Module 1
Unit 1
School life
Class Name
  1. E comes from practice.
  2. No one can a anything without any effort.
  3. He is just an a student.
  4. You can get tickets for f this evening.
  5. I don’t have any (额外的)money.
  6. The teacher (赞同)of what he had done.
  7. No a was paid to my advice.
  8. City people want to be outdoors on the weekend and do something c, like mountain climbing, cycling and so on.
  9. Listening to music is the best way to r when you feel nervous.
  10. That book is not (可用的)in Taiwan. 二、词组翻译:
  1. 参加集会
  2. 努力学习取得好成绩
  3. 赢得某人的尊敬
  4. 体验这种不同的生活方式
  5. 和某人约会
  6. 一次愉快而又激动人心的经历
  7. 告诉我们学校的规定
  8. 在午餐时间
  9. 在校园里
  10. 培养某方面的兴趣
  11. 捐赠某物给某人
  12. 在开幕日
  13. 通知某人某事
  14. 批准计划
  15. 被要求做某事
  19. 供应三餐 比往常晚一小时 对某事感到高兴 注意做某事
三、 单项选择:
  1.Have you seen the famous writer ? A. that our teacher told B. who our teacher told you C. our teacher told you of D. our teacher told you of him
  2.Much attention should science and technology. A. pay to develop B. pay to developing C. be paid to develop D. be paid to developing
  3.What they are doing is some money. A. more than donating B. much than to donate C. more than to donate D. much than donating
  4.David thought a while and then decided to the meeting. A. attend to B. join C. take part in D. attend
  6.English is spoken as the native language in countries Britain, the USA, Canada and Australia. A. for example B. as C. like D. in other words
  7.His health was getting worse and he regretted his doctor’s advice. A. not to have taken B. not having taken C. to have not taken D. having not taken
  8.All the students three tests in English literature. A. require to take B. require taking C. are required to take D. are required taking
  9.Beijing, the 2008 Olympic Games, calls on all its citizens to learn English. A. are preparing for hosting B. are prepared to host C. are prepared for hosting D. preparing for hosting
  10.The purpose of new technologies is to make life easier, it more difficult. A. to make B. not to make C. not making D. do not make
  12.? What do you think made him so upset? ?. A. He lost his new bike. B. Because he lost his new bike. C. Having lost his new bike. D. Because of losing his new bike.
  13.Mr. Green knows how to deal with children well. He has in a primary school. A. ten years’ experience in teaching B. ten years’ experiences in teaching C. ten years’ experience to teach D. ten years’ experiences to teach
  14.The mother her daughter’s safe arrival. A. informed of B. was informed on C. informed on D. was informed of
  15.What do you think of the way this problem. A. he thought of solving B. that he thought to solve C. he thought of to solve D. which he thought solving
  1. The teacher brought in a boy and introduced him for us.
  2. That morning I got up an hour later than usually as I had no classes.
  3. The homework here is not as heavy as I was used to get in my old school.
  4. Man can’t go against the nature without being punished.
  5. The boy who you saw him at the school gate was from the UK.
  6. This is the most interesting book which I have ever read.
  7. Father was sitting on the sofa at ease while mother was preparing for lunch.
  8. More equipments has been introduced into our school since last year.
  9. Though the family was very poor, but the parents wanted their daughter to continue her studies.
  10. Mary is the only one of the girls who were invited to the party last Sunday.. 五、 根据所给单词或短语完成句子:
  1. 每周一早晨,所有同学都被要求参加集会. (require, attend)
  2. 最后他通过努力工作达到了目标.(achieve one’s goal)
  3. 我没花钱从别人手里拿到了这张票,他不想要.(for free)
  4. 谁被选中来朗读这篇课文的?(select)
  5. 对于如何经营商店,他一无所知.(run)
  6. 个孩子从未受过善待.(experience) 六、 阅读理解 : As a student, you must be excited to know something about American school students. In fact, just like in China, in the United States, high school is usually divided into two periods, the first two or three years are called “junior high school” and the other is “senior high school”. In China, children enjoy free education of nine years, but in the United States, the students enjoy free education until they are 18 years old. As a result of the free education system (制度), American children have little difficulty in going to senior high school. American high school students can take part in a lot of activities outside of the classroom. The activities are organized by the school, such as joining a music group or a sports team. Certainly, just like us students in China, American students have to work hard in order to get good marks if they want to go to a good university. They take classes in all kinds of subjects all through the high school period. And those who come out with low marks at the end of a school year and who should repeat (重复) a grade are often allowed to go on to the next grade.
In American high schools, there is fighting or hurting or other kinds of bad behaviors. So children who want to go to university are often sent to suburban (郊区的) high schools, where most students want to go to university and the atmosphere (氛围) is quite different.
  1. This passage mainly tells us about . A. education of Chinese middle school B education of American high school C. American free education D. two periods of high school in America

  2. Activities outside of the classroom refer to . A. what the students do after class in school B. what the students learn in extra (额外的) classes C. what a music group or a sports team do D. what the teachers do after class for the students
  3. Which of the following statements is NOT true? A. The time of free education in China is longer than that in America. B. Those who get good marks can go to a good university. C. American students can take all kinds of subjects during the high school period. D. They can be allowed to join the next grade even if they fail the school-year exam.
  4. The writer of the passage tells us the truth that . A. the atmosphere in high schools is quite different from that in a university B. none of the schools in cities are good for learning C. suburban high schools are good places for learning D. all the American students want to go to university
Key to Unit 1
一、单词拼写 Experience ,achieve ,average,free ,extra ,approved ,attention ,challenging relax ,available 二、词组翻译
  1. attend assembly
  2。 work hard to achieve high grades
  3. earn respect from sb.
  4. e-mail my family and friends for free
  5. experience this different way of life
  6. be / feel at ease with sb.
  7. an average student
  8. make an appointment with ,

  9. an enjoyable and exciting experience
  10. tell us about the rules of the school
  11. at lunchtime
  12. drop some subjects
  13. on campus
  14.develop an interest in
  15.donate sth. to sb. 16 make a speech about his experiences in China
  17. at the open day
  18. on the back cover
  19. order a copy of... 20 inform sb. of / about sth.
  21.approve a plan
  22. read poems out loud
  23. be required to do sth. available for different experiment
  25. serve three meals 26 experienced nurses hour later than usual
  28. be happy with
  29.find sb. hard to please attention to doing sth. 三、单项选择:
  15.CDADB 6
  10.CBCDB 11
  15.ACADC 四、单句改错:
  1. for 改为 to
  2.usually 改为 usual
  3.去掉 was
  4.去掉 the
  5.去掉 him
  6.去掉 which 或把 which 改为 that
  7.去掉 for
  8.equipments 改为 equipment
  9.去掉 but
  10.were 改为 was 五、翻译:
  1. Every Monday morning, all the students are required to attend assembly.
  2. Finally he achieved his goal by working hard.
  3. I got this ticket for free from somebody who didn’t want it.
  4. Who has been selected to read out this text?
  5. He knows nothing about how to run a shop.
  6. This child has never experienced kindness. 六、阅读理解: 阅读理解: 1~4 BAAC



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