Unit 9 Wheel Period 1
Unit2 Heroes
Period 1
Unit 9 Wheel
ferry cyclist motorist pedestrian jam actually benefit flat convenient hopeful wherever
chip insert indeed consequence arrest argue baggage platform belt ambassador sensitive
grey gentle fierce
vocabulary accent interpreter schedule timetable foolish responsibility hostess
content petrol sunlight kindergarten northwest chapter impression reliable operator appreciate essay highway
construction pavement crossroads amount physical motor figure engine centigrade addicted admit occupy
somehow whichever suit damage nowhere crossing tunnel plus frequent fare work out rely on
pull up pull out so far take place go up on average point sth. colour thanks to persuade …of… get stuck in … be stressed out
compared …to/with… go up to
go up by be addicted to be related to provide sb. with sth.
Important words or phrases
convenient (it is convenient for sb. to do sth. ) convenience conveniently (No.
  1) Come when it is convenient to you . at one's convenience ' for convenience to one's convenience '
plenty of a lot of / lots of + u. / c. a quantity of / quantities of
a number of / numbers of
a great many too many / a few
+ c.
an amount of / amounts of a great deal of + u. too much / a little
insert…in / into … (No.
  3) insert a key in a lock e.g Nothing is wrong with the machine ; it doesn't ' work because you didn't the play at ' right angels. A. insert B. orbit C. filter D. install record [ :d] rek
vt. & vi. 记录 录音 拍摄 记录; 录音, vt. 显示; 自动记下 显示 n. 1 记录 记载 2 最好的成绩 水平 纪录 记录, 最好的成绩, 水平; 3 经历 履历 功过 经历, 履历;
on record break a record
responsible (be responsible for (doing) sth. ) responsibility (No.
  5) a responsibility . attract/ attractive /attraction/attractiveness attribute/attributive/attribution effective/ affective/ (No.
  7) contribute/contributive/contribution
[ ] fi n. 1 数字 2 图解 图表 装饰性的图案 3 人或动物的像 画 图解, 图表; 人或动物的像, 轮廓, 人影, 身材, 体态, 算术, 像, 肖像 4 轮廓 人影 身材 体态 风姿 5 算术 计算 vi. 出现 被提及 出现, vt. 1 计算在内 2 估计 有可能 认为 料想 估计, 有可能; 认为, figure out figure in 算进去 figure on 指望
  6) a good figure a key figure
addict v./n. addict oneself to addicted a. addiction n. (No.
addictive a.
fare tuition 学费 (No.
  9) nowhere wherever somewhere
frequent /frequently /frequency
rely on (reliable) depend on / upon count on check in check out check up on
on 继续拉 穿,戴,挤压 继续拉(穿 戴 挤压 off: : over pull through in down摧毁 使降 摧毁;
低; 推翻
get stuck in stick by忠于 stick down粘住 写下 粘住(写下 写下) stick to stick together (No.
produce : U.由农场生产的东西(如牛奶,蔬菜,羊毛等) ? agricultural /farm produce products:C. 由工厂里制造的东西 ?industrial and agricultural products production: U.指制造的行为或产量 ?our production of eggs
occupy oneself in /with doing sth.
likely probable possible
主语是sb. 主语是It/sth.
II Important sentences
  1) 复合句
含定语从句的复合句 The bikes are parked at special parking places and people who want to use them have to take them to another special parking place that had enough room. people have to take them to another special parking place .
park c. / v. No parking .

  2.过去分词做后置定语 (No.
  2) 过去分词做后置定语 It was an American man called Henry Ford who created the motor car as we know it today . who was called an American man called/named Henry Ford whose name was with the name e.g. ?What's the main purpose of tonight's ' ' meeting? --We are going to talk about the problem__at the last meeting . A discussed B discussing C being discussed D having discussed
It was an American man called Henry Ford who created the motor car as we know it today . as的用法 (No.
  4) adv. 样地 一样地 样地, She is as tall as her mother. prep.(表示时间 当还是 的时候 表示时间)当还是 表示时间 当还是…的时候 As a schoolboy, he showed his talent . conj. 在…期间, 当…时候 I was coming in as he was going out. 由于, 因为 As you weren't there I left a message. 尽管, 即使, 虽然 Intelligent as you are, I suspect you will fail.
常见搭配 as a matter of fact as a result (of) as a whole as…as one can as…as possible as follow as usual as if /though so as to as far as as long as as soon as as well as as far as I know
1 Alice can look after the children. She is . reliable responsibility 2 Would someone take for bringing Paul home? sensitive 3 If I'd known she was so , I ' wouldn't have teased her. ' 4 People enjoy the pleasure andconvenience of living in a city center. 5 I d o n ' t w a n t t h e kaddicted g e t ids to to stupid TV programmes. fiercely 6 Publishing has become a competitive industry.
7 Thanks for helping me out, Diana. I really appreciate it. 8 She came back from work exhausted, both and mentally. physically 9 She said exactly what she felt, without fear of the . consequences 10 The Smith family have the occupied farm for over a hundred years.

  1.Benefit from
  2.Be convenient to
  3.Plenty of
  4.Have an idea
  5.Be more benefit
  6.Save energy
  7.Reduce pollution
  8.Argue with
  9.Give sb a lift
  10.At the traffic light
  11. Be responsible
  12. Rely on
  13. Solar car
  14.Be worried about
  15. Be made of
  16. at the university
  17. So far
  18. In the recent/last 10 years
  19. Have a good impression of
  20. Persuade sb of

  21. Under construction
  22. Be in a traffic jam
  23. Traffic accident
  24.Be anxious about
  25. Compare to/with
  26. Go up
  27. Global warming
  28. Make excuse
  29. Be addicted to
  30. On average

  31. Protect environment
  32.Deal with
  33. Suit sb's need
  34. On one hand, on other hand
  35. Look forward to
  36. Give up
  37. If possible
  38. Improve enviroment
  39. Carry on
  40. Get on well with
1 She tried to crawl through the window. But got stuck she . 2 some of the things Compared to she's said, this was polite. ' 3 Patients have greatly benefited from this treatment. am fed up with 4 I this job. It' s ' boring. the 5 all' s time It' a good restaurant; we go there .
6 The police and arrested took action some youngsters at midnight. On average 7 , women live between five and seven years longer than men. work out 8 I was born in 1947: you my age. Thanks to 9 this treatment, her condition has improved. pulled up 10 Their taxi outside the church as planned.
1 allow him to leave the bike in the corner 2 provide free service for students 3 thanks to their help 6 pollution caused by fuels 4 take place 7 average 5 benefit from the teacher's suggestion ' 8 have a good impression of the operator of the hotel 9 in the last decade 10 persuade them of the advantages of cars 11 in cloudy weather 12 go up by 30%
13 be harmful to us 14 make excuses 15 carry on using cars so much 16 ask the professor for advice 17keep you fit 18 share cars with neighbors 19 save energy 20 get stuck in a traffic jam 21 make you more attractive 22 pick up my daughter form school 23 easy ways to improve the environment 24 rely on your parents' support ' 25 be interested in designing solar cars
汉译英: 汉译英: 1, 这件事很重要,今天的会上我们和他们讨论过了. The matter was so important that we discussed it with todays them at meeting. 2,今后你要更加小心. Careful in future be You should more 3,这本书他只花了一元钱. no He paid more than one yuan for that book. 4,他在业余时间学习英语,因此通过了托福考试. He studied English __ so that in his spare time he passed TOFEL test. 5,这些蔬菜他一共花了50元. in all He paid 50 yuan for the vegetables .
现在完成进行时专练: 现在完成进行时专练: living
  1.She has been (live) there since 19
  70. Been living
  2.I have (write) all the afternoon. Been waiting
  3.He has (wait) for us for two days. have
  4.We been (study) for one hour. studying Let's have a break. Has it been raining
  5.How long ? 雨下多久了? Been getting ? have
  6.How you on (get on 进展) with your work? 工作进行得怎么样?

  7.What book (read) Have you been reading recently. (最近)最近你看什么书?
  8.Jack has studied Chinese in this school D the year of 20
  00. A. by B. in C. on D. since D
  9.Mr Black has been working in our school he came in 20
  00. A. when B. for C. before D. since B
  10. have you been skating? For five hours. A. How often B. How long C. How soon D. How far
6,周恩来被世界人民视为一个女子领袖. Is Comrade Zhou En Lai considered to be a great leader by the people all over the world. 7,我建议他父母每天晚饭后散步. I suggested that his father Go for a walk after supper every day. 8,两天后,他开始讨厌与这些人一起工作了. of working Tow days later, he began to be tired with them.

  1.__is often the case, we have worked out the production plan . A Which B When C what D As
  2.__is reported in the newspapers, talks between the two countries are making progress. A It B As C That D What
To do 作目的状语 作目的状语(No.
  3) e.g. To get a good mark , you should work hard . to be done
this cake, you'll need 2 eggs, 175 g sugar and 175 g flour. (2006广东卷) 广东卷) 广东卷 A. Having made B. Make C. To make D. Making



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