1. Nobody but we two the secret. A. know B. knows C. are known D. is known
  2.All but one present the meeting. A. have B. was C. has D. were
  3.Not only I but also Jane and Mary tired of having one examination after another. A. is B. are C. am D. be
  4.A library with five thousand books to the village as a gift. A.is offered B. have offered C. are offered D. has offered
  5.When and where to build the new factory yet. A. doesn’t decide B. are not decided C. has not been decided D. have not decided
  6.The number of people invited fifty, but a number of them absent for different reasons. A. were , was B. was , was C. was , were D. were , were
  7. of the land in that district covered with trees and grass. A. Two fifth , is B. Two fifth , are C. Two fifths, is D. Two fifths, are
  8.This is one of the most interesting questions that asked. A. have B. has C. have been D. has been
  9.Between the two rows of trees the teaching building. A. stand B. stands C. standing D. was stood
  10.All that can be done. A. has been done B. has done C. have done D. have been done
  11.The students each a new dictionary. A. has B. have C. is D. are
  12.Most of the singers arrived and the rest to come soon.. A. has ; are B. have; is C. have ;are D. has; is
  13.I have finished part of the book ; the rest more difficult. A. is B. are C. was D. were
  14.The wounded by the hospital. A. have been taken in B. has been taken in C. have taken in D. has taken in
  15. Whom this pair of glasses belong to and whose the glasses on the table? A. does; is B. do; are C. does; are D. do; is
  16. There a pen, two pencils and three books on the desk. A. are B. is C. has D. have
  17. The United States one of the most developed countries in the world. A. is B. are C. is belong to D. are belong to
  18. The police that anyone who the accident should get in touch with the police station. A. ask; have seen B. asks ; has seen C. ask; has seen D. asks; have seen
  19.Are you very anxious? Yes. Ten minutes like an hour when you are waiting for a phone call. A. seem B. seems C. do D does
  20.On the wall two large pictures of his parents. A. hangs B. hanged C. hang D. hanging
  21.The factory including some machines and buildings burnt last night. A. was B. were C. has D have
  22.The White family very large and all the family animals. A. are, love B. is, love C. are, loves D. is, loves
  23. Physics not easy to learn well, nor mathematics. A. are; does B. is; do C. is; is D. are; are
  24. In our country each boy and each girl the right to receive a good education. A. is B. are C. has D. have
  25.In the dinning hall, the bread and butter for breakfast. A. are served B. is served C. serve D. serves
  26.The parents, rather than the child, to blame.
A. is B. are
  27. I, not he, the boss here. A. am B. are C. is D. be
  28. Each of the students a book . A. has B. have
  29. Three plus four seven. A. is B are
  30.The population of the country large. And two thirds of the population black. A. is; are B are; is C, is; is D. are; are
  31. The stories in that book written years ago. A. was B. were
  32. Having some friends really a wonderful thing in one’s life. A. are B. is
  33. To get up early and to go to sleep early good for your health. A. is B. are
  34. His main source of pleasure his dog and his horse. A. will be B. were C. is D. are
  35.From eight to ten my study time. A. is B. are
  36. The director and actor invited to give a talk about the film. A. was B. were C. has D. have
  37. Every means been tried in the works which newly opened. A. has; is B. have ;are C. has; are D. have ; is
  38. Many a foreign movie shown in China, and a good many foreign movie -stars popular with the Chinese. A. have been; are B. has been; are C. have been; is D. has been; is
  39. Choosing which to buy from so many books difficulty. A. is B are C. is of D. are of
  40. Little with the poisonous smoke before it is given off. A. has done B. have done C. has been done D. have been done



   初二下学期英语期末精选选择题 初二下学期英语期末精选选择题 150 例 下学期 精选选择题 (一) ( )1.The meat is dear and eating meat is bad for your health . A .very much , many C much too , too much ( B. too many , many too D. a lot much too )2. There are many trees on side of the street. A. ...


   单项选择题练习(一般现在时) 五年级 Book 6 单项选择题练习(一般现在时) ( ) 1. My father always up at half past six. A. get ( B. gets C. getting ) 2. the boy TV every day? A. Do … watch B. Does … watches C. Does … watch ( ) 3. Ben and Janet Chinese and other subjects at school. ...


   雨竹林高考 5 年高考 3 年模拟专题专练 2010 年高考必备资料 www.yuzhulin.com 数词与主谓一致 第一部分 近年高考题荟萃 2009 年高考题 1.(09 山东 25) The number of foreign students attending Chinese universities rising steadily since1990. A. is B. are C. has been D. have been 答案 C 解析 本题考查主谓一致和时态,主语是 t ...


   " 主谓一致语法详解 主谓一致,是指主语和谓语动词要保持 主谓一致,是指主语和谓语动词要保持 主语 人称和数上的一致 What we want is more time. What they need in that area are doctors and nurses. What she left him are some old photos. 主 谓 一 致 的 三 个 原 则 A 语法一致 B 意义一致 C 就近原则 A 语法一致 语法一致是指主语和谓语在单复数形式上的 一致关系 ...


   主谓一致总结 主谓一致关系是根据主语的单,复数,来对应使用单,复数的谓语动词,因此正确判断主语 为单数还是复数是主谓一致的关键.主谓一致一般根据三个原则.1,语法上一致的原则, 即;名词后是否是复数标记"S" .2,概念上一致的原则,即:根据主语所表达的数目概念 而不取决于表面的语法标记.3,紧邻词一致的原则,即:动词的数要与它紧邻的名词或代 词的数一致.下面我们根据这三个原则对常见的主谓一致的情况小结如下: 非谓语动词短语,介词短语,主语从句做主语时一般表示单数意义,谓 ...


   本文由马立蓉梅贡献 doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 专业英语服务, 英语博客网 www.52enblog.com 专业英语服务,成就英才事业 高三英语单项选择题 第一课时 1. I won’t think of him because of his shortcomings. He is a good boy after all. A. much B. little C. any less D. any more 2 ...


   高考英语 单项选择题 平阴一中 李玉刚 Man's dearest possession is life, and it is given to him to live but once. He must live so as to feel no torturing regrets for years without purpose, never know the burning shame of a mean and petty past Ostorovsky 人最宝贵的东西是生命。生命 ...


   单项选择题做 单项选择题做法 1. 排除法 当你对 A、B、C、D 四个答案都感到似是而非, 、 、 、 四个答案都感到似是而非, 不能选出正确答案时,就要采取“逐个排除 的方法, 逐个排除”的方法 不能选出正确答案时,就要采取 逐个排除 的方法, 经过分析,把没有被排除的答案定为正确答案, 经过分析,把没有被排除的答案定为正确答案,这类 试题以涉及词汇知识的试题居多。 试题以涉及词汇知识的试题居多。 ◎He does his homework much than he did two ye ...


   教你做好英语单项选择题 教你做好英语单项选择题 1. 冠词(4 点) 除复习冠词的基本用法外,其“例外”用法值得注意。 1). 表示“某一”的意思时,专有名词及月份、星期的名词前用 a 或 an。例如: On a Saturday morning he got lost in the mountain. 2). a / an + 名词 + 修饰性的定语从句或介词短语。例如: Mrs. Taylor has __ 8-year-old daughter who has __ gift for ...


   选校网 www.xuanxiao.com 高考频道 专业大全 历年分数线 上万张大学图片 大学视频 院校库 选校网 www.xuanxiao.com 高考频道 专业大全 历年分数线 上万张大学图片 大学视频 院校库 高三英语单项选择题精选 第一课时 1. I won’t think of him because of his shortcomings. He is a good boy after all. A. much B. little C. any less D. any more ...



   四年级组“英语对抗赛”活动方案 活动宗旨: 活动宗旨: 为了创设英语学习的大环境,为学生提供自我展示的舞台。激发学生学习英语的兴趣, 增强英语的运用综合能力。 活动安排: 活动安排: 一、 活动时间: 二、 活动地点:顶楼天台。 三、 特邀评委: 。 四、 参赛选手:四年级五个班。 五、 评分标准:总分 25 分,其中纪律 5 分,背诵升旗英语 5 分,问题抢答 5 分(每班每胜 出一人次得五分,得满为止) ,单词对抗 10 分。 六、 比赛环节及要求: 七、 凤凰城中英文学校四年级第五周英 ...


   北京一对一家教 名词 关于名词,我们必须掌握名词的数 名词的格 关于名词 我们必须掌握名词的数,名词的格。 我们必须掌握名词的数 名词的格。 单数可用 a、 来修饰可数名词单数,在元音发音开头的单词前用 an,而不 an 是a 1.复数的构成方法:(1)一般在复数名词后加 s,如:dog--dogs。 (2)以 s、x、ch、sh 结尾的名词加 es,如:watch--watches。 (3)以辅音字母加 y 结尾的名词,变 y 为 i 加 es, 如:country--countries。 ...


   查看文章 大学英语四级翻译常考句型短语整理 2009 年 12 月 18 日 星期五 01:07 P.M. 一、常用单词组 education 教育 input in education 教育投入 communal participation 社会参与 enhance the moral awareness of 提高……的思想品德 professional ethics 职业道德 credit system 学分制 guarantee job assignments 包分配 multidi ...


   中考综合练习题( 凯风教育 中考综合练习题(二) I.单项选择 1.Have you what we can do on Hainan Island? A.known B.meant C.found out D.gone to 2.That music .I like it very much. A.sounds well B.sounds good C.looks well D.looks good 3.He wants to tell the children . A.how impor ...


   高考英语“读写任务” 高考英语“读写任务”中的短文段落大意的概括方法 广州市黄埔区第八十六中学 赵安西 概括段落大意是理解掌握课文内容的重要手段,也是总结中心思想的前提。这 里,向大家介绍几种常见方法: 一、综合法。就是围绕文章的中心进行概括。如 综合法。 A typical Chinese family in the past was quite large with many children, uncles and aunts living in the same courtyard. ...