Unit2 Healthy eating
Modal verbs 情态动词 (II)
可兼做行为动词的情态动词: 可兼做行为动词的情态动词:need 、 dare
  1.作为情态动词用,常用在否定句和疑问句中。 Dare (need) +S +V S + daren’t (needn’t) +V I daren’t walk through the forest at night. Dare you walk through the forest at night? You needn’t return the book now. Need he go yesterday?

  2.作实义动词用,常用在肯定句中, 有人称、 时态、和数的变化 He needs to go there himself. He has grown up,we don’t need to worry about him.
  3.Sth (sb) need( want, request)+ doing/ to be done The house needs cleaning/ to be cleaned The boy needs sending to the hospital at once.

  4.needn’t have done 表示原本不必 要做的事情却已经做了的情况,意为 要做的事情却已经做了的情况 意为 本不必要…” “本不必要 Our color TV set is still good enough. You needn’t have bought a new one. Your home is not far from your school ,so you needn’t have left in such a hurry then.

  5.注意对 注意对need问句的回答 问句的回答: 注意对 问句的回答 --Need I finish the work today? --Yes, . you must No, . you needn’t No, . you don’t have to
--Must we do it now? needn’t --No, you .
(don’t have to)
  1. may may well + v = have good reason to (理所当然) You may well say so. may/ might as well = had better do.(最好。。) You may as well say so. may as well +v….+as+v (与其….不如….) ( 最好 …. 而不要 ….) You might as well throw your money away as lend it to him.

  2.与must有关句子的反意疑问句 与 有关句子的反意疑问句
因must后是系动词 be 后是系动词

  1.Judging from his accident, he must be from the south, isn’t he?
  2.It is eleven o’clock at night and the lights are off. They must be sleeping now, aren’t they?
must后接的是 sleeping,是对正在进 后接的是be 后接的是 , 行的情况推测

  1.We must have learned 2,000 words by the end of last term, hadn’t we?
若句中含有过去完成时的时间状语, 若句中含有过去完成时的时间状语,用过去完成时完成反意疑问句

  2.It must have rained last night, for the road was very muddy, , didn’t it?
若句中含有过去的时间状语, 若句中含有过去的时间状语,用一般过去时完成反意疑问句

  3.He must have gone to Beijing, hasn’t he?
若句中不含任何时间状语, 若句中不含任何时间状语, 用现在完成时完成反意疑问句

  3. can
.can not but+do sth 表示“不得不,只好”。 表示“不得不,只好” I can not but admire your bravery. 我不得不钦佩你的勇气 。 I could not but choose to go. 我只好去 。

  1.判断正误 判断正误: 判断正误 How dare you say such a thing? How dare you to say such a thing? He daren’t to speak English before such a crowd, did he? He daren’t speak English before such a crowd, dare he?
Nobody need to be afraid of catching the disease. Nobody need be afraid of catching the disease. These dishes need be cleaned carefully. These dishes need to be cleaned carefully. These dishes need cleaning carefully.

  1.There was a lot of fun at yesterday’s party. You D come, but why didn’t you? A. must have B. should C. need have D. ought to have
  2.I wonder how hethat to the teacher. D A. dare to say B. dare saying C.not dare say D.dared say
  3.Chinese must have the largest number of speakers, . C A.mustn’t they B. haven’t they C. don’t they D. didn’t they
  4.As it turned out to be a small house party, we so formally. D A needn’t dress B. didn’t have to dress up C. Might not have dressed up D. needn’t have dressed up


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