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英语同步单元测试:Unit 1 Cultural relics 英语试卷
  1. 本卷共 100 分,考试时间 30 分钟
  2. 将答案写在答题卡的相应位置 这一节的英语同步课课练是针对高二年级必修 2 的 Unit 1 Cultural relics 出题的总复习题, 题 型包括选择题、完型填空、阅读理解、短文改错和书面表达。附有答案,可用于单元检测。
  1. He is a student at Oxford University, for a degree in computer science. A studied C to have studied B studying D to be studying

  2. Shelly had prepared carefully for her biology examination so that she could be sure of passing it on her first. A intention B attempt C purpose D desire

  3. that Maric was able to set up new branches elsewhere. A. So successful her business was C. So her business was successful B. So successful was her business D. So was her successful business

  4. If you had told me in advance, I him at the airport. A. would meet B. would had meet C. would have met D. would have meet
  5. I wish I able to tell him all about it last night. A. should be B. were C. had been D. was

  6. Nobody knows for sure who possessed the ancient flower vase. In other words, nobody knows for sure who is of the flower vase. A. in possession B. in the possession C. of the possession D. with possession

  7. The story is totally made up. If it happens to be anyone’s experience, we are here to apologize. A. by coincidence; similar to C. by chance; by coincidence with B. by accident; in coincidence with D. X; in coincidence to

  8. Whether euthanasia(安乐死) should be made legal has been in the law circle for many years.
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3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net
A. conventional B. controversial C. potential D. experimental
  9. It is ridiculous of you to be afraid of your own , which follows everywhere you go when there is light. A. shade B. shadow C. figure D. sculpture
  10. I have heard of the famous scholar thousands of times but haven’t seen him . A. in the flesh B. in personal C. in flesh D. in private
  11. All visitors were amazed at the skills and the artist when carving the figure on the marble A. technologies; showed C. technology; made B. techniques; displayed D. technique; displayed

  12. In such a situation, we have to be careful of what we say and what we do. A. delicate B. fragile C. weak D. flexible
  13. It a superb mind to predict what will exactly happen in the future. A. takes B. costs C. spends D. makes
  14. It still remains a mystery why some people are certain flower fragrance while others are not. A. allergic to B. accustomed to C. addicted to D. appealing to
  15. Egypt a high reputation of ancient civilization across the world A. likes B. appreciates C. enjoys D. is fond of
二、完型填空 A year ago I paid no attention to English idioms, 16_my teacher said again and again that it was important. One day, I happened to 17 an Englishman, on the road, and soon we began to 18 . As I was talking about how I was studying English, the foreigner shook his head, saying, “You don’t say! You don’t say!” I was 19 , I thought, perhaps this is not a 20 topic. Well, I’d 21 change the topic. So I said to him, “Well, shall we talk about the Great Wall? 22 _ the way, have you ever 23 there?” “Certainly, everyone back home will 24 me if I leave China without seeing 25 . It was
great.” I said, “The Great Wall is one of the wonders in the world. It is a place of 26 .” Soon
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I was interrupted again by his words, “ 27 !” I couldn’t 28 asking, “Why do you ask me not to talk about it?” “Well, I didn’t ask you to do 29 ”, he answered, gently surprised. I said, “Didn’t you say ‘You don’t say’?” Hearing this, the Englishman 30 to tears. He began to 31 , “‘You don’t say’ actually means ‘really?’. It is an 32 of surprise. Perhaps you don’t pay attention 33English idioms.” Then I knew I had made fool of 34 . Since then I have been more 35 with idioms.
  16. A. though
  17. A. look
  18. A. walk
  19. A. pleased
  20. A. proper
  21. A. to
  22. A. On
  23. A. gone
  24. A. look at
  25. A. It
  26. A. fun
  27. A. Really
  28. A. be
  29. A. this
  30. A. laughed
  31. A. explain
  32. A. experience
  33. A. for
  34. A. me
  35. A. helpful B. when B. meet B. talk B. angry B. strange B. better B. In B. visited B. think of B. them B. interest B. Good B. help B. so B. cried B. shout B. expression B. to B. myself B. popular C. if C. pick up C. play C. afraid C. safe C. not C. All C. seen C. send for C. anything C. business C. You don’ t say C. think C. anything C. moved C. prove C. explanation C. at C. him C. careful D. as D. find out D. go D. surprised D. polite D. like D. By D. been D. laugh at D. something D. mountain D. You are right D. do D. me a favor D. came D. say D. example D. in D. somebody D. satisfied
三、阅读理解 A
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It's very common for students' marks to fall. Sometimes it is because of situations outside of school, such as problems at home. Sometimes it is simply because the tests get harder as you get older. If you can think about what was happening when your marks started to fall, you may be able to solve this problem. Stop comparing yourself with other people. It does not matter if other students get higher test marks than you. What is important is that you do your best. Try talking to a friendly teacher. He or she will be able to help you with the subjects you find difficult. Before each test, you should go through your notes from class. You should remember the most important things you have written in a shorter form. Pictures can also be helpful. Write the subject in the centre of a page, and then surround it with main related points. Look through your shorter notes and pictures again just before the test. You will be surprised when you find you remember so much. It may take hard work. And your marks may not improve straight away. But let your confidence rise by every mark. Soon they should begin to climb again.

  36. What does the writer think of the marks to fall? A. It's very hard to believe it's a common thing. B. It's not possible for the hard working students' marks to fall. C. It's sometimes because of the problems outside the school and the more difficult tests. D. When the students get older, it’s very common for their marks to fall.
  37. If you want to stop your marks from falling, you should before the tests. A. remember the most important points you have written in a shorter form B. draw pictures in the centre of a page in and after class C. write down all the important points you have learned D. be surprised that how much you will remember
  38. After you do your best and work hard, . A. you'll find your marks may be straight improved
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B. you'll find your confidence rising by every mark C. you'll begin to climb trees again when you are free D. you'll soon catch up with the others by getting high marks
  39. This passage is maybe the most helpful for . A. a good student to win the first place in his tests B. all the students in trouble to pick up their confidence and good marks C. only a few poor students in study to catch up with the others D. few students to find better ways to do well in the tests
B This sense of total discomfort that you’re both feeling is pretty normal. And I don’t say that to in any way reduce your problems. I just don’t want you to think that you’re the one person in the world who’s stuck with a neurotic (神经质的) mom. Think about it: for most of the past 14 years, you have depended on your mother for every little thing you’ve ever needed. Now suddenly you’re putting up all sorts of boundaries because you’re growing out of being that little kid who needed her for everything, and it’s hurting her feelings. What we need here is a little understanding and some new rules to take into account the changes you’re going through. You can’t just stop sharing things with your mom. It’s mean. So why not make a point of telling her some things about what’s going on with you every day? She wants to feel that she’s still a part of your life. And after consistently doing this for about a month, why don’t you tell her where you’d like a little privacy(隐私) ? maybe there are certain things you don’t want her to always ask about? Promise her that whenever there’s an update on those topics, you will completely let her know. And follow up on it! The bottom line is that you guys need to build a new relationship based on the young woman. The only way to do this is to work through some really uncomfortable moments and big fights and then come up with a solution, which is what you’re doing now. So don’t worry ? it’s all going to be okay. But it will take some work, honesty and communication to get there. Having a good relationship with your mom is a really important thing. She’s the one person who will always be on your side.
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3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net

  40. In the writer’s opinion, the problems a guy may face are . A. serious B. normal C. unlucky D. uncomfortable

  41. The best way to reduce the problems with Mom may probably be . A. to communicate with her C. to break your bottom line B. to let out your secrets to her D. to work through bad times

  42. The underlined part “bottom line” (in Paragraph
  3) means . A. the lowest ties with others C. the least things you must do B. the most important thing D. the final line you treat things

  43. The passage is written mainly . A. to tell people how to get rid of a neurotic mom B. to show us how to build a relationship between each other C. to tell guys how to keep a good relationship with mothers D. to tell guys how to reduce everyday problems with others
C The oldest forms of medicine are enjoying a comeback . Modern holistic medicine is an approach that treats the whole patient, not just the disease. It is a way to maintain good health rather than cure illness . The most important influences on today's holistic medicine are ancient Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic medicine, both of which promoted whole body health. Holistic medicine usually combines diet ,physical exercise and meditation, together with other alternative techniques such as massage(按摩)and acupuncture(针灸). Herbal treatment, a practice of treating illness by using plants, is influenced by the writings of Culpeper as well as Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Homeopathy(顺势疗法)is one of the forms of holistic medicine which is widely practiced in Europe and the USA. Homeopathy began in Germany in the early 1800s, when Samuel Hahnemann described how very tiny doses(剂量)of a drug had an effect On his patients. According to Hahnemann, the more the drug was diluted(稀释), the stronger its effects . The substance selected would produce similar effects to the disease itself if given in large doses. In the UK homeopathy is regarded as a non-traditional but just about acceptable treatment. Meditation and contemplation have an important role in holistic medicine. They were brought to Europe by Indian teachers who combined Indian Ayurvedic medicine with Western beliefs.
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Transcendental meditation (超脱静坐)is one of the best known of these techniques. People repeat words inside their heads to reach a state of deep relaxation. The holistic movement has made many doctors look at the whole patient, not just the disease. Life-style, emotional problems and diet are just some of the factors that can affect a person's health. Holistic medicine emphasizes good diet, exercise and fresh air, all of which contribute to health . Some clinics now offer holistic medicine along with traditional treatments, so that their patients can choose a combination of treatments that suits them. One problem with holistic medicine is that it is difficult for people to be sure a doctor is reliable. To solve this, many countries want alternative doctors to form professional bodies.

  44. Modern holistic medicine centers upon . A. curing a disease C. continuous de



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