Unit 19 Modern Agriculture
Unit 19
Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4 Period 5 Warming up & Speaking Reading Integrating skills & listening Word Study Gramma & Exercise
Period one Warming up & speaking 1 Can you think of the words connected with agriculture? agriculture? farmer farmland agricultural product/crops farming farm manure irrigation buffalo farm tools plough sow tractor agrochemical/fertilizer arable/barren land

  2.Do you think agriculture is important for us?why? Because we can't survive without food, can' and most food is agricultural product.

  3.What can you learn from the chart on page 43? What cause the changes?
  4. What effect do you think eating habits will have on agriculture?
  5. If farmers destroy environment for more products, how will they be punished by nature? nature?
Growth of major farm products 1991-1995 compared with 1986-1990 percentages
90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Grain Oil Meat Fruite 三维柱形图 1

II Giving advice & making decisions In my opinion, …
I think I'd better … I' I (don't) agree with you. (don' If I were you, I would … Why don't you …? don' I'd rather … As far as I can see , the best thing would be to… to… Wouldn' Wouldn't it be better if …? We can't do both, so can' We have to make a choice … The other idea sounds better to me… me…
Speaking: Group Discussion Situation 1
Five farmers are talking about how to use their land this year. One of you is the village leader and the others are farmers. The four are having a debate with each other about what to plant . And finally, the village leader is supposed to make a decision
Situation 2
Suppose you would be given a small piece of land in front of your house. What would you plant? Why? (Choices: rose, tomato, grape, apple tree, tulips, bamboo)
Listening:1 listen to the tape. The
passage you hear talks about.
( ) history of farming ( ) farmers in America ( ) fishing ( ) trees ( ) dikes ( ) protection of nature ( ) farmers in china ( ) pigs ( ) environmental problems
Which of the following sentences are true and which are the false ?
1 In early times in china moves around and burnt forests. ( T ) 2 All farmers in south America burn forests to create farmland. (F ) 3 Floods and droughts are disasters that farmers cannot stop. ( F ) 4 Some of the land in China is too wet to grow crops. (T ) 5 Fish farmers damage nature. ( F )
3 Listen to the tape and complete the sentences by using your own words. When farming goes against nature, are the result. (all kinds of) environmental problems destroyed The earliest farmersnature. Their way of agriculture led to droughts and . floods It is an old truth that and could not be farming used for . go against nature Instead they changed the fields into . On too wet their farm they kept and grew. fishponds farming
Period Two Reading
Unit 19
Look at the pictures on Page 45 and compare traditional and modern farming.Which is better in your opinion?
Modernization in farming techniques GM research on tamato Greenhouse? Greenhouse? a solution for the shortage of arable land GM used in Agriculture Balance between food production and environment Agriculture in general in China
Para.2 Para.3
Para.4 Para.5 Para.6
true or false

  1. Most of the land in China is used for farming .( F )
  2. Chemical fertilization does harm to the environment and plants. ( F )
  3. Modern agricalture techniques refer to fertilization. ( F )

  4. We learn from foreign countries to improve our agricultural production. (T )
  5. Sometimes people grow plants in greenhouses. ( T )
  6. From the early 1990s scientists started to develop new techniques to increase agricultural production ( F )
More information in the text
What techniques have been developed to make land produce more? fertilization irrigation with electric pumps two or more crops are planted each year seeds are grown in special seedbeds to save time more advanced technical information
How do scientists solve the problem that Chinese farmers are in short of arable land? Grow vegetables in greenhouses
What are the advantages and disadvantages of fertilization and irrigation? irrigation? Fertilization: Advantage: help to produce better crops Disadvantage: harmful to the environment Irrigation: Advantage: save time and labour Disadvantage: a waste of water
What are the advantages of the new kind of GM tomato? bigger and healthier, grow without danger from diseases, need much less time to get ripe Have you ever eaten any GM food? What do you think of it?
A group discussion: discussion:
Are there any problem for China's agriculture besides the shortage of farmland? And how can we improve the conditions?
Possible answers
The farmland in north China is in short of water (drought) Most farmers received little education Bad climates in different areas
How to solve them
Grow some crops that need less water Set up some night schools Choose the plants that are used to the climate/import some crops from overseas
Read the text "Greening the hills" hills" and fill in the form
In the past Trees cut down Hills Ways to make money
soil, washed away
Nowadays planted/not allowed to… Be covered with… Trees and tea crops
cutting …, selling …
Rules for planting and protecting trees
Dos Don' Don'ts

  1. Water the young trees
  1. Cut down the trees as …as possible when they are … …… ……
Writing: a short essay about the changes of people's diet by comparison people'
Ten years ago
  1. mainly lived on grain
  2. couldn't easily find …in couldn' winter
  3. …were expensive.
  4. preferred … Nowadays
  1.. More choices such as… as…
  2. can easily get …so long as you wish ...
  3. …are cheaper
  4. Prefer …
Period 3 Word Study

  1.It is /was…that /who … 强调句式
  1. It is on this arable land that the farmers produce food for the whole population of China.
就是在这片可耕的土地上农民们为全 国人们生产粮食. 国人们生产粮食.
It is /was…that /who … 强调句式 I saw John in the street this morning .
1 It was I who/that saw John in the street this morning(强调主语) morning(强调主语)
  2. It was John that /whom I saw in the street this morning. (强调宾语) (强调宾语)
  3.It was in this street that I saw John
  3.It this morning. (强调地点壮语) (强调地点壮语)
  4.It was this morning that I saw John
  4.It in the street. (强调时间壮语) (强调时间壮语)

  2.Over time
over+一段时间 表示" over+一段时间 表示"在…… 期间" 期间", over time "长期以来,一段时 "长期以来 长期以来, 间以来, 经常" 间以来, 经常" over the years "在这几年里" "在这几年里 在这几年里"

  2.Over time
How are people's eating habits changing these years over (这些年)? (这些年 这些年)? time 经常). Everything changes over(经常). over(经常 What was not accepted in the past may be very popular with people now. The English language has changed the centuries over(几个世纪来 over(几个世纪来). 几个世纪来). night He likes working over(夜晚期 over(夜晚期 间).

  3. More advanced technical information was brought in from aboard in the 1980s.
二十一世纪八十年代人引进 二十一世纪八十年代人引进了更多 引进了更多 的先进技术信息. 的先进技术信息. bring in 含义较多, 含义较多, Bring the washing in , its' raining. its' 把洗晒的衣服收进屋里,天在下雨. 收进屋里 把洗晒的衣服收进屋里,天在下雨.
His work brings him in 500 yuan. 他的工作每月有500元的收入. 他的工作每月有500元的收入. 元的收入 They decided to bring in experienced people to help. 他们决定请有经验的人来帮忙. 他们决定请有经验的人来帮忙.
bring about 引起(事故,变化); 引起(事故,变化); 导致, 导致,致使 bring around 把某人带到某场所 bring down 降价 bring on 带来,引起 带来, bring up 教育, 提出, 培养 教育, 提出,

  4. depend on /upon

  1. depend on sb to do sth 依赖某人做某事
  2. depend on sb for sth 依赖某人维持… 依赖某人维持…
  3. It all depends on how you deal with the problem.
  4. Most of students still depend on our parents for food and clothing.

  5. not only …but also

  1. Not only is food production important but also taking care of the environment. environment.
not only 位于句首,第一个分句要倒装 位于句首,

  5. not only …but also

Not only did he take part in the English party, but also he sang party, songs at the party.

  3. Not only was everything that he had taken away from him but also he was not allowed to return to his own country.

  6. no matter …who / when /how…

  3.The temperature is controlled with computers, no matter how the weather is outside. 不管室外天气如何变化, 不管室外天气如何变化,室内温度 由计算机控制,保持恒温. 由计算机控制,保持恒温.

  6. no matter …who / when /how…

  1. No matter who breaks the law he will be punished.
  2. No matter when you call on me, you are welcome.
  3. No matter where you are, you can always find time to study.

  7.in other words换句话说 words换句话说
He often depends on others. In other words, he doesn't do things by himself. in word 口头上,表面上 口头上, in a word 总之,简而言之 总之, He is faithful in word and deed. John is smart, polite, and well behaved. In a word, he is admirable.

  8.a variety of 多种多样的
The students sometimes don't turn in their homework for a variety of excuses. There are a variety of things in the supermarket and we spent almost all our money. =varieties of

  1.have an effect on
His words had a great effect on me. Alcoholic drink can have a bad effect on your body. come/go into effect 生效 The new law will come into effect on October
  1. of no effect 没有作用 The way is of no effect.

  2.As far as I can see, the best thing would be … as far as I can see= so/as far as I know就我所知 know就我所知,依我看 就我所知, As far as I can see, that is highly unlikely. As far as I know, he has gone to join the army.

  3. If I were you… Wouldn't it be better if…
这两句都是虚拟语气.表示的是与现在事实相 这两句都是虚拟语气. 反的假设,从句用动词的过去式(be动词用 反的假设,从句用动词的过去式(be动词用 were),主语+should(第一人称 would(全 were),主语+should(第一人称)或would(全 ),主语 第一人称) 部人称)+动词原形 部人称)+动词原形 If I were you, I would beat him black and blue. I would go if they treat me like a slave. Would it be better if you stayed here for another night? It would be better to plant more trees in and around the school.

  4.go against违反,违背,对……不利 against违反 违背, ……不利 违反,
The case may go against you. These actions went against the will of people. She went against her father's advice.

  5.Although china is a very big country, only 7% of the land can be used for farming.
被用来做be 被用来做be used for+动词-ing for+动词 动词be used to+动词原形 to+动词原形 The knife is used for cutting cakes./ The knife is used to cut cakes. A hammer is used for driving in nails./ A hammer is used to drive in nails. be used to doing表示"习惯于做某事",这个 doing表示 习惯于做某事" 表示" 结构也可以用get to或 结构也可以用get use to或become used to You must get used to getting up early.;

  6. When you plough the soil, plough deep the first time and less deep the second time.

  1. for the first time 第一次, 作状语 第一次, On that day , the old man took us to the lab for the first time . 2 .at first 起初 At first it was very hot , but then it got cooler.
3 first of all 首先 First of all I' d like to welcome you I' to the meeting. year after year day after day week after week
7 Remove
脱掉( off) one' 脱掉(take off)to remove one's clothes 移动 remove the cloth from the table 搬家, 搬家,迁移 remove from the city to the countries 从城市班到农村 解雇,解任remove 解雇,解任remove a man from office
8 Soil earth mud
earth 泥土, 土壤 泥土, Fill the hole with earth. soil 土壤,土地,国家 土壤,土地, plough the soil mud 泥,湿土 the car got struck in the mud.
Period Four Intergrading skills
Find out the details about Jia's book Jia'
Qimin Yaoshu The name of his book The book is mainly about both farming and gardening The subjects in his advice includes growing vegetables and fruit trees; keeping cows, sheep and fish; making wines
Questions for farming

  1.What will happen if we go against and do things at the wrong time of year? You will have to do more work and the results will not be so good.

  2. What should we do before sowing or planting crops? Examine the soil carefully, improve it if the condition is not good.

  3. Why should we let sheep or cows walk on the land? To destroy the weeds in the field or eat them.

  4. What changes should farmers make in the fields? Do not plant


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