Module 2 My New Teachers
Reading & Vocabulary
What’s your first impression of the following persons?
Fast reading
Who is the kindest teacher ? Which teacher are students most afraid of ? Who is the most popular teacher ?
which teacher are students most afraid of ?
Who is the kindest teacher ?
Who is the most popular teacher ? Mrs. Li Mr. Wu
Mrs. Chen
Careful reading
Paragraph 1:
  1) What is writer’s first impression of Mrs. Li?
  2) What subject do you think Mrs. Li is teaching?
  3) What kind of person is Mrs. Li? Paragraph 2:
  1) Why do you think not all the Ss in the class like Mrs. Chen?
  2) Is Mrs. Chen approachable(易接近的,平易近人的)? Why do you think so? Paragraph 3:
  1) Why is Mr. Wu so popular with the students?
  2) What does Mr. Wu look like?
Fill in the blanks
character subject teaching style my feeling Mrs. Li
nervous, shy, kind, patient
Mrs. Chen Mr. Wu
strict, serious, not smile Physics wellwellorganised and clear do well in energetic, amusing
English explain grammar clearly make progress
Chinese talks loudly and fast respect a lot
Retell the whole text with the use of our table.
Language points:

  1. She is kind and patient.
  1) adj.
  2) n. e.g. He is a patient leader and guide. There are many patients in the hospital. patience n. 搭配:be patient with sb. 搭配 be be be be be be be patient of sth.
with patience 耐心地 satisfied 对…满意 满意 strict 对…严格 严格 familiar 满意 with 对…满意 popular 对…熟悉 熟悉 content 受…欢迎 欢迎 honest 对…诚实 诚实
Language points:

  2. She explains English grammar so clearly that even I can understand it.
so + adj. / adv + that : 引导结果状语从句 “如此…以至于”
adj. + enough to do e.g. He is so strong that he can carry the box. === He is strong enough to carry the box. adj. / adv.
so + such +
adj. + a (n)+ n. (single). many / few + n. (pl.) much / little + n. (U) a (n) + adj. + n.(single) adj. + n (pl.) adj + n.(U)
+ that
+ that
Language points:

  3. She avoids making you feel stupid. I’ve always hated making mistakes or pronouncing a word incorrectly when I speak English.

  1) avoid (doing) sth. 避免(做)某事
  2) hate (doing) sth. 讨厌(做)某事
  3) make sb. / sth. do sth. make sb. / sth. done make sb. / sth. + n. adj. 使某人/某事做…… 使某人/某事被…… 使某人/某事……
Language points:

  4. There are a few students in our class who keep coming to class late but they are always on time for Mrs. Chen’s lesson.
keep on doing sth. keep doing sth. keep sb. doing sth. 接连……反复……继续…… 一直不断地做某事 使某人一直做某事
keep sb. from doing sth. 阻止某人做某事 注意: 注意: keep doing sth.表示状态或动作的持续, keep on doing sth. 表示动作的反复 e.g. He kept standing there for two hours without moving. He kept on standing in the meeting.
Language points:

  5. Some of our class don’t like her, but most of us really appreciate her because her teaching is so well organized and clear. And a few students even admit liking her.

  1) appreciate (doing ) sth.

  2) I would appreciate it if …… 如果……我将不胜感激
  3) admit doing sth. 承认做某事

  6. He is really amusing and tells jokes when he thinks we are getting bored.
  1) tell a joke / tell jokes 讲笑话
  2) play a joke on sb.
  3) have a joke with sb. 取笑某人 和某人说笑话
Language points:

  7. get + done 结构: 表示具有被动意义的系表结 构。
常用结构: 常用结构: get burnt 被烧伤 get lost get worried get married get drunk get hurt
get dressed穿好衣服 get changed被调换,换衣服 get paid 被支付 ,
Sarah, hurry up. I’m afraid you won’t have time to before the party. A get changed get changing B get change D get to change C
Make sentences using language points today. Try to finish exercises on your Learning plan :section1 (A), section2(A)



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