language points of the play
Home alone

  1. Ask two students to read
their writings.
  2. Get students to look at Part E .First fill in the blanks and then compare their writings with the conversation.
language points1
The curtains are closed and the living room is dark when Mom and Dad enter.
enter (vi.) (vt.) come or go in or into
进来之前请先敲门. 进来之前请先敲门 小偷从后门进入了大楼. 小偷从后门进入了大楼
I entered my own data into the computer.
write information
Our teacher entered me for the English competition. Make… take part in The two old men entered into a long discussion.
begin doing sth.
language points2
You weren't supposed to come home until tomorrow! The money with which you were to buy dog food is gone,… This is not a family where bad behavior goes unpunished and you… Eric sits on his bed looking at Daniel, who has his arms crossed and… Do you think we were too hard on Daniel? I feel like we have to punish him or he …
be supposed to do sth. expected to happen according to an arrangement
发现者号航天飞机应该在8 发现者号航天飞机应该在8月8日返回. 日返回.
Shuttle Discovery was supposed to return on Aug 8 .
由于飓风卡特里娜, 由于飓风卡特里娜,一些美国人按安排离开家园
Some Americans were supposed to leave their hometown because of Hurricane Katrina .
校会应该在周一早晨举行. 校会应该在周一早晨举行.
The school assembly was supposed to be held on Monday morning.
be to do sth.
indicates that sth.should be done
你昨晚晚自习就应该完成家庭作业 You were to finish your homework in the evening class last night.
refers to the arrangements for the future
春节将至,孩子门将买几件新衣服. 春节将至,孩子门将买几件新衣服. The children are to buy some new clothes for the coming Spring Festival. 我将在约定的地点与伯克小姐见面 I was to meet Miss Burke at an agreed place.
goes unpunished
remain in a particular and usually undesirable state
她的决定未引起异议. 她的决定未引起异议 Her decision went unchallenged. 他的抱怨未引起注意 His complaints went unnoticed. 不要让错误放在那里是有必要的. 不要让错误放在那里是有必要的 It is necessary not to let errors go uncorrected.
to have sth. done
to leave sth. in a certain state
不管发生什么事情,请把门关着 不管发生什么事情 请把门关着. 请把门关着 No matter what happens ,please have the door closed. 丹尼尔离开了房间,却让灯亮着 丹尼尔离开了房间 却让灯亮着. 却让灯亮着 Daniel left the room ,but he had the light turned on.
be hard on sb. be harsh to sb 对某人严厉,对某人苛刻 对某人严厉 对某人苛刻
继母对白雪公主很苛刻. 继母对白雪公主很苛刻 Stepmother is very hard on Snow White. 不要对一个10岁的孩子说这些话 不要对一个 岁的孩子说这些话, 岁的孩子说这些话 这对他来说太重了些. 这对他来说太重了些 Don't say that to a ten-year-old boy. You are being too hard on him.
feel like
have a wish for/ want
如果想要,我们可以外出散步 如果想要 我们可以外出散步 If you feel like, we can go out for a walk. 我现在不想要大吃一顿. 我现在不想要大吃一顿 I don't feel like (having) a big meal now.
give one a particular feeling
这种材料摸起来象丝绸. 这种材料摸起来象丝绸
The material feels like silk.
language points3
Get students to translate the following sentences and point out the relative words
Daniel…,a person from whom we could expect good decisions… I don't know the reason why the room is so dirty… This is not a family where bad behavior goes unpunished and you… Eric sits on his bed looking at Daniel, who has his arms crossed and looks angry.
Please allow students enough time to do A2 in class, and then check the answers together. If time permits , get students to finish B
Finish A2 and B2 in their workbook. Get the students to think about the question" is the play written in American English of British English? How do you know/


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