一?单项填空(共 15 小题,每题 1 分,满分 15 分)
  1. If you want to catch the bus , you`d better for the bus station immediately. A. set up B. set about C. set down D. set off
  2. He talks he knew everything. A. even if B. ever since C. as though D. in case
  3. ??Istn`t that Mary`s husband over there ? -??No, it be him. I`m sure he doesn`t wear glasses. A .can`t B.must not C.won`t D.may not
  4. ??Would you like some more chicken ? ??No, thanks. I am a diet and try to weight. A.on ; lose B.on; put on C.in; have D.in; lose
  5. He from the training so much that he was the first prize in the event. A. benefited ; gained B.awarded ; gained Cearned ; benefited D.benefited ; awarded
  6. ?? My cat is really fat. -?? You her so much food . A.wouldn`t give B.couldn`t have given C.shouldn`t have given D.mustn`t give
  7.??Could I use your bike? ??Of course you . ___ . A.can;Go ahead B.can;Use it C.could;Help yourself D.could;Take it
  8. ??Whould you permit me here? ??Sorry.We don`t permit in the lab. A. smoking; smoking B.to smoke; to smoke C.smoking; to smoke D.to smoke; smoking
  9.The reason for his success is he worked very hard. A.that B.because C. why D.whether
  10. is known to all that China`s Liu Xiang became the first Asian to win the men`s 110 hurdles at the Olympics. A.That B. which C.As D.It
  11.The book still where I it two days ago. A.laid; lied B.lied; lay C.lies; laid D.lies; lay
  12.your son has recovered, you should have nothing to worry about. A.So long as B.As soon as C.Although D.Now that
  13.He to act out the story he had read, but he failed. A.deserved B.tried C.managed D.pretended

  14.Rather than on a crowded bus , he always prefers a bicycle. A.ride; ride B.riding; ride C.ride; to ride D. to ride; riding
  15.His suggestion to the cinema excited us all. A.that we go B.that we would go C.whether we should go D. when we woule go 二、完形填空(共 15 小题,每题 1 分,满分 15 分) At a country house in India, there once lived a young elephant. It was a pet to the people. It used to come 16 the dining room after dinner and asked for food from the visitors. One day, when lots of visitors were 17 at the table, the elephant came round and put its 18 between the visitors, begging for fruit or bread. One gentleman, however, 19 putting any food into the trunk, took his fork and 20 the little elephant away with a stab (戳). The animal left him quietly and went to other visitors. One after 21 they all treated it 22, because they thought a gentleman should not treat an animal in such a 23 way. When it had finished its 24 of the table, it went out into the garden, 25 a large branch off a tree, returned with it to the26 again. The animal went 27 to the gentleman who had stabbed its trunk with a fork and shook the 28 over his head. In a moment, he was covered with 29 which came down from the branch. The ants wandered(漫游)his hair; 30 ran down his neck. Although he tried hard, he couldn’t 31 the ants. All the other visitors 32when they saw the gentleman in such a difficult situation(处境) 33 they thought since he had been rude to the 34, he 35 be punished(惩罚) in this way.
  16. A. in B. to C. at D. into
  17. A. sitting B. smiling C. looking D. arriving
  18. A. leg B. mouth C. tail D. trunk
  19. A. instead of B. because of C. therefore D. as a result
  20. A. brought B. took C. pulled D. sent
  21. A. other B. another C. some D. any
  22. A. happily B. badly C. kindly D. easily
  23. A. friendly B. rude C. simple D. cold
  24. A. round B. path C. trip D. sail
  25. A. passed B. cut C. picked D. broke
  26. A. hotel B. building C. room D. department
  27. A. straight B. worriedly C. interestedly D. happily
  28. A. root B. branch C. trunk D. fork
  29. A. ants B. bees C. leaves D. flowers
  30. A. no B. one C. any D. some
  31. A. drop in B. catche up with C. get rid of D. find out
  32. A. laughed B. cried out C. spoke out D. surpirised
  33. A. why B. because C. then D. after
  34.A. gentleman B. animal C. visitors D.ants
  35.A.should B. may C. must D. could 三、阅读理解(共 12 小题,每题 2 分,满分 24 分)
A Your body, which has close relations with the food you eat, is the most important thing you own, so it needs proper treatment and proper nourishment 营养) ( . The old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is not as silly as some people think. The body needs fruit and vegetables because they contain vitamin C. Many people take extra vitamins in pill form(丸剂), believing that these will make them healthy. But a good diet is made up of nourishing food and this gives all the vitamins you need. The body doesn’t need or use extra vitamins, so why waste money on them? In modem western world, many people are too busy to bother about eating properly. The list of illnesses caused or made worse by bad eating habits is frightening.
  36. “Your body has close relations with the food you eat.” It really means that . A.all kinds of food you eat can be made into your body B.your body is made up of the food you eat C.what you eat has a great effect on your health D.the more you eat, the healthier you will feel
  37. The old saying referred to in the passage tells us that . A.eating apples regularly does lots of good to our health B.the apple is the best among all kinds of fruits C. apples can take the place of doctors D. apple is a sure cure for illness an
  38. In the paragraph, the writer tries to let us know . A.our bodies need food, or we can’t live B.often eating apples is a good habit C.a good diet is of great importance for our health D.taking extra vitamin pills is completely useless
  39. From the passage we can draw a conclusion that if we want to keep healthy, we should . A.only eat an appe a day B.eat properly C.take as many vitamin pills as possible D.throw something into our stomachs slowly and carefully B Tourism wasn’t as important as it is today. In the past, only people with a good deal of money could travel on holidays to your countries. More people travel today than in the past because there is growing middle class in many parts of the world; that is to say, people now have more money for travel. Special plane doesn’t travel for the same reason as another. But most people enjoy seeing countries that are different from their own. They also like to meet new people and to taste new food. Tourism causes many changes in a country and in people’s lives. People build new hotels and restaurants and train native men and women as guides to show visitors interesting places. There’re new nightclubs and other amusements. International tourism is clearly a big business.

  40. In the old days could travel to other countries. A. boys and girls, men or women, young or old B. either kings or queens C. both the poor and the rich D. nobody but those who had money
  41. More people travel today than in the past because . A. people have become interested in traveling B. traveling today is easier than in the past C. people now have spare money for travel D. great changes have taken place in the world
  42. What makes travel more attractive than before? A. Travel by air to other countries is much cheaper today. B. More guides are being trained to show beautiful spots. C. Modern telegraph(电报) lines make travel less expensive D. New hotels and restaurants have been built.
  43. Which of the following statements is true according to the article? A. Tourism won’t bring any changes in people’s mind. B. People have some trouble in making journey. C. With the development of tourism, great changes have taken place in many parts in the world\ D. Tourism causes only some changes in clothing C Did you know that a turtle (乌龟) can lay 12 eggs in one minute? A large sea turtle lays around 150 eggs at a time. She lays all these eggs in just a few minutes. Large sea turtles live in the warm seas of the world. Except for when they lay their eggs, they spend their whole lives in the water. When it is time to lay their eggs, the females swim to land. They usually return to the place where they themselves were born. How they find their way back there is unknown. When they reach shore, the big, heavy turtles crawl slowly up to the high water mark. Using their flippers(鳍状肢), they pull themselves along the sand. They must struggle like mountain climbers. When they finally reach dry sand, they rest before beginning the difficult task of laying eggs. The turtles lay the eggs in deep holes and cover them with warm sand. The sand protects the eggs from harm. Then the females leave them. After a few weeks, if you happened to be walking along the beach, you might see the sand begin to shake. You may see tiny black balls coming out of the sand. The tiny heads of baby turtles!
  44. The first sentences lets us know that this passage is about . A. turtles B. oceans C. time D. speed
  45. Turtles bury their eggs to protect them from . A. deep water B. danger C. heat D. speed
  46. We can conclude from this passage that
A. many turtles die while swimming to shore. B. female turtles protect their babies C. once turtles land, they never return to the sea. D. the job of laying eggs takes great strength
  47. The writer compares turtles to climbers A. because they lay their eggs in mountain areas B. to give you a picture of how hard they work C. to tell you that they like to climb D. to show that mountain climbers are as slow as turtles
四、单词填空(共 8 小题,每题 1 分,满分 8 分)
  48. How many sare there in this play?
  49. You need (耐心)if you want to get served in this shop.
  50. A friend in need is a friend i.
  51. Don’t look down upon people dressed in r.
  52. I believe the affair is (有害的) to the company .
  53. The professer has brought in a good (系统)of teaching languages from abroad.
  54. When are you going to many and . sdown?
  55. The rumours of an attack were later (证实). 六、改错(共 7 小题,每题 1 分,满分 7 分)
  56、I look forward to hear from you soon.
  57、The teacher came in ,following by two students .
  58、Although I was tired today , but I felt happy .
  59、We saw he approaching the car .
  60、The ability to keep calm is one of her strength .
  61、Watch out cars when crossing the road.
  62、He worked very hard that he passed the exam. 五、翻译句子(共 4 小题,每题 2 分,满分 8 分)
  63、在过去十年中,中国发生了巨大变化。 (take place )

  64、我正要回家,这时天开始下雨。 (be about to do ……when ……)

  65、大雨阴止了我们按时到那儿。 (prevent ……from doing )

  66、被绿树环抱着,我们的村庄看来很美丽。 (surround)
七、短文写作 假如你是李华,你的笔友 Catherine 给你写信,询问如何保持健康。请你给她回信,就 此提一些建议。 内容包括:
  3、保证充足的睡眠。每天睡眠不少于 8 小时。 注意:
  1、字数:100 左右;
  2、可适当增加细节,使行文连贯。 Dear Catherine Best wishes! Yours, Li Hua



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