Unit 1 Friendship
Period 3 Language points
? Good Boy Little Robert asked his mother for two cents. "What did you do with the money I gave you yesterday?" "I gave it to a poor old woman," he answered. "You're a good boy," said the mother proudly. "Here are two cents more. But why are you so interested in the old woman?" "She is the one who sells the candy." Nest and Hair My sister, a primary school teacher, was informed 告诉 by one of her pupils that a bird had built its nest in the tree outside the classroom. "What kind of bird?" my sister asked. "I didn't see the bird, ma' am, only the nest," replied the child. "Then, can you give us a description of the nest?" my sister encouraged her . "Well, ma'am, it just resembles your hair. "
I've Just Bitten My Tongue "Are we poisonous?" the young snake asked his mother. "Yes, dear," she replied - "Why do you ask?" "Cause I've just bitten my tongue! "
? A Woman Who Fell It was rush hour and I was dashing to a train in New York City's Grand Central Terminal - As I neared the gate, a plump, middle-aged woman sprinted up from behind, lost her footing on the smooth marble floor and slid onto her back. Her momentum carried her close to my shoes. Before I could help her, however, she had scrambled up. Gaining her composure, she winked at me and said, "Do you always have beautiful women failing at your feet?" ? 摔倒的女人 上下班高峰期,我匆匆奔向纽约豪华中心站去赶一趟火车。接近 门口,一位肥胖的中年妇女从后面冲过来,没想到在平滑的大理 石地面上失了脚,仰面滑倒了。她的惯性使她接近了我的脚。我 正准备扶她,她却自己爬了起来。她镇定了一下,对我挤了一下 眉,说道:“总是有漂亮女人拜倒在你脚下吗?”
? The lecturer on evolution had been going on for nearly two hours. then he started again, and said he:"Let me ask the evolutionist a question -- if we had tails like a baboon, where are they?" ? "I'll venture an answer, " said an old lady. "We have worn them off sitting here so long.".
? 教进化论的老师已经滔滔不绝地讲了快两 个小时,他的话题又来了:“让我向进化 论者提个问题??如果我们曾经像狒狒那 样长着尾巴,那么现在尾巴到哪里去了?” ? “我来试试看,”一位老太太说。 “该是 我们在这里坐这么久把它们磨掉了吧。”
A Holiday from School
Tommy hated school and was always looking for excuses not to go. If he sneezed, he asked his mother to write a note saying he had a cold. If he had a headache, he asked his mother to take him to the doctor during school hours. He spent more time at home than he did at school. On the days that he did go to school, he looked for excuses to come home early. One morning he came home when the lessons were only half finished. His father was surprised. "You've come home early," he said. "Is the school closed today?" "No, Dad, " Tommy said - "It's open. I came home early. "How did you do that?" his father asked him. "What did you say to the teacher?" "I told her that I had a new baby brother and that I had to come home and help you . " "But your mother has had twins," his father said, "a boy and a girl. You've got a baby brother and a baby sister." "Yes, I know, Dad, " Tommy said. "I'm saving up my baby sister for next week "

  1. …just can’t understand what you are going through ?
  1). to suffer an unpleasant experience 经 不快的事) 历(不快的事 不快的事 e.g. Iraq has gone through too many wars in the past ten years. (
  2). to look at sth carefully ,especially in order to find sth 仔细检查 e.g. I went through all my pockets but I couldn’t find my wallet.

  1. …just can’t understand what you are going through ?
通过,穿过” (
  3) 作“通过,穿过”讲 ) e.g. the rope is too thick to go through the hole.

  2.Ann Frank made her diary her best friend.

  2.Ann Frank made her diary her best friend.
her best friend 为名词作宾语补足语 make+宾语+宾语补足语 其中宾补可以是名词,形容词 ,过去分词或不带 to的不定式,表示宾语的情况。 同类用法的动词 :call, elect, choose. think, find, consider, appoint 等 e.g. They made Tom their team leader We call him Tom.

  3. I don’t want to set down a series of facts in a diary as most people do, but I …
set down = write down e.g. I set down everything that happened then. series n.连续 系列 单复数同形 连续,系列 连续 a series of + n(复数) 复数) 复数 a series of good stamps e.g. There has been a series of car accidents at the crossing.
as 正如 照……的方式 正如, 的方式 (
  1) Do as I say. (
  2) David, as you know, is a teacher. (
  3) As I said in my last letter, I’m taking the exam in July.

  4. I’ve grown so crazy about everything… (
  1)be/ get/ grow crazy about sb./sth.着迷,狂热 着迷, 着迷
e.g. The boy is crazy about skiing. The teenagers are crazy about popular singers.
  2) be crazy to do sth = be crazy of sb to do sth e.g. You are crazy to do such a thing. You are crazy to buy a car at such a high price. = It’s crazy of you to buy a car at such a high price.
I stayed awake on purpose… in order to have a good look at the moon.
  1) stay (link v.) + adj/ n e.g. He stayed single all his life. e.g. They stayed friends for years. 他们的友谊维持了多年。 他们的友谊维持了多年。
  2) purpose:
目的,意图 目的 意图 cover one’s true purpose掩盖真实意图 掩盖真实意图
on purpose 故意地 e.g. He broke the window on purpose. (
  3) in order (not) to = so as (not) to: with the purpose or intention of doing sth 目的在于 e.g. She arrived early in order to get a good seat.
…, I didn’t dare open a window.
dare 既可以用作情态动词,也可以用作行为动词。 既可以用作情态动词,也可以用作行为动词。 (
  1)情态动词: 敢于,竟敢,多用于否定、疑问句中。 情态动词: 敢于,竟敢,多用于否定、疑问句中。 情态动词
e.g.I dare not ask him the second question. Daren't you read what it says?
  2) 行为动词:胆敢,敢于 行为动词:胆敢, dare to do sth.
e.g. He dared to do that and something even worse.
…, I happened to be upstairs one evening when the window was open. happen vi. take place, 发生
  1) What time did the accident happen? (
  2) No one know who had fired the gun ? it all happened so quickly.
sb. happen to do sth. (似乎 碰巧 似乎)碰巧 似乎 = to be or as if by chance
e.g. I happened to see her on my way to work.
It happens/ happened+ that clause
e.g. It happened that they went out when I called.
…, the thundering clouds held me entirely in their power; it was the first time in a year and a half that… (
  1) hold/ have sb in one’s power 控制住 摆布 控制住/
  2) It is /was + 序数词 time + that + 主语 序数词+ 主语+ 完成时态
e.g. It is the second time that Tom has been to Beijing. It was the first time that I had come to mountain Tai.
  1. Copy the new words(part
  2. Preview the new words(part
  3. Reinforce the language points and read the passage again.
? a hitchhiker who went into a shop and saw the sign "Lift" but found it too heavy, then saw the sign "Pet Supplies" so he did, this wasn't too bad but then he went outside and saw the sign "Compact Cars" and went to prison for ten years.
? The Three Stages of Man: ? He believes in Santa Claus. ? He doesn’t believe in Santa Claus. ? He is Santa Claus
? It was the Christmas season and the judge was in a merry mood as he asked the prisoner, ? “What is your offense?” ? “I did my Christmas shopping early this year,” cried the prisoner. ? “There’s nothing wrong with that,” said the Judge. “How early were you doing this shopping?” ? “Before the store opened,” answered the prisoner


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