Language study
超级口腔肌肉训练 Tongue Twister
She sells sea shells on the seashore. The seashells she sells are seashells she is sure. 她在海岸边卖海贝壳, 她在海岸边卖海贝壳,她很确定她卖的海贝壳 是海贝壳。 是海贝壳。
Group work Some difficult sentences:

  1. English is a language spoken all around the world. (Analyze)
  2.There are more than 42 countries where the majority of the people speak English. (Analyze)
  3.The number of people who learn English as a foreign language is more than 750 million. (Analyze)
  4.In China students learn English at school as a foreign language, except for those in HK, where many people speak English as a first or a second language. (What does it mean?)

  5. In only fifty years, English has developed into the language most widely spoken and used in the world. (Analyze)
  6. Businessmen and tourists often come to China without being able to speak Chinese. (Analyze)
  7. Chinese businessmen, taxi drivers and students talk with them using English. (Analyze)
  8. With so many people communicating in English every day, it will become more and more important to have a good knowledge of English. (Analyze)
English is a language spoken around the world. For all more than 375million people in countries such as Canada and Australia English is their . , mother tongue Another 375 million people learn English as a second language. However, most people learn English at school used foreign language as a . The English language is __also by most international organizations as their working trade language, as well as in inter-national and tourism . businessmen Most foreigners visiting China are either or speak English . touristsIf they cannot Chinese, they use to communicate with Chinese people. In global culture, for example the Internet or popular music, English is widely used. In the future we will be speaking Chinese family with our, but we will bespeaking English with people around the world for our work.
Warming up
for the first time 时间状语 意思相当于as the first time conj. 连词 意思相当于 soon as 第一次看见你就知道你是我要找的人 The first time I saw you, I knew you were the right one that I was looking for. When I saw you for the first time, I knew you were the right one that I was looking for. C I thought her terrible and dishonest I saw her. A. first time B. for the first time C. the first time D. by the first time
for the first time,可作为一个独立的状语放在 可作为一个独立的状语放在 句子里, 句子里, Eg: For the first time, i realized the importance of English. the first time,具体使用上,它不能独立存在 具体使用上, 具体使用上
强调句型: 强调句型: It is(was)+被强调的部分+that(who) )+被强调的部分 ( )+被强调的部分+ ( ) +原句其它部分来 All this happened on Monday night. 强调时间状语: 强调时间状语: It was on Monday night that all this happened. . 强调主语: 强调主语: It was all this that happened on Monday night. . 他怪的是我 他怪的是我。 It's me who he blamed. . 特殊疑问句的强调句: 特殊疑问句的强调句 特殊疑问词+was (is) it that +陈述句 特殊疑问词 陈述句
3 1 2 4
5 6

  1. It was through Jack Mary got to know Bob. A. who B. whom C. how D. that

  2. It was he said disappointed me. A. what… that B. that…that C. what… what D. that…what

  3.Where was it you were born? A. that B. where C. at which D. in which

  4.It was two o’clock in the morning he came home. A. Who B. that C. when D. What
It was in the house he stayed I found him. A. that; that B. that; where C. where; that D. where; where

It was the house he stayed I found him. A. that; that B. that; where C. where; that D. where; where

  1. Oh, there you are. Now then, did you have a good flight? 你来了呀! 飞行得还顺当吗? 哦,你来了呀 飞行得还顺当吗?
there you are.
原来你在这儿! 原来你在这儿! Here we are!我们到了 我们到了! 我们到了

  2. Sure, we flew all the way direct from Seattle to London.
还可以,我们从西雅图一直飞到了伦敦。 还可以,我们从西雅图一直飞到了伦敦。
all the way
从头至尾,自始至终 ①从远道 ②从头至尾 自始至终 e.g. 他从某地远道来看我们 他从某地远道来看我们. He came to see me all the way from somewhere. 汤姆自始至终参加了比赛。 汤姆自始至终参加了比赛。 Tom stayed in the game all the way.

  3. Why, of course. You don’t need to ask, just make yourself at home. 当然可以。你不用问。请随便。 当然可以。你不用问。请随便。 make oneself at home
不要拘束, 不要拘束,请随 意,别客气
at home 舒适,无拘束;在家;在国内、本地 舒适,无拘束;在家;在国内、
. You must be very tired. must do 的否定形式是 can’t do
  1) He must be in is office, for the light in his office is still on.
  2) That must be Jim. No, it can’t be him. He’s away on holidays.
must do; must be doing; must have done
must know
  1. You (know) the key to the question, or you wouldn’t be so confident.
  2. The train leaves in five minutes, but your friends still haven’t come yet. They (come) on their way. must be coming They’ve never been late before. must have stayed
  3. We can judge from her look that she up (stay up) last night.

  1. It him that tells such a lie; it you. B A. must not be, must be B. can’t be, must be C. must not be , can be D. can’t be, can he
  2. Such a businessman honest; he gets his money A by dishonest ways. A. can’t be B. can’t have been C. may be D. may not be

  1. Got it. = I see. 我明白了 知道了。 我明白了/知道了 知道了。

  2. on one’s way to … = on the way to … on one’s way home 在某人回家的路上 = on the way home e.g. 我正在去上学的路上,天突然下起雨来了。 我正在去上学的路上,天突然下起雨来了。 I was on my way to school when it suddenly rained. 在某人去某地的路上
in a way 以某种方式; 在某种程度上 以某种方式; The work is well done in a way. 这工作就算做得不错。 这工作就算做得不错。 In a way, you're right. 从某一点上看你是对的 in the way 挡道的 Don't stand in the way. 闪开, 别挡道。 闪开 别挡道。
total n. 总数 in total = in all = altogether 总共/总计 总共 总计
e.g. 这个班总共有 个人。 这个班总共有48个人 个人。 In total, there are 48 students in the class.
total adj. 整个的,全部的,总数的 整个的,全部的,
e.g. What is the total number of the students?
total (V.) 总数为,总计达 总数为,
e.g. All the students in the class total
number 数量 数目 数量/数目
a (large/great/small) number of … 大量的 (many)+可数名词复数 (谓语 复数) 可数名词复数…( 复数) 可数名词复数 the number of …的数目 (谓语用单数 谓语用单数) 的数目 谓语用单数 A large number of young people surf on the Internet all day. The number of young smokers is going up year by year.
of people were invited to the party but who arrived small. A. The number of; a number; were B. The number of; the number; was C. A number of; a number; were D. D A number of; the number; was

  1.只能修饰可数名词的有: 只能修饰可数名词的有: 只能修饰可数名词的有 many,a good/great many, , , a large/great number of,many a (+单数 单数n.) , 单数
  2.只能修饰不可数名词的有: 只能修饰不可数名词的有: 只能修饰不可数名词的有 much,a good/great deal of, , , a large/great amount of
many/a good/great many/ a large/great number of much/a good/great deal of/a large/great amount of

  3.可数和不可数名词均可修饰的有: 可数和不可数名词均可修饰的有: 可数和不可数名词均可修饰的有 a lot of,lots of,plenty of,a large/great , , , quantity of,quantities of ,

  9.with so many people communicating in English… to do done with + n. + doing adj. prep. 表将来, 表将来,主动表被动 表被动 表主动
别开着窗睡觉,否则你会感冒的。 别开着窗睡觉,否则你会感冒的。 Don’t sleep with the windows open, or you will catch cold. 我喜欢开着收音机做作业。 我喜欢开着收音机做作业。 I like doing homework with the radio on.
很多人盯着她看,她很紧张。 很多人盯着她看,她很紧张。 She felt very nervous with so many people looking at her. D With a lot of difficult problems , the new president is going to have a hard time. A. settled B. settling C. to settle D. being settled
做完作业之后她就可以随心所欲地玩耍。 做完作业之后她就可以随心所欲地玩耍。 With the homework finished, she was able to do what she wanted to. 下课后学生们都冲出了教室。 下课后学生们都冲出了教室。 With the class over, the students went out of the classroom.
  1. Finish “Word Study” on P11 ?
  2. Review these points ?
  3. Recite Para.1



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