different fighting D. every child tried to climb the top of all the activities
  63. The underlined word “competitive” means. A. united B. breaking C. common D. fighting
  64. From the passage, we can infer that. A. they pretended to lose when they could win the games B. they didn’t think it was very important who was the winner among their activities C. they didn’t hold any activities which could produce winners or losers D. they thought it was a good idea that no one could win in their activities
  65. In their area, it was said that . A. people could spend their nights anywhere whether it was their home or not B. people only served their friends to spend their nights at home C. people had to return to their home to spend their nights whether they were far away or not D. strange people had to spend their nights in the field when it got dark 第二节: 第二节:根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。有两项多余。 When I was 16 years old, a boy gave me an important present. 66 It was the early autumn of my first year at a junior high school, and my old school was far away. 67 I was very lonely, and afraid to make friends with anyone. Every time I heard the other students talking and laughing, I felt my heart broken, I couldn’t talk with anyone about my problems. And I didn’t want my parents to worry about me. Then one day, my classmates talked happily with their friends, but I sat at my desk unhappily as usual. 68 I didn’t know who he was. He passed me and then turned back. He looked at me, with a smile on his face. Suddenly, I felt the touch of something bright and friendly. It made me feel happy, lively and warm. I started to talk with other students and made friends. Day by day, I became 69
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closer to everyone in my class. The boy with the lucky smile has become my best friend now! 70 I believe that the world is what you think it is. If you think it lonely, you might always be alone. So smile at the world and it will smile back. A. At that moment, a boy entered the classroom. B. He’s living in Australia now and he loves it. C. It doesn’t matter because all the dark days have gone. D. It was a smile. E. That smile changed my life. F. It’s impossible to make friends here. G. As a result, no one knew who I was. 汉译英( 六. 汉译英(每小题 3 分,满分 15 分) 。
  1. 对自己有信心,那么,你的梦想就会实现。 (confident, come true)

  2. 小偷一进来,警铃就响了起来。 (go off)

  3. 另外,如果无事可做,我会变得很烦躁。 (get bored)

  4. 体重超标的人有可能患高血压。 (overweight, suffer from)

  5. 我发现做义工对青少年非常有益。 (voluntary, helpful)
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   上册       Unit 1 argue about争论......   be fond of 喜欢......   all the time 一直,始终   make fire 生火   develop a friendship建立友谊   care about 关心,担心   in order to 为了......   hunt for 搜寻;追寻;寻找   such as 例如   make friends交朋友   be regard as被当作.......   clic ...


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   Unit1 1.ntroduction n.介绍 a letter of introduction 介绍信 an introduction to computer 电脑入门 introduce v.介绍,采用引进 introduce sb to sb else introduce oneself to sb 自我介绍 introduce a new method 采用新方法 2.walk n.步行,散步,行业 go out for a wlak 出去散步 take/have a wlak 散 ...


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