高一上 高一上英语总复习 Book 1 Unit 4 Earthquakes 重点词汇(写出中文) 重点词汇 right away extreme dig out injure bury earthquake million destroy title burst track damage event shock frighten/-ed/-ing as if rescue judge at an end trap express nation electricity congratulation in ruins disaster sincerely 非重点词汇 还不太会读的词汇(按拼读规律尝试记忆,适当抄写) 还不太能记住意思的词汇(熟读课文,帮助记忆) 用适当形式填空 用适当形式填空 [a/the number of, useless, frighten, destroy, damage, in ruins, terror]
  1. passengers died in the traffic accident, but the dead hasn’t been reported.
  2. The man with a beard shouted with a voice and many kids were into screams.
  3. After the natural disaster, the whole seaside town was .
  4. The storm brought great to the farms. Almost all the crops . 课文回顾 Several days before July 28, 1976, many s things happened in Tangshan. They were signs for the e. But people in the city of Tangshan didn’t think m of these. At 3:42 am that day, the earth began to s, which d the city. Many people, including workers and doctors, came to r those trapped under the ruins. Later that afternoon, another big earthquake s Tangshan. More people were killed or injured and more buildings f down. Soldiers were called in to help the rescue workers. Teams were organized to d out the trapped and b the dead. 重点句型 定语从句
  1. People whose homes were destroyed by the flood last week are building new ones. 限制性
  2. The people of the city, who thought little of these events, were asleep as usual. 非限制性
  3. It seemed as if the world was at an end. It looked as if the room had been broken into.
  4. All hope was not lost. = Not all hope was lost.
  5. People began to wonder how long the disaster would last. 语法巩固练习 语法巩固练习 连句(使用定语从句)
  1. Have you found the bike? You were looking for that bike this morning.
高一上期末复习卷 Book 1 Unit 4 Earthquakes

  2. The book is very interesting. I bought the book yesterday.
  3. I saw some trees. Their leaves were black with disease.
  4. The girl is our monitor. She is playing the piano over there.
  5. He was born in a town. The town is far away from the city. 单项填空
  1. The famous basketball star, tried to make a comeback, attracted a lot of attention. A. where B. when C. which D. who
  2. She heard a terrible noise, brought her heart into her mouth. A. it B. which C. this D. that
  3. York, I visited last year, is a nice old city. A. that B. which C. where D. in which
  4. The English play my students acted at the New Year’s party was a great success. A. for which B. at which C. in which D. on which
  5. Is this factory you visited last Sunday? A. the one B. which C. that D. where
  6. They ask about the things and teachers they still remembered in the school. A. which B. that C. whom D. that and who
  7. I will always remember those days I spent with him sailing on the sea. A. on that B. on which C. when D. which
  8. His English, used to be very poor, is now excellent. A. that B. which C. it D. whom
  9. George Orwell, was Eric Arthur, wrote many political novels and essays. A. the real name B. what his real name C. his real name D. whose real name
  10. is reported in the newspaper, talks between the two countries are making progress. A. It B. As C. That D. What 完形填空 Miss Carter is a beautiful girl. Her father (
  1) two years ago and her mother made a terrible mistake and (
  2). She began to live a hard life. When she (
  3) middle school, she couldn't go on studying. Her uncle found a (
  4) for her. Mr Baker, a rich shopkeeper, hired(雇) her. Her work was to clean the rooms and sweep the floors. She tried her (
  5) and worked hard. Mrs Baker liked her and paid her (
  6) than the other servants(佣人). It was Sunday, Mr Baker was reading and Mrs Baker was watching TV in the sitting room. The girl came in and said, “I'm (
  7), Mrs Baker. I have to tell you I can't work for you any longer.” It (
  8) Mr. and Mrs Baker. The woman asked, “What makes you say that? Aren't we
高一上期末复习卷 Book 1 Unit 4 Earthquakes
  9) to you?” “Yes, you are, Madam,” the girl said. “Have you found a piece of (
  10) work yet?” Mrs Baker asked. “No, I haven't,” Miss Carter said. “(
  11) I don't think you trust me.” “You are (
  12), Miss Carter,” said Mr Baker. “I always think you are a (
  13) girl. And I often leave my keys in my study.” “It was (
  14) that you often left the keys in your study,”said the girl. “But I could use none of them to (
  15) the safe(保险箱).” “Well,” said Mr. Baker. “You can go right now!” ( )
  1. A. died B. die C. dying D. dead ( )
  2. A. hurried off B. hurried to C. sent away D. stopped ( )
  3. A. finished B. stopped C. end D. over ( )
  4. A. work B. works C. job D. jobs ( )
  5. A. better B. good C. best D. well ( )
  6. A. much B. more C. little D. less ( )
  7. A. sorry B. glad C. angry D. please ( )
  8. A. in surprise B. surprise C. surprised D. surprises ( )
  9. A. friendly B. friend C. rich D. cold ( )
  10. A. good B. better C. best D. well ( )
  11. A. But B. And C. Though D. What ( )
  12. A. wrong B. right C. foolish D. bright ( )
  13. A. bad B. good C. well D. happy ( )
  14. A. poor B. true C. bad D. well ( )
  15. A. break B. answer C. find D. open 阅读理解 Millions of years ago there were many types of dinosaurs(恐龙) on earth. Most dinosaurs were plant-eaters. The Apatosaurus, for example, had a long thin neck so that it could eat leaves from trees. Other dinosaurs were meat eaters. The Tyrannosaurus Rex killed smaller dinosaurs for food. Dinosaurs were real animals that once lived on the earth, but they died out about 65 million years ago. The disappearance of the dinosaurs is in some way a great mystery that nobody can answer. Some scientists think that the climate(气候) changed suddenly. Fossils(化石) of trees tell us that the temperature dropped a lot and that the level of the sea fell as well. This means that it got suddenly much colder. Perhaps the dinosaurs were too slow to change with the climate. A new idea is that a meteor(流星) or two meteors crashed into the earth. Scientists discovered a place in Mexico where they think the meteor crashed. They think that there was a lot of dust made by the crashing of the meteor. The dust floated in the air and blocked the sun's light for as long as five years. Many animals, including dinosaurs, were plant-eaters, and perhaps the dust killed them. This means there was nothing left for meat eating dinosaurs to eat, and so they died out. But, as many animals of that time didn’t die, we don’t know what really happened.
高一上期末复习卷 Book 1 Unit 4 Earthquakes

  1. What is the subject discussed in the text? A. Dinosaurs, the real animals living millions of years ago. B. The two types of dinosaurs. C. The probable reasons for dinosaurs’ disappearance. D. A meteor crashed into the earth.
  2. What are the two possible explanations to the dinosaurs’ disappearance? A. Temperature dropping and sea level dropping. B. Climate changing and meteors’ crashing. C. The dropping of temperature and sea level. D. Climate changing and the dust blocking the sun.
  3. What is the direct cause of the disappearance of meat eating dinosaurs? A. A meteor's crashing. B. The dust blocking the sun. C. The plant-eating dinosaurs' death. D. It is still unknown. 单句改错 (连词错误)
  1. For he lost the examination paper, the teacher asked him to do it again.
  2. Do you still remember that he talked about at the meeting yesterday?
  3. Although the weather is turning from bad to worse, but they kept on working.
  4. It really amazed us the old man was able to lift the stone of 100kg.
  5. Nobody should take any book out of this reading room until the librarian allows.
  6. No one will forget the moment that the terrible earthquake took place in Wenchuan.
  7. If you like it or not, I will put up this tent as a shelter for the homeless tonight.
  8. Whatever expensive the computer is, we have to buy one as our business increases.
  9. Those that have suggestions may leave a message on the notebook or telephone the secretary.
  10. A male peacock differs from a female in which the male has a beautiful tail that can spread. 翻译填空
  1. 握手 握手是表示友好 友好的一种方式。 友好
  2. 尽管 尽管是暑假,学校图书馆照常 照常对学生开放。 照常
  3. 数以万计的 数以万计的鸟类栖息在这个岛屿上。
  4. 天塌下 塌下来我扛着。 塌下 建造一个雕塑以纪念 纪念那条救人的狗。
  5. 在车站北面 北面的广场上将建造 北面 建造 纪念
  6. 从声音判断 判断,说话的人就困在 困在我们脚下的废墟中。 判断 困在
  7. 我们学校因为 因为舞蹈教学而闻名 而闻名全省。 因为 而闻名
  8. 垃圾散发 散发的味道太浓以至于 以至于我都不能顺畅呼吸。 散发 太 以至于 不
  9.害羞的小女孩没有道谢,而只是给了我一个感激的眼神。 (代替,而不是)
高一上期末复习卷 Book 1 Unit 4 Earthquakes


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