Some proverbs about friendship
A life without a friend is a life without the sun
人生没有朋友,犹如生活没有了太阳 人生没有朋友 犹如生活没有了太阳 .
A man who has friends must show himself friendly.
要有朋友,必须以友谊待人 要有朋友 必须以友谊待人. 必须以友谊待人
A true friend is one soul in two bodies.
A friend is like a second self.
朋友是另一个自我。 朋友是另一个自我。
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
患难见真知。 患难见真知。
What do you think a friend should be like? List what a friend should do and share A friend is someone the list with your partners. who knows the song in your heart
and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.;
Useful words:
Positive: honest, friendly, open-minded, generous大方的,
helpful, patient耐心的, good-tempered好脾气的, trustworthy可信任的, careful, full of love,
quick-minded (思维活跃的) 思维活跃的) creative
responsible有责任感的, brave, easygoing随和的,
outgoing好交际的, warm-hearted, tolerant宽大的, kind, selfless无私的, intelligent聪明的
Negative: selfish自私的,
tricky狡猾的, dishonest, bad-tempered, impatient, narrow-minded心胸狭窄的, lazy, gossipy多嘴
Questions :

  1. Do you need friends?
  2. Do you think friendship is important in your life? Why do you think so?
  3. Do you have any good friends? What do you think of them?
Can you describe one of your friends to us? (use the words that we have learnt just now) Her name is… She is …years old. She likes…and dislikes… She enjoys…and hates… Her hobbies are… Her dream/ambition is… She is very kind/… We got to know each other…(where and when)
Make the survey on page one, Add up your score according to the scoring sheet on page 8, you don’t have to tell your results , you can keep it a secret.
Why do you need friends? Make a list of reasons why friends are important to you Does a friend always have to be a person? What else can be your friend?
Skim the first paragraph of the reading passage below and find who was Anne’s best friend.
the summing up of Friendship
All the splendor in the world is not worth a good friend. 人世间所有的荣华富 贵不如一个好朋友! 贵不如一个好朋友!
  1. Survey
  2. add 增加, 增加,添加
  3. add up 合计
  4. point 点,分数
  5. upset 使不安( 心烦意乱(adj.) 使不安( v. ) 心烦意乱(adj.)
  6. ignore 不理睬, 不理睬,忽视
  7. calm 使平静(v.) 平静的 (adj.) 使平静(v.)
  8. calm down 平静下来
  9. have got to 不得不 涉及(n.) 关心(n.) 涉及(n.) , 关心(n.)
  11.be concerned about 关心

  12. walk the dog 遛狗
  13. loose 松散的
  14. cheat 欺骗,骗子 欺骗,
1 be good to sb. 2 make the following survey 3 see a film with a friend 4 help sb.(to)do sth. 5 get sth. repaired 6 be upset 7 ignore sb./ sth. 8 calm sb. down 9 have got to 10 be concerned about

11 go on holiday 12 take care of 13 walk the dog 14 be careless 15 get loose 16 be hit by a car 17 take the dog to the vet 18 take the end-of-term exam 19 cheat in the exam 20 should have studied hard.
Please work in groups of four to discuss the words , phrases or sentences that you don’t know well or you don’t understand.
Key words and expressions
  1. add vt/vi

  1.add up 加起来 合计 Add up all the money that I should pay you.
  2.add up to 总计 The number of students adds up to 2,0
  3.add to 增加 The bad weather added to our difficulties.
  4.add…to… 把…加在 上 加在…上 加在 If you add 5 to 3 you will get
add v. 加,增加 加起来 补充 增加,加起来 增加 加起来,补充 1 If the tea is too strong, add some more hot water. please. 如果茶太浓,再加点开水 如果茶太浓 再加点开水. 再加点开水 2 “I don’t believe it.” he added.
他补充说: 我不相信 我不相信.” 他补充说 “我不相信
①add…to…给…加上 给 加上 ②add to增加 添加 增加,添加 增加 合计,加起来 ③add up合计 加起来 合计 总计达,总共有 ④add up to总计达 总共有 总计达 (
  1)Will you add more sugar ? to the coffee (
  2)His whole school education added up to only one year. (
  3)His illness the family’s trouble. added to (
  4)We have planted flowers and green trees around the buildings, which the beauty of the city. A.add to. B. add up. C. add up to. D. are added to

  2. get it repaired
get sth. done 请人做某事 (非亲自动手 =have sth. done 非亲自动手) 非亲自动手
get / have my hair cut. Last week I went to the town to . 2 爸爸明天要去检查身体. 爸爸明天要去检查身体 have/ get himself examined Tomorrow Daddy will.
get sb. doing sth. 让某人一直做某事 get sb. to do sth.
1 上周我去城里剪头发了 上周我去城里剪头发了.
have sb. doing sth. 让某人一直做某事 have sb. do sth. 让某人做某事
3 upset
  1. adj.

  2. V.
Are you upset when the new term begins? Does the new school term upset you ?
1 Your friend comes to school very upset. 2 His friend’s death upset him very much. 3 I will be really upset if you don’t come.
vt &vi upset upset upsetting 不安,使心烦 使…不安 使心烦 扰乱 不安 使心烦,扰乱 adj.心烦意乱的 不舒服的 不适的 难过的 心烦意乱的,不舒服的 不适的,难过的 心烦意乱的 不舒服的,不适的 难过的.
4 ignore ignorant ignorance
vt. adj.不知道的 无知的 不知道的,无知的 不知道的 n.无知 愚昧 无知,愚昧 无知
He ignores the doctor’s advice and goes on smoking. I was ignorant that the boss could be so strict. The villagers’ ignorance made them poorer and poorer.

  5.calm down Let’s go and calm your angry brother down. Though it was dangerous, he remained calm.

  6. be concerned about / for对…关心 担心 关心,担心 对 关心 be concerned with 与 … 有关 ,参与 参与
The meeting was concerned with reforms and everyone for present was concerned their own interests.
1 我们都担心着她的安全. 我们都担心着她的安全.
concerned about / for her safety. We are all .
2 他参与了那项计划. 他参与了那项计划.
is concerned with He that plan. 3 As far as I am concerned, I agree with what you said. 而言,对 来说 就…而言 对…来说 而言

  7. should have done shouldn’t have done
You should have come her five minutes ago. You shouldn’t have told him about this.
8 cheat n. V.作弊,作假 作弊, 作弊 cheat sb. (out) of sth. 骗取某人的某物 Cheating in examination can get you into trouble. A stranger cheated the old woman (out) of her money.
动物), ),陪 walk sb. / sth. 遛(动物),陪(人)步 get loose 松了 行 end-of-term exam 期末考试
句型: 句型: 1 Your friend can’t go until he finishes cleaning the bicycle. 火车未停,请别下车。 火车未停,请别下车。
Don’t get off the train until . the train has stopped.
直到那时,他才意识到自己错了。 直到那时,他才意识到自己错了。
Not until then did he realized . that he was wrong.
2 while walking the dog, you were careless and it got loose and was hit by a car. While (you are) walking the dog,you …… When heated, water will be changed into vapor 过马路时要小心。 过马路时要小心。 Be careful while/when crossing the . street. 如果有必要,请及时与我联系。 如果有必要,请及时与我联系。 . Please get in touch with me in time, if necessary.
  1.Please write a short passage to describe one of your best friends. Try to use the new words and phrases that you have just learned.
  2.Please tell one or two proverbs about friendship.
Language Points
动词-ing形式用作状语时,其逻辑主语一般应与句子的主语一致。 形式用作状语时,其逻辑主语一般应与句子的主语一致。 例如: 例如:
Living in the country, we had few amusements. Being unable to help in any other way, I gave her some money. e.g. Seeing on the top of the hill
  1., ( 从山上看 ) we can see as far as the sea.
  2., (我已经失望两次了 我已经失望两次了) Having disappointed myself twice 我已经失望两次了 I decided to work much harder than before.
Unit 2
Listen carefully to the tape. Mr. Brown’s landlady has many house rules. Write down five of them. Example: The landlday asked Mr Brown to put his coat in
the closet.
The landlady asked Mr Brown:
Complete the following sentences
how to pronounce “kilometre”
  1.Emily asked Karen. The teacher asked Karen and Emily if there is anything that . they are not clear Karen told the teacher that Emily had asked her how to pronounce “kilometre” .
  2.Ms Smith told Harry. to take two pizzas to Mr. Thompson Harry asked Ms Smith . if she can spell the name He also asked her . if she can repeat the address Ms Smith told Harry not. to forget to buy her some ketchup
Make up A dialogue for three students and act it out in class, using the following expressions to help you.
Useful expressions
Can you spell that, please? Could you repeat that, please? What do you mean by…? Could you speak a bit slowly, please? I beg your parden? How do you say …in English? How do you pronounce…? What does … mean?
English Around the World
Post- Reading

  1.Why is it becoming more and more important to have a good knowledge of English?
Because English is spoken and used all around the world.With so many people communicating in English, it is becoming more and more important to have a knowledge of English.

  2.In which countries do we find most native speakers of English? Give the names of three countries.
The United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland and New Zealand.

  3.Living in China you can use English every day in different situations. Give two examples.
We can use English when we are having an international meeting, having a business talk with our business partner.
Complete the Following summary.
English is a all around the world. For more language spoken than 375million people in countries such as and Australia , English is their mother tongue Another 375 . Canada million people as a second language. However, Learn English most people learn English at school as a . foreign language The English language __also by most international is used organizations as their working language, as well as in international and . Most foreigners visiting China tourism trade speak are either or . If they cannot businessmen tourists Chinese, they use to communicate with Chinese English people. In global culture, for example the Internet or popular music, English is widely used. In the future we will be using speaking Chinese with our, but we will be people English with people around the world for our work.
1 closet 2 explain 3 majority 4 mother tongue 5 equal 6 communicate 7 knowledge 8 trade A a number f people or things that form more than half of a group B information and understanding about a subject C the same D a cupboard where you can put clothes E to make something clear to understand by describing or giving information about it F native language G the activity of buying ,selling or exchanging goods or services H to give information using speech, radio signals or body movement
American English and British English
The differences between American English and British English How come the differences:
  1.At first the language in Britain and America was the same.
  2.In 1776 America became an independent country.The language began to change.The language in America stayed the same,while the language in England changed.
  3.At the same time, British English and the American English stared borrowing words from other languages, ending up with different words.
  4.In 1828 Noah Webster published the first American dictionary. And he changed the spelling of some words.
English borrowed from other languages
Borrowed from
Old French
What will you do if people don’t understan


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