英语必修③ 英语必修 ③词汇测试
I. 单词拼写 : (30 分 ) 单词拼写:

  9. All roads lead to Rome, as we all know. customs . permission . When we go to a different country, we should follow its It is not proper for him to enter the lab without A daily Betty is a newspaper is published every day. lovely girl and everyone likes her. to people’s health. diet . debt . harm
Pollution does
In order to keep thinner, he is on a A mushroom
学号 学号:
His company was closed and he was in looks like an umbrella. balance .

  10. Riders need a sense of
  11. He is a liar.
  12. A mother naturally feels
  14. It is silly
That is, he is always telling proud
lies . with you.
姓名 姓名:
towards her children. patience

  13. I warn you; I’m beginning to lose my
  15. Be careful! He is a wolf
of you to do such a funny and useless thing. in sheep’s clothing. indeed . director who directed several famous films. in the building. of modern society, many new techniques have been

  16. A friend in need is a friend
  17. Zhang Yimou is a Chinese
  18. Dogs are not
  19. With the developed.
  20. His health gradually oxygen surface permitted development
班别 班别:
improved. telescope . in the air. to animals to breathe. floating of the earth is covered by water. languages of Canada? dawn to dark. by green trees.

  21. An astronomer observes the space through
  22. Plants supply
  24. The two-thirds
  23. They stood still, looking at the balloons
  25. English and French are official

  26. In spring, farmers are always working from
  27. There are some islands off the
  28. It is a wonderful place!
  29. Our maths teacher is
  30. The coast . Our school is
strict with us in our study.
airplane / aeroplane
took off before I got to the airport.

短语翻译: 短语翻译 : (40 分 )

  32. 遵守诺言_ keep one’s word _
  34. 打扮、盛装_ dress up _
  36. 谋生_ earn / make one’s living _
  38. 扔掉_ throw away _
  40. 羡慕、嫉妒_ be jealous of _
  42. 衣着破烂_in rags_
  44. 取决于、依靠_ depend on _
  46. 既然_ now that _
  48. 对......有天赋_ have a gift for _
  50. 在……路上_ on one’s way to _

  31. 为了纪念某人_ in memory of sb. _
  33. 屏住呼吸_ hold one’s breath _
  35. 除掉_ get rid of _
  37. 厌倦_ be tired of _
  39. 开始、做吧_ go ahead _
  41. 盯着_ stare at _
  43. 总的来说_ generally speaking _
  45. 突然爆发_ break out _
  47. 远到、直到、至于_ as far as _
  49. 在远处_ in the distance _
句型转换: 句型转换 : (30 分 )
was satisfied to at with Jenny’s answer to the question.

  51. Jenny’s answer to the question satisfied her teacher very much. The teacher Tom got
  52. Tom married Joan last year. married Joan last year. a speed of 40 kilometres an hour along the snow
  53. Dogs pulled long sleds at 40 kilometres an hour along the snow track. Dogs pulled long sleds track.
  54. They began chatting about menus and balanced diet. They began To As be is having a chat about menus and balanced diet.
  55. Honestly speaking, I have no money on me. honest , I have no money on me. well-known , many American like to eat a lot. as well as in the sea.
  56. It is well known that many American like to eat a lot.
  57. Amphibians were able to live on land together with in the sea. Amphibians were able to live on land Why dinosaurs Xiao Hua China has a died left out for
  58. Why dinosaurs disappeared is a mystery. is a mystery. Shanghai. of
  1.4 billion.
  59. Xiao Hua has left here. He has gone to Shanghai.

  60. The population of China is
  1.4 billion. has population



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   高中英语必修 3 单词 Unit 1 发生 n.美;美人 n. & vt. & vi. 收获;收割 n. 庆祝;祝贺 n. 狩猎者;猎人 vi. & vt. (使)饿死; 饿得要死 n. 起源;由来;起因 adj. 宗教上的;信奉宗教的; adj. 季节的;季节性的 n. 祖先;祖宗 △ Obon n. (日本)盂兰盆节 n. 坟墓;墓地 △ incense n. 熏香;熏香的烟 纪念;追念 Mexico n. 墨西哥(拉丁美洲国家) n. 节日;盛宴 n. 头脑;头 ...


   Book3 Adj. religious 宗教上的 seasonal 季节的 independent 自主的 agricultural 农业的 lunar 月亮的,阴历的 Christian 基督教徒的 energetic 积极的,充满活力的 worldwide 世界性的 fool 傻的 obvious 明显的 protective 保护的 roast 烤制的 sugary 含糖的,甜的 poisonous 有毒的 limited 有限的 novel 新奇的 raw 生的 solar 太阳的 ...


   必修 3 必修 3 Unit 1 1、 take place 、 2、 beauty n. 、 3、 harvest n. & vt. & vi. 、 4、 celebration n. 、 5、 hunter n. 、 6、 starve vi. & vt. 、 7、 origin n. 、 8、 religious adj 、 9、 △seasonal adj. 、 10、 ancestor n. 、 11、 Obon n. 、 12、 grave n. 、 13 ...


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   1 (see 、hear 、notice 、find 、feel 、listen to 、 look at (感官动词)+do eg:I like watching monkeys jump 2 (比较级 and 比较级) 表示越来越怎么样 3 a piece of cake =easy 小菜一碟(容易) 4 agree with sb 赞成某人 5 all kinds of 各种各样 a kind of 一样 6 all over the world = the whole world 整 ...


   必修一 Module 1 academic [,?Y'demik] adj. 学术的 province ['prRvins] n. 省 enthusiastic [in,θju:zi'?tik] adj.热心的, amazing [Y'meiziK] adj.令人吃惊的;令人惊讶的 information [,infY'mei?Yn] n. 消息 website [ web’sait] n.网站;网址 brilliant ['briljYnt] adj.(口语)极好的 comprehensi ...



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   (一)关于任务型教学的模式: 根据国家最近颁布的英语课程标准,目前倡导的"任务型"的教学途 径,以培养学生综合运用语言的能力。"任务型"教学以学生"能做谋事" 的描述方式设定目标要求,教师应避免单纯传授语言知识的教学方法, 尽量采用"任务型"的教学途径。 "任务型"的教学的教师应该依据课程的 总体目标并结合教学内容,创造性地设计贴近学生实际的教学活动,吸 引和组织学生积极参与,学生通过思考、调 ...

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