牛津版 高一 Module 3 Unit 1
Aims and Demands Reading Comprehension training
Step 1 Discussion What would you do if you get lost in the fog?
Step 2 Fast Reading
First reading: Read the story and finish Part A. Answers:
  1. A young lady in the fog.
  2. At 86 King Street.
  3. By bus.
  4. A stick.
Step 3 Second Reading Questions

  1. Why did Polly leave work early that day?
  2. Why did Polly take the Underground train to Green Park?
  3. How did she get home at last?
True or false:

  1. The fog was very thick in the morning.
  2. When she got to Green Park, the weather turned out to be fine.

  3. Polly got to Green Park by train. T
  4. The old man carried an umbrella in his hand.

  5. At first Polly thought the old man couldn’t see her face because he was blind. F
  6. After arriving at home, Polly invited the old man to her home for a rest and he agreed. F
Step 4 Third Reading
Part Place outside Polly's work place Time & weather at 4 p.m. foggy later
Part 1
Part 2 at the bus stop in the street
Part Part 1
Person(s) Polly
What happened She left work early. The fog was too thick for the bus to run to King Street, where Polly lived.
Part 2 Polly; the bus conductor
Part Part 1
Polly's thought or feeling She wondered if the bus would still be running.
Part 2

Where: in the Underground train; at Green Park station When& Later weather:
Part 3 Who:
Polly; a tall man What: A tall man in a dark coat is on the train. Polly’s She sensed she was being feelings: watched.
Where: in Park Street; at the corner of the street When& weather: When Polly got to the Part 4 station, the fog lay like a thick, grey cloud. Who: Polly; a man
What: A rough hand brushed her face.
Part 4
Polly’s Her heart was beating feelings: with fear.
Where: in the street When& weather: It was dark. Part 5 Who: What: Polly; an old man The old man took her hand and helped her find the way.
Polly’s feelings: Part 5 She wished for someone to come along. Fear held her still. She began to feel frightened again.
Where: outside Polly’s house at King Street When& Part 6 weather: late that day Who: Polly; the old blind man
What: The old man left to help more people in need.
Part 6
Polly’s feelings Polly was thankful.
Step 5 Deep Understanding
  1. (Lines 15-
  16) …she sensed that she was being watched by a tall man in a dark coat.
Why was a tall man mentioned here?

  2. (Lines 22-
  23) …Polly felt a rough hand brush her face … Why did the man brush Polly’s face?
  3. (Line
  30) Polly waited. At last she spoke. The man offered to help her, but why did Polly wait?

  4. The writer mentioned the two unnamed men in order to show that . D A. Polly was in danger. B. they wanted to help her. C. they would do something bad to her. D. Polly was too nervous.
Scan the story and try to find the route (路线 that Polly took home. 路线) 路线 outside Polly’s working place at the bus stop on the street in the Underground train
at Green Park station in Park Street at the corner of the street in the street near King Street at 86 King Street
Work in pairs or groups. Fill in the blanks according to the text.
Time Place Characters The plot One foggy day London, England Polly and a blind man In the morning Polly found the city was already in a grey mist .
The plot
In the afternoon when she left work stepped and out, the weather had foggy wondered become quite . She if the buses would still be running. She walked quickly towards her usual bus stop. After hearing Polly’s destination (目的地 the bus 目的地), 目的地 conductor advised her to take an Underground train to Green Park taxi and take a home from there.
The As the station entrance was , she deserted plot had to set off towards Park Street. As she walked along, she heard the sound of footsteps after her. At the corner of the brush street, she felt a rough hand her face and then the man moved away. After a short while she heard the sound again. Polly found it was an old man and she told lost him she was . The old blind man firmly held her hand and told her not to worry.
The old blind man led Polly home pay he would be off to back the help that people gave him when it was . sunny
ending and refused her invitation because
Step 6 Discussion

  1.What is the personality(性格特点 性格特点) 性格特点 of the old man?
  2. What can we do to help those disabled like the old blind man?
Step 7 Reading strategy
There are different types of stories. Stories have basic elements as follows: What happened; When it happened ; Where it happened;
Why it happened; Who was involved in the event. A story with a climax or a surprise ending is usually more eye-catching.
Step 8 Analyzing
Analyze the story “ Fog” According to the reading Strategy.
  1. Finish Part E- a letter to the old man
  2. Finish A1 and A2 on Page 90 of the workbook
  3. Read the story and try to retell it.



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