Unforgettable experiences
Ye Huixiang
?Teaching Aims
Improve the students’ reading ability .
Learn how to organize ideas in a text using “ first , next , then , finally” .
what natural disasters have you heard of?
earthquake fire typhoon snow slide mudflow volcano tornado flood sandstorm
what natural disasters have you heard of?
earthquake snow slide fire mudflow volcano tornado flood
Snow slide

  1.When the flood came,Flora was in the house.
  2.After the second wave came, Jeff held onto a tree that grew against the wall.
  3.Flora’s beautiful hair and dress were all wet and cold, but she still felt very happy.
  4.In the end,they didn’t find the chimney.
snow slide
volcano eruption
Have you ever experienced a natural disaster ? Can you describe what it was like and how you felt?
What would you do in the following situations?
Typhoon riding a bike on the road
Earthquake Fire sleeping in your bedroom
shopping in You are in the the supermarket classroom

  1.How many persons are there in the text “The Rescue”? Who are they?
Two. Flora and Jeff.

  2.What is the disaster?
  1. What did Flora see at the very beginning? She saw a wall of water advancing towards her.
  2. What were Flora’s first two feelings when she turned around and saw the water coming? Surprise and wonder
  3. Why was Jeff looking for the chimney? Because the chimney is the strongest part of the house.

  4. How much damage did the flood cause? The garden was swept away and the trees were cut down by the flood; A part of the house had gone down and the floor moved up and down under their feet.
  5. What’s the result? Flora and Jeff managed to save themselves with their strong will by struggling.
Changes of Jeff and Flora’s feelings
She looked so surprised that she couldn’t move. She wanted to watch it.
wonder fright
Jeff and Flora looked into each other’s face with a look of fright.
How many places are there according to the text? What are they? in the garden under the tree on the steps in the house on the way to the house
Retell the story ,using the following key words .
First First ,…….saw…… and waving ……. She turned ……saw ……advancing ………. quickly. Next,…….. swept ………down and they……. struggling for…….. Then,they tried to get…… and climbed ……. to be safe ……..
Next Then
Finally,part of ……. fell down but they were Safe…… the chimney.

  1.Retell the text in your own words.
  2.Try to find some questions ( words,phrases,or sentences ) in the text,if any.
  3. Finish Book b.



   Unforgettable experiences Ye Huixiang Teaching Aims Improve the students’ reading ability . Learn how to organize ideas in a text using “ first , next , then , finally” . what natural disasters have you heard of? earthquake fire typhoon snow slide ...


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