高一下学期英语期末复习题 高一下学期英语期末复习题 英语 模块三 Unit 1 The world of our senses 一、单词填空
  1. He spent a year on the d island and made a living on wild fruits.
  2. Our car bumped up and down on the r road.
  3. The girl f at the sight of the frightening snake.
  4. After years of hard study, now we can say c , “We can pass the entrance exam.”
  5. P, I don’t like the painting, though many people think it good.
  6. Are there any v for the competition? Please sign here on the paper.
  7. The scientist had done many e before he succeeded in finding the secret.
  8. This is only a t job for him; he is trying to find a new one, a full-time job.
  9. They sat at the back of the room, talking in (低声).
  10. Though seemingly (凶猛), the dog was gentle really.
  11. In the flood twenty people were d and more missing.
  12. In the war, the soldier was badly w in the head.
  13. She has been dieting in order to r her weight.
  14. You can hardly a meeting her if you both work in the same office.
  15. I tried to tell her but she (不理睬) me.
  16. It’s not polite to s at the foreigners.
  17. We saw a high mountain in the d.
  18. To our great joy, she has made p in English with the help of her English teacher.
  19. The accused man was (看,观察)to enter the bank/ trying to force the lock of the door.
  20. He asked her to marry him and she a his proposal. 二、单项选择题
  21. I’ll take my share of money; the yours. A. other are B. other is C. rest are D. rest is
  22. The Cleveland Cavaliers the Los Angeles Lakers 108-89 in the NBA on Sunday. A. hit B. hitted C. beat D. beated
  23. Attention, please. And keep when I am taking a photograph of you. A. calm B. quiet C. still D. silent
  24. What do you think of the TV play “The Meteor Garden”? I take no interest in it. One of the reasons is that such a life is out of our . A. mind B. reach C. sight D. point
  25. dangerous animals such as tigers and wolves while travelling in this forest. A. Watch out B. Watch out for C. Looking out for D. Look out of
  26. Can you what happened in your childhood to your present state of mind? A. connect B. keep in touch with C. relate D. join to
  27. Having seized the historical developing opportunity, we Chinese people are all the advantages we have, heading for the goal. A. trying our best of B. going all out of C. sparing no effort of D. making the best of
  28. The doctor keeps touch telephone his patients A. in; with; with B. in; by ; with C. on; by; with D. on; with; by
  29. All of sudden, I caught sight of my English teacher in the crowd, smiling to me. I
calmed down. A. a; / B. a; a C. / ; a D. / ; /
  30. New ideas have to wait for years before . A. being fully accepted B. fully accepted C. fully accepting D. to fully accept
  31. Why didn’t you discuss it with her since you were free? I had no . A. time B. ideas C. opportunity D. money
  32. They keep horses and cattle, the former for riding, for food. A. latter B. the latter C. later D. the later
  33. He was shot in a gun fight. A. deadly B. dying C. death D. dead
  34. They found the lost child in the cave. A. hide B. hiding C. hid D. hidden
  35. Mr Zhang gave the textbooks to all the people those who had already taken them. A. besides B. except C. except for D. except that
  36. Wang Mei, two more girls in our class took part in 1,500-meter race and she won the first. A. Except B. Except for C. Besides D. But
  37. I know nothing about the meeting it was held. A. besides B. except C. except for D. except where
  38. English is used a second language in some countries. A. as B. for C. like D. by
  39. Mother was worried because little Alice was ill, especially Father was away in France. A. as B. that C. during D. if
  40. How are you getting on with your work? All goes well as . A. planned B. to be planned C. being planned D. planning
  41. She can’t help the house because she’s busy making a cake. A. to clean B. cleaning C. cleaned D. being cleaned
  42. The pop song concert was so well that before it started, all the tickets had been sold out. A. accepted B. carried C. received D. promised
  43. An earthquake the expressway and all the traffic was . A. disturbed; destroyed B. destroyed; disturbed C. destroyed; interrupted D. disturbed; interrupted
  44. The cook had the soup by putting too much salt in it. A. hurt B. ruined C. damaged D. harmed
  45. did you look up the time of trains to Shanghai? Yes, the early train is to leave at 5:30 am. A. likely B. about C. possible D. due
  46. The information he gave us is more important than we got ourselves. A. one B. those C. that D. the one
  47. What will you buy for your husband’s birthday?
I want to buy a small black leather wallet for him. A. black leather small B. small black leather C. small leather black D. black small leather
  48. The result is not the same they had expected, was rather disappointing. A. as; that B. which; as C. as; which D. that; which
  49. Only as an interpreter how important it is to grasp English. A. when did I work; I realized B. when I worked; I realized C. when did I work; did I realize D. when I worked; did I realize
  50. Mike, what did our monitor say just now? Every boy and every girl as well as teachers who to visit the museum asked to be at the school gate before 6:30 in the morning. A. is ; is B. are; are C. is; are D. are; is 三、对话填空 A: Excuse me, Sir, but I’m writing a report on what people prefer to do on holiday. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions? B: No, not at all. Please go (
  1)a. A: How often do you go on holiday? B: I generally have two weeks’ holiday a year. A: And what do you prefer to do when you are on holiday? B: Well, I don’t usually visit my family. We live quite (
  2)c and I can see them any time. But I do like to visit museums, (
  3)e if there is a special exhibition on. I don’t like to stay at home, though my parents do. (
  4)I, I prefer to get away from the city and just (
  5)e the peace of the country. You know, just sit under a tree, listen to the birds in the morning, or maybe go walking over the hills. A: Have you ever(
  6) t abroad? B: No, I haven’t. it’s too (
  7)e for me. But my wife loves to visit the coast, so if the (
  8)w is good we often go swimming in the sea, or maybe just lie on the (
  9)b and bathe in the sun. A: OK. Well, thank you very much for your time B: You are (
  10)w. 模块三 Unit 1 参考答案: 一、单词填空 1-5 deserted, rough, froze, confidently, personally, 6-10 volunteers, experiments, temporary, whisper, fierce, 11-15 drowned, wounded, reduce, avoid, ignored, 16-20 stare, distance, progress, observed, accepted 二、单项选择题 1-
  5.DCCBB 6-
  10. CDBAA 11-
  15. CBDDB 16-
  20. CDAAA 21-
  25. ACCBD 26-
  30. CBCDD 三、对话填空
  1. ahead
  2. close
  3. especially
  4. instead
  5. enjoy
  6. traveled
  7. expensive
  8. weather
  9. beach
  10. welcome



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