 sb 使做/不做 sth 46 be famous for 以…出名 be famous as 以…身分出名 47 lift off 发射/起飞 lift down 放下 48 separate from 把…分开 49 on behalf of 代表 50 let out 释放,泄露 51 hundred thousand million 前加数无 s/~s of 52 place…on… 把…建立在…上 53 name after 以…命名 54 be willing to do 愿意做… be reluctant to do 不愿做… 55 come to an end 结束 56 make progress 无"a" 57 train sb to do sth 58 be keen on 非常喜欢 be keen to do 渴望… 59 compete against/with 竞争 protest against 抗议 60 lead a revolution 61 lay stress on sth 强调…的重要 62 look back ① 回头看/回忆 ②+never/not 停滞
63 result in 导致 64 even if 即使(假定) even though 即使(真实) v. 65 The price includes the tax. I have three friends including A. prep. I have three books, an E book included. adj. 66 as if = as though 好像 67 be honest(strict)with sb be honest(strict)in sth 68 protect against 69 take your time 别着急 70 go ahead 向前走/干吧 71 out of the reach/touch 够不着 72 in turn 轮流/反过来 in return 作为回报 73 be made of 看得出原材料 be made from 看不出…. make into 做成了… 74 do wrong to sb 冤枉 75 struggle for 为…奋斗 struggle against 反对 76 judging from = to judge by 由…判断 Judging from what he said, he must be an honest man. 77 burn down 烧毁 78 the boiled water 凉白开 the boiling water 沸腾的水 79 with the help of 在…的帮助下 80 shake off 摆脱 81 be lack of 缺少 82 as we know = as is known …… 正如 83 that depends 说不准 84 Need 提问:肯 Yes, I must. 否 No,I needn’t. 85 catch sight of 看到 86 make use(宾一) of sth(宾二)利用 被动语态:宾一 Good use should be made of computers. 宾二 Computers should be made use of. 87 因为 ①because ②as ③since ④,for 88 call on sb 拜访(号召) call at sp 访问 call up 打电话,使回忆 call back 回电话 call off 取消 call for 需要/接(sb)
manage to do = succeed in doing connect + n.+ with/to + n. be connected to/with 与…相连接 refuse to do reject sth 93 help to 有助于 help (sb) out 帮助摆脱(困境) 94 get…off 把…摘下来 95 Being taught by him. 正在被 Taught by him. 被 Having been taught by him for… 被…了多长时间 96 other than 除了…(多用于否定句) 97 in charge 负责 98 combine sth with sth 99 match…with… 和…搭配 100 in secret 秘密地 101 settle in 定居 102 cut off from 隔离 103 not really 不完全是 104 need doing/need to be done 105 in the future 在将来 in future 以后 106 go into action 付诸于行动 107 practise doing 108 close down 关闭 109 call off 取消 110 set off 出发 111 pay attention to(prep.) doing 112 敲打击用 the 113 ?I’m sorry. ?Never mind. 114 turn into 变成 115 in the flesh 亲身 116 have problem with 117 rely on 依靠 118 be known as 被认为是 be known for 以…著名 119 hardly…when… 一…就… no sooner…than 120 go back to/date back to 追溯到/始于 (主动) 121 consist of/is made up of 由…组成 122 impress sb on sth/impress on sb that 使…铭记 123 pick up ①捡 ②接(放学)③接收(video)④获得 ⑤恢复健康 124 finish…with… 用…结束… 125 attend a meeting
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126 in charge of 我负责别人 in the charge of 别人负责我 127 grow out of 起源于 128 别人谢,我说:That’s ok/It’s a pleasure 谢别人:It’s very kind/nice of you Pardon me 表歉意 回答:It doesn’t matter/Never mind 129 in skillful ways 以熟练的方式 130 none 指人/物 no one 指人 131 note down/take notes of 记笔记 132 at latest 最迟 133 call for = need 134 be lack of 缺少 135 fit (大小) suit + 人(颜色) match 不+人 136 I don’t know = I have no idea 137 take the place of 代替 138 The earth is 49 times as large as the moon. The earth is 48 times larger than the moon. 139 come on 加油 140 go in for 喜欢 141 many a n. = many n.s 142 a second 又一 143 in sort 简言之 144 in case 万一 145 come about 发生 146 in couples 成双成对地 147 fit in with 适合 148 work out 顺利完成 149 such as to 到…的地步 150 the letter says the sign reads 151 now that 既然 152 hold an exhibition 153 add up to 总计 add…to 添加 154 hold down 压制 hold out 提出 hold up 举起/阻挡 155 keep well 保鲜 156 at…speed 以…的速度 157 sink (sink?sank?sunk) into a chair
158 give in 屈服 give off 发出,长出 give out 分发,用尽 give away 分发,泄露 159 go out 出去/熄灭 160 Seeing(由于) that she was going off to sleep, I asked if she’d like a doll. 161 come across 偶然遇见 come over 顺便来访 162 get off 下车 163 非常:rather (色彩:抱怨) fairly (色彩:高兴) 164 cross out 删掉 165 come up to sb 走到 sb 跟前 166 listen to music (无 the) 167 at a time 一次 at one time 曾经 168 (time) go by 169 go over 复习 170 have mercy on/show mercy to 同情 171 dream of/about doing 梦想做… 172 be home to… 是…的原产地 173 It’s no wonder that 难怪 174 look forward to doing 175 a matter of… …的问题 176 agree on 决定 agree with 同意 sb 的话 agree to 同意(+提议/计划) 177 remind sb of sth/sb ………sb to do 178 the letter 后者 179 at your service 愿意效劳 180 take pains to do = take efforts to do 181 protect sb/sth from sth/doing 保护…远离… protect sb/sth with sth 用…保护 182 make an arrangement 183 mean doing 意味着 mean to do 打算做 184 suggest doing 185 sort of 有几分地 all sorts of 各种 186 get through 通过/完成 187 get into 进入 188 get down 下来/写下 189 get on/along 进行
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be marked with 被留下…的记号 merry sb/get(be) married to sb come to 达到 by sea 乘船 make up 化妆/编造(故事)/组成 make out 书写 stand for 代表 turn to sb(for help) 向 sb 求助 be blamed for 为(sth)受责备 a large number of +可数 thus 于是 therefore 因此 weather 不可数 take your time 别着急 be frightened at make sb do be made to do everyday 定 every day 状 on the left side(of the street) fix one’s eyes on eyes were fixed on deep in thought try out 试用 try on 试穿 refer to 提及/参考/递交 relate…to 把…联系起来 blame/scold/criticize sb for sth used to do 过去常常 be used to (doing) sth 习惯于 be used to do 被用作 三态:gas/liquid/solid although/though(都能句首) 不能加 but repeat 不能加 again because 不能加 so free…from… 时刻表:一般现在时 in 1900 in the 1900s at times 有时 what’s more 况且 rise 上升/增加 raise 上升/筹集 I made it 我成功了
222 in the last 30 years +完成时 223 adj. n. wide width long length deep depth 224 be pessimistic/optimistic about 225 It’s clear that 226 with the increasing use of 227 have a bad effect on 228 with a long history 229 in seconds 在几秒钟之内 230 have a population of 231 get in touch with 和…取得联系 232 carry out 执行,完成 233 come out 出版 234 be impressed by 留下印象 235 play an important role in 在…起重要作用 236 in other words 换句话说 237 dance to 238 sing alone to 239 back and forth 来回 240 to the rhythm of… 和着节奏 241 skip over 略过 242 on special occasions 243 develop from 出自 244 be popular with 245 be familiar to 主:事 …………with 主:人 246 show interest in 247 during one’s youth 248 wave goodbye to 249 so far 到目前为止 250 worry about 251 add fuel to the fire 252 虚:主句 would/could/might + do 从句(if)一般过去时 253 at the seaside 254 in the street 255 on a storm night 256 whose 表所属关系(不限人/物) 257 It’s obvious… 258 TV series 电视连续剧 259 talk show 谈话节目 260 couch potato 终日懒散在家的人 261 remote control 遥控
262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299
alarm clock 闹钟 go off 响 suffer from 忍受 distance learning 远程学习 over the years 数年间 kung fu 功夫 manned spaceship 载人飞船 on one's own 独自地 pull through 使渡过难关 commit suicide 自杀 get involved with 参加 far too 太 come off it 别胡扯 You’ve got a point there 你说的有道理 the Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节 the Dragon(龙) Boat Festival 端午节 bean paste 豆馅 the Lantern Festival 元宵节 sweet dumpling 元宵 hot pot 火锅 apply for 申请 put up 举起/建造 put off 延后 carry on 继续/坚持 as well 也 as well as 也 global warming 全球变暖 hang on 别挂断 be up to 做/从事于 non-smoker in some ways 在某些方面 tap dancing 踢踏舞 hold one’s breath 屏住呼吸 air conditioner 空调 prevent…from… take pride in = be proud of too…to (反) enough…to separate…from… aboard 在船上 abroad 在国外 in the distance 在远处 within distance 在…的范围内 out of distance 离…太远 keep sb at a distance 对 sb 保持疏远 be crowded with
301 no use(useless) doing 302 In the past 10 years, there have been great changes in our hometown. 303 on one’s own 独自,靠自己 of one’s own 自己的,特有的 adj. 304 as far as 远至…,就…的限度 305 ought to 应该 306 encourage to do 307 in honor of 为…祝贺 308 get rid of 去掉 309 apply for 310 thank you for doing 311 dozens of 几十,多数的 312 stick down 粘贴,放置 313 参加会议:attend 314 play tricks 捉弄 315 in support of 支持 316 speak out/of 谈话/谈到 317 link…to/with 把…连起来 318 on Christmas Eve 在圣诞节前夜 319 manage to do 设法做… 320 decorate…with 321 serve sb with sth = serve sth to sb 322 in celebration of 为了庆祝 323 strength 体力/精神力量 force 强迫 324 must have done 对过去推测 325 by accident 326 infect v.传染 material adj.实质性的 327 do harm to sb/sth = do sb/sth harm 328 go wrong 走错路/(机器)发生故障 329 offer sb sth= offer sth to sb 330 help (oneself) to 随意取用 331 can’t help doing 忍不住 332 match with/to 把…搭配起来 333 形容 population:large/small 334 however 然而/无论如何 335 go on to do 继续干 336 on the evening of Dec.6th 337 come along 出现/进步 338 fix up 安排/整理 339 out of one’s mind 发疯 340 for company 陪伴 341 switch on/off 打开/关上开关 switch over 转换频道,转变



   学英语简单吗?肯定会有许多学生说: 难死了 难死了”。 学英语简单吗?肯定会有许多学生说:“难死了 。 为什么有好多学生对英语的学习都感到头疼呢?答案只有一个: 不得法 不得法。 为什么有好多学生对英语的学习都感到头疼呢?答案只有一个:“不得法。” 英 语与汉语一样都是一种语言, 为什么你说汉语会如此流利? 语与汉语一样都是一种语言, 为什么你说汉语会如此流利?那是因为你置身于一 个汉语环境中,如果你在伦敦呆上半年,保准说起英语来会非常流利。 个汉语环境中,如果你在伦敦呆上半年,保准说起英语 ...


   Units 1-2 Ⅰ.重要词汇及短语 1.set down 记下;写下 2.in the first place 首先;第一;原先 3.burst into sth. 突然而猛烈地发出或产生某事物 4.centre on/upon 将某人(某事物)当作中心或重点 5.concentrate on 专心致志于 6.Tour de France 环法自行车赛 7.keep track of 记录;掌握……的线索;保持对……的联系 8.stand out 突出;出色 9.be diagnosed ...


   Unit 单词 10 29. 商人,实业家 30. 炉子 31. (酒)醉的 32. 新闻工作者,记者 33. 贪婪的,贪心的 34. 爆玉米花 35. 香烟 36. 决心要做的事 37. 粗鲁的,无理的 38. 扶手椅 39. 地毯 40. 花瓶 41. 交易,便宜货,讨价还价 42. 现金,现款 43. 产品,出品 44. 传真 45. 围巾,头巾,披巾 46. 项链,项圈 47. 很感兴趣的,热情的 48. 羞耻的,惭愧的 49. 坚定的,稳固的 50. 好斗的,有进取心的 51. 食 ...


   30 天学不会英语 无效退款 宫方网站 www.28k.cn 单词 Unit 7 51. penguin 52. coal 53. discover y 54. crab 55. educate 56. up-to-date 57. attraction 58. attract 59. shark 60. discount 61. trick 62. melt 63. measure 64. length 65. schoolboy 66. centimetre 67. barrel 68. ...


   单词 Unit 7 1. participate 2. evaluate 3. arrange 4. chimpanzee 5. dolphin 6. sign 7. hunt 8. actor 9. actress 10. writer 11. collection 12. ski 13. windsurfing 14. frightening 15. underwater 16. spirit 17. explorer 18. sailor 19. Viking 20. voyage 2 ...


   30 天学不会英语 无效退款 宫方网站 www.28k.cn 单词 Unit 1 41. basin 42. challenge 43. support 44. dia l 45. design 46. advertisement 47. presentation 48. solve 49. accountant 50. tube 51. crowded 52. nearby 53. otherwise 54. forecast 55. crowd 56. lung 57. dista nc ...

【超级精品】2011年高考第一轮总复习英语全套学案讲义(教师版)-必修一 Unit 1 School life

   索引教育官方网站: 留学论坛: 索引教育官方网站:www.indexedu.com.cn 留学论坛:bbs.indexedu.com (2009?江苏高考)鼠标是计算机时代最佳的人机交互工具之一。它极大地方便了人们的计算机操作。但是, 过分依赖鼠标的习惯也会带来一些不利影响。请你以鼠标为切入点,根据下表所提示的信息,用英语写一篇短文。 考题在线 注意:1.对所给要点逐一陈述,适当发挥,不要简单翻译。 2.词数 150 左右。开头已经写好,不计入总词数。 3.作文中不得提及考生所在学校和本人姓 ...


   高中英语单词( 高中英语单词(二) 中文 A 算盘 最重要;首先 按照;根据……所说 男演员;行动者 加;增加;加法 另外;也 容许;承认;接纳 做广告;登广告 影响;感动;侵袭 然后;后来 使吃惊;惊讶 令人吃惊的 琥珀;琥珀色 分析的 古代的;古老的 机器人 羚羊 无论如何;即使如此 分离;分别地 外观;外貌;出现 应用;用途;申请 鉴赏;感激;意识到 出现;发生 人造的;假的 艺术家 结果 也;又;还 处于交战状态 雅典 运动员;运动选手 体育运动;竞技 亚特兰大 系上;缚上;附加;连 ...


   必修一 1) It was the first time in a year and a half that I had seen the night face to face. (从句时态用完成时) 这是我一年半以来第一次目睹夜晚。 2) I wonder if it’s because I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long that I’ve grown so crazy about everything to do with na ...


   survey 调查.测验 add up 合计 upset adj 心烦意乱的;不安的,不适的 ignore 不理睬.忽视 have got to 不得不;必须 concern(使)担比:涉及;关系到 be concerned about 关心.挂念 walk the dog 遇狗 loose adj 松的.松开的 vet 兽医 go through 经历;经受 Amsterdam 阿姆斯特丹(荷兰首都) Netherlands 荷兰(西欧国家) Jew 犹太人的;犹太族的 German 德国 ...



   关于如何提高阅读能力,老师们讲得都很多,各种方法和技巧也是层出不穷。其实无论冠 以何种名称,无外乎两条线索。 第一、 通过抓住文章中鲜明地表达起承转合关系的词汇来把握句间逻辑关系, 进而推测 文章内容重点、 预估命题线索, 最后藉由关键词的帮助力图使其与文后题目相结合??若出 题点与阅读重点恰巧吻合则往往能顺利得到答案。 毋庸讳言,这种方法在应对传统阅读考试中的细节题型和部分推理题时往往比较有效, 而且在某些情况下可以大大缩短解题时间。但其缺陷在于,随着各类阅读考试不断演化,纯 粹意义上的细 ...


   小学六年级英语阅读竞赛试题 http://www.sina.com.cn 2009 年 02 月 20 日 15:41 巨人网 六年级英语阅读竞赛试题 school " name mark 一、Read and judge 阅读短文,判断下列句子正(T)误(F)。 Passage 1 Many parts of the world have four seasons. They are spring, summer, fall and winter. Spring follows wint ...


   详解考研英语翻译法则 (已经本人编辑过) 英译汉考试的重点是测试学生对英语的理解能力及汉语表达能力。 在教育部制定的硕士 学位研究生英语教学大纲中,规定了硕士生入学时应达到的英语水平标准,有关翻译部分的规 定是“能将一般难度的英语短文译成汉语,理解基本正确,译文达意” 。这就需要考生既要 有比较好的英语基础,还要有扎实的汉语功底。翻译是一项对综合能力要求比较高的题型, 它不仅要求学生对词汇、语法、语篇以及文化等有较好的掌握,还要求学生有着很强的组词 成句、组句成段的能力。仔细观察历年的考题, ...

EF 英孚英语测试

   英孚测试题 1. We didn't want to get in trouble, we parked in the lot around the corner. 由 PDF 转换器 未注册版生成 如果您需要去掉这行字,请注册购买 PDF 转换器 A. so B. but C. because D. although The Correct Answer is 1 2. "Are you and Richard in the same apartment building?&qu ...


   英语说课 Unit4 Reading A Night The Earth Didn't Sleep[ 时间:2009-12-14 | 栏目:高中英语说课稿 2009.12.6 Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, I'm greatly honored to have the opportunity to share my teaching ideas with you. I am No.8 and my topic is "A night t ...