Words Test

  1.Good medicine tastes b.
  2.He i his son to study abroad next year.
  3.Mark Twain had a good sense of humor. He was a writer. His stories are full of .
  4. ?What is your ? ? I'm Chinese.
  5.Now many people consider Yue Fei a hero.
  6.Karl Marx was born in and was his mother tongue.
  7. The (实际) price was lower than I had thought.
  8.He looked calm, but he was very nervous.
  9.The boy made such r progress in his studies that the headmaster praised him for it.
  10.We often see animals do tricks at c.
  11.The patient needed a(an) (手术)at once.
  12.We did the work under his d.
  13. The two men fell into the water. neither of them could swim.
  14. We looked at each other in s.
  15.My brother and his wife are a happy .
  16.He had no i of working as a clown for the rest of his life.
  17. Richard is American, John is British ? they have different .
  18. She a herself by reading cartoon stories.
  19. There believed to be monstrous fishes in this lake. But nobody has a seen them.
  20. In which are you going, north or south?
  21.We a your efforts(努力) for the development of the company.
  22. It is a t that the young look after the old in their family.
  23. They asked me so many questions that I got c.
  24. Thousands of people applied for(请求,申请) the job but only a few were f enough to get it.
  25.He is the m in the Embassy of China in London.

  2. intends
  3. humorous ; humor
  4. nationality
  5. national
  6. Germany; German
  7. actual
  8. actually
  9. rapid
  10. circuses
  12. direction
  13. Unfortunately
  14. silence\surprise
  17. nationalities
  18. amused
  20. direction
  21. appreciate
  22. tradition
  24. Fortunate



   2009?2010 学年度第二学期七年级期末测试题 英语试卷 一、单项填空。在每小题给出的四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案,将其字母编号填写在题前 括号内。 (本小题共 20 分,每小题 1 分。 ) 1.Your mother does some every Sunday, doesn’t she? A. cooks B. cooking C. cooker D. cook 2. The old man has no hair, so he is . A. blonde B. bald C. ...


   年春季八年级英语科下学期 下学期期中考试卷 2010 年春季八年级英语科下学期期中考试卷 学校班级 考号 姓名 成绩 (说明:本试卷满分为 100 分,90 分钟完成) 四、单项选择(每小题 1 分,共 20 分) 单项选择( ( )21. Don't forget the letter. A. to send ( B. send C. sending D. being sent )22. The chair looks very old, but in fact it is very co ...


   www.3edu.net 3edu 教育网,教学资源集散地,完全免费! 初二年级英语词组短语大赛( 初二年级英语词组短语大赛(下) 班级 姓名 成绩 (满分 120 分) (共 一、将下列英语短语或者词组翻译成汉语。 共 40 分) 将下列英语短语或者词组翻译成汉语。 ( 1.Would you like to do sth. ? 2.help 2.help oneself to sth. 3.find sb. doing sth. 4.on weekdays 5.take a seat / ...


   ( 一、选择填空: 20%) 选择填空: ) ( )1.?Do you know the MP3 player last week? ?Sorry, I have no idea. A. how much did she pay for B. how much will she pay for C. how much she paid for D. how much she will pay for ( )2. -What did she say? -She said that shethr ...


   1 (see 、hear 、notice 、find 、feel 、listen to 、 look at (感官动词)+do eg:I like watching monkeys jump 2 (比较级 and 比较级) 表示越来越怎么样 3 a piece of cake =easy 小菜一碟(容易) 4 agree with sb 赞成某人 5 all kinds of 各种各样 a kind of 一样 6 all over the world = the whole world 整 ...


   初中英语词组总结 1 (see 、hear 、notice 、find 、feel 、listen to 、 look at (感官动词)+do eg:I like watching monkeys jump 2 (比较级 and 比较级) 表示越来越怎么样 3 a piece of cake =easy 小菜一碟(容易) 4 agree with sb 赞成某人 5 all kinds of 各种各样 a kind of 一样 6 all over the world = the whol ...


   p6 UNIT 1 3a:In ten years,I think I"ll be a reporter.I"ll live inShanghai, 十年后, 我想我会成为一名记者。 我将住在上海因为去年我去了上海, 立即爱上了这座城市。 上海真的是座优美的城市。作为一名记者,我想我会遇到很多有趣的人。我想我会和自己最 好的朋友住在一套公寓里,因为我不愿意独居。我会养宠物,因为我妈妈讨厌宠物,况且公 寓太小;所以我现在一个宠物也没有。十年后,我会拥有许多不同的宠物。我可能 ...


   高二下学期教学计划 语 2011 年 3 月 8 日 高二英语下学期教学计划 高二英语下学期教学计划 英语组: 英语组:杜虹宏 本学期的主要目的和任务是:巩固、扩大基础知识;侧重培养阅读能力和写作能力;培养口头和书面初步运用英语进行交际的 能力;培养学生的总结归纳能力和自学能力。而近几年来,高考的词汇量由最初的 3400 增加为现在的 6800,而且还有继续增 加的趋势,口语也将成为高考的内容之一;现在对大学非英语专业的学生的外语要求也正越来越高,不但要求书面阅读能力和 写作能力,也要求使用 ...


   初三下学期英语教学工作总结 2010 年英语中考已顺利结束,回顾这学期的教学感触颇多。四个月紧张而又忙绿的复 习之后,有得有失,喜忧参半。现将本学期的教学工作总结如下: 一、思想政治方面 认真学习马克思列宁主义毛泽东思想、 邓小平理论、 三个代表重要思想及科学发展观的 知识努力做一名合格的预备党员, 争取早日加入党组织。 我积极参加了全市地预备党员知识 竞赛,代表昂昂溪区并获全市二等奖;在全区预备党员知识竞赛中我也获得了二等奖,我用 自己的实际行动来向党组织递交了一份合格的答卷。 二、教育教 ...


   Module 1 Using my five senses Unit 1 Use your eyes! 教学目标: 教学目标: 1.学习用一般现在时对自然现象进行描述。 1.学习用一般现在时对自然现象进行描述。 学习用一般现在时对自然现象进行描述 2.学习词汇: block, 2.学习词汇:shadow, block,high 学习词汇 3.学习动词及动词词组: 3.学习动词及动词词组:rise, go down 学习动词及动词词组 Is he the door? Where is Tobi ...



   考研用书清单(含图) 一、英语: 1、真题: (1)《考研真相》 、 (2)、世纪高教的历年真题解析 2、单词书(建议根据自己的背单词的习惯选择用书) (1) 、说文解词(解释比较详细) (2)还有些考研机构自己出的一些单词书也不错,同学们不需要为 了单词书去报班,自己如果看着书不错,去复印一些就行了,因为有 的单词书并不厚。记单词的时候,如果单词书解释的不详细的时候, 及时去查字典,考研考查单词大都考察熟词僻意。 3、长难句 (1)王若平考试虫 (2)新东方 4、阅读理解 (1) 、张剑 ...


   TEXT 2 Over the past century, all kinds of unfairness and discrimination have been condemned or made illegal.But one insidious form continues to thrive: alphabetism.This, for those as yet unaware of such a disadvantage, refers to discrimination aga ...


   一、议论文常用句型 1. It is a fact that…. 2. It is well-known that…. 3. There is no doubt that…. 4. I think that…. 5. Contrary to the popular thought, I prefer…. 6. Some people say/believe/claim that…. 7. It is generally believed that…. 8. It is widely acce ...


   Day 1(Lesson 1-4) Pronunciation 音标[i]专练:请根据发音写出以下英文词的音标。 词首 ink [0RE]墨水;油墨 ill [0S]生病的;不健康的 invest [0Q\H<KC]投(资) 词中 ignore [0F\Q5:]不顾;不理会 issue [\0MU7:]发行;发布 imply [0P\AS>0]暗指;暗示 little [\S0CS]小的 sister [\K0KC:]姐妹;姐姐;妹妹 live [S>0H]生命 big [ ...


   英语口语 8000 句-日期和时间 ●询问时间 今天几号? What's today's date? Fill out the form. (请填这张表。) What's today's date? (今天几号?) It's the tenth. (今天 10 号。) What date is it today? What's the date? What's the date today? 8 月 13 日。 It's August thirteenth. *表示日期的时候在数字后面加 t ...