高一阅读理解 A5 5
TERNANG,Mon?More than 10 000 people were made homeless in Ternang when the Sungai Mas overflowed its banks yesterday after six days of continuous heavy rain.5 Flooding first appeared at mid-afternoon yesterday along the river banks.People straggling higher ground were just in time to get away from the destroy of the flood.Most of the flood victims had to leave their possessions behind.5 The flood victims are now housed in various make-shift relief centers in the nearby town of Tulang.“Everything possible is being done to help the unfortunate people.”A government spokesman said,“In fact,money,food and clothing have begun to come in from public-spirited organizations and generous persons.”5 According to latest reports it is still raining heavily at Ternang.The whole town is expected to be totally covered by water.So far no casualty has been reported. 5
  56.According to the latest report .5 A.it had been raining for six days5 B.more than 10 000 people had no place to live5 C.the town had already been totally flooded5 D.the government tried its best to help the homeless people
  57.With the help of the government,the flood victims .5 A.were safe at higher place B.got everything they needed5 C.lived comfortably in the relief centers D.were brought to Tulang within three hours5
  58.The word “casualty”in the last sentence means .5 A.the house that is being built B.the money that is given to the victims5 C.the person killed or injured in an accident D.the things lost in the flood
B5 5
Glynis Davis:5 I first piled on the ponds when I was in the family way and I couldn’t lose them afterwards.Then I joined a slimming club.My target was 140 pounds and I lost 30 pounds in six months.I felt great and people kept saying how good I looked.But Christmas came and I started to slip back into my old eating habits.I told myself I’d lose the weight at slimming classes in the new year…but it didn’t happen.Instead of losing the pounds.I put them on.I’d lost willpower and tried to believe that the old bage of fish and chips didn’t make any difference but the scales don’t lie. Roz Juma:5 To be honest,I never weigh myself any more I’ve leant to be happy with myself.It seemed to me that I would feel sorry about every spoonful of tasty food that passed my lips.My idea is simple.You shouldn’t be too much thinking about food
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and dieting.Instead,you should get on with life and stop dreaming of a supper-thin body.This is obviously the size I’m meant to be and,most of all.I’m happy with it.5 Lesley Codwin:5 I was very happy about winning Young Silmmer of the Year.I’d look in the mirror unable to believe this slim lady was me!That might have been my problem??perhaps from then on I didn’t pay any attention to myself.Winning a national competition makes everything worse,though,because you feel the eyes of the world are fixed upon you.I feel a complete failure because I’ve put on weight again.5 Ros Langfod:5 Before moving in with my husband Gavin,I’d always been about 110 pounds,but the pleasant housework went straight to my waist and I put on 15 pounds in a year.Every so often I try to go on a diet …I’m really good on a few days,then end up having the children’s leftovers or eating happily chocolate??my weakness.I’d like to be slim,but right now my duty is the children and home.I might take more exercise when my kids are older.5
  59.What do you think the four women were all talking about?5 A.Their own slimming matter. B.Their life after marriage.5 C.Their work as a housewife. D.Different diets they prefer.
  60.Where are these short passage most likely to be taken from?5 A.Talks on the air. B.Advertisements on the well.5 C.Book in a library. D.Magazines for children.
  61.What does the underlined word “scales”possibly mean?5 A.The coach(教练)in the slimming club.5 B.Some tool to measure weight.5 C.Glynis Davis’ dear husband.5 D.The salesperson in a food shop.
  62.Which of the following best describes each of the four women’s attitudes towards slimming?5
  1.Glynis Davis a.I put on weight soon after got married5
  2.Ros Jums b.Fame(名声)doesn’t necessarily mean success5
  3.Leslcy Gowin c.Facts speak much louder than words5
  4.Ros landford d.I like myself as I am,and to be what you are5 A.1-c;2-d;3-b;4-a B.1-c;2-b;3-d;4-a C.1-d;2-a;3-b;4-c D.1-a;2-b;3-c;4-d
C5 5
Chinese basketball players have never been so close to the NBA before but questions remain about how they will adjust to life in the NBA if they go.5 Wang Zhizhi,the
  2.16-metre center for the Bayi Rockets who was chosen by the Dallas Mavericks two years ago,has finally received permission from authorities to travel to Dallas to play for the rest of the NBA season after he finishes playing in the
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Chinese Basketball Association’s finals on March 25th.If he has no problems with his visa(签证),Wang will be the NBA’s first Asian player.Wang was chosen by the Mavericks in the second round of the 1999 draft but the Rockets,and army-run club,refused to let him go.After negotiations(谈判)between the Rockets and NBA representatives(代表),the decision was made to allow Wang the chance to try his hand at American basketball,but only for a period of short time.He has to be back to play in the Ninth National Games in November in Guangzhou.5 Another center who has attracted attention from the NBA is Yao Ming,the
  2.25-meter star who has led to the Shanghai Sharks into the finals fight with the Rockets this year.The 20-year-old’s NBA dreams might be harder to realize.Yao is the center of the Sharks and the club’s manager Bei Genyuan has said that he would allow Yao to go only at a proper time,for a proper team and under proper conditions.5 Yao hasn’t been chosen yet and it is unlikely that he will be any time soon.People in the Shark’s front office earlier told members of the press that “it is not proper for Yao to attend the draft this year”because he has to represent Shanghai in the Ninth National Games.5 Even if Wang and Yao make it to the promised land of basketball at last,analysts on both sides of the Pacific have said the NBA road will be a long one for both of them.Besides needing to work on their upper body strength,Wang and Yao will also have to adapt(适应)to the speed,techniques and above all,culture of the NBA.5
  63.Yao Ming has attracted attention from NBA because .5 A.he is
  2.25 metres tall,who is the tallest basketball player in China5 B.he is the center of the Shanghai Sharks and has led Sharks into the final fight with the Rockets5 C.he is regarded as the best basketball player in China5 D.he is thought highly of in the international world
  64.Yao Ming can play for NBA if .5 A.there is no problem with his visa5 B.NBA agrees to supply favorable conditions for him5 C.time and conditions are proper5 D.NBA can pay a large sum of money for Sharks
  65.The underlined phrase“try his hand”in the passage probably means .5 A.初试身手 B.碰碰运气 C.成为一员 D.为其效劳
  66.NBA chose Wang Zhizhi so that .5 A.it can show NBA need talents B.Wang Zhizhi can have a bright future5 C.its whole level will be improved D.it can make Wang Zhizhi world-famous5
  67.When Wang Zhizhi plays in NBA,he will have to adapt to many things of NBA except .5 A.rules of basketball B.the speed5 C.culture D.techniques
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D5 5
Antigua and Barbuda is the 32nd independent (独立的)nation in Latin America.It lies in the Caribbean Sea about 700 kilometers from South America,between Dominica on the west and Guadeloupe on the southeast.Antigua is the main island on which is its capital Saint John.The other two islands are Barbuda and Aedonda.The total area is about 441 square kilometers with a population of 80 thousand.Antigua was first discovered by Columbus in 14
  93.It was named after a Spanish church in Seville.The Spanish and the French had tried to settle in the place but were not successful.It later fell into the British hand and became a colony(殖民地)for more than three hundred years.It declared independence on November 1,19
  81.Its main agricultural products are cotton and sugar-cane.But about one third of its national income is from tourism(旅游).English is the language spoken in the country.5 The United Nations accepted it as its 157th member state on November 11,19
  68.The Europeans discovered Antigua .5 A.in 1981 B.in the 19th century C.300 years ago D.over 500 years ago
  69.Which of the following is true according to the article?5 A.The Spanish and French wanted to divide these islands between them.5 B.The Spanish and the French made peace on these islands.5 C.The British got to these islands before the Spanish.5 D.The Spanish and the French tried to go and live there but failed.
  70.Which of the following is wrong according to the article?5 A.Seville is a city in Spain.5 B.At the beginning of the 1980’s there were more than one hundred and fifty member states in the UN. C.The British came to these islands earlier than the Spanish.5 D.Antigua and Barbuda was ruled by the British for a long time.
  71.From this article we can conclude .5 A.Antigua and Barbuda is the last country accepted by the United Nations5 B.A citizen may look November 1 as his own independent day in Antigua and Barbuda5 C.November 1 must be the national day of Antigua and Barbuda5 D.English,Spanish and French are widely used by the government
E5 5
One evening Mr.Green was driving in his car along a lonely country road.He had been to London where he had drawn £ 50 from the bank,and he was now returning home with the money which he had put in his pocket book.At the loneliest part of the road a man in shabby,badly-fitting clothes stopped him and asked for a lift.Mr.Green told him to get into the car and continued on his way.As he talked to the man he
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learned that he had been in prison for robbery and had broken out of prison two days ago.Mr. Green was very worried at the thought of the £ 50 that he had put in his pocket book.Suddenly he saw a police-car and had a bright idea.He had just reached a small town where the speed limit was 30 miles an hour.He pressed down the accelerator and drove the car as fast as it would go.He looked back and saw that the police-car had seen him and had begun to chase him.After a mile or so the police-car overtook him and ordered him to stop.A policeman got out and came to Mr.Green’s car.Mr.Green had hoped that he could tell the policeman about the escaped robber,but the man had taken a gun out of his pocket and had put it to Mr.Green’s back.The policeman took out his notebook and pencil and said he wanted Mr.Green’s name and address.Mr.Green asked to be taken to the police station but the policeman said,“No,I want your name and address now.You will have to appear at the police court later.”So,Mr.Green gave the policeman his name and address.The policeman wrote it down,put his notebook and pencil back in his pocket and gave Mr.Green a talk about dangerous driving.Then Mr.Green started up his car again and drove on.He had given up all hope of his £50,but just as he reached the outskirts of London,the passenger said he wanted to get out here.Mr.Green stopped the car,the man got out and said,“Thanks for the lift.You’ve been good to me.This is the least I can do in return.”And he handed Mr.Green the policeman’s notebook.5 While the policeman had talked to Mr.Green,the thief had stolen the notebook. 5
  72.What was Mr.Green worried about when he learned the man was an escaped robber?5 A.The £ 50 in his pocket book. B.His life.5 C.His car. D.His pocket book.
  73.Which of the following is true?5 A.Mr.Green wanted to be taken to the police station right away but the policeman refused him. B.The policeman asked Mr.Green to come to the police station right away.5 C.The policeman told Mr.Green that he would have to pay a fine.5 D.Mr.Green would not give his name and address but promised to appear at the police court later.
  74.What did the robber give Mr.Green when he got out of the car?5 A.The pistol he had put to the back of Mr.Green.5 B.Some money.5 C.Some money and the stolen notebook.5 D.The policeman’s notebook.
  75.Why did the robber steal the policeman’s notebook?5 A.He wanted to show he could do something other people could not do.5 B.He thought he should do something to save Mr.Green from trouble.5 C.He had no other purpose but playing a trick on the policeman.5 D.He meant to use the notebook to pay for the life.
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